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Wrocław is one of the most interesting destinations to visit in western Poland. I can’t get enough of it and am saddened to be back home in Florida!

One of the most interesting aspects of this city is that it’s filled with diverse establishments that cover all needs. I would have never thought that Wrocław had a place to satisfy my Mexican food and drink cravings.

Today, I’ll review Tequilarnia (Mexican Restaurant). It’s located in Rynek, and I can guarantee that the menu is out of this world, so whether you prefer Mexican food or just want to go for some tequila or mezcal, this is a place you need to drop into.

We ended up coming here before we had a night cap at the Old Havana Cigar Lounge, and it was a solid choice.  Let’s get right into our Tequilarnia reviews!

What Can You Find in Tequilarnia?

Tequilarnia Wroclaw

As you may have guessed, Tequilarnia specializes in Mexican food and drinks. Its menu has everything you could ask for: Nachos, tacos, barbecue ribs; you name it.

If you’re willing to try new stuff out, I recommend the “Nowość Cheesy Smash Explosion.” It has so many flavors that you won’t get enough of it.

What if you’re not a fan of burgers? Consider the “Tacos con Tocino Sazonado Picante.” They’ll give you the touch of spice I know you’re looking for.

Besides the food, there’s also an excellent selection of drinks. Whether you want good-old tequila or a creative cocktail, make sure to ask the team. They’ll recommend you the perfect option to try out.

How Does the Vibe Feel in Tequilarnia?


Tequilarnia is perfect for having a special night out with friends or family. Not only is the food delicious, but there are also DJs providing the ideal atmosphere for those who want to party. You’ll find them from Thursday to Saturday.

Even though Tequilarnia is known for its “party” vibe, you can also go there to have a nice meal and call it a day. Of course, if you’re looking for an excellent partying experience in town, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Is Tequilarnia a Good Place to Drink Tequila?

If you were searching for where to drink tequila in Wrocław, this is the right place. Tequilarnia offers the largest selection of tequila, stool, and mezcal in Wrocław, making it the ideal restaurant to try out a variety of drinks.

Something I love about the drink selection here is that it’s so creative. On this restaurant’s last “update,” the team added plenty of options that you won’t get bored of.

You may get an “Isla Verde” and get the night started. However, if you’re ready to take things to the next level, get the “Cada Dia” cocktail. It’s served in a skull-shaped glass, how cool is that?

Other drinks I recommend include:

– Michelada

– Cancun Sour

– Santa Catrina

– Elvira

– Caipirinha Leblon

– Torino Rickey

– El Presidente

– Hanky Panky

Remember, if you’re planning to drink, do it safely.

Bottom Line

Tequilarnia is one of the best tequila bars in Wrocław, Poland. I guarantee its menu will give you an accurate taste of Mexican cuisine. If you’re nearby, I strongly suggest you give it a try.

Whether you want to try out its tacos or have a fun tequila night, this restaurant covers most needs. Check out the company’s official website for more information about the menu.

You can talk to the team and make a reservation by making a phone call at 516 414 909. If not, it’s also possible to send an email to kontakt@tequilarnia.pl. Get ready for an unforgettable night with Tequilarnia!

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