Fort Lauderdale Memorial Day Weekend Events

Are you planning to spend Memorial Day weekend in Fort Lauderdale? As locals, we’ve been here for years and have made a list for new residents and tourists alike that highlights official ceremonies, lively events, and family-friendly activities you can partake in. Experience solemn tributes to fallen heroes and festive celebrations that kick off the summer, all in one Memorial Day weekend, and have a great time in Sunny Fort Lauderdale!

What to Do in Fort Lauderdale for Memorial Day Weekend

  • Fort Lauderdale Memorial Day commemorates veterans with military tributes and honors them through various parades and ceremonies, ensuring their sacrifices are remembered.
  • The city bursts with celebration at events like the Great American Beach Party and live entertainment on Ocean Drive, showcasing Fort Lauderdale’s festive spirit and cultural diversity.
  • There’s something for everyone, from art enthusiasts and foodies to families and party-goers, with offerings like art fairs, dining, beach activities, and vibrant nightspots punctuating the holiday weekend.

Honoring Heroes: Fort Lauderdale’s Memorial Day Ceremony

Military tribute at Fort Lauderdale's Memorial Day Ceremony

On the morning of May 29th, as Fort Lauderdale begins its day, the city will show reverence to our nation’s heroes at the Lauderdale Memorial Park Cemetery. At 9 in the morning, a ceremony is scheduled to pay respect to both men and women who have valiantly served our nation. This tribute involves a solemn Parade of Colors and Recognition of Veterans event that takes time out especially to acknowledge those whose devotion led them to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The observation features several moving elements including:

  • A Gun Salute by the Honor Guard from the Fort Lauderdale Police
  • The release of doves into the sky as an emblematic gesture for serene remembrance
  • Emotional musical contributions from both The Fort Lauderdale Symphonic Winds and Police Pipe & Drum Corps

These components collectively contribute towards making this ceremony not just an homage but a profound military tribute dedicated specifically in honor of our country’s veterans.

Salute to Summer: Fort Lauderdale’s Great American Beach Party

Crowd enjoying live music at Fort Lauderdale's Great American Beach Party

Honoring tradition while embracing the joys of today, the Great American Beach Party brings a lively kickoff to summertime on May 27th at Las Olas Oceanside Park. While summer vibes fill the air and the South Beach Lady yacht majestically sails in view, attendees are treated to an energetic soundtrack of live music that spans Latin beats, Top 40 favorites, along with salutes to legends like Jimmy Buffett and The Beach Boys. Adding to this joyous atmosphere are family-friendly activities including spirited sand sculpting competitions and exhilarating water slides.

Yet there’s more than just sun-soaked festivities—the event caters also to vintage auto enthusiasts by turning Las Olas Boulevard into a haven for classic car admiration throughout the day. Although certain roads will be closed off for these celebrations, convenience is not forgotten as multiple options have been organized for parking and travel—including access via water taxi services as well as complimentary bicycle valet accommodations. To stay informed about all aspects of this quintessential beach bash, be sure to consult its official website or track updates on its Facebook event page.

Ocean Drive Vibes: Live Music and Entertainment

During the Memorial Day weekend, Ocean Drive comes alive as the epicenter of Fort Lauderdale’s music scene. Thanks to collaborations with the Ocean Drive Promenade Music Series and Global Arts Project, a dazzling array of live musical acts transforms this bustling area into a cultural hotspot. On May 28th, visitors can enjoy performances from Lisanne Lyons Swing Quartet at Lummus Park and savor the Afro-Cuban sounds of Magela Herrera in Collins Park for an eclectic blend of melodies.

Meanwhile, on May 29th, Miami Beach Bandshell is set to present its third Miamibloco Memorial Day Saideira Social event. Here over forty percussionists hailing from diverse backgrounds will converge to create an enchanting rhythmic spectacle, just one example amongst myriad vibrant entertainment choices throughout that holiday weekend in Miami. Renowned celebrity DJ Pauly D is scheduled to take center stage at DAER Dayclub with his captivating music sets designed for night-long dancing euphoria. While those yearning for something distinctly different might venture toward Nowhere FTL’s Memorial Weekend RAVE FESTIVAL which promises an unforgettable rave ambiance.

Las Olas Leisure: Art Shows and Patio Dining

Art galleries and patio dining at Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale

Art aficionados will find Las Olas Boulevard to be a veritable haven ripe for discovery. The weekend of Memorial Day provides an extra draw with the hosting of the venerable Las Olas Art Fair, where visitors are invited to peruse an expansive array of art exhibitions, including those at New River Fine Art Gallery that showcases diverse artworks from paintings and sculptures.

Las Olas doesn’t merely cater to one’s visual senses, but also tantalizes the taste buds through its eclectic dining scene. With options ranging from Lobster Bar Sea Grille’s ocean-fresh offerings and Timpano Italian Chophouse’s authentic Italian dishes to Big City Tavern’s laid-back vibe – all complete with al fresco patio seating – every culinary desire is met along this vibrant city boulevard during your Memorial Day weekend exploration.

Family Fun on the Sun: Beach Activities for All Ages

Family-friendly activities at Fort Lauderdale Beach

Spending Memorial Day weekend in Fort Lauderdale without visiting the beach would be unthinkable. The beaches here provide:

  • Crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming
  • A sandy expanse perfect for family leisure and playtime
  • An assortment of activities by the seaside
  • Numerous child-friendly bars and eateries

Such attractions ensure a day packed with entertainment for all, capped off with an enjoyable evening.

The iconic Elbow Room at Fort Lauderdale Beach offers families a vibrant setting to partake in numerous seaside pursuits. With options ranging from constructing sand fortresses to engaging in a game of beach volleyball, there’s plenty of opportunity to bask under the sun while admiring the coastal panorama.

Remember and Reflect: Military Tributes and Services

Memorial Day service honoring fallen heroes

The city of Fort Lauderdale deeply values the chance to honor its veterans on Memorial Day, reflecting on the service and sacrifices made by those who have dedicated themselves to our country. Throughout the city and its neighboring areas, numerous ceremonies are conducted allowing citizens ample opportunity to commemorate this solemn day.

Among these tributes is a procession and ceremony held at MacNab Park along with additional events in Davie, where both a parade and service take place. Coral Springs also contributes to these acts of remembrance with their own observances at Veterans Park every Memorial Day. These community gatherings offer poignant moments for reflection upon the brave actions of military members past and present as we celebrate their contributions during Memorial Day festivities.

Sail Away: White Yacht Parties and Cruises

During Memorial Day weekend, Fort Lauderdale becomes a hotspot for opulence on the water with its variety of yacht soirees and plush sea voyages. Notably, there’s the distinguished white yacht party among others. For those who revel in urban beats, Miami’s Hip-Hop Yacht Party offers a three-hour excursion filled with hip-hop anthems spun by a live DJ. Alternatively, Island Time Boat Cruise invites attendees to customize their experience by allowing them to pack along their own beverages and eats.

For an event that breaks away from the usual offerings, Jungle Queen Riverboats hosts an evening complete with barbeque delights and Polynesian flame dance performances on an exclusive island setting. The Island Time Boat Cruise provides multiple set off times along with generous cancellation terms ensuring it fits seamlessly into your plans while offering up two hours of scenic indulgence around Fort Lauderdale’s picturesque surroundings.

Backyard Bash: Where to Find the Best BBQs

No backyard celebration is truly complete without the savory delights of good barbecue, and in Fort Lauderdale, there’s no shortage of excellent options. Backyard Burger is renowned for its smoky aroma and commitment to freshness, capturing the quintessential experience of a burger sizzling right off a home grill.

Fort Lauderdale locals who crave diverse tastes flock to Charm City Burger and Rok Burger for their mouthwatering selections. Pinchos adds an inventive spin on traditional fare with its Pipo’s Choice burger that includes slices of plantain – a nod to the rich variety typical at neighborhood cookouts.

For anyone planning Memorial Day festivities in Fort Lauderdale, these spots offer an exceptional representation of what the city’s BBQ and burger culture has to bring to your holiday table.

Nightlife and Nice Evenings: Truth Lounge and Other Hotspots

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, the city of Fort Lauderdale transforms into a hub of nocturnal activity. During this period, Truth Lounge stands out as an epicenter for nightlife enthusiasts and is particularly vibrant. The event ‘NOTHING BUT MOTION,’ which features tunes from Dj Reese along with various artists, guarantees an unforgettable party atmosphere that’s perfect for those eager to immerse themselves in rhythm and dance.

Beyond Truth Lounge. There’s no shortage of lively spots across the city to experience during Memorial Day weekend. For instance, Honorebel will be performing at the Flamingo Room while The Patio hosts its ‘Party Inna Day Time’ on May 29th. As an entertainment mecca, teeming with musical events throughout Memorial Day weekend festivities promise every reveller a venue that resonates with their individual preferences for night-time revelry under the sun-drenched skies.

Shop and Support: Memorial Weekend Markets and Pop-Ups

Fort Lauderdale presents a Memorial Weekend Pop-Up Shop event. Set for Sunday, May 28, 2023, the occasion spotlights small businesses owned by local women, offering a distinctive retail experience that also bolsters community support.

Dive into Adventure: Scuba and Fishing Trips

If you’re looking to embark on an exciting adventure over Memorial Day weekend, consider exploring the underwater wonders of Fort Lauderdale, FL. This destination is renowned for its stunning scuba diving opportunities that include dynamic local reefs, historically significant shipwrecks, and a diverse array of marine life.

Due to its close location near the Gulf Stream, Fort Lauderdale’s warm ocean currents create ideal conditions where divers might spot majestic pelagic fish during their exploration. Divers across all experience levels are welcome as skilled dive operators ensure both novices and experts have a secure and delightful diving journey beneath the waves.

Tribute Through Fitness: Memorial Day 5K Runs and Walks

The ‘Salute to Our Heroes 5K/10K,’ a special event held at Pompano Beach Air Park and Bike Path close to Fort Lauderdale, offers an exceptional way for individuals to both pay homage and give tribute to military service on Memorial Day. This occasion merges the act of remembrance with community engagement through healthy activities such as runs and walks, allowing participants to honor our heroes in an active manner.

Family Gatherings in the Park: Picnics and Playgrounds

Fort Lauderdale’s parks offer a serene backdrop for family gatherings on Memorial Day. These idyllic spots boast stunning views of the Atlantic coastline and provide picnic spaces within an inviting atmosphere, perfect for spending time with your family.

In these parks you’ll find:

  • A variety of playgrounds
  • Numerous swing sets
  • Interactive splash pads
  • Pavilions providing shade close to where children can play

These parks are also equipped with expansive lawns set apart from playing areas, creating peaceful enclaves suitable for families who desire a calm setting.

The Ultimate Memorial Day Weekend Itinerary

Experience the epitome of a Memorial Day weekend getaway in Fort Lauderdale, where you have an abundance of choices to enjoy. Dive into classic American and Southern flavors at esteemed dining spots like Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour & Restaurant, B Square Burgers & Booze, BRGR Stop, and Batch Southern Kitchen & Tap. For dessert enthusiasts eager for homemade indulgences or inventive spiked ice cream creations, stops at Cleveland’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream and Spiked Rich Nitrogen Ice Cream are musts.

Revel in relaxation by The Easton’s poolside basking under the sun while DJs set the vibe or savor distinct cocktails with exclusive amenities at trendy locales such as Bahia Mar. Beer aficionados can delve into Fort Lauderdale’s brewing scene on tours via Visit Lauderdale Ale Trail Passport, experience lively socialization through Cycle Party pub crawls or relish waterfront festivities aboard a pontoon party boat.

Cap off your Memorial Day celebration amidst picturesque beachfront views strolling or cycling down Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. This coastal promenade is dotted with quaint shops and inviting restaurants that perfectly complement your holiday escapades, ensuring your memorial day spent in Fort Lauderdale is complete without missing anything crucial to making it memorable.


Memorial Day weekend in Fort Lauderdale transcends the typical holiday celebration. This is a time to pay tribute to those brave individuals who have given their service for our country, while also embracing joy and creating unforgettable moments. The city presents an array of options from attending the respectful Memorial Day ceremony to enjoying lively beach festivities, immersing oneself in art culture, taking ocean dives or simply relishing a casual backyard barbecue – all epitomizing the essence of this momentous weekend.

We extend an invitation to everyone, whether you call Fort Lauderdale home or are visiting for the occasion. Come celebrate with us. As we commemorate our fallen heroes during Memorial Day weekend, let’s also celebrate summer with festivities and ensure that these experiences on Memorial Day become memories cherished forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fort Lauderdale celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day in Fort Lauderdale is marked by annual parades, family gatherings, and backyard barbeques. There’s also the chance to engage in camping, fishing, or a round of golf.

This holiday provides a wonderful occasion for families to come together and commemorate this day of honor with quality time spent with each other.

What not to do on Memorial Day?

On Memorial Day, it’s important not to wish anyone a “Happy Memorial Day,” forget the purpose of the holiday, or disregard its importance. Don’t let politics hinder your respect.

Is Fort Lauderdale nice in May?

Indeed, May is a delightful time for a beach holiday in Fort Lauderdale, with the climate typically offering warm temperatures soaring into the high twenties. While there may be occasional rainfall, it remains considerably dry relative to the months that follow.

What time does Fort Lauderdale beach Open?

You have ample opportunity to take pleasure in Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, as it is accessible daily from the early hours at 5 a.m. until midnight.

When and where is Fort Lauderdale’s Memorial Day Ceremony?

On May 29th, at 9 a.m., Lauderdale Memorial Park Cemetery in Fort Lauderdale is set to host the Memorial Day Ceremony.

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