4 Best Beach Horse Riding Tours In Grand Cayman

The best beach horse riding tour in Grand Cayman is Spirit of the West, offering beach, sunset, and mangrove trail rides. The tour costs $89 per person, lasts for 2 hours, and the minimum age is 8 years old.

I’ve visited Grand Cayman three times, and I always make sure I book a tour with Spirit of the West. They’re a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience; they understand how to make customers feel special and provide the best experience. 

This article lists my top suggestions for Grand Cayman’s best beach horseback riding tours. Along with that, I’ll offer some advice on how to pick the best tour for you and maximize your enjoyment.

Horse Riding Tours Providers 

Consider any reputable tour operators if you’re looking for a horse riding tour in Grand Cayman.


Horse Riding Tours Operators in Grand Cayman Location Why I Recommend
1. Spirit of the West Barkers Beach, West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. A professional tour guide for horse riding, riding and swimming, and horseriding on the trail.
2. Cayman Horse Riding  9JV5+MG3, Conch Point Rd, Grand Cayman KY1-1301, Cayman Islands. They specialize in adventurous horseback riding tours.
3. Pampered Ponies Limited  355 Conch Point Rd, West Bay KY1-1301, Cayman Islands. Like their names, they offer horse riding tours on their beautiful and pampered horses.
4. Coral Stone Horse Stables 208 Capt. Reginald Parsons Drive, West Bay. A notable horse tour operator specializing in training both beginner and amateur horse riders.


Spirit of the West

Address: Barkers Beach, West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Telephone: +1 345 916 6488

Fee: Payments are communicated after you book a reservation.

They specialize in beach horseback riding tours in Grand Cayman. They operate from Barker’s Beach in West Bay, offering a unique ride experience along the pristine coastline.

Cayman Horse Riding 

Address: 9JV5+MG3, Conch Point Rd, Grand Cayman KY1-1301, Cayman Islands

Telephone: +1 345-916-3530


2 hours ride and 20 minutes swim – $150

I hour ride only – $110

Cayman Horse Riding is a recommended tour operator. Known for their small riding stables and happy horses, they provide the ultimate equestrian experience in Grand Cayman 

Pampered Ponies Limited 

Address: 355 Conch Point Rd, West Bay KY1-1301, Cayman Islands

Telephone: +1 345-916-2540

Fee: Check availability for pricing.

Pampered Ponies Limited is another tour operator worth considering. They offer horseback riding tours in Grand Cayman, providing various ride options along the remote beaches and nature trails. Their rides are available in the morning, afternoon, at sunset, or even under the moonlight.

Coral Stone Horse Stables

Address: 208 Capt. Reginald Parsons Drive, West Bay.

Telephone: +1 345 916 4799

Fee: $120 – $200

Since 1996, Coral Stone Stables has provided horseback riding in Grand Cayman. Whether you’ve ridden before or not, you’ll be in good hands—it’s been around for more than 20 years and is still going strong. Take a stroll along the beach or swim barefoot in the warm sea.


Amazing Horse Riding Tours

1- Beach Rides

Enjoy the stunning coastline of Grand Cayman with beach horse riding tours that allow you to experience the beauty of the island’s sandy shores and clear waters.

2- Trail Rides

Explore the island’s natural landscapes on guided trail rides that might take you through forests, along scenic paths, and even to lookout points with breathtaking views.

3- Countryside Rides

Discover the island’s lush countryside by riding through fields, local farms, and charming villages, immersing yourself in its local culture.

4- Swimming with Horses

Experience the exhilaration of riding horses that venture into the water, a unique way to interact with these animals and enjoy the Caribbean Sea.

5- Sunset Rides

Take in the spectacular sunset views as you ride along the beach or through scenic trails during the golden hours of the day.

6- Historical Tours

Combine horse riding with historical exploration as you visit significant sites and landmarks on the island while on horseback.

7- Eco-Tours

Join environmentally conscious horse riding tours that showcase Grand Cayman’s natural beauty and emphasize sustainable practices.

8- Island Exploration

Embark on rides that allow you to explore different parts of the island, from the coastline to the interior, giving you a comprehensive experience.

9- Family-Friendly Rides

Choose tours suitable for riders of all ages, making it a family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy together.

10- Private Tours

Opt for personalized experiences with private horse riding tours that cater to your preferences, providing a more intimate connection with the island.

11- Mangrove Exploration

Embark on a guided horseback ride through the island’s mangrove forests, experiencing the unique ecosystem and observing local wildlife.

12- Moonlit Rides

Experience the magic of the moonlit Caribbean nights with guided horseback rides under the stars, offering a completely different perspective of the island.

13- Shipwreck Adventure

Ride to a shipwreck site just offshore and learn about the island’s maritime history while enjoying a horseback adventure.

14- Tropical Garden Ride

Explore the island’s lush tropical gardens while on horseback, surrounded by vibrant flowers, plants, and serene ponds.

15- Fruit Plantation Tour

Ride through fruit plantations, learning about the island’s agricultural heritage and having the opportunity to taste some locally grown produce.

16- Underwater Observatory Ride

Combine horseback riding with a visit to an underwater observatory, where you can see marine life while riding along a glass-bottomed path.

17- Art and Culture Ride

Discover local art galleries, cultural centers, and craft workshops on horseback, immersing yourself in the island’s creative spirit.

18- Nature Reserve Ride

Explore Grand Cayman’s nature reserves, riding through diverse habitats while learning about the efforts to protect the island’s biodiversity.

19- Beach Picnic Ride

Enjoy a leisurely ride along the beach and conclude with a beachside picnic with local cuisine and stunning views.

20- Sunrise Meditation Ride

Start your day with a peaceful sunrise horseback ride that includes moments of meditation and relaxation on the tranquil shores.

These creative horseback riding tour ideas are intended to provide a variety of encounters that emphasize the Grand Cayman Islands’ beauty, culture, and natural wonders. Always be careful to confirm availability and specifics in advance with the nearby tour companies I’ve previously listed. Contact local horseback riding tour providers to learn more about their services, availability, and safety precautions. Have fun on your horseback riding excursion in the stunning Grand Cayman Islands! 

Important information for a wonderful horseback riding experience in Grand Cayman

Tailor Your Tour Experience 

Are you an experienced rider seeking a galloping adventure or a beginner looking for a leisurely stroll? You should know that tour duration and experience levels vary widely among operators. Some offer short rides tailored to beginners, while others provide longer excursions for more seasoned riders. This diversity ensures that everyone can enjoy the beach horse riding experience regardless of skill level.

Beach horse riding tours cater to various group sizes, making them an ideal activity for families and friends. Whether you’re traveling with children or a group of companions, these tours offer a shared experience that brings everyone together. It’s a chance to create cherished memories and celebrate special occasions in a unique way.

If you’re seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation, some beach horse riding tours offer a combined experience. Picture yourself riding along the shore, then dismounting for a tranquil beachside picnic or a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters. These tours provide the best of both worlds and are perfect for those wanting a well-rounded day.

Book In Advance

To ensure your spot on the saddle, it’s recommended to book your beach horse riding tour in advance. Grand Cayman is a popular tourist destination, and these tours can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons. By reserving your slot early, you guarantee your chance to create unforgettable memories astride a magnificent horse.

Select the Right Tour Operator

With many options available, how do you choose the perfect beach horse riding tour? Research is key. Look for tour operators with a proven track record of safety, professionalism, and positive customer reviews. Companies like the Cayman Islands Horse Riding Adventures and Pampered Ponies offer well-trained horses, experienced guides, and the necessary safety precautions, ensuring a memorable and secure adventure.

What to Wear and Bring

As you prepare for your beach horse riding adventure, consider what to wear and bring along. Dress comfortably in lightweight clothing, ensuring you can move freely while staying protected from the sun. Don’t forget sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Closed-toe shoes with a small heel are essential for a secure and comfortable ride.

Connect With Your Horse

Before you embark on your beach horse riding journey, take a moment to connect with your equine partner. Grooming and bonding activities are often part of the experience, allowing you to build trust and establish a rapport with your horse. Learning about your horse’s personality and quirks adds a layer of intimacy to the adventure.

Safety First

Safety is paramount on any adventure, and beach horse riding is no exception. Reputable tour operators prioritize your safety by providing helmets, adhering to safety guidelines, and selecting horses suitable for your skill level. Guides are trained to handle various situations, ensuring you can focus on enjoying the ride without worries.


Plan an exciting beach horse riding tour in Grand Cayman with this guide. Look forward to enjoying the island’s beauty, the connection with your horse, and the thrill of riding along the shore.

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