Langosta Beach Club Day Pass

The Langosta Beach Club is an exclusive private beach resort in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It offers a range of amenities, including a full-service restaurant and bar with pool and beachside seating, cabanas, a wellness center, and a pool bar. Non-members and guests who do not stay at the club can use day passes to access these facilities.

During our last vacation in Playa Langosta, my family searched for a place to relax on loungers and eat at Tamarindo Beach. We discovered the Langosta Beach Club day pass and decided to try it. Situated in a beautiful cove on Tamarindo Beach, this exclusive club provides a full-service restaurant and bar with seating by the pool. There are cabanas, a poolside bar, a members lounge, a wellness center, and various exciting tours and activities right on-site on the beach.

Key Takeaways 

  • The Langosta Beach Club day pass provides a resort-like experience with oceanfront dining, a poolside bar, and full-service amenities for a day.
  • Day pass rates vary by season, with higher rates from December to April and lower rates from May to December.
  • To ensure availability and secure desired amenities like cabanas or poolside seating, it’s advisable to purchase your day pass in advance, especially during peak seasons.

In the rest of this article, I’ll provide detailed information about the Langosta Beach Club, covering everything from the cost to the benefits you can enjoy. 

What is a day pass at the Langosta Beach Club?

A day pass at The Langosta Beach Club allows you to use all of the club’s exclusive amenities and facilities for an entire day. This pass provides access to a variety of luxurious offerings without the need for an overnight stay.

The advantages of purchasing a day pass at the Langosta Beach Club

The day pass option at The Langosta Beach Club provides a convenient and flexible way to enjoy all that the club offers, especially if you’re visiting Tamarindo for just a day and want a relaxing spot. The Langosta Beach Club day pass includes the following benefits:

  • You have exclusive access to the entire facility from opening to 5 p.m. daily (the beach area is open to the public).
  • Every day from 4-6 p.m., Sunset Happy Hour takes place.
  • We offer full towel service (with a deposit required).
  • Oceanfront dining directly on the beach
  • A full-service poolside bar and covered terrace with TV
  • A full-service restaurant provides a variety of dishes.
  • A stunning infinity pool overlooks the ocean.
  • Loungers on the pool deck
  • Private cabanas by the pool
  • Pick-up service for food to go

How to obtain a day pass at the Langosta Beach Club.

Obtaining a day pass at The Langosta Beach Club is a straightforward process, usually available online or upon arrival at the club. The club offers day pass rates in two seasonal ranges:

From December 15 to April 30 (subject to availability):

  • Adults (16 and older): $50 per day.
  • Children (15 and younger, accompanied by an adult): $25 per day

From May 1 to December 14 (subject to availability):

  • Adults (16 and older): $30 per day.
  • Children (15 and younger require adult supervision): $15 per day

Is the Langosta Beach Club Pass worth it?

During our last vacation, my family discovered the day pass option at Langosta Beach Club, but we couldn’t find specific reviews on the day pass itself. Despite the somewhat high price ($50 per adult, $25 per child), given the generally positive club reviews, we decided to try it.

After paying, we found the pool area disappointingly small and lacking in available loungers (most were reserved or taken). Despite their appeal, the cabanas were completely reserved. The restaurant patrons occupied the few beach loungers, leaving the beach with limited seating. We found four seats but had to move due to the direct sunlight and strong wind.

We then settled in a shaded restaurant area, realizing it was accessible to the public as long as we ordered food or drinks. With the pool loungers and cabanas all taken, spending $150 on the day pass seemed pointless, as we ended up in the public area for the entire day.

Overall, unless you can reserve a cabana or arrive early enough to secure poolside seating, I would advise against paying for the day pass, as it doesn’t offer additional benefits. Instead, sit at a restaurant table, order food and drinks (which you’d pay for regardless), and enjoy the beach. With luck, you might spot iguanas or howler monkeys.


What forms of payment are accepted for purchasing a day pass?

The Langosta Beach Club accepts credit cards, US dollars, or Costa Rican Colones. You can use whichever currency or payment method is most convenient for you.

Can I purchase a day pass in advance, or do I need to buy it on my visit? **

Day passes for the Langosta Beach Club can often be purchased in advance through the club’s website. Reservations are recommended to guarantee entry and secure your spot, especially during peak seasons or busy periods. Walk-in guests may be accommodated based on availability, but making reservations in advance is advisable for a smooth experience.

Can I bring outside food or beverages to the Langosta Beach Club?

Generally, outside food and beverages are not allowed at the Langosta Beach Club. The club offers a variety of dining options and bars where guests can purchase refreshments and meals. 

Wrapping Up 

My family and I were drawn to the club’s promises of exclusive amenities like beach and poolside seating, oceanfront dining, and a full-service restaurant and bar. 

However, upon arrival, we faced challenges such as a small pool area with limited available loungers and fully booked cabanas. 

Considering the day pass, I recommend making advance reservations to secure desired amenities and ensure a more enjoyable visit. 

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