Mermaid Shows at the Wreck Bar (Brunch Review)

For an unforgettable Sunday brunch in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than ‘Mermaids and Mimosas’. Here, sparkling mimosas meet the mystique of live mermaids – it’s a combination that promises to enchant. This guide uncovers where to enjoy this immersive experience and what makes it a standout choice for your weekend plans.

What to Know About Brunch at the B Ocean Resort

  • Dive into an unforgettable Sunday with ‘Mermaids & Mimosas’ at B Ocean Resort’s Wreck Bar – a unique brunch experience where guests enjoy bottomless mimosas, delectable dishes, and live mermaid shows!
  • Get ready for a sensory feast with Chef Adrian’s culinary delights, tropical cocktail mimosas, and enchanting underwater performances that promise a one-of-a-kind dining experience.
  • Extend the magic beyond brunch with B Ocean’s exclusive mermaid-themed events – Aqua Burlesque Shows, Aquamen Experiences, and seasonal specials like the Halloween-Themed Aqua Mermaid Burlesque Show!

Savor the Splash: A Local’s Take on “Mermaids & Mimosas” Brunch

b ocean wreck bar mermaid show at brunch

Having lived in the area for a while, we’ve explored many brunch spots. But the “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch at B Ocean Resort’s Wreck Bar is a splash above the rest. Imagine sipping on bottomless mimosas, relishing a mouthwatering array of dishes, all while watching enchanting mermaids swim in the background – it’s an experience that’s both kitschy and captivating. The atmosphere is electric, with the staff providing top-notch service, making this mimosas Sunday brunch a must-try.

Packed with a scrumptious meal, mesmerizing underwater performances, and unlimited mimosas, it’s no wonder locals are raving about this unique brunch experience. The adult-only Aqua Burlesque shows add an extra dash of excitement, making the B Ocean Resort a hot spot for locals and visitors alike.

Dive into the Details: What to Expect at “Mermaids & Mimosas”

Before we explore further, here’s a sneak peek into what the “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch has in store for you. Imagine a Sunday afternoon, from 11am to 3pm, spent in a mesmerizing setting where you can enjoy a delectable meal while watching graceful mermaids swim in the background. It’s an enchanting experience that brings together the best of dining and entertainment at the B Ocean Resort.

The Mermaid Encounter

A mesmerizing mermaid swimming gracefully underwater

Next, we immerse ourselves into the mesmerizing world of the signature mermaids. At the “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch, you’ll witness these mythical creatures gracefully gliding through the water, providing a magical backdrop to your dining experience. As you indulge in tropical cocktails, these mermaids add a magical touch that transforms your brunch into an unforgettable aquatic performance.

The mermaid encounter is scheduled across two seating times, from 11:30am to 2:00pm, giving you ample opportunities to enjoy the underwater spectacle while savoring your meal. The sheer enthusiasm and delight on the faces of guests bear testimony to the charm of this unique encounter. The experience is interactive, fun, and undoubtedly a highlight of any visit to the B Ocean Resort.

The Culinary Delights

A delectable spread of fresh seafood and brunch delicacies

Tempting as it may be to keep your eyes fixed on the mesmerizing mermaid show, you’d be remiss to ignore the culinary delights that the “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch has to offer. The menu boasts a wide array of mouthwatering options, including:

  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Sriracha Shrimp Lettuce Wraps
  • Shrimp Cocktails
  • Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

For seafood lovers, this signature brunch is nothing short of a flavor explosion with fresh seafood.

The mastermind behind these tantalizing dishes is none other than Chef Adrian, a graduate of the Culinary Arts Program of FHI Hotel Institute in Europe. With his extensive background in hospitality, he adds his unique touch to the brunch experience, ensuring every bite you take is as enchanting as the mermaids themselves.

Bottomless Bliss

Let’s raise a glass to the bottomless mimosas that bring a spark of joy to the brunch. The price includes bottomless mimosas for just $55++ per adult and $20++ for kids under 12, allowing you to indulge in endless mimosas from 11:00am to 3:00pm. With such a tempting offer, who wouldn’t want to raise a glass (or two) to this fantastic feast?

But these aren’t your average mimosas. The ones served at the “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch are an absolute treat for your palate, featuring unique ingredients that create a tropical cocktail experience like:

  • Midori
  • Pineapple juice
  • Blue curaçao
  • Champagne

The delicious mimosas are a hit among guests, adding to the fun and excitement of the experience.

Beyond the Brunch: Other Mermaid Experiences at B Ocean

The “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch is just one of the many mermaid experiences available at B Ocean Resort. The resort offers a range of other captivating mermaid-themed experiences, including the Aqua Burlesque Shows and the Aquamen Experience.

Why not extend your Sunday brunch into a weekend filled with aquatic adventures and a rejuvenating yin yoga session?

Enchanting Evenings: Aqua Burlesque Shows

mermaids and mimosas

The fun doesn’t stop at brunch. As the sun sets, the Wreck Bar transforms into an enchanting stage for the Medusirena Aqua Burlesque Dinner & SwimShow. This adult-only event includes dinner, drinks, and live aqua burlesque entertainment every Friday and Saturday night. For those who are 21 or over, this show offers an unforgettable evening of entertainment, with the allure of the underwater performances and the lively atmosphere.

With a price tag of $60 per ticket, the Aqua Burlesque shows include a $45 food and beverage credit during the show. So, not only do you get to enjoy a captivating show, but you also get to savor a delicious meal.

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The Aquamen Experience

If you thought the mermaid shows were unique, wait till you experience the Aquamen show. This one-of-a-kind underwater male burlesque show is the only one of its kind in the United States! Held at The Wreck Bar, the Aquamen Experience offers a unique twist to the regular mermaid shows, providing a captivating and unique entertainment option.

Tickets for the Aquamen Show can be booked through the B Ocean Resort’s official website or Eventbrite, priced at $65++ with a $35 food and beverage credit for use during the show. So, whether you’re planning a girls’ night out or a fun date night, the Aquamen Experience is not to be missed.

Celebrating Special Occasions with a Splash

B Ocean Resort isn’t just a brunch spot or an entertainment venue; it’s a place where special occasions come to life with a splash of mermaid magic. From proposals to birthdays to bachelor(ette) parties, every celebration is made more memorable with the resort’s unique mermaid experiences.

Proposals with a Twist

Picture proposing to your loved one as mermaids elegantly swim around you – that’s the unique touch B Ocean Resort adds to wedding proposals. The resort offers special proposal packages like a Mermaid Wedding Proposal package and various wedding venue options, including a private stretch of beach. It’s a romantic setup that’s sure to sweep your loved one off their feet.

The reactions to the mermaid-themed proposals have been overwhelming, with guests raving about:

  • the delicious drinks
  • attentive bartenders
  • outstanding service
  • excellent food

To book a mermaid-themed proposal event, simply visit their ‘Mermaids at the Wreck Bar’ page on the official website.

Birthdays and Bachelor(ette) Parties

A group of friends celebrating with mermaid-themed cocktails and mocktails

Birthdays and bachelor(ette) parties take a fun and unique twist at B Ocean Resort. Imagine celebrating with the signature Mermaid Experience at The Wreck Bar, providing a memorable evening with mermaids for milestone birthdays or weddings. From bar/bat mitzvahs and quinceañeras to sweet sixteens and bachelorette parties, every celebration is elevated with a dash of mermaid magic.

The menu for your special occasion can be customized by exploring the options offered on the official website. So whether you’re celebrating a birthday or hosting a bachelor(ette) party, B Ocean Resort ensures that your celebration is as unique as the mermaids themselves.

Nautical Nostalgia: The Historic Wreck Bar

wreck bar
The wreck bar!

Although the mermaids and mimosas steal the show, the world famous Wreck Bar is worthy of attention too. Designed to resemble a shipwrecked Spanish Galleon from the 1950s, complete with aquariums, the bar adds a touch of nautical nostalgia to your experience. With its unique ambiance, the Wreck Bar is so much more than just a venue – it’s a journey back in time.

Despite its historic charm, the Wreck Bar has kept up with the times, undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation to offer modern amenities while preserving its unique character. It’s an iconic and long-standing attraction in Fort Lauderdale, contributing significantly to the city’s cultural and historic legacy, making it a must-visit historic destination.

Seasonal Splashes: October’s Mermaid Lineup

Adding to the regular lineup of mermaid-themed events, B Ocean Resort introduces a special treat for those visiting in October. The resort features a Halloween-Themed Aqua Mermaid Burlesque Show, adding a spooky twist to their already enchanting mermaid lineup. With shows starting at 7 pm throughout October and a special Mermaid Burlesque Show scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 2023, there’s no better time to plan your visit.

So, if you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate Halloween, why not do it with mermaids and mimosas? The resort’s October lineup is sure to provide an unforgettable experience, combining the magic of mermaids with the excitement of the spooky season.


In conclusion, the “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch at B Ocean Resort is more than just a meal – it’s an unforgettable experience that combines the magic of mermaids with delicious culinary delights and bottomless mimosas. From the local’s perspective to the detailed overview of the brunch experience, we’ve taken you on a deep dive into this unique event, highlighting the enchanting mermaid encounter, scrumptious menu, and the endless flow of mimosas.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a food lover or an entertainment enthusiast, the “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch is a must-try. So why wait? Dive into this one-of-a-kind experience and let the mermaids of B Ocean Resort make a splash in your memory!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch unique?

The “Mermaids & Mimosas” brunch is unique because it combines a delightful meal with an enchanting mermaid show, along with bottomless mimosas, making it an exciting and delicious dining experience!

What other mermaid experiences does B Ocean Resort offer?

You’ll love the mermaid experiences at B Ocean Resort, including Aqua Burlesque Shows and the Aquamen Experience, which offer unique underwater entertainment that you won’t want to miss!

Can I celebrate a special occasion at B Ocean Resort?

Absolutely! B Ocean Resort offers special experiences for celebrations like proposals, birthdays, and bachelor(ette) parties, all with a fun mermaid twist! So go ahead and celebrate in style!

What is the history of the Wreck Bar?

The Wreck Bar was designed to resemble a shipwrecked Spanish Galleon from the 1950s, and it’s an iconic and long-standing attraction in Fort Lauderdale. It’s full of history and character!

What special events are there in October?

In October, you can look forward to a Halloween-Themed Aqua Mermaid Burlesque Show that adds a spooky twist to the regular lineup of mermaid-themed events!

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