Easter in Fort Lauderdale: Family Events and Brunch Spots

If you’re pondering the ideal way to celebrate Easter with your family in Fort Lauderdale, the city has a plethora of options. Engage in lively egg hunts and enjoy festive brunches designed for families. Among these events is the thrilling Great Egg Hunt Extravaganza and an indulgent Easter brunch buffet that tops off this special day. As locals, we made this guide to steer you through Fort Lauderdale’s finest Easter festivities so you can follow our website’s motto and “live like a local.”

How to Spend Easter Weekend in Ft Lauderdale

  • Fort Lauderdale’s Easter weekend includes the Bunny Bolt 5K and various egg hunts across the city, providing a mix of athletic, educational, and beachside fun for all ages.
  • Post-egg hunt dining options are plentiful, with Easter brunches at destinations like Shooters Waterfront for oceanfront elegance, tranquil garden settings, and the chic ambiance of Big City Tavern.
  • The Easter festivity goes beyond egg hunts and brunches, featuring pet-friendly events, family photos with the Easter Bunny, and Easter Sunday celebrations throughout the city.

Celebrating Easter Weekend in Fort Lauderdale

Family enjoying Easter egg hunt at Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale comes alive during Easter weekend, offering a colorful array of activities designed to delight families and embrace the essence of the holiday. Imagine participating in the Bunny Bolt 5K—a harmonious mix of healthful activity and entertainment—culminating in an egg hunt that stands as a fondly anticipated ritual for both kids and grown-ups.

The festivities kick off what promises to be a time brimming with giggles, memorable moments, and the heartwarming camaraderie of folks uniting to rejoice in Easter celebrations.

The Great Egg Hunt Extravaganza

Kids searching for Easter eggs at Main Lawn Madness

Get ready for the Great Egg Hunt Extravaganza, an assortment of egg hunt events throughout Fort Lauderdale, each offering a unique twist on this traditional activity. You’ll find dynamic egg hunts at Tradewinds Park designed to challenge your physical abilities as well as intellectually stimulating Egg-splorations at the Museum of Discovery and Science—ensuring that there’s a perfect egg hunting experience for every age group and preference.

Now let’s delve into the specifics, shall we?

Main Lawn Madness at Holiday Park

At Holiday Park, the vast Main Lawn has become a treasure trove with thousands of eggs hidden for discovery by excited young seekers. This free event is beloved in the community as families are entertained by live music and visited by none other than the Easter Bunny. The atmosphere buzzes with joy as kids race to find hidden surprises and parents root them on, all under Fort Lauderdale’s clear blue skies during this festive Easter celebration.

Pompano Beach Pier Pursuit

In Pompano Beach, the traditional Easter egg hunt is reimagined as a coastal adventure where hidden delights are nestled in the sand near the pier. To guarantee a secure environment tailored for all participants, children are grouped by age to search their designated areas while enjoying the fresh sea air. Hidden among regular eggs are coveted golden ones containing extraordinary treats. Meanwhile, skilled artists provide whimsical face painting and balloon art to enliven each child’s experience with festive spirit.

This idyllic setting is underscored by two harmonious sounds: The joyful giggles of young ones engrossed in their beachside egg hunt mingle seamlessly with the calming cadence of ocean waves—a perfect backdrop for celebrating Easter at Pompano Beach.

Sunrise Egg Scramble at Markham Park

Those who rise with the first light will find a delightful start to their Easter at Markham Park’s Sunrise Egg Scramble. As the day begins, an array of thousands of eggs are scattered over the lush green expanses of the park, offering joy to each child participating in this festive search.

This occasion embodies what Easter is all about—a time for rejoicing in fresh starts and creating collective memories filled with joy.

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Easter Brunch Buffet Bonanza

Oceanfront Easter brunch at Shooters Waterfront

As the thrill of egg hunts subsides, it’s time to convene at the table for a grand Easter Brunch Buffet Bonanza. The brunch landscape in Fort Lauderdale is vibrant with choices to satisfy all tastes, whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or a connoisseur of mimosas. On this Easter Sunday, you’ll find an idyllic setting for your meal, be it with views by the sea or amidst serene garden surroundings—all ready to host you and your dear ones.

Oceanfront Elegance

Envision the soothing sound of waves as you savor an opulent seafood brunch at Shooters Waterfront. At The Raw Bar, where sophistication meets shoreline charm, one can delight in succulent Snow Crab and Shrimp, elevated by luxurious caviar and delectable sushi offerings. And be sure not to miss our irresistible prime rib, enhancing your sumptuous banquet.

As you dine on Easter morning with breathtaking beachfront panoramas unfolding before you, your brunch at Shooters Waterfront transforms into a truly memorable occasion.

Garden Delights

Amidst the gentle flutter of blossoms and a tranquil backdrop of foliage, a garden environment provides an idyllic haven for your all-American breakfast or Easter brunch. This carefully curated menu is laden with classic staples from the American morning table complemented by delectable confections such as waffles and assorted baked goods, catering to the tastes of each family member regardless of age.

This tranquil oasis becomes a focal point where family bonding, delightful food, and the joyous simplicity inherent in Easter morning are celebrated with great zest.

Downtown Decadence

Immerse yourself in the stylish atmosphere of Big City Tavern, located on Las Olas Boulevard, as it merges urban elegance with Easter brunch festivities. The menu offers exquisite selections such as crabcake eggs Benedict and features the option for unlimited mimosas to add a spirited zest to your holiday feast in the vibrant core of the city.

This locale is where refinement meets pleasure, creating an experience that will linger pleasantly in your mind long after you’ve savored its delectable offerings.

Family-Friendly Easter Festivities

The Easter festivities in Fort Lauderdale go beyond the traditional egg hunts and brunches. They aim to craft unforgettable experiences for every member of the family. The inclusive events range from activities that welcome pets at Good Karma Pet Rescue, to enchanting meet-and-greet sessions with the Easter Bunny that are sure to delight kids.

Delving into what makes Fort Lauderdale’s Easter celebrations so special reveals a host of events tailored to bring happiness and celebration not just to individuals, but entire families – furry friends included.

Easter Bunny Meet-and-Greet

In Fort Lauderdale, the joy of Easter is captured as kids—and even pets—have the chance to take memorable photos with the cheerful and iconic Easter Bunny. The magic of this festive season is preserved through events like The Wharf’s Easter Egg-Stravaganza and Good Karma Pet Rescue’s Hop into Spring. As families partake in egg hunts and arts and crafts, these photo opportunities with the beloved bunny create enduring memories for them to cherish indefinitely.

Pet Parade and Costume Contest

Easter festivities at Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming are a real treat for our four-legged friends. The store’s yearly Easter Eggstravaganza is calling all pets and their humans to partake in an exciting parade as well as a costume competition that promises plenty of joyful wagging.

Get ready for April 8th, when the day will be dedicated to honoring and reveling with our furry companions during these special Easter celebrations.

Easter Sunday Showstoppers

Beachside Bash at Las Olas Oceanside Park

Fort Lauderdale transforms into a hub of jubilation on Easter Sunday, playing host to an array of events that encapsulate the spirit of the holiday—unity, delight, and fun for everyone. The city is alive with festivities ranging from the Las Olas Beachside Bash to grand displays at Carousel Club in City Center. Each event mirrors each other. Easter’s core themes.

Immerse yourself in the thrills this Easter as we explore the epicenter of Fort Lauderdale’s Sunday celebrations.

Beachside Bash at Las Olas

At Las Olas Oceanside Park, the Beachside Bash mingles the festive ambiance of Easter with the refreshing sea breeze. Accompanied by live music to create a vibrant atmosphere, food trucks dish out tantalizing treats while family-friendly activities make it a distinctive beach celebration infused with an Easter flair.

Adding to this event’s creative appeal are inventive selfie stations alongside a morning yoga session that offers both entertainment and revitalization.

City Center Spectacle

On Easter Sunday, the center of Fort Lauderdale is transformed into a vibrant hub of enjoyment and celebration at the Carousel Club’s event. The venue offers various activities including arts and crafts for children, while adults have the opportunity to savor an assortment of culinary delights. It serves as an ideal gathering place for families seeking to experience the joyous atmosphere of Easter together.

The ambiance is brimming with mirth as residents from all around converge in this lively setting to commemorate one of the most cheerful seasons on the calendar.

Reservations Recommended: Easter Dining Guide

When preparing for your Easter weekend festivities, it’s advisable to book in advance at Fort Lauderdale’s most coveted brunch destinations. To ensure you can enjoy a coastal seafood banquet or indulge in a classic brunch buffet during the holiday, making early reservations is crucial to prevent any disappointments.

We invite you to take a glimpse into some of the eateries that have captured the hearts of both residents and tourists.

Seaside Seafood Specials

Along the Fort Lauderdale coast, numerous dining establishments boast Easter brunch options teeming with seafood delicacies. Anticipated selections encompass:

  • Delicate fresh shrimp
  • Rich snow crab clusters
  • Luxurious lobster tails
  • Freshly shucked oysters
  • Savory clams
  • Tantalizing mussels

With a setting that offers scenic ocean views and aromatic dishes complemented by an array of assorted breads, these restaurants are poised to deliver an immersive sensory experience.

Although precise menu details have yet to be disclosed, the allure of marine gastronomy is sure to draw any enthusiast of seafood fare to partake in these eateries’ culinary celebrations this coming Easter.

Brunch Buffet Favorites

For individuals with a penchant for the assortment that a brunch buffet offers, venues such as North Ocean Grille and Shooters Waterfront invite guests to feast on an array of offerings, including salads, seafood dishes, artisanal cheeses, and traditional breakfast favorites. The visual pleasure of picturesque surroundings complements these culinary delights along with considerate extras like free drinks — making each brunch not only tasteful but also visually satisfying. Be sure to peruse their captivating brunch menu.

These establishments are not simply purveyors of fine food. They’re also about shaping enduring Easter memories for families who gather there.

Press and Praise: Reviews of Easter Events

Fort Lauderdale’s history of hosting Easter events has consistently received accolades, cementing the city’s status as a hub for holiday merriment and communal contentment. The acclaim from both media outlets and attendees underscores the success of these meticulously planned festivities that have become synonymous with Easter in this idyllic seaside setting.

We should pause to appreciate the commendations and coverage that such events have attracted throughout their existence.

Media Highlights

Press coverage has shone a spotlight on the lively and outstanding Easter brunch offerings in Fort Lauderdale, praising both their energetic atmosphere and excellent cuisine. The media recognizes that these events may be packed with patrons, but they nonetheless applaud the standard of food served. To truly relish the fare at its finest, they recommend attending during quieter periods.

Based on what’s reported, it is evident that one should make it a point to experience an Easter brunch event in Fort Lauderdale – an opportunity that’s clearly unmissable according to the press endorsements.

Guest Testimonials

Guests have shared their delightful experiences of Easter gatherings in Fort Lauderdale, recounting tales filled with friendship, family joy and complimentary mimosas that contributed to the cheery ambiance. Their positive feedback highlights the welcoming spirit encountered during these celebrations.

Their glowing accounts act as an invitation for more people to join in on the Easter fun that awaits them. These stories promise a holiday brimming with enjoyment, delicious food and cherished moments – all set against the backdrop of Fort Lauderdale’s inviting atmosphere.


As we wrap up this guide to Easter in Fort Lauderdale, it’s clear that the city is a veritable playground of springtime delight. From the thrill of egg hunts under the Florida sun to the indulgence of sumptuous brunch buffets, there’s something for every bunny. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, make your Easter in Fort Lauderdale one to remember—filled with laughter, love, and a basketful of happy memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Easter brunch tradition?

The tradition of Easter brunch often features a ham as the central dish, complemented by a variety of other options such as frittatas, quiches, savory bread puddings, waffles, and pancakes. This assortment allows for an array of choices to suit diverse tastes at bigger events.

Indulge in your Easter brunch!

What is a good menu for Easter brunch?

Consider delighting your guests with an exquisite Easter brunch spread featuring savory asparagus and fava bean tart, aromatic basil and cornmeal waffles, tangy rhubarb coffee cake, and classic quiche Lorraine for a truly memorable meal.

Indulge in the festivities and have a joyful Easter!

How do they celebrate Easter in Florida?

Easter in Florida is a festive occasion marked by early morning worship services, searches for Easter eggs geared towards children, and an array of Sunday brunch options available at local restaurants. This tradition offers enjoyable activities that cater to all ages.  Its pretty much the same as every other state, just with better weather!

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