Top 5 Grand Cayman Charter Boats: Comprehensive Review

The 3-hour, 4-stop private boat charter from George’s Watersports is the best boat charter service in Grand Cayman. They are ranked number one on TripAdvisor among the 300 other companies in Grand Cayman. However, there are other ideal charter boat services for specific situations, such as solo travel, customized trips around the island, diving opportunities, and boat parties.

If you new to Grand Cayman and looking for a reliable charter boat company for a day charter? You may need one for exclusive trips around the island, a snorkeling adventure, or fishing purposes.

There are many options; your choice will depend on your budget and why you need a charter boat.

For example, companies around the shore areas offer private boat charters or group-guided boat tours, while others focus on sunset boat tours and Stingray City snorkeling. There are even some chartered boat rentals that offer everything, including extra activities.

No matter which option you’re looking to book, I’ve gathered the top services in this article. Here are my top recommendations for Grand Cayman chartered boats to enjoy your time on the island’s world-famous blue waters:

Charter Boat In Grand CaymanWhy I Recommend
George’s WatersportsHighly reputable and rated on TripAdvisor. A 4-Stop Private Boat Charter
Cayman Turtle DiversPrivate snorkel charters to Stingray City
Happy Day ChartersFor eight guests, but is ideal for solo travelers wishing to explore most snorkel spots in Grand Cayman.
Anchor ToursFor parties and larger groups
Aqua WatersportsHigh-end vessel to Stingray City and other popular areas in Grand Cayman. Ideal for solo travelers

1. George’s Watersports

Price: $1,450 total.

Location: Departs from the West Side of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Yacht Club (Dock B).

Contact: Website, Instagram

The rental boats at George’s Watersports are 29-foot center console Stamas with twin 200-hp outboard engines. This charter can accommodate up to 10 guests. It is a four-stop stingray eco-tour.

So if you go with George’s watersport charter boat to Grand Cayman, you visit the Stingray City sandbar, snorkel at the Barrier Reef, Starfish Point, and the Mangrove Forest. The next stop is the Bioluminescence Boat/Snorkel Tour, which lets you see thousands of bright sparkles at night through your mask.

They also offer a standard private charter. It is 3 hours long and similar to the 4-stop stingray eco-tour, except it is personal. It departs from the west side of Grand Cayman, near Seven Mile Beach. But they also offer an extra $75 pick-up service if you are staying on the east side of Grand Cayman or near Rum Point.

Meanwhile, this is also a good option if you only want a stand-up paddle board for rental.

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2. Cayman Turtle Divers

Price: $500–$1,300

Location: 1428 West Bay Road, C2 Trafalgar Place, Grand Cayman

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: (345) 938-0184

Cayman Turtle Divers is a famous scuba diving company in Grand Cayman. If you want a charter boat to explore Grand Cayman’s aqua area, this is one company you can consider. They offer half-day and full-day Cayman Island dive trips.

You can also get private snorkel charters to Stingray City and other spots in North Sound. One thing I love about the Cayman Turtle Divers is their professional team.

Chase, Dylan, TJ, and Tori exceeded all expectations for diving during my experience. Starfish Cove and Stingray City are always worth the time.

3. Happy Day Charters

Price: $700–$1,400

Location: Morgan’s Harbour, West Bay, Cayman Islands

Contact: Facebook,

Telephone: +1 345-927-8741

The boats at Happy Day Charters can accommodate eight guests, but I recommend it as the perfect option if you’re a solo traveler in Grand Cayman and want to explore most snorkel spots in Grand Cayman.

The company offers private boat trips to Stingray City, Rum Point, and most snorkel spots in Grand Cayman. It’s also a fantastic option for fishing spots.

Their website is inactive, but you can reach them on Facebook, which is more responsive.

Grand Cayman Charter Boats

4. Anchor Tours

Price: Depends on the number of preferred stops.

Location: Forum Lane, Camana Bay, West Bay, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-916-5478

Maybe you’re looking for charter boats to accommodate you and your friends. In that case, Anchor Tours is the way to go. Their ships—Miss Gogo Max 100, Lady Maira Max 60, Bazoode Max 50, and Captain Bibi Custom Boat—are big enough for larger groups.

Beyond the stingray and starfish cove stops, the most exciting thing on the tour is the Coral Gardens, where you get to snorkel in up to 10 feet of water and see a large population of tropical fish above the colorful coral reefs.

If you’re looking for something exciting to do with kids, you can consider Anchor Tours. They even provide snorkel vests and life jackets for everyone ages 4 and over. But if you’re bringing children under age 4, you must come with a flotation device.

5. Aqua Watersports

Price: $1,260–$1,440

Location: Suite 901, 10 Market Street, Camana Bay, Grand Cayman, KY1, 9006, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: (1) 345-328-2662

Aqua Watersports is one of the best options for charter boats in Grand Cayman. They provide a premium boat for luxury private charters. The Cranchi ‘Endurance’ boat is 43 feet long and can accommodate up to 12 guests.

This may not be the best option if you’re a solo traveler. But you can also tag along if you don’t mind experiencing the tour with other people.

The vessel has front and rear seating and lounge areas, an onboard toilet, a below-deck lounge, a galley, a freshwater deck shower, and a Bluetooth music system.

The team is professional. Although there are some concerning reviews where customers had to switch from one boat size to a smaller one due to technical issues, it’s rare.

Paul and Dean, board members at Aqua Watersports,  looked after me and my friends well. They will show you what you need to know about jet skiing (an add-on to the usual boat trip) and some stingray whispering techniques.


Numerous options exist for charter boats in Grand Cayman, especially at West Bay. However, these five charter options have proven the best, especially considering the reviews of tourists and locals who have decorated their pages with convincing studies.

Choosing a charter boat from any of these companies in Grand Cayman will leave you fulfilled, and I’m proud to tell you that from first-hand experience. However, some of them are on the high side. But in the grand scheme, the average private boat charter in Grand Cayman can cost anywhere from $1,250 to $3,000.

So, a luxury private charter in this range is reasonably affordable. It also depends on the type of boat and experience (location to visit), since you can customize your tour.

I wish you a fabulous time.

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