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Rendezvous Review

After reading Rendezvous, Fort Lauderdale reviews online, I was excited to try this restaurant- and I am glad I did! We decided to head there for Father’s Day because of the great location and reportedly good food.

Here is my review of the overall dining experience.

First Impressions

Immediately upon walking through the door, I felt confident I had made a good choice. As we were led to the tranquil outdoor seating overlooking the water, I noticed that everything looked clean, well-presented, and inviting.

It wasn’t trying too hard and didn’t feel intimidatingly fancy- just classic harbor-side dining and a great place to take the kids. They loved looking out at all the boats on the beautiful marina bay, which kept them occupied while my husband and I enjoyed a cool drink in the early evening sunshine.

The Food

Rendezvous Great Food

The Rendezvous, Fort Lauderdale menu is a sight to behold. At first, I was a little concerned by the sheer variety on the extensive menu- with everything from deep-fried coconut shrimp to bacon cheeseburgers.

Between us, we ordered the beef satay, crab cakes with roasted red pepper, shrimp pasta, buffalo chicken po boy, albacore tuna salad, Rendezvous burger, baby back ribs, haddock tacos, and a few other bits (we were hungry, and it was a special treat!). We also had cole slaw, sour cream, and black beans as part of the side dishes.

Everything was incredible, and every plate went back clean (except for some leftover sides because the portions were so generous).

Nothing was greasy or dry, it was all cooked perfectly, and the flavors were wonderful. We didn’t try any of the nightly dinner specials, but they sounded great.

The Service

What really set this place apart for me was the excellent level of service from the second we walked in. We were greeted by a polite professional server, shown to our table, and our orders were taken quickly. They had the perfect balance of offering friendly service with a little bit of chat but still being efficient and timely with our orders.

Our meals came at perfect intervals with enough time to enjoy each other’s company between wolfing down the delicious food. We left a generous tip at the end for our party of four (gratuity is only included if you are a table of six or more), and I really feel they earned every dollar!

The Value for Money

When I compare the money we spent to the quality of the food and portion sizes, I have to say that the value was great. It wasn’t the cheapest meal or drinks I have ever had, but given how impeccably cooked and served every dish was, I would have been happy to pay more.

To make it even better, I noticed they offer delicious daily lunch deals and dinner specials- and have a happy hour even on weekends.

Would I Recommend Rendezvous Bar & Grill to Others?

Rendezvous Bar & Grill

In a word, yes! In fact, I have already recommended this restaurant to several friends already, and I sent my mom a text right from the table before I had even finished my meal! This is definitely a hidden gem, and I would go back in a heartbeat, thanks to the generally pleasant experience and fabulous atmosphere.

Anyone who enjoys well-cooked, fresh, and delicious seafood and light bites must get down to Rendezvous Bar & Grill.

Try It Yourself!

If you fancy trying the grill Rendezvous bar in Fort Lauderdale, you can go any day of the week between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. (until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights).

It is worth a visit, and you have to try the fried shrimp!


2525 Marina Bay Dr. W,

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312


Phone Number

(954) 797-0054

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