Spending One Day In Puntarenas, Costa Rica (The Ultimate Self-Tour Guide)

one day in puntarenas costa rica

Experiencing all the pleasures of Puntarenas in just one day depends on your budget and interests. I suggest starting your day by strolling along the Tourist Walk, where you can see local art, grab some food, and try the famous “Churchills.” There are concerts and parades on the beaches. There are wildlife hikes and sanctuaries … Read more

Is Puntarenas, Costa Rica Safe?

Is Puntarenas Costa Rica Safe

Petty theft remains one of the main safety concerns for tourists in Puntarenas province, just as in every other town in Costa Rica. If you want to feel absolutely safe, there are better towns in Costa Rica to consider instead of Puntarenas. Still, you can enjoy a peaceful stay in the seaside village by observing … Read more

Best Things To Do in Riu Guanacaste (Top Activities Nearby Reviewed)

Best Things To Do in Riu Guanacaste

Popular activities from Riu Guanacaste include ziplining through trees, rafting down wild rivers, exploring volcanoes, seeing rainforests and wildlife, and relaxing on the beach. Different tour packages, sold at the hotel or online, offer these activities. Your choice depends on what you’re looking to experience and your budget.  If you’re feeling unsure about staying at … Read more