10 Best Places In Grand Cayman For Shore Diving

Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto are the best locations for shore diving I have experienced on Grand Cayman island. These interconnected sites boast vibrant coral formations, easy access, and diverse marine life, making them perfect for beginners and experienced divers. But you can also consider Sunset House Reef for underwater artifacts and Cemetery Beach Reef if you want shallow depths.

Shore sites are so abundant in Grand Cayman that dive operators and resorts offer unlimited shore diving as part of their vacation packages. I go to Grand Cayman annually and usually get at least a few dives. The best dives I’ve ever had were with Ocean Frontiers. I saw sharks, turtles, and eagle rays. They had awesome swim-throughs full of silver sides.

Indeed, there are plenty of lovely wall dives in Grand Cayman, but the best spots are saturated in the north and west areas.

Still, I don’t recommend you get married to a particular site because the divemaster will pick based on the best current or clarity at the time.

The truth is that you really can’t go wrong anywhere for shore diving, as long as it’s Grand Cayman. Most of my dive experiences have been in the west and north, but these are my recommendations if you’re willing to trek to the other end of the island.

My Recommendation On The Best Places In Grand Cayman For Shore Diving

Grand Cayman shore diving spots Why I Recommend
Kittiwake It’s a great, well-preserved wreck dive—plenty of entrances over the ship.
Sunset House  It is an easy dive with plenty of coral, a mermaid statue, and an old WW2-era landing craft, and you can also swim out to the wall. They also have a great bar for a post-dive drink.
Boat Dives Indigo Divers offers them. They offer reasonable rates for a small, private boat and personalized and exclusive dives.
Cobalt Coast  Very easy to swim out. Great reefs and marine life.
Turtle Reef/Macabuca It is also effortless to swim out, but a few turtles frequent this area, depending on the time of year.
Lighthouse Point It is half a mile south of Turtle Reef, but you can swim to the wall, drop down, explore, and follow a rope back to shore.


I’ve taken time to do research beyond the shore dive spots I’ve been to. In the rest of this post, I’ll walk you through the details of ten fantastic places in Grand Cayman that will give you a tremendous shore diving experience.

1. Kittiwake

  • Location: at the northern end of Seven Mile Beach, on the West or lee side of Grand Cayman
  • Depth specification: a maximum depth of 65 ft, with the top of the wreck at around 15 ft.

The Kittiwake is a teeming artificial reef encrusted with coral. It has been set up for safe penetration because there are many interior rooms. If you’re not confident entering enclosed spaces underwater, you can explore decks around the wreck’s exterior.

What to look out for

  • The highlight of shore diving at Kittiwake is the wreck itself. There is also much marine life among the coral to look out for.
  • The groupers at the ship’s stern are also part of the fantastic things to see here.

2. Sunset House

  • Location: 390 S. Church St., George Town, KY1-1106, Cayman Islands
  • Depth specification: a depth range of 50–60 feet

Sunset House is accessible by both shore and scuba diving. You must access the concrete pier with a dive ladder on the iron shore.

Many people call it Sunset Reef. It’s a coral reef that begins at 30 feet and slopes down to 50 feet. At that point, the sea bed fattens into a white sand bottom.

What to look out for

  • There’s an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity at the base of the reef, where you will find a nine-foot-tall bronze mermaid statue.
  • Explore friendly fishes.
  • There’s a possibility of seeing the Atlantis touring submarine cruising past the wreck.

3. Seaview Hotel

  • Location: 7JQ6+FGR, George Town, Cayman Islands
  • Depth specification: 20 to 35 feet for the shallow reef and 60 to 100 feet for the drop-off.

The Seaview Hotel in George Town is another fantastic place for shore-diving opportunities in Grand Cayman. However, you must pick between the Seaview Reef and the Seaview Wall. The latter is ideal for experienced divers, while the former is safer if you’re new to diving.

You will find most locals in this area, but it’s also an attraction for many visitors since it’s south of George Town.

What to look out for

  • The underwater visibility is often reduced by around 100 feet.
  • There’s a fantastic array of giant basket and barrel sponges.
  • At the shallow reef, you see mostly spur and grove formations.

4. Eden Rock Dive Center

  • Location: 124 S. Church St., George Town, KY1-1110, Cayman Islands
  • Depth specification: a vertical cliff with a depth of 40 feet.

Eden Rock Dive Center is another popular location for shore diving in Grand Cayman. I recommend this option if you stay on the south side of George Town Harbor due to the relatively short distance.

It sits between the Devil’s Grotto and Eden Rock. The Devil’s Grotto has a system of caverns, caves, and interconnecting tunnels.

What to look out for

  • Expect to see schools of silverside minnows in the cave.
  • Navigate to Eden Rock for snorkeling, scuba diving, and underwater photography.

5. Cemetery Beach and Reef

  • Location: on the northern end of Seven Mile Beach, West Bay.
  • Depth specification: about 60 yards offshore, around 20 feet deep.

If you’re around Seven Mile Beach and looking for a perfect place for shore diving, consider Cemetary Beach and Reff. It’s just off West Bay Road and one of the few beaches that dive off Grand Cayman.

What to look out for

  • Ideal location for macro photography
  • Easy to swim out despite the depth
  • It’s a fringing reef of spur and grove coral formations.

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6. Trinity Caves

  • Location: On the west side of Grand Cayman
  • Depth specification: a large opening at a depth of approximately 12 meters. Gradually descend to a depth of just over 24 meters as you glide. The main swim-through is 70 feet deep.

Trinity Caves on Grand Cayman’s west side are unique for their three long, wide tunnels. It extends from the sand flats to open out onto the reef wall.

I like this place for the ceiling cracks, which allow natural light penetration. With this illumination, you can search every area of the many crustaceans and other aquatic habitats in the tunnels.

It is indeed a perfect place for shore divers.

What to look out for

  • The ideal place to dive in caves and caverns
  • Crabs and lobsters hide in the crevices.
  • You can find leopard flatworms.
  • Explore schools of Nassau groupers, turtles, and snappers out in the open.

7. Wreck of the Oro Verde

  • Location: Off the coast of Seven Mile Beach, near the West Wall of Grand Cayman Island.
  • Depth specification: 40 to 50 feet below the surface and over 150 feet off Seven Mile Beach

Looking at the depth specification of the Wreck of the Oro Verde, it isn’t exactly a suitable area for shore diving in particular. However, divers of all levels can explore the engines, pistons, and wreck pieces scattered at 18 m/60 ft.

It is still accessible from the shore, but just be ready to swim for a long time. If you can’t, then diving by boat is better.

What to look out for

  • Get a snap with the wreck.
  • Ideal for night diving experience
  • It’s a 692-ton Panamanian cargo ship deliberately sunk at 60 feet. Learn about the history of the wreck from dive guides.

8. Cobalt Coast Dive Resort

  • Location: 18-A Sea Fan Drive, Grand Cayman, KY1, 1401, Cayman Islands
  • Depth specification: only 50 feet

Cobalt Coast Dive Resort is in Boatswains Bay, near the Cayman Island Turtle Farm and Boatswains Beach. It is a fantastic area for scuba diving, snorkeling, and shore diving on Grand Cayman’s famous North Wall.

You can short-dive right off the resort’s private ocean dock and get unlimited shore diving for any boat diving packages you purchase with three or more days of 2-tank boat dives.

One thing I love about this resort is its conveniently located, with spectacular shore diving access just a few steps from your oceanfront suite.

9. Turtle Reef/Macabuca

  • Location: 9HMM+576, Vixville Dr, West Bay, Cayman Islands
  • Depth specification: 

Turtle Reef is another excellent shore site for both scuba diving and snorkeling.

This mini-wall runs parallel to the shore, making for easy navigation.

The 60-foot mini wall and the 2000-foot-deep wall are within swimming distance of the sheltered lagoon.

You can access both from the Cracked Conch Macabuca, a popular place for night dives.

What to look out for

  • You can spot squid in the shallow water.
  • Lots of beautiful coral, turtles, and, here and there, an octopus

10. Lighthouse Point Dive Resort

  • Location: 571 North West Point Road, Grand Cayman, KY1, 1301, Cayman Islands
  • Depth specification: 51–60 ft/16–18 m. 

Not many people remember Lighthouse Point Dive Resort when considering shore diving opportunities in Grand Cayman. This is another excellent spot. However, it won’t appeal to snorkelers because the mini-wall starts close to shore, but the reef runs from 30 feet to 70 feet deep.

What to look out for

  • The Guardian of the Reef statue sits at around 65 feet.
  • Excellent facility with easy entry and exit at the resort.
  • Divetech is the onsite dive operation.

I’ve never had a horrible diving experience in Grand Cayman. So no matter the place you eventually choose, something will stand out and meet your expectations.

I remember snorkeling at Eden Rock, Spotts (no turtles), and Rackems Restaurant. Snorkeling from Rackems had to be a not-so-great experience because there were too many boats. But the cool diving walls were enough compensation, and I saw two spotted Eagle rays too.

Also, if you want the BEST hotel on Seven Mile Beach, check out my review of the Ritz Carlton.

Before You Go…

Now you know that the shore diving spots in Grand Cayman are indeed numerous. You might need dive operators since it would be your first time in these places.

There may not necessarily be a need for a professional guide to show you the ropes. You may also be looking for shore dive shops to rent high-quality gear for your shore diving excursion.

I recommend Just Dive Grand Cayman (formerly Lobster Pot Diving). I dived with them last January while on a cruise stop. They have excellent service, and it’s a small boat that can accommodate five to six divers. For context, my dive trip involved two wrecks: Kittywake and Oro Verde.

Other companies like Off the Wall Divers, Living the Dream Divers, Indigo Divers, and Divetech Grand Cayman offer amazing shore diving professional trips and gear rentals.

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