Five Reasons to Visit Lake Arenal This Summer

Visit Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal, located in northern Costa Rica, is a popular destination with tourists from all over the world. This beautiful country has a lot to offer all year round, due to its tropical climate, stunning scenery and commitment to preserving its natural beauty and resources. But in addition to its 800-mile long coastline, watersports enthusiasts can also find a huge variety of activities around Lake Arenal, at the foot of its famous volcano. Here are five reasons to visit this destination in the summer of 2024:

Scenic beauty

The lake offers stunning views and the backdrop of the Arenal Volcano will undoubtedly add some drama and make your Instagram posts get a few extra ‘likes’. The picturesque landscape is perfect for photography and even just relaxing in the beautiful natural environment.

Water sports

If you’ve always planned to wakeboard in Costa Rica, this is the perfect destination. But there are a variety of other watersports available on Lake Arenal, including kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (for those with a good balance!), windsurfing, and of course fishing, which is just another word for meditation – right? The lake is also known for consistent winds, which makes it a good place to do windsurfing.

The volcano

The Arenal Volcano is an impressive sight, but it does more than just enhance your holiday photos. It offers many hiking trails and you can go on a guided tour or explore more independently. The tours give visitors a chance to learn about the volcano’s history and geology, and you can even have a dip in a hot spring.

Wildlife and birdwatching

Few things are more thrilling than seeing wild animals in their natural habitat, and the area around Lake Arenal is a place where you can enjoy spotting howler monkeys, coatis, and numerous bird species. Some of the most famous ones include Resplendent Quetzal which is known for its striking plumage, Keel-Billed Toucan recognizable by its colourful beak, and Scarlet Macaw parrots who often live in pairs. Meanwhile, Osprey can be seen fishing in the lake and the area is home to a variety of hummingbirds.

If you’re more interested in mammals, the howler monkeys can often be spotted in the treetops, where they call loudly to each other, which has led to their name. This isn’t the only type of monkey you’re likely to encounter on Lake Arenal. White-faced Capuchin Monkeys are known for being curious and intelligent – you may remember this from Marcel, Ross’ famous pet from the sitcom Friends!

Eco-tourism and adventure activities

With its strong commitment to sustainability and protection of its natural beauty and resources, Costa Rica is fast becoming a synonym for eco-tourism, appealing to even the most discerning of the eco-conscious tourists. At Lake Arenal, you can enjoy canopy tours, zip-lining, hiking or horseback riding. A particularly beautiful way to explore the rainforest canopy is the Arenal Hanging Bridge. Rainforests used to cover 14% of the Earth’s surface, now making up only 6%. Costa Rica is a global leader in the protection of this invaluable ecological environment.

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