Casadonna Miami – My Unfiltered Review of Miami’s New HotSpot

Interested in dining at Casadonna?  I had to admit, after seeing it on Instagram, I was beyond intrigued and just had to see this venue for myself.  In fact, I booked my bridal party dinner here because the photos were THAT good.  I was thinking it was all for show, and with bad food, but boy was I wrong!  Today’s Casadonna review shares my experience drinking and dining here.  Spoiler alert:  It was amazing!

This standout restaurant at the Miami Women’s Club combines Italian culinary tradition with a fresh Miami twist. Inside, you’ll find an ambiance imbued with historical elegance while offering a menu that celebrates Italy’s rich flavors alongside Miami’s character. As you contemplate a visit to Casadonna, this article delves into its remarkable cuisine, design, and atmosphere, presenting you with what to expect from this unique culinary destination.

Tao Group Hospitality Strikes Again!

  • Casadonna merges Italian Riviera-inspired elegance with the historical charm of Miami’s historic Women’s Club, offering a distinctive dining ambiance enhanced by a retractable roof for al fresco dining.
  • The menu features traditional Italian recipes with a local Miami twist, offering a gastronomic journey through salads and main courses that emphasize culinary creativity and local flavors.
  • Renowned A100 designer Ken Fulk has crafted the venue’s interior to fuse the Italian Riviera charm with Miami’s Deco elements, providing diners with a visual feast that complements the restaurant’s culinary offerings.

Casadonna’s Riviera Ambiance

Casadonna Miami

Entering Casadonna, guests are transported to a piece of the Italian Riviera nestled in Miami’s bustling heart. The establishment is housed in a charming Mediterranean revival building, formerly the Miami Women’s Club, and now serves as the backdrop for an exquisite group hospitality venture between Groot Hospitality and Tao Group Hospitality. Immerse yourself in this riveting dining experience while sitting beneath a retractable roof within either the verdant Garden dining room or under grand chandeliers in the Loggia dining room.

Casadonna derives its name from ‘house of women’ reflecting both its historical roots within an iconic women’s house and merging timeless Italian flair with distinctively Miamian tradition. Each setting at Casadonna—whether you find repose amongst greenery or bask under opulent lighting fixtures—radiates with harmonious integration of Italy’s refined taste paired seamlessly with Miami’s animated spirit.

As dusk falls, Casadonna bursts into life. Music fills the air from an energetic DJ booth while expertly crafted cocktails are served throughout. This venue comes forth through Noah Tepperberg from Tao Group Hospitality alongside his comrade David Grutman of Groot Hospitality—a partnership conceived out of mutual aspiration to fuse Naples’ rich culinary heritage into Miami nightlife by providing unparalleled entertainment coupled with extraordinary fare.

Riviera Style Italian Cooking

Situated within the historic Mediterranean Revival building of Miami’s Women’s Club, Casadonna offers a picturesque setting for its riviera style Italian cooking. The establishment has kept many original elements such as:

  • the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces
  • an impressive atrium with towering ceilings
  • expansive windows
  • ornamental gates
  • elaborate chandeliers

The conservation of these architectural details serves to preserve the authenticity of this historical location.

Casadonna isn’t just about nostalgia. It also embraces current trends while anticipating future tastes. It honors its roots by incorporating classic features from the Women’s Club yet interweaves contemporary design touches that mirror Miami’s dynamic art scene and modern fashion sensibilities. This approach is reflected in their cuisine as well – signature handcrafted dishes merge time-honored Italian traditions with top-tier local produce.

By taking residence inside this landmark structure listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, Casadonna enhances its dining experience beyond mere gastronomy to one enriched with cultural significance. With stylish events like midday fashion shows, Casadonna merges fine dining with cutting-edge flair—creating an enclave where epicurean pleasures meet high-end lifestyle experiences in Miami.

Menu Highlights: Italian Words Translating to Culinary Delights

casadonna meals

The Casadonna dining experience is an ode to the flavors of Italy’s coastline, artfully blending traditional dishes from places like Naples and Positano with Miami’s unique culinary style. Salads at Casadonna celebrate the diverse palette of Italian cuisine while embracing regional influences. The Warm Castelfranco with vincotto and blu di bufala, along with favorites such as the Big Italian Salad and timeless Caesar Salad, each serve as a testament to the restaurant’s inventive approach to cooking.

Continuing this imaginative twist on classics are Casadonna’s main courses like their standout Giardiniera paired with ham and beans, a dish that exemplifies authentic Italian flair thoughtfully reimagined for food connoisseurs in search of something fresh yet familiar. Adding excitement to mealtime are occasional surprise items on the menu, ensuring guests can anticipate new discoveries during each visit.

Casadonna extends an invitation to both admirers of time-honored Italian fare and adventurous diners eager for innovative tastes. Its menu weaves together a rich fabric of gastronomic delights sure to satisfy all who seek out fine dining in Miami. Its array spans zesty salads right through robust entrées which collectively pay homage—through modern reinvention—to Italy’s esteemed food heritage.

The Edgewater Effect: Dining in Miami’s Trendy Enclave

Casadonna has quickly become a gem within Miami’s dynamic Edgewater district, enriching the local gastronomic landscape. Amidst an eclectic mix of dining venues that range from traditional Italian trattorias to laid-back spots and sophisticated wine bars, Casadonna distinguishes itself by merging Italian refinement with the vivacious flair synonymous with Miami.

Occupying a prime waterside spot, this restaurant offers diners an outdoor experience at its Ocean Bar and Lounge where they can dine in full view of Biscayne Bay. The area is beautifully decorated with indigenous flora enhancing the serene atmosphere perfect for savoring Riviera-style Italian cuisine while appreciating stunning bay vistas.

To elevate your mealtime delight even Seating on the terrace at the Ocean Bar and Lounge promises nothing short of excellence. Set against rattan armchairs and sleek mid-century sofas cushioned for comfort in vibrant flamingo pink and mint green tones. It provides an idyllic setting to relax with a drink in hand amidst Miami’s lively ambiance offered by its up-and-coming Edgewater neighborhood.

Sip and Savor: The Extensive Wine List and Bespoke Cocktails

No dining experience at Casadonna is complete without exploring the restaurant’s extensive wine list and bespoke cocktails. Carefully curated to complement the Riviera-style Italian cooking, the wine list at Casadonna is a dream come true for any wine enthusiast.

The cocktail menu is equally impressive, boasting unique creations that reflect the restaurant’s innovative spirit. From the refreshing Amalfi Lemonade to the zesty Calabrian Margarita and the soothing Lavender Haze, each cocktail is a masterpiece in its own right. The restaurant also offers an array of celebrated spritz options like the Aperol Spritz, with cocktails priced between $20 and $25.

Seasonal concoctions such as the Italian Lemon Drop and Spicy Paloma are designed to be enjoyed with both brunch and dinner, complementing the diverse meal options available. Whether you’re sipping a cocktail at the ocean bar or enjoying a glass of wine with your meal, the beverage offerings at Casadonna add a layer of sophistication to the overall dining experience.

Celebrities and Style Icons: A Hotspot for the Elite

Casadonna’s reputation as a hotspot for the elite is well-deserved. The grand opening event saw a host of celebrities including:

  • Serena Williams
  • Victoria Beckham
  • David Beckham
  • DJ Khaled
  • Zac Efron

These high-profile visits have continued beyond the opening, cementing Casadonna’s status as a premier destination within Miami’s vibrant social scene.

The restaurant has also played host to fashionable events such as the debut fashion show luncheon featuring Isabela Rangel Grutman’s resortwear line. This event attracted notable figures like TikTok star Alix Earle and Antonela Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi’s wife. With such a star-studded clientele, it’s no surprise that Casadonna is considered a hotspot for celebrities and style icons.

Design by Ken Fulk: Visual Feast Meets Culinary Delight

Designer Ken Fulk
Photo Credit: Douglas Friedman.

The allure of Casadonna extends beyond its culinary masterpieces to the aesthetic experience it provides. Ken Fulk, who has appeared in Architectural Digest, has skillfully infused the restaurant’s interior with a blend of Italian Riviera charm and Deco touches, conjuring an atmosphere reminiscent of the enchanting Dolce Vita era that enthralls guests.

Featuring exquisite dining areas like the Garden Dining Room and the Loggia Dining Room, diners are transported to times echoing both Old Hollywood’s glamour and Old Havana’s allure. The textured finishes on walls and terra-cotta flooring in the Garden Dining Room, alongside coffered ceilings and Murano glass lighting fixtures in the Loggia Dining Room, invoke feelings of opulence steeped in luxury.

Ken Fulk’s visionary design story weaves through every corner of Casadonna as shades of pinks, blues, and aquas animate a majestic palazzo setting influenced by historic architecture paired with Floridian essence. This amalgam honors tradition while satisfying contemporary aesthetics—delivering an engrossing visual narrative that enriches patrons’ gastronomic voyage at this establishment.

From Brunch to Dinner Service: Casadonna’s Culinary Journey

At Casadonna, the dining experience stretches from early brunch to an elegant dinner. Their weekend brunch menu offers shared plates that include a selection of cured meats, creamy ricotta spread atop toast, along with various salads and seafood options. Guests can also enjoy main courses like decadent crab benedict, flavorful eggs shakshuka, and luxurious black truffle omelette.

Saturdays and Sundays see brunch served from 11 am until 4 pm for those seeking a relaxed beginning to their weekends in Miami. When evening arrives, the dinner menu presents guests with selections such as raw crudo dishes, various antipasti starters including succulent grilled octopus or rich spaghetti nero among other offerings. Couples might gravitate towards the ‘For Two’ section which boasts items like the impressive 36oz dry-aged tomahawk steak designed for sharing.

Concluding any meal at Casadonna without sampling their exquisite desserts would be remiss. Choices range from Delizie al Limone to chocolate hazelnut torte or refreshing gelato and sorbetto varieties—capping off a day-to-night gustatory voyage that brings Italy’s coastal flavors directly to diners in Miami.

Reservations and Recommendations: Planning Your Visit

Booking a spot at Casadonna is straightforward and convenient. To reserve, one may call 305.475.2272, send an email to, or use the OpenTable platform online. For those wishing to enjoy the finest that Casadonna has to offer during popular dining periods, it’s recommended to schedule ahead of time which helps avoid any delays in being seated and enables guests to indulge in their renowned dishes amidst an exceptional dining atmosphere.

Casadonna provides an ideal setting for various occasions—be it a cozy dinner with your significant other, a fashionable brunch gathering with friends or marking a momentous event—all assured to deliver both remarkable and superb culinary moments. Take the opportunity today. Secure your table and dive into the harmonious fusion of Italian sophistication coupled with Miami’s trendy vibe offered by Casadonna.

Casadonna Photos

Here are some pics of Casadonna in Miami. It’s a MUST SEE!

casadonna bar area
The bar area.
pic of casadonna
Dining area.

casadonna miami photo



Casadonna elevates the concept of a restaurant, intertwining classic Italian flair with the essence of Miami culture for an unparalleled dining journey. Set within the storied walls of the historic Miami Women’s Club, this establishment marries bygone elegance with contemporary sophistication to foster an environment that is both opulent and inviting.

Boasting Riviera-style Italian cuisine coupled with a comprehensive selection of wines, every facet from Ken Fulk’s striking design to its status as a magnet for A-listers has been thoughtfully crafted at Casadonna. This ensures not just another meal, but an extraordinary encounter bound to impress anyone in Miami – resident or traveler alike – leaving indelible impressions long after their visit concludes.

This month I was able to make it to two incredible Miami restaurants, with the other one being the Pastis location in Wynwood.  I highly recommend both spots if you are looking for Instagram-worthy experiences in Miami!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ambiance of Casadonna like?

Casadonna exudes an enchanting atmosphere that combines the allure of the Italian Riviera with Art Deco elements, evoking a sense of glamour akin to that found in both Old Hollywood and Old Havana.

What type of cuisine does Casadonna offer?

Casadonna presents Italian cuisine reminiscent of the Riviera, ingeniously tailored for Miami’s food landscape, and showcases time-honored dishes originating from seaside locales such as Naples and Positano.

Where is Casadonna located?

Situated in the fashionable Edgewater district of Miami, Casadonna occupies the historic building of the Miami Women’s Club.

This venue has become a sought-after spot for those looking to indulge in an exceptional and distinctive outing.

Who designed Casadonna’s interior?

Ken Fulk, an esteemed AD100 designer celebrated for crafting a mesmerizing Dolce Vita atmosphere, is responsible for the design of Casadonna’s interior.

How can I make a reservation at Casadonna?

You have the option to book a table at Casadonna by either calling 305.475.2272, sending an email to, or utilizing the OpenTable website for reservations.

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