Best Hanging Bridges In Monteverde

The best-hanging bridges in Monteverde are 100% Aventura Hanging Bridges, Selvatura Hanging Bridges, and Skywalk Hanging Bridges at Treetopia Park.

The Hanging Bridge is located in the Monteverde Reserve.

If you want to get the best views of Monteverde from a different perspective, then hanging bridges are the way to go. It is a great family activity, and you get some of the most captivating views you would have missed if you had been hiking trails instead. My family and I explored some of the hanging bridges during our trip to Monteverde, Costa Rica, and I have compiled those that stood out to me.

Key Takeaways 

  • 100% Aventura Hanging Bridges at Aventura Monteverde offer the best opportunity for wildlife spotting but not the best scenery.
  • The Selvatura Hanging Bridges at Selvatura Monteverde offer the best scenery, but you won’t see a lot of wildlife. 
  • Skywalk Hanging Bridges at Treetopia Park offer great scenery and better chances of spotting wildlife than the Selvatura hanging bridges.

In the rest of this article, I’ll outline the top five hanging bridges in Monteverde, highlighting what sets each one apart. I’ll also share my personal experiences to help you decide which hanging bridge experience is best suited for you. Let’s dive in!

100% Aventura Hanging Bridges at Aventura Monteverde

Location: Santa Elena

Provincia de Puntarenas

Cost: from $40 per adult 

Age range: 4 years and above 

Duration: 2 hours.



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The 100% Aventura Monteverde Park stands apart from other regional parks due to its unique views and vegetation. It features eight bridges along a 3-kilometer trail. You’ll need a reservation to access the hanging bridges or go on a paid guided park tour. 

Known locally as “Aventura,” this park is in a reforested area, offering a blend of young and old forests. While the scenery may not be as breathtaking as some other parks, the hanging bridges provide better opportunities for spotting wildlife due to their diverse forest composition.

Safety was the top priority during my visit to the Aventura Hanging Bridges. The guides regularly checked up on us to ensure we were safe and adhering to instructions. The guided tour lasts about 2 hours, covering the hanging bridges and nature trails.

I’d recommend a tour of Aventura’s Hanging Bridges if you’re interested in learning about nature and increasing your chances of encountering local animals. 

What I liked:

  • I appreciated the thorough safety checks conducted by the guides.
  • The opportunity to spot wildlife in a diverse forest setting was exciting.
  • Having a knowledgeable tour guide enhanced the experience, and learning about the area’s nature was fascinating.

What I didn’t like:

  • The scenery wasn’t as spectacular as in other parks in the region.

Selvatura Hanging Bridges at Selvatura Monteverde

Location: Puntarenas Province, Tilarán, Costa Rica

Cost: from $49 per adult

Age range: All ages

Duration: 2 hours.



Near the Santa Elena Reserve, nestled in a 100% virgin cloud forest, lies Selvatura Hanging Bridges. With eight bridges along a 3-kilometer trail that stretches for 1.9 miles, you’ll embark on an immersive natural adventure. Just note that the trial tends to get quite steep.

If you’re traveling with young children or older adults, remember that the altitude and inclines may pose challenges, but benches offer opportunities to rest along the way. 

You can combine the hanging bridge adventure with ziplining and animal exhibits. Selvatura also features an on-site restaurant and requires reservations. The hanging bridges provide a leisurely perspective of the forest, allowing you to glimpse into the canopy and breathe in the pure air of the cloud forest. 

We opted for the self-guided hanging bridge walk, which provided many scenic views but no wildlife sightings. The hike takes you through lush cloud forest on a 3-kilometer trail with eight bridges of various sizes, offering unique glimpses into the canopy. The bridges are sturdy with minimal swinging, providing a safe and enjoyable experience.

Although we missed the insights and spotting opportunities a guide could provide, the self-guided walk offered a memorable journey through the forest.

The environment felt clean and conducive to relaxation. The sky bridges offered stunning views, although they were quite busy, and bird sightings were scarce in the afternoon. I’d recommend visiting the bridges in the morning for a better experience.

Overall, Selvatura’s Hanging Bridges offer a memorable and immersive nature experience, ideal for those in good physical condition seeking exceptional scenery.

What I liked:

  • The breathtaking scenery of the 100% virgin cloud forest at Selvatura Hanging Bridges was truly captivating.
  • The clean and relaxing environment made the experience enjoyable, and the sky bridges offered stunning forest views.
  • The self-guided walk allowed scenic views, and the sturdy bridges ensured a safe experience.

What I didn’t like:

  • Wildlife sightings were rare, especially in the afternoon.

Skywalk Hanging Bridges at Treetopia Park

Location: Treetopia Park, Puntarenas Province, Monteverde, 60109, Costa Rica

Cost: from $34 per adult

Age range: All ages

Duration: 2 hours.



Sky Walk offers six bridges, including Costa Rica’s longest, stretching an impressive 236 meters, perfect for capturing memorable selfies amidst stunning views of the cloud forest canopy. With two loops available, you can choose a shorter route with four bridges, which is ideal for families with young children and ensures a more manageable hour-long hike.

Sky Walk, which sits at 1,400 meters above sea level, provides breathtaking views while still being a habitat for wildlife such as the Resplendent Quetzal. The hike typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the full 2.5 km trail or around an hour for the smaller loop, catering to various fitness levels.

However, this hanging bridge offers limited wildlife sightings. Despite this, the park impresses with its well-maintained facilities and knowledgeable guides. 

Therefore, I recommend the Monteverde Sky Walk for families with young children and individuals who may struggle with long-distance walking. The walk through the beautiful old forest and the sweeping views from the bridges are truly delightful experiences that I highly recommend. 

Despite the high entrance fee, we only spotted a coati near the entrance bins during my visit.

Overall, I was impressed by the quality of the park, which offers various activities, including a gondola and zipline. 

What I liked:

  • The walk through the beautiful old forest and the sweeping views from the bridges were delightful experiences.
  • The guides were knowledgeable, making the experience of walking around the sky bridges enjoyable.

What I didn’t like:

  • Despite the high entry fee, we only spotted a Coati near the entrance bins, which was disappointing.
  • While the park offers a variety of activities of impressive quality, the bridge trail felt a bit lacking in wildlife encounters and was somewhat boring, with only trees and greenery.

Hanging Bridge at the Monteverde Reserve

Location: Puntarenas Province, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Cost: $26 per adult.

Age range: 6 years and above



Located in the heart of the cloud forest, the Monteverde Reserve stands out as the region’s most natural park.

With many kilometers of trails, the Monteverde Reserve is an excellent choice for hiking, offering immersive experiences within the forest. The reserve offers incredible sights of suspension bridges, wildlife, and the lush rainforest. During my visit, I had the thrilling opportunity to witness spider monkeys swinging through the trees nearby.

The walkway comprises eight suspension bridges connected by trails, covering 1.9 miles (3 km). These bridges span lengths from 150 ft (50 m) to 500 ft (170 m), suspended at heights ranging from 36 ft (12 m) to 180 ft (60 m). With a width of almost 5 feet (1.5 meters), the bridge system is the widest and sturdiest in Costa Rica.

The trails are well-maintained and mostly flat, providing a smooth and pleasant hiking experience without much mud or strenuous terrain. It’s a great experience for families because the hiking is not very strenuous.

What I liked:

  • The Monteverde Reserve offers stunning views of suspension bridges, wildlife, and the lush rainforest.
  • The well-maintained and mostly flat trails provided a smooth and pleasant hiking experience.
  • Witnessing spider monkeys swinging through the trees nearby was an unforgettable experience.

What I didn’t like:

  • While the trails were enjoyable, they did not provide the same elevated perspective as hanging bridges for exploring the forest.

Wrapping Up

When selecting the ideal hanging bridge experience in Monteverde, consider several key factors to tailor the adventure to your preferences. Consider your preference for either breathtaking scenery or wildlife spotting, as each park offers a unique combination of these elements.

Consider your physical condition and the level of difficulty of the trails, especially if you’re traveling with family members of varying ages. Look for parks that offer additional activities like ziplining or nature exhibits to enhance your visit. By carefully considering these aspects, you can choose the best hanging bridge experience in Monteverde that suits your preferences.

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