8 Authentic Costa Rica Souvenirs You Need to Buy

Are you looking to bring a slice of ‘Pura Vida’ back home with you? Costa Rica souvenirs are as diverse and vibrant as the country itself. From the world-renowned coffee to the distinctive oxcart handicrafts, I’ve brought about all of it back home for my friends and family!  Here’s a guide to the best souvenirs to commemorate your trip. I’ll cover the must-haves and where to find them.

What Should You Buy in Costa Rica?

  • Costa Rican coffee is a beloved souvenir, celebrated for its medium to medium-dark roasts and acidic, fruity flavors, with tours of coffee plantations offering an authentic purchasing experience.
  • Traditional Costa Rican handicrafts, such as oxcarts and Boruca masks, along with local art and textiles, embody the country’s culture and are among the favored souvenirs for visitors.
  • Costa Rica’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their range of products, including organic beauty items, eco-friendly jewelry made with sustainable materials, and unique local food items like Salsa Lizano and cajetas de leche.

Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rican Coffee
Coffee is a MUST purchase if you are in Costa Rica.

Upon your arrival in Costa Rica, the significance of coffee to its culture is immediately apparent. Celebrated across the globe, coffee from Costa Rica is a major export and a point of great national pride. Featuring medium to medium dark roasts that bring out its inherently acidic and fruity notes, Costa Rican coffee delivers an exceptional flavor journey not easily forgotten.

Around San José’s supermarkets and shops, renowned local brands such as Café Rey are ubiquitous due to their pleasant aroma and taste. They share market space with other specialized roasters like 1820 and Cafe Britt who also have significant market shares. For those needing souvenirs at the last minute, they can find their preferred blends at either San Jose or Liberia airports.

Truly immersing yourself means visiting a local coffee plantation where you’re presented with opportunities including:

  • Observing bean-roasting processes up close
  • Savoring tastings of different coffees
  • Discovering traditional brewing techniques like using chorreadors
  • Developing greater respect for this artisanal practice

Traditional Handicrafts

Colorful oxcart souvenir from Costa Rica

Costa Rican handicrafts are a testament to the country’s deep-rooted traditions and artistic expertise. One such example is the traditional oxcart, or carreta, a symbol of Costa Rican culture. These intricately designed carts come in various forms, from full-sized carts to small figurines and decorative wheels, making them an admired souvenir choice among visitors.

In addition to the iconic oxcarts, Costa Rican artisans, also known as local artists, create exquisite wooden handicrafts. These range from painted napkin holders and coasters that feature local wildlife to unique wooden trinkets. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, reflecting the artisans’ skill and creativity.

For those who are intrigued by indigenous art, hand-carved masks by the Boruca people are a must-see. These masks, available in a range of sizes and styles, are a unique form of Costa Rican cultural expression. You can find these and other authentic handicrafts at popular spots like Souvenir La Casona on Calle 0, Mercado Central, and the town of Sarchi, known for its colorful oxcarts.

Local Art and Textiles

Artisan pottery and colorful textiles in Costa Rica

The artistic landscape of Costa Rica is as vibrant and diverse as its natural environment, with Guaitl standing out for its heritage-rich Chorotega pottery. This town has preserved the legacy of ancestral craftsmanship through their use of age-old techniques to produce exquisite hand-painted ceramics that feature local clays and dyes derived from indigenous plants like the guaitil tree, making each creation a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Costa Rican cities pulse with contemporary art offerings as well. The energetic streets of San José are dotted with galleries showcasing an array of pieces from gifted Costa Rican and Latin American artists. This modern cultural expression extends to tourist-favored areas including Liberia, Manuel Antonio, Jacó, and Monteverde where similar displays can be enjoyed.

Textile arts also capture the essence of Costa Rica’s creative spirit. Visitors often admire colorful towels adorned with charming depictions such as sloths or scarlet macaws alongside expressions celebrating ‘Pura Vida’ – pure life. In Puerto Viejo’s stylish downtown area, you’ll discover unique artistic works housed within chic spaces—these range from intricately painted mosaics to artisanal jewelry creations and even woven straw lighting fixtures—all adding to the country’s rich tapestry of arts.

Natural Beauty Products and Eco-Friendly Items

Costa Rica’s commitment to environmental sustainability resonates in its range of natural beauty products and eco-friendly items. Local companies like Raw Botanicals lead the way in organic cosmetics, using natural ingredients to promote skin health while prioritizing measures to reduce environmental impact. Certified organic options from brands like Bio Salud, Magga Natural, and Aromas para el Alma are also popular. These products harness the benefits of local ingredients, offering everything from purification to toxin elimination.

In the realm of fashion, Costa Rican artisans create unique jewelry using sustainable resources like wood, bamboo, and recycled glass. These eco-conscious accessories not only add to one’s style, but also serve as a reminder of Costa Rica’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Flavorful Costa Rican Cuisine Souvenirs

Salsa Lizano
Salsa Lizano is great on rice and any protein that needs a little more flavor.

Costa Rica’s culinary experience is a delightful mix of indigenous and regional tastes, and what better way to hold onto your memories from Costa Rica than by bringing home its flavors. An essential item in every Costa Rican household, Salsa Lizano brings both sweetness and spice to the table. It’s an integral part of local favorites such as gallo pinto, making it the ideal souvenir for recreating that authentic Costa Rican taste once you’re back.

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Hot sauce enthusiasts with a penchant for some zest can look towards hot sauces from Costa Rica like Shade Time hot sauce, renowned not only for their zing but also their philanthropic efforts.

Costa Rican Hot Sauce
This is my favorite brand – “Cuando Te Da La Gana.”

To sweeten up your assortment of goodies, don’t overlook cajetas de leche—a beloved confection derived from milk and sugar cane. These treats are reflective of the sweeter spectrum of Costarican indulgences—excellent gifts to share with friends or family or even as a personal treat post-trip.

Distinctive Jewelry and Accessories

Costa Rican jewelry and accessories hold a special place in the country’s rich tapestry of arts and crafts. Handmade jewelry, often created with organic materials like coffee wood, reflects the local artisans’ connection with their natural environment.

Traditional jewelry making techniques, such as the lost wax process and intricate braiding, are emblematic of Costa Rican craftsmanship. Men’s rings, made with high-quality materials like sterling silver and natural stones, are distinctive and often incorporate culturally significant symbols and motifs.

Whether it’s reproductions of pre-Columbian gold work or symbols of cultural significance, jewelry designs provide a glimpse into Costa Rica’s rich heritage. You can find these unique designs and accessories in boutique shops like Tienda Ee and Atelier Diseo Organico in San Jose.

Alcohol and Spirits

The lively culture of Costa Rica is mirrored in its variety of local alcohols and spirits, with Cacique Guaro and Centenario rum standing out as favorites among both locals and visitors. These beverages are an essential part of the assortment for anyone looking to bring home a taste of Costa Rican spirit.

Renowned for its selection of matured rums, Centenario boasts products that offer a full-bodied experience complete with intricate scents. Of particular note are the 7 Year Anejo and Gran Legado 12 Year Old variants, which serve as excellent choices to enhance any personal collection at your home bar.

For those in search of a distinctive keepsake or simply wanting to savor these flavors after their trip, it’s convenient to acquire these celebrated alcoholic delights from supermarkets and liquor stores throughout Costa Rica – making them accessible souvenirs.

Books, Music, and Sports Memorabilia

Books, music, and sports artifacts are not merely keepsakes, but portals into the rich tapestry of Costa Rican life. They serve as a gateway to greater understanding and connection with this vibrant culture. A selection of important works encapsulates the country’s storied past and its ecological wonders.

Encapsulating the essence of what it means to be Costa Rican, ‘Pura Gente’ presents narratives that resonate with local vivacity. In contrast, ‘Costa Rica erea’ offers a striking view from above showcasing the nation’s varied landscapes. For those seeking humor intertwined with daily experiences in San José, ‘The Green Season’ provides just that. Meanwhile, ‘Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate’ explores the intricate interplay between fauna and flora indigenous to Costa Rica.

Many such literary treasures can be easily accessed at neighborhood bookshops situated within a leisurely stroll away from where you might find yourself in San José. Among these havens for bibliophiles is 7th Street Books on Calle 7—a place where one can delve deep into literature celebrating all things uniquely Costa Rican.

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Tips for Shopping in Costa Rica

Engaging in shopping while visiting Costa Rica transcends mere acquisition of keepsakes. It represents an immersion into the everyday rhythms of its inhabitants. During such ventures, expect to transact using the colón, which remains the currency predominantly used at local grocery stores and within the bustling confines of the central market.

The array of mementos available throughout Costa Rica is as rich and diverse as its culture. From a savory packet of Costa Rican coffee that captures the essence of their renowned ‘pura vida’ lifestyle to intricately crafted jewelry pieces, there’s something for everyone. Take your time browsing through souvenir shops and markets to find those unique items that truly connect with your personal journey across this vibrant country.

Make sure you relish every moment spent rummaging through gift shop treasures. Interacting with locals offers insight into each product’s significance—transforming shopping from a task into an enjoyable adventure. Each authentic souvenir carries with it not just beauty but also narratives – cherished tales etched in objects encapsulating fond memories from your sojourn within this enchanting nation’s borders where both standard stores and specialized shops abound with opportunities for remembrance.


This guide has provided an insight into the diverse and authentic souvenirs from Costa Rica that embody the country’s spirit, ranging from the robust taste of Costa Rican coffee to the lively artistry found locally. Catering to all types of shoppers—be it fans of artwork, culinary connoisseurs or those with a green lifestyle—you’ll find something quintessentially ‘Pura Vida’ to take back with you as a memento. As you traverse through breathtaking scenes and rich cultural experiences in Costa Rica, remember to acquire a token that brings home its unique charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the gift giving in Costa Rica?

Gift-giving holds significant value in the etiquette of Costa Rica, where presenting gifts that are thoughtfully selected and exquisitely wrapped is customary. Such gifts often include items like wine or sweets and typically cost around $50 to reflect their quality.

What jewelry is Costa Rica known for?

Renowned for its bamboo and seed-crafted jewelry, Costa Rica offers an array of natural element-based accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that are favorites at artisan markets.

What would you buy from Costa Rica?

While in Costa Rica, take the opportunity to acquire a selection of local souvenirs such as coffee, salsa Lizano, decorative magnets, fiery hot sauce, patterned towels, and artisanal handmade jewelry. These keepsakes are a testament to the rich culture and artisanal talent within the country and make perfect mementos to remember your trip by.

What are some popular Costa Rican coffee brands?

Experience the essence of Costa Rican coffee culture by tasting esteemed brands such as Café Rey, 1820, and Cafe Britt – all heralded selections within the world of Costa Rican café.

Where can I buy traditional Costa Rican handicrafts?

Traditional handicrafts from Costa Rica are available for purchase in places like Sarch, Souvenir La Casona situated on Calle 0, and the Mercado Central.

Indulge in your shopping experience!


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