Coral Garden Grand Cayman Review: Reviewed With Pics

Coral Graden, Grand Cayman, is located in North Sound, a location covered in colorful reefs in Grand Cayman. It is one of the most popular tour destinations in Grand Cayman after Stingray Island and Starfish Point.

On my last visit to Grand Cayman, I explored Coral Garden, the popular snorkel spot in North Sound, Grand Cayman. I was stunned by the sight of coral reefs. From the vibrant marine life to the beautiful colors, the oceanscape was breathtaking. I got to learn about different kinds of fish. The memory of coral sitting perfectly on the reef with an abundance of beautiful colors is forever imprinted in my mind. It’s safe to say I had the time of my life.

Located in one of the best snorkel spots, Coral Garden draws a lot of crowds. It is certainly one of the best locations for snorkeling in the Cayman Islands. A visit to Coral Garden will leave you with a magical feeling.

Here is why you should visit Coral Garden on your next trip to Grand Cayman:

How is snorkeling at Coral Garden?

The snorkeling at Coral Garden is amazing. You get to explore and experience stunning underwater life. The clear blue water, packed with different species of tropical sea creatures and beautiful corals, makes Coral Garden one of the best snorkeling sites in Grand Cayman.

What Kinds of Fish Can Be Found at the Coral Garden?

A wide range of species of fish are found in the coral garden. Some include scrambled filefish, lobsters, sergeant majors, some species of angelfish, needlenose, and so many more. Even though this spot is a known habitat for the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, you will surely find many other exotic sea creatures.

Since many people frequent this spot, the fish have grown accustomed to human presence, so it’s easy to go near them.

Is Entrance Free?

Yes, entry is free. Coral Garden is in the middle of the ocean, with a distance of about a mile or two offshore. It is not advisable to swim from shore. But you could pay a tour agency for a boat ride to Coral Garden.

Is Coral Garden Suitable for Beginner Swimmers?

Yes, Coral Garden is suitable for beginner swimmers. Although, compared to the Barrier Reef, the water at Coral Garden is a bit rough. But with a life vest, you still have guaranteed safety.

How Deep Is the Water at Coral Garden?

The water at Coral Garden is about 10–15 feet deep.

How Can I Get to The Coral Garden?

Because the Coral Garden is located in the middle of the ocean, the only means of transportation is by boat. There are tour agencies that offer unique tours to Coral Garden. Mostly for a group, these tours go to different locations.

If you want to get away from the crowd, you could also rent a private boat with a crew to take you to Coral Garden.

You can drive to the spot where the tour departs. Some tour agencies offer free pickups and drop-offs, while others require you to pay.

Available Coral Garden Tours

Viator Tours 

Telephone: +1 (888) 651-9785

Address: Northwest Road, West Bay, P.O. Box 30247, Grand Cayman, KY1-1209, Grand Cayman B.W.I.

Price: $75

Viator has a three-in-one tour with the provision of a boat that takes you to all three destinations; they also pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. The 3-stop tour takes you to the three major adventures in Grand Cayman: Starfish Point, Stingray City, and Coral Garden.

Stingray City, Cayman Islands Tour

Telephone: +1 (305) 809-0495 or (345) 322-3400

Address: 32000 SMB, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, KY1-1208

Price: Adults $58.00, Kids $50.00

Stingray City Cayman Islands Tour takes you on a 3-hour tour. You will get a free shuttle to and from your resort or hotel. The 3-hour tour takes you to two destinations. The first is Stingray City, and the second is Coral Gardens. You will spend 30 minutes in the Coral Gardens learning new aquatic information and watching the coral reefs.

George’s Watersports Tour

Telephone: N/A

Address: 9J4C+VX3, Yacht Dr., Cayman Islands Yacht Club, Dock B, West Bay, KY1-1204, Cayman Islands

Price: Adults: $135 USD Kids Under 12: $110 USD

The popular 4-stop Stingray Eco Tour operated by George’s Watersports will take you on a 3-hour, 4-destination group trip to Stingray City Sandbar, snorkeling at the Barrier Reef (Coral Graden), Starfish Point, and Mangrove Forest. You are allowed to go in small groups, so it doesn’t get too crowded and everyone can get proper attention from the tour operator.

You will also gain free access to drinks and water, a boat ride, squid for the stingrays, and snorkeling gear.

Shore Excursions Group

Telephone: 1.866.999.6590

Address: 8050 SW 10th St., Suite 1800, Plantation, FL 33324, USA

Price: $85

Go on a 3-hour group tour to Stingray City and Coral Gardens with 30 people. Shore excursions will take you through North Sound, the Barrier Reefs, the Sandbars, and the Coral Garden. Ensure to bring your swimwear and beachwear. Food and beverages will be provided.

Carnival Cruise Line

Telephone: 1-800-CARNIVAL

Address: 3655 NW 87th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178, U.S.A.

Price: $89.99

Get the full Stingray City and Coral Gardens experience with Carnival Cruise Line. Anyone from 8 years old and above can explore the areas around the Coral Gardens, like the barrier reefs and colorful fish.

Snorkeling Report

Telephone: N/A

Address: N/A

Price: $45

Go on a coral garden tour for 3 hours with Snorkeling Report. Pickup is available, and lunch is included in day tours (confirm when booking). Lots of adventure and learning await!

Shore Excusioneer

Telephone: 1-866-317-2999

Address: N/A

Price: $59.99 or $72.

Go on a tour to Stingray City Sandbars, Coral Gardens, and Barrier Reefs with Shore Excursioneer. Get free transportation from the cruise port and go snorkeling with the guidance and gear of Shore Excursioneer tour operators. Free bottled water is available!

Rowan Watersports

Telephone: +1 345-926-2542

Address: Turnberry Drive, West Best, Safehaven Marina Dock 18, Seafarers Way, Royal Watler Cruise Terminal, Cayman Islands

Price: Book here for the price.

Book a 3-hour tour of Stingray City and Coral Gardens. Get boat access to see the colorful coral garden and fish. You will also get to visit “Hell” in Grand Cayman. Food, beverages, gear, a life vest, and stingray food are provided. You will also get free pickup to and from your hotel or cruise ship.

Do All Tour Companies in Grand Cayman Offer Visits to Coral Garden?

No. Tour companies have combined visits to several locations. These tours go to two or more different spots for tourists to explore. It is important to note that most of these combined tours are not for private individuals but for different groups of people. As such, they’re not tailored for personal expeirecens, rather have a mostly rigid tour plan. 

You would have to check your tour agency’s website for bookings and information. If you are looking to escape the crowd, you can rent a private boat that has a crew and drive out to Coral Garden. It is also important to check with your tour agency if they offer private boat rentals and tours.

What Time of the Day is Best to Enjoy Snorkeling at Coral Garden?

While others believe there is no better time to enjoy snorkeling at Coral Garden, after visiting Coral Garden, I believe that the best time to get the finest view is in the mornings, when the sun is about to settle in the sky. It’s bright and clear.

The fish come out in the mornings to feed, and you can see all kinds and varieties of fish. By this time of day, the crowd is still very small.

You can be sure to get the best view of Coral Garden in the morning.


Coral Garden is one of the best snorkel spots in the Cayman Islands, and you should try visiting sometime. Swimming with sea creatures should be on your bucket list, and Coral Garden is your one-stop spot for this.


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