Nosara Costa Rica

Located on the Nicoya Peninsula and renowned across the world for being the yoga and surfing capital of Central America, Nosara, Costa Rica has many incredible activities for active and conscious lifestyle living. It has yoga, hotels, surfing, real estate, protected reefs nearby, animal sanctuaries which rehabilitate monkeys and even is a safe haven for turtle nesting. We love sharing all of the incredible reasons why the village of Nosara will leave you feeling enriched and fulfilled on a spiritual level.

Visiting Nosara in Costa Rica

A short flight or ride away from Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose, Nosara is located in the historically rich Guanacaste region of the country: located in the north west corner, and formerly incorporated by neighboring Nicaragua. Nosara hotels and ecolodges are actually some of the most relaxing in the country, as they incorporate sustainability and nature into nearly everything that they provide. If you love healthy food, for example, then Nosara hotels are the way to go! The Costa Rica Yoga Hotel offers stunning sunset views, all modern fixtures and amenities you could imagine, and gourmet fresh meals are prepared daily as part of your daily rate. Traditional Costa Rican food such as Gallo Pinto, Casado, Tamales and Black Bean Soup are some of the incredibly natural and delicious offerings available. Now as far as hotel experience goes, if you’re into lush tropical gardens surrounding modern tiered-step pools, illustrious shrub-lined walkways, thatched roof tiki bars, clean and pampered modern rooms with private hammock decks then we highly recommend The Harmony Hotel. If you’re into a more BoHo vibe with natural wood infused into the buildings, local iguanas hanging out on the geometrically shaped pool and indoor-outdoor living spaces with hammocks built in, then The Gardens Eco Resort would be our recommendation.

Nosara yoga is very popular, with 12 yoga studios in and around Nosara. For perspective, this is enough to rival larger cities like Los Angeles or New York. But Nosara yoga culture is also part of the experience of being down here: not just the studios. It became famous when Don and Amba Stapleton created the Nosara Yoga Institute in 1994, after having discovering Nosara in the 70’s. Today, this has paved the way for Nosara to become a world-class destination for yoga, and the capital of yoga in Costa Rica.

For surfing, nearly all hotels in Nosara offer direct or nearby access to surfing, with many Nosara surfing spots being accessible by bike. Nosara may quite possibly be the best place to learn how to surf in our opinion. With so many excellent spots to surf such as Playa Guiones, Ostional, Marbella, Playa Negra, Avellana, Langosta and Tamarindo it’s no wonder that Nosara is a surfer’s paradise and haven for learning. Snapper Surf School offers excellent lessons, guidance and one on one training for all “groms” (if you don’t know what that is, then you may just be one! Google it). Peak seasons for Nosara surfing are basically in the summer but anytime except January, February or December; waves are inconsistent then. 4 wheel drive comes in very handy when accessing some of these spots, too!

If all of these wanderlust experiences led you to want to own a little piece of Nosara for you and your loved ones, then Nosara real estate is always an option. There are different types of houses in Nosara for nearly any budget, and the one thing to know about buying Nosara real estate is that all deals are mostly transacted in cash. Owners nearly all own through an LLC or S.A. as it’s called, and both homeowners insurance and title insurance are not required unless financing through a bank. Having a skilled local attorney who is well versed in Costa Rican real estate law can be tremendously reassuring and we highly recommend this in order to ensure a proper transaction.

Beaches in Nosara

Guiones Beach

Just have a look at this amazing shot courtesy of  Breathtaking!

Playa Guiones

First up, we got Guiones Beach, which is like the star of the show. It’s right smack dab between Playa Garza and Playa Pelada. Dude, the sand there is like this light, fluffy stuff, and the waves are killer for surfing all year round. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro looking for a challenge, Guiones has got you covered. And hey, if you need to grab some snacks or supplies, Nosara town is just a short hop away.

Pelada Beach

Now, Pelada Beach might not be as famous as Guiones, but it’s still a gem. You’ve gotta hit up La Luna, this awesome beachfront restaurant there. Plus, during low tide, you can explore some caves and tide pools up north. It’s chill vibes all around, with plenty of places to eat and hang out.

Playa Garza

Next, Garza Beach is where you go for that real laid-back fisherman vibe. Picture this: boats bobbing in the water, cozy restaurants serving up fresh seafood – it’s the definition of chill.

Playa Ostional

Ostional Beach is a bit different, though. It’s like turtle central over there. The sand’s a bit darker, but it’s still beautiful. Just remember, it’s a protected area, so be cool around the turtles, alright?

San Juanillo

Now, San Juanillo Beach is a bit of a drive from Guiones, but totally worth it for a day trip. It’s got this sweet fishermen town vibe, with restaurants right by the water. Perfect for a picnic or snorkeling during the dry season. And the sea? It’s like swimming in a giant pool – so chill.

Barrigona Beach

Last but not least, we’ve got Barrigona Beach. It’s all about those breathtaking views and fast waves for the pros. But even if surfing isn’t your thing, you can still have a blast chilling under the palm trees or having a picnic. Just make sure you pack enough snacks and water ’cause there aren’t any restaurants around.

I’ve made another page that fully talks about all of the Nosara beaches if you want more information.

Nosara is certainly not for everyone, but for those who are down to earth and love surfing their brains out while eating the healthiest food on Earth until their taste buds collapse, it’s absolute heave on Earth and worth every sacrifice to get there. Nosara is a magical place where animals are free and protected, where ecology is of high importance and where adventure is always around every corner to make you feel at home in the unknown.