The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Hostel in Lisbon

For the ultimate experience in Portugal’s vibrant capital, consider finding your ideal hostel accommodation in Lisbon. My comprehensive guide to locating a perfect place for you features all of the best options when it comes to discovering lodgings suited just right for your preferences and needs! With its stunning architecture, exciting nightlife scene and abundance of cultural attractions – look no More Than this beguiling city where old-world appeal meets modern charm.

I’m Pete, and I have stayed at many of the best hostels around the world. Consider me your hostel guide and solo travel guide.  Today I direct your attention to my recent stay in Lisbon hostels.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the top 5 hostels in Lisbon for a memorable stay, including Home Lisbon Hostel, Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel and Yes! Lisbon Hostel.
  • Budget-friendly options such as Sant Jordi Hostels and WOT New Lisboa are great choices for travelers seeking an affordable experience.
  • Unique experiences can be found at The Independente & Suites or Selina Secret Garden, perfect for couples looking to explore the city of love.

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Top 5 Hostels in Lisbon

Top 5 Hostels in Lisbon

Lisbon boasts a host of memorable and inviting accommodation options, ranging from boutique-style retreats to social party hostels. As such, our top five best hostels in Lisbon have been carefully selected for their ability to make your visit unforgettable.

Firstly Home Lisbon. Hostel is ideal for those looking for style as well as comfort. Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel features an award-winning atmosphere. Yes! Lisbon Hostel offers unbeatable facilities and locations while Sunset DestinationHostel and Living Lounge Hostel live up to their namesakes with chilled out ambiances that will keep you entertained throughout your stay.

Each one has something unique so no matter whether you’re seeking relaxation or vibrant entertainment – these are the places where memories are made.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Located in the historic heart of Lisbon, Home Lisbon Hostel is highly praised and offers a homey atmosphere, shared meals cooked up by the owner’s mother at an affordable price, as well as social activities. It features a comfy living room with its own bar area connected to the opulent dining room. There’s also access to a modern kitchen complete with patio outside. The spacious rooms come fitted out with ample beds and windows that let in plenty of sunshine for any guests staying over.

Guests are consistently pleased with “Mamma’s dinners”, pub crawls and day trips organised by staff who strive hard every time they interact, radiating warmth from their helpfulness! All-around great reviews from happy customers leave no doubt that this hostel adds something special to your experience when you choose it for accommodation while visiting Lisboa!

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Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel

Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel is situated in the heart of Portugal’s capital city, within a stunning 18th-century palace. It offers private rooms and four, six or eight-bed dormitories to suit all tastes, making it an excellent option for travelers who want to explore this vibrant area without being overwhelmed by a party hostel atmosphere. Here guests can enjoy modern facilities with vaulted ceilings and casual decor combined creating a warm ambience which makes it ideal for socializing while also taking advantage of its great location so as to make their stay more pleasant during sightseeing tours.

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Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Yes! Lisbon Hostel is highly acclaimed, having won several awards and is known for its lively atmosphere along with the fantastic amenities provided. You can enjoy drinks at their on-site bar or participate in dinners and pub crawls that are organized regularly. There’s also a chill out space to take time off from partying while utilizing the large self catering kitchen as well.

Complimentary services offered by Yes! Lisbon hostel includes Wi-Fi access, tea & coffee, free shots during your stay plus complimentary walking tours to explore local attractions when you book through them. Guests have ample opportunity to interact with one another over these activities like Pub crawls etc.

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Sunset Lisbon Destination Hostel

Sunset Destination Hostel offers guests a convenient budget-friendly option with stunning views of the Tagus River. This accommodation provides 20 rooms, including double bedrooms, twin rooms and mixed/female dormitory lodgings that have been outfitted with private safes or lockers as well as custom made furniture for added comfort. Among its facilities are free Wi-Fi access throughout the property, city maps to help explore Lisbon, hot showers, self catering amenities such as cooking utensils and cutlery set, 24 hour reception service plus daily housekeeping duties handled by staff members who can provide assistance at any time of day or night. The hostel also includes hair dryer rentals available upon request along with luggage storage services along with vending machines offering snacks and other refreshments while nearby bicycle parking is another alternative offered here.

The rooftop terrace allows visitors to immerse in breathtaking sights across one side of Lisbon whilst they lounge around on comfy sofas situated beneath sun umbrellas next to an outdoor pool setting during summer season heatwaves accompanied by live DJs spinning popular hits along there too! A large common room inside presents multiple board games which enthrall players against friends through evenings spent indoors where occasional entertainment adds more colour within this social atmosphere found surrounded everywhere you look from their spacious bar area below all the way up until outside’s open sky holds vast star lit skies framed wide above each guest’s clear view into nightlife based close proximity finally achieved once touring outdoors happily guided before then via complimentary Fado tours Portuguese food explorations street art education packages organised currently reaching locals passing memorable scenery onwards amid vibrant chat excursions visiting sightseeing points welcome aboard Sunset Destination Hostels special walking tour treks departing soon again now!

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Living Lounge Hostel

Living Lounge Hostel is perfect for travelers seeking a unique and social experience. Located in the Baixa Chiado district, it offers guests easy access to Lisbon’s main attractions as well as its vibrant nightlife scene. The hostel features bright rooms, complimentary breakfast every day, three-course dinner with wine (for an extra fee), plus free daily activities.

Nearby you’ll find Lisboa Central Hostel if this isn’t what you’re looking for. Likewise, within walking distance is Lisbon Lounge Hostal – another great option providing comfort combined with ease of access right at the heart of the city center.

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Budget-Friendly Options

Budget-Friendly Options

Visitors searching for an affordable stay in Lisbon that doesn’t skimp on quality, we’ve got just what you’re looking for! Hostels can offer amenities like comfortable rooms and central locations at a fraction of the price. Here are two top-notch choices to make your vacation budget-friendly: Sant Jordi Hostels Lisbon and WOT New Lisbon Hostel.

Both establishments provide amazing value without sacrificing hospitality or convenience – great news if saving money is your priority when it comes to traveling through this beautiful city. And don’t let their low prices fool you. These hostels feature everything needed for travelers who want an enjoyable experience while keeping costs down.

Sant Jordi Hostels Lisbon

Sant Jordi Hostels Lisbon is a great option for travelers looking to explore the city on a budget, as it provides an unbeatable rate and excellent amenities. Located right in Downtown Lisbon, within walking distance of attractions and restaurants, its central location ensures guests will have easy access to all the sites they’d like to see during their stay. There’s an on-site bar offering drinks at competitive prices – perfect after days spent sightseeing!

Other features that make this hostel so attractive include air conditioning, privacy curtains with reading lights attached (ideal for those who want some peace while flipping through pages) plus charging docks available in each room as well as luggage storage services if needed by visitors exploring Portugal’s capital Than expected before going back home again.

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WOT New Lisbon Hostel

WOT New Lisbon Hostel

Located in an 18th-century building in Lisbon, the WOT New Lisbon Hostel offers budget travelers a vibrant atmosphere with its helpful staff and complimentary breakfast. Guests can also take part in fun activities like Foosball tournaments or even enjoy some time at the on-site bar! An added bonus is that there’s a ball pit for everyone to play around, perfect if you need something extra exciting during your stay.

All these great amenities come at very affordable prices making this hostel stand out among other options available in town. So if you’re looking for a place where all features are taken into consideration while still getting great value without breaking your bank account, then make sure to check out what WOT New Lisbon Hostel has got to offer!

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Best Hostels for Solo Travelers

Solo vacationers looking to explore Lisbon have a range of hostels specifically suited for them, with exciting activities and comfy accommodations. The two most recommended places are Goodmorning Solo Traveller Hostel and We Love F Tourists, perfect choices that combine the opportunity for socializing while also providing personal space.

From lively party havens to more serene atmospheres, these properties offer something special for all solo tourists in need of accommodation during their trip to Portugal’s capital city. Not only do they feature remarkable locations, but great amenities as well, giving each visitor an exceptional experience when traveling on their own!

Goodmorning Solo Traveller Hostel

Goodmorning Lisbon Hostel, also known as Goodmorning Solo Traveller Hostel, is a great choice for solo travelers in the Portuguese capital. Offering comfortable couches and bedsheets plus towels and a hair dryer among other amenities, this hostel offers female-only dorms along with lively social events such as pub crawls or free walking tours of the city. It boasts bright rooms accompanied by spacious lounge areas featuring fully equipped kitchens complete with utensils, cookware and dishware. Guests can store their belongings safely using lockers while taking advantage of complimentary WiFi access along with an included breakfast.

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We Love F Tourists

We Love F Tourists is the perfect accommodation for solo travelers who are looking to explore Lisbon. It offers great amenities such as lounge-bar, board games and complimentary high speed internet (WiFi), all in a convenient location at Rua dos Fanqueiros 267. At We Love F Tourists, guests can enjoy nightly activities specially tailored for them plus breakfast, bicycle rental services and baggage storage. All rooms come with non-smoking standards ensuring that visitors have an enjoyable stay while exploring Portugal’s capital city.

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Hostels for Couples

Hostels for Couples

For couples hoping to make their Lisbon visit one they won’t forget, there are two hostels that offer romantic and private accommodations: Lost Inn Lisbon and Poets Hostel. Not only do these establishments provide cozy rooms designed for privacy, but also first-class amenities with charming settings– perfect for creating a memorable experience in the city of romance. Whether you prefer an old-fashioned atmosphere or something more modernized. Both properties ensure comfort alongside convenience with locations not too far from sights worth exploring. Together these facilities guarantee tourists looking to stay somewhere special all the ingredients necessary for making their trip worthwhile!

Lost Inn Lisbon

Couples seeking a romantic getaway in Lisbon should consider Lost Inn Lisbon, an elegant and modern hostel with magnificent views of the Tagus River. It offers Double Rooms and King Rooms that provide privacy, plus plenty of comfortable common areas for guests to relax in during their stay. Couples will appreciate its convenient location near many popular attractions around the city. The friendly staff at Lost Inn are always on hand to ensure all your needs are met throughout your time there.

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Lisbon Poets Hostel

Lisbon Poets Hostel, a romantic destination located in Chiado, is the perfect place for couples to explore Lisbon. It provides multiple private room options such as double en suite bathrooms, family rooms, triple rooms and studios at prices starting from $53 per night. The hostel also features an outdoor terrace which offers stunning views of the city along with an idyllic atmosphere. With its great location and facilities combined with romance-filled vibes, Lisbon is one of the most sought after destinations by visitors coming to Lisbon.

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Unique Hostel Experiences

Hostel Experiences

Lisbon is home to some truly unique hostel experiences, and two that stand out are The Independent Hostel & Suites and Selina Secret Garden Lisbon. Both provide extraordinary amenities for travelers looking for a special experience in the city of Lisbon. From luxurious palaces steeped in history to dreamy escapes, these top notch accommodations guarantee an unforgettable stay while visiting Portugal’s capital. With unparalleled facilities as well as one-of-a-kind atmospheres – whatever you’re into – there’s something here sure to satisfy even the most seasoned traveler or newcomer alike!

The Independente Hostel & Suites

The Independente Hostel & Suites is a chic hostel in the heart of Bairro Alto, and directly overlooks Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara. Its former palace structure gives it an elegant vibe that all guests can take advantage of during their stay. This upscale Lisbon hotspot provides regularly scheduled events such as happy hours with complimentary beer, poker nights or movie marathons to create even more interesting experiences for visitors while staying here. To its luxurious services and cultural heritage atmosphere, The Independent Hostel & Suites truly offer you one-of-a-kind experiences!

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Selina Secret Garden Lisbon

Selina Secret Garden Lisbon offers an extraordinary opportunity for travelers looking to experience the city. It features a creative and cozy ambience, with artworks decorating every corner and lush vegetation all around. This hostel has accommodations ranging from deluxe rooms featuring queen beds to dormitories sleeping up to 10 people. There is something perfect here for everyone! Guests have access to amenities such as rooftop deck, patio area with poolside relaxation space, comfortable coworking spaces along yoga classes or dance meet-ups held by the staff at Selina Secret Garden Lisbon. For those seeking a unique stay in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, this place cannot be more suitable!

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For any traveler looking for their ideal hostel in Lisbon, our comprehensive guide to the best accommodation options can help you find just what you’re seeking. Whether it’s a lively atmosphere, an escape from reality or some romance. There are plenty of choices out there suited perfectly to your needs and budget. So don’t hesitate – pack up your belongings and set off on this captivating journey with confidence knowing that you have secured yourself one of the top-notch hostels in Lisbon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best area to stay in Lisbon?

Staying in Lisbon’s prime spots, such as the Baixa district, Chiado and Bairro Alto – plus to a lesser extent Avenida da Liberdade – is recommended if you want an enjoyable visit. Booking accommodation well ahead of time can be critical for obtaining good prices, but worth it nonetheless.

Is Baixa Chiado safe?

Baixa Chiado. Thought of as safe due to Lisbon’s low criminal rate. This security in the areas near Rossio, Avenida da Liberdade and Baixa itself are all well known features that keep them secure.

Is Lisbon an expensive city?

Lisbon is the most expensive city to live in Portugal, but it remains quite affordable when compared to other cities in western Europe. Prices have been increasing, making it less budget-friendly than it was before.

Is Lisbon very hilly?

Yes, Lisbon is very hilly; some of the inclines here feel practically Himalayan in their steepness.

Do any of the hostels in Lisbon offer Free Breakfast?

To my knowledge, hostels in Lisbon do not offer free breakfast. I will update this article and alter my best hostels rankings if I do find one offering a free breakfast.

What are the top 5 hostels in Lisbon?

Lisbon hosts a great variety of hostels, ranging from Home Lisbon Hostel and Lost Inn Lisbon to Yes! Lisbon Hostel, Sunset Destination Hostel and Living Lounge. All provide fantastic facilities for visitors seeking cozy accommodation with the added bonus of amenities included in their stay.

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