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The City of Weston, Florida is a great place for families and often voted as one of the top places to live in not only Florida, but the entire United States.  We are happy to call it our home town!  While you will find many places to get a drink in Weston, there aren’t many traditional bars.  Today’s update helps you navigate the bar scene in Weston, Florida, as well as shares a few ideas just outside of town that us locals visit.

What to Know About Weston’s Bar Scene

  • Weston’s bar scene offers a a few unique experiences, from full menu bars with diverse cuisines like Zona Blu and Japan Inn to sports bars with an exciting vibe like Carolina Ale House and Smoke on the Water.
  • The top bars in Weston provide unique atmospheres, with Smoke on the Water adding sophistication, Carolina Ale House sporting the lively crowd, and Negroni offering a chic contemporary setting.
  • Happy hour specials and outdoor seating are prevalent, making the bar outings in Weston both cost-effective and enjoyable.

Discovering Weston’s Bar Scene

Located in the bustling South Florida region, Weston boasts a vibrant bar scene reflective of its varied populace. The town features a popular chain like Duffy’s Sports Grill and a more unique experience offering cigars and elevated cocktails at Smoke On the Water Cigar Bar, so it really depends on what you are looking for. There’s no shortage of outdoor seating where visitors can enjoy their preferred beverages under the open sky at both locations, and both offer Happy Hour specials.

Full Menu Bars

The complete menu offerings at Weston’s establishments are a cut above the usual fare, presenting a diverse selection of culinary delights for every palate. At Zona Blu, you’ll find a small bar which also offers the essence of the Mediterranean with their Italian cuisine influenced by Sardinia or indulge in Japan Inn’s blend of Japanese and Thai tastes, featuring meticulously prepared sushi. But these venues aren’t solely focused on food. They also serve up top-tier cocktails that rival their dishes in artistry—showcasing the high standard synonymous with Weston’s bars.

As night approaches, certain spots within Weston become even more attractive.

Top 5 Weston Bars Not to Miss

Weston’s nightlife isn’t much to write home about, but if you are looking for cliff notes, here’s what I have for you.

  • Smoke on The Water: where a dash of smoky sophistication permeates.
  • Carolina Ale House: buzzing with energy, perfect for relaxing post-work sessions and family outings where kids are very accepted.
  • Angelo Elia: exuding an Italian chicness and a great full service bar offering a huge selection of wines.
  • The bar at Acquolina: our favorite restaurant in Weston!  The bar is always lively in this high end Italian restaurant.
  • Negroni: modern atmosphere and impeccable design in the Weston Town Center.

Its worth noting that all of these minus Negroni offer televisions with live sports, something I look for in a good bar.

Sports Bars

There aren’t many Weston sports bars, so you have to either settle for the Carolina Ale House, Hooters, or venture just steps outside of town.

  • Wunderbar Sports Bar & Grill: This bar has an array of screens and a menu that scores big points with the crowd.  Located a mile outside of Weston in Southwest Ranches.
  • Yard House: Another great option with a wide selection of screens and a menu to satisfy any sports fan.  Located miles away in Sawgrass Mills Mall.
  • Carolina Ale House: really the only true sports bar in Weston outside of Duffys and Hooters, which the latter is a bit of an anomaly if you ask me.
  • Jose’s Uncle Al’s Sports Cafe: The sports-themed environment here is as friendly as your amiable uncle’s living room, located steps outside of Weston in Sunrise.
  • Duffy’s Sports Grill: To be fair this is designed to be a sports bar, but it’s a chain restaurant that has an appeal to many, but it also turns off many people for being a chain.
  • Smoke on the Water: For those who appreciate a touch of class with their game, this bar offers sports viewing in a unique cigar lounge setting.  To me it’s our local neighborhood bar.

As we wrap up our exploration of Weston’s bar scene, let’s get into what you can expect at each venue.

Smoke On the Water

smoke on the water

This cigar lounge in Weston has it all.  The largest humidor in South Florida, live sports, ample indoor and outdoor seating, a friendly staff, and a local following.  It’s not uncommon to see athletes, even Hall of Fame football players, at Smoke on the Water.  It’s tops on my list and always will be.  In fact, it’s the top rated cigar bar in the Fort Lauderdale area!

Wunder Bar

Again, just steps outside of Weston, you’ll find German fare food and sports.  I go here for German soccer games or the odd time I really crave their pretzel, which is phenomenal.

Jose’s Uncle Al’s

Formerly known as just “Uncle Al’s,” this is a great place for wings.  This one also has a local following and full menu.  It’s family friendly and always shows sports.

Carolina Ale House

This used to be a very good spot for sports in Weston, and it continues to be a big draw for some, but for me, as an ex-regular, the service and food quality went way downhill when it changed ownership many years ago.  It’s arguably the best piece of real estate in Weston, but doesn’t have the appeal to me it once did.  Hopefully that changes.


We spent a lot of time here after our son’s soccer games and genuinely wanted it to be a regular visit for us.  However, the last few trips have been awful.  I’ll just leave it there as I don’t like talking bad about establishments, especially in a small town like Weston.

Yard House

This is a great place, albeit parking can be difficult at Sawgrass Mills Mall.  They have the largest selection of tap beers around and a great menu.


If you are looking for a good martini and an affluent crowd, go here.  James, Bridget, and Justin are all incredible bartenders and the ownership group is first class.

Angelo Elia

After Acquolina, this is the next best place for a high end experience in Weston.  Good menu of food and a lot of wines in a very cosmopolitan setting.


This opened in 2023 and is a gorgeous spot.  However, if you like loud music, that can be an issue.  You’ll also pay “Town Center” prices as their rent is quite high.  It’s a great venue, just a little noisy for us and the lack of televisions doesn’t really make this a good sports bar.


Everyone knows Hooters.  It needs zero introduction.  This is one of the nicest Hooters restaurants you’ll encounter, and the outdoor patio is really nice for watching sports. I don’t love their food, but if I did, I’d be here a lot more often.


From the al fresco enjoyment at Duffy’s Sports Grill to the epicurean delights of Zona Blu, we’ve traversed the breadth of Weston’s bar scene. Whether you’re raising a glass in top-tier bars like Negroni or rallying with fellow fans in sports havens like Wunderbar, there’s a spot in Weston that’s just right for your evening escapades. This town’s infectious spirit and diverse offerings are a testament to its ability to cater to every taste and preference. So why wait? Weston’s bars are ready to make your next night out one for the books.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there outdoor seating options available in Weston’s bars?

Certainly, a number of bars in Weston, including establishments like Duffy’s Sports Grill and Smoke On the Water, provide patrons with the option to be seated outdoors.

This means that you absolutely have the opportunity to enjoy a beverage while basking in Florida’s pleasant climate!

Can I find any happy hour deals in Weston?

Explore the neighborhood watering holes in Weston to discover daily happy hour specials on both eats and libations, allowing you to keep some extra money in your pocket while having a great evening!

What can I expect from Weston’s full menu bars?

Anticipate full menu selections in Weston’s establishments such as Zona Blu and Japan Inn, where you can indulge in top-notch Italian, Japanese, and Thai cuisine accompanied by exquisite cocktails.

Where should sports fans go to watch games in Weston?

In Weston, if you’re looking for a lively spot with a sports-centric vibe to watch the games, make sure to swing by Smoke on the Water, Carolina Ale House, Jose’s Uncle Al’s Sports Cafe, Hooters, or Duffy’s Sports Grill.

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