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5 Tips On How To Plan A Memorable Family Road Trip Across The Country

Family Road Trip

Out of 1,000 parents, approximately three-quarters admitted to having the best time of their life on a family road trip and would do it again, according to a survey by Road trips are becoming a popular form of travel to vacation destinations for many families and individuals. Not only are they cheaper than other methods, but road-tripping also provides an endless list of adventurous possibilities. 

After all, nothing beats the feeling of spending quality time with your loved ones and exploring beautiful scenery. However, it takes preparation combined with a positive attitude to make a road trip epic. Planning a trip with the whole family might not be fun, but it is necessary if you want to enjoy an amazing and memorable vacation. 

Decide on a Destination 

Hopping in the car and driving off on a spontaneous adventure can be fun. But when children are part of the trip, it can be stressful and messy if it’s not properly planned. Besides, America hosts some of the most breathtaking natural wonders, from the dusty canyons in Arizona to the natural swimming springs in Texas to the beautiful mountains in Washington State. Without a plan, you can easily miss attraction sites worth exploring. When picking a destination, determine must-visit places along US roads and involve the kids throughout the process. That way, you can plan how to make the most of your vacation in everyone’s favor.

Plan Your Route

Choosing the best family road trip routes in America is fun and easy, thanks to Google Maps and route planning apps. Depending on the time you plan to stay on the road and the sights you want to see, there are many routes you can take. If you are looking to experience a classic road trip, Route 66 should be your first choice. The Pacific Coast Highway is a perfect choice if your family wants to experience a thrilling ride across the coastal road between San Francisco and San Diego. If your family loves water activities like snorkelling, fishing, and swimming, consider taking the Miami to Florida Keys route. 

Choose Your Car Wisely 

Your choice of a vehicle can make your journey exciting or stressful. Therefore, before renting on buying a car, research about automobile ratings based on models, features, performance, and costs. When choosing a car for your road trip, you want to be sure it provides sufficient room and comfort for everyone traveling. The right vehicle is dependable when it comes to fuel efficiency, mileage, and road conditions. Experts recommend investing in midsize SUVs, minivans, or RVs to enhance the driving experience. 

Build a List of Entertainment 

Car tripping gives you the pleasure to enjoy the simple things in life. For instance, you can enjoy singing along to a playlist together with your kids and partner. Make a road trip playlist by using apps like Pandora or Spotify. It would also be fun if you decide to forego tech devices with traditional car games like 21 questions, A-Z, counting sheep, a scavenger hunt, and the license plate number game.  

Dedicate Time for Fun-Filled Activities

After a long drive, it is natural for everyone to feel irritable and tiresome. Combat the negative impact of irritability throughout your journey by engaging in fun activities when you pull over at attraction sites or a hotel. There are various outdoor activities to try while traveling, including hiking, trekking, swimming, stargazing, rafting, or even rock climbing. 

Enjoying a memorable and fun-filled family road trip is possible as long as you plan. Make sure you have a budget that works best for you and pick destinations that allow you and the kids to explore. Remember to bring a camera with you to capture all the fun moments.

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