10 Things to Know BEFORE Ziplining in Monteverde

When you are going zip-lining, the first thing to do is decide which tour company you want. The best time to go ziplining is in the morning, as early as 8 a.m., and you should wear comfortable and warm clothing that you can easily move in. You should come along with a range coat, sunglasses, water, snacks, and a camera with straps to secure it. 

Monteverde is a prime destination for adventurous tourists in Costa Rica, particularly because of its cloud forests and remarkable biodiversity. Beyond its stunning landscape, Monteverde has some of the globe’s most exhilarating zipline adventures. If you’re exploring Monteverde, ziplining is a must on your bucket list. Having explored several zipline tours myself, I can attest to the enriching experience it offers. Yet, there are a few insights I wish I had known before ziplining in Monteverde. I’ve compiled this list to guide you.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure you research and read reviews about the tour company you chose to go with. Consider their safety measures, the number of zip lines, and the type of experience you desire.
  • The best time to go ziplining is usually in the morning, as early as 8 a.m. 
  • Some items you should bring along include rain gear, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, snacks, bug repellent, and a bag pack.
  • Ensure everything is secure before ziplining, and always listen to your guide.

In the rest of this article, I’ll outline 10 things you must know before ziplining in Monteverde to enhance your experience and ensure your safety.

Decide Which Tour You Want to Opt For.

Monteverde, Costa Rica, has fantastic zipline options. Before choosing, determine the experience you prefer. I enjoyed the Superman zipline. Since not all companies offer this, I researched beforehand to choose the tour that would satisfy my preferences.

Safety and credibility are key when picking out a zipline tour in Monteverde. You’ll want to choose a company that sticks to high safety standards, and digging into the company’s history and reading up on reviews helps you discover what past adventurers thought about their experience. Don’t forget to take into account the specifics of the zipline, such as its length, height, and number of lines.

If you’re looking for a real adrenaline rush, those longer and higher lines offer unbeatable views as you soar over the cloud forests. Some of the best ziplining tours include 

If you’re keen on making a day of it, look for tours that include other fun activities like bridge walks or nature hikes. I’ve found that these can give you a deeper dive into Monteverde’s incredible biodiversity. I always go for tours that provide transportation and meals, so I don’t have to worry about anything. 

The best time to go ziplining

To ensure the best ziplining experience, favorable weather is required, and the best time to zipline depends on the type of experience you desire. Monteverde’s climate is characterized by misty, humid conditions, with rainfall more frequent in the afternoons during the wet season (May through October). Conversely, the dry season (November through April) typically offers clearer skies and less rain.

For optimal conditions, I usually prefer early morning tours. I recommend choosing the earliest available time, usually around 8 a.m. Getting an early start ensures better visibility and a more enjoyable experience.

What to wear

To ensure safety and comfort during your ziplining adventure, it’s crucial to wear appropriate clothing. I typically choose clothing that fits snugly to prevent snagging on the equipment.

Dressing comfortably and warmly is key. Wear clothing that allows for easy movement of your arms and legs. Since some ziplines can be quite fast, consider wearing a t-shirt with a vest. If you opt for shorts, ensure they are long enough to accommodate the harness. I recommend wearing long pants with zippered pockets. Additionally, wear closed-toed shoes, such as running shoes or hiking boots, to protect your feet.

What to bring

When gearing up for a ziplining adventure in Monteverde, packing the right items can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your experience. Here’s a list of essentials you should bring along:

Rain Gear: 

The weather in Monteverde can be quite unpredictable, often changing from sunny to rainy within minutes. Pack a lightweight, waterproof jacket or poncho to stay dry during sudden downpours.

Sun Protection: 

Even on cloudy days, UV rays can be strong. I never go ziplining without sunscreen with a high SPF on my skin, and I consider a hat to shield my face. I recommend coming with sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays and wind as you zip through the air.


You must stay hydrated, especially when climbing and hiking between zipline stations. Most tours provide a brief break, so having a small, reusable water bottle is practical.


Depending on the length of your tour, you might get a bit hungry. Bringing along some light snacks, like energy bars or trail mix, can help keep your energy up throughout the adventure. Not all tours provide snacks.

Camera, Phone, and a Secure Strap: 

You’ll likely want to capture some moments of your zipline adventure. Make sure to secure electronic devices or cameras with a lanyard or strap. Some helmets come equipped with mounts for action cameras, ideal for hands-free filming.

Bug Repellent: 

The forests around Monteverde are home to many insects, including mosquitoes. Before starting the tour, you’ll need to apply insect repellent to keep bugs at bay. When I went ziplining for the first time without this knowledge, it was a decision I deeply regretted.

Backpack or Fanny Pack: 

You can securely fasten a small, lightweight backpack or fanny pack to carry all your items. Make sure it fits comfortably in a harness and doesn’t interfere with your gear.

Be sure to leave unnecessary valuables and anything that can’t be securely attached to your hotel or hostel to avoid losing items during the zipline ride.

Gearing Up and Safety Protocols

When you arrive at the tour office at the designated time, the staff will confirm your booking and provide essential tour details. Additionally, you can purchase photo packages or extra activities at the counter.

Safety is paramount, and before embarking on the adventure, you must undergo a comprehensive safety briefing. This includes instructions on properly wearing the harness, attaching the pulley, and navigating the zipline course safely. Listening attentively to and following all the guidelines the guides provide is imperative.

Tours are typically organized in groups, with the tour guide gathering all participants to demonstrate the routine. This includes proper body positioning while ziplining, safety instructions, and braking methods, which may vary between companies. It’s crucial to clarify any instructions in the guide, especially if there are any difficulties understanding them.

Check your pockets.

Before you set off on your ziplining adventure, make sure to empty your pockets. There’s really no need to carry anything with you while ziplining, as most companies offer professional photography services to capture the excitement and stunning views. Additionally, carrying items such as phones or cameras can be risky and distracting.

Thankfully, most zipline operators provide secure lockers where you can safely store all your belongings. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience, hands-free and worry-free, ensuring you can enjoy every moment of your adventure without the burden of unnecessary items.

Secure everything

If you bring a camera for your ziplining adventure, securing it is a must. Use a sturdy strap that attaches to your wrist or harness, ensuring it won’t take a plunge into the rainforest below. For those who wear glasses, a tight fit is crucial. Consider using a sports strap to keep them secure on your head, or removing them during the ride might be safer to prevent any loss.

And let’s not forget about long hair; it definitely needs to be tied back. Loose hair can be more than just an annoyance fluttering in your face; I found that it can interfere with the zipline gear, particularly when braking. Therefore, I always tie my hair back to prevent it from obstructing my view or posing a safety hazard. By taking these simple precautions, you can focus on enjoying the thrilling experience without any hitches!

You require a certain level of physical fitness.

While you don’t need to be an elite athlete to enjoy ziplining, a basic level of physical fitness is required. You should be able to climb stairs and walk short distances, as tours often include walking between platforms or even hiking to the starting point. It is also critical to hold on to the zipline handle and brake when instructed.

If you have certain health conditions, you should exercise caution or consult with a healthcare provider before ziplining. Conditions that might affect your ability to safely participate include heart problems, severe asthma, vertigo, and conditions that impair mobility. We generally advise pregnant women against ziplining due to the potential risks involved.

Consider this before booking a zipline tour if you have a severe fear of heights (acrophobia). While ziplining can be a thrilling way to challenge this fear in a controlled environment, it could also be an unpleasant experience if your fear is overwhelming.

Always listen to your guides.

Listening to your guides is essential for a safe and enjoyable ziplining experience. They are trained professionals who ensure your safety and guide you throughout the tour. Pay attention to their instructions during the safety briefing, as they will explain how to properly wear the harness, attach the pulley, and navigate the zipline course safely.

During the tour, follow their instructions on proper body positioning while ziplining and correct braking techniques. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask your guides for clarification. They are there to assist you and ensure that you have a memorable and safe experience.

Additional activities and attractions in Monteverde

Monteverde isn’t just about ziplining. The area offers adventure activities like suspension bridge tours through the cloud forest, coffee plantation visits, and night-time wildlife tours. Combining these activities can make for a fulfilling day of exploration and adventure.

Many tour companies offer specialized zip-line cables designed for the exhilarating Superman experience, where participants ride in a horizontal, suspended position along the cable. Typically, tour companies offer these Superman cables as an optional add-on, charging an additional fee, or include them in the overall cost of the zip line tour.

The tarzan swing is a common thrilling feature on zip-line tours. True to its name, this activity involves jumping from a high platform while holding onto a rope, with additional safety ropes attached to the participant’s waist. The initial descent feels free, followed by a soaring ascent and an exhilarating pendulum-like swing. Guides are present to assist with reducing the oscillation speed while allowing participants to enjoy a few rounds of swinging.

Wrapping Up

Ziplining in Monteverde is an unforgettable experience that combines thrill, natural beauty, and the excitement of seeing the world from above. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you’ll love this experience. 

By understanding what to expect and how to prepare, you’ll be ready to make the most of your adventure in the clouds. Once you’ve experienced it, share your stories or any tips you might have for future zipliners. Your insights could help others enhance their experience! I hope you find this guide helpful.

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