Avellanas Beach Gems: Surf, Sunsets, and Serenity

Avellanas Beach, a hidden gem on the country’s Golden Coast, promises a perfect blend of surf, sunsets, and serenity. This tropical paradise offers pristine white sand beaches, world-class surfing, and a laid-back atmosphere that will make you never want to leave.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the tranquility and beauty of Avellanas Beach, Costa Rica: surf, sunsets & conservation areas.
  • Catch some awesome waves at Little Hawaii with experienced or beginner lessons available from Avellanas Surf School.
  • Enjoy local flavors and explore nearby beaches on day trips to discover hidden gems!

Avellanas Beach Overview

Tranquil Avellanas Beach with pristine white sand and world-class surfing

Nestled in Guanacaste province, Playa Avellanas is where you’ll find a tranquil escape from the bustling, popular beach towns of Costa Rica. This destination is a true tropical paradise, boasting sunny radiance, outstanding beauty, and engaging conservation areas. Avellanas Beach is just a half-hour away from Tamarindo, making it an accessible haven of calm and charm.

The climate of Playa Avellanas is:

  • Warm and sunny
  • Stronger winds than other parts of Guanacaste
  • Afternoon rain can be expected from May to November, with the most rainfall occurring in September and October

During your visit, you may have the opportunity to observe endangered sea turtles nesting on the beach.

The Allure of Playa Avellanas

Peaceful retreat at Playa Avellanas with friendly locals and laid-back atmosphere

Playa Avellanas is a hidden gem that’s perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the crowds. With a laid-back atmosphere, friendly locals, and a long beach perfect for relaxing strolls, it’s a haven for tranquility. The main entrance to this beautiful beach town is through Lola’s Restaurant, where you’ll find the very special feature of Playa Avellanas – Lola, the 400 kg pig who hangs out at the beach bar and in the shallow parts of the surf, ready to greet you upon arrival.

Playa Avellanas, a popular beach town, is known as “Little Hawaii” and offers:

  • Extraordinary offshore waves reaching up to eighteen feet, making it a go-to destination for surf vacations and experienced surfers
  • Opportunities for scuba diving in the nearby waters, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the local marine life
  • Improved water, electricity, and internet, so you’ll enjoy modern comforts while still being surrounded by the wild nature that makes Playa Avellanas so special.

Surf’s Up at Little Hawaii

Surfer's paradise at Little Hawaii with incredible waves and surf spots

Known as Little Hawaii, Avellanas Beach is a surfer’s paradise featuring five main surf spots to cater to various skill levels. The surf spots include:

  • Purruja
  • Estero
  • Palo Seco
  • Little Hawaii
  • Parqueo

Each spot offers unique challenges and opportunities for surfers of all abilities, including beach breaks. The atmosphere at Avellanas Beach is perfect for those who want to up their game and connect with like-minded surf enthusiasts.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a novice seeking lessons, Avellanas Surf School caters to all. They provide lessons and board rentals for all levels, ensuring you’re equipped to ride some incredible waves and maximize your surf vacation in this popular surf town.

Getting There: Your Path to Paradise

Accessible path to Avellanas Beach from Liberia International Airport

Traveling to Avellanas Beach is straightforward, as the destination is readily accessible from Liberia International Airport. The 90-minute journey can be made via rental car or taxi, giving you the freedom to choose the most convenient option for your needs.

Several car rental companies are available at Liberia International Airport, including Alamo, Sixt, and other local businesses. Google Maps or Waze are the best GPS options for navigating your way to Playa Avellanas. The ease of access allows beach hopping along the Guanacaste coast, making it even more tempting to explore the beautiful beaches and surf spots that this region has to offer.

Unwind at Secluded White Sand Beach

Secluded white sand beach at Avellanas perfect for relaxation and beachcombing

Playa Avellanas features:

  • An isolated white sand beach that’s ideal for sunbathing, beachcombing, and basking in the serene surroundings
  • The best time to visit is during the dry season between January and May
  • With a backdrop of lush greenery and the sound of crashing waves, you’ll find it easy to unwind and let your worries drift away.

The Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club offers a range of amenities and activities for visitors to enjoy, such as an infinity-edge pool with an ocean view and a Tiki Bar. Wildlife lovers can also expect to see a variety of animals, including birds, monkeys, and reptiles, making this beach not only a haven for relaxation but also an opportunity to connect with nature.

Avellanas Surf School: Ride the Waves

At Avellanas Surf School, you’ll find everything you need to make the most of the incredible waves at Playa Avellanas. The school offers surf lessons and board rentals for all levels, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the thrill of riding the waves, regardless of their experience.

Whether you’re a novice aiming to learn the basics or an adept surfer wanting to enhance your skills, Avellanas Surf School’s friendly and knowledgeable instructors will guide you throughout. With their help, you’ll be catching waves and making unforgettable memories in no time.

Eco-Adventures Beyond the Beach

Avellanas provides several eco-adventures for those keen to venture beyond the beach, including horseback riding along the shore and kayaking through nearby mangroves. These activities provide an opportunity to experience the area’s unique ecosystem and spot local wildlife while enjoying the stunning surroundings.

Horseback Riding by the Shore

Experience the beauty of Avellanas Beach on horseback, with guided tours available for riders of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced equestrian, these tours offer a unique way to explore the shoreline and take in the breathtaking views.

Several companies, such as Guti Tours, TPV Costa Rica, and Pacific Horses, provide horseback riding services on Avellanas Beach. There are no age or skill level restrictions, ensuring that everyone can enjoy this unforgettable adventure. As you ride along the shore, keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife that calls this area home, including exotic birds, monkeys, armadillos, and more.

Mangrove Kayaking Excursions

Kayaking through the nearby mangroves, located near the river mouth, is another eco-adventure that allows you to:

  • Explore the area’s unique ecosystem
  • Spot local wildlife
  • Glide through the serene waters
  • Navigate the winding channels
  • Be surrounded by the lush greenery of the mangroves

Mangrove kayaking excursions typically last 2-4 hours, providing ample time to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility of this remarkable environment. As you paddle along, keep an eye out for the diverse array of birds, iguanas, and other wildlife that inhabit the mangroves, making this activity a perfect combination of adventure and wildlife spotting.

Savor the Local Flavors

Savor the local cuisine of Avellanas Beach at various enchanting restaurants and bars. From delicious Italian cuisine at Il Rustico to mouth-watering burgers at Barumis, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Remember to stop by the popular beachfront Lola’s Restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious meals and meet Lolita, the friendly 400 kg pig.

Lola’s Restaurant: A Beachfront Favorite

Lola’s Restaurant is a must-visit during your stay at Avellanas Beach. This beachfront favorite offers delicious food, refreshing drinks, and stunning views of the beach and surf. With its laid-back atmosphere and unique resident, Lolita the pig, Lola’s is a dining experience you won’t forget.

Established in the 80s by Carlos Carranza and Roger Jaeggli, Lola’s has become one of the most popular beachside restaurants in Costa Rica. Savor their mouth-watering menu of Mexican dishes, such as the crispy lumpia, while enjoying the spectacular beach views and friendly ambiance. And of course, don’t miss the chance to meet the famous Lola, who loves to take a dip in the surf and soak up the spotlight.

Essential Amenities and Accommodations

Avellanas Beach offers a variety of essential amenities and accommodations to meet your needs. From charming boutique shops and cozy corner bars to a variety of lodging options, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for luxury lodging accommodations, a budget-friendly guesthouse, or a luxurious villa, you’re sure to find the perfect place to rest and recharge after a day of adventure.

Boutique Shops and Corner Bars

Discover charming boutique shops and cozy corner bars in Avellanas Beach, where you can pick up unique souvenirs or enjoy a cold beverage after a day in the sun. La Esquina de Avellanas is a plaza that offers a variety of stores, shops, and food stands, providing a pleasant shopping experience.

At the boutique shops in Avellanas Beach, you’ll find a diverse selection of items, such as handmade jewelry, wood painted crafts, and wearable art. You can also indulge in local flavors and products, including organic fruits and vegetables, spices, teas, coffees, and more. These charming shops provide a delightful opportunity to bring home a piece of your unforgettable Costa Rican adventure.

Preserve Nature: Sea Turtle Conservation

During sea turtle hatching season, you can engage in conservation efforts by volunteering with the local turtle conservation group, Asociación Vida Verdiazul. This hands-on experience allows you to contribute to the preservation of these magnificent creatures while learning about their importance to the ecosystem.

As a volunteer, you can help with night patrols, monitor nests, and release baby turtles into the ocean. Outside of nesting season, you can still contribute by replanting and tidying up the beach. This unique experience not only helps to preserve the natural beauty of Avellanas Beach but also connects you with the incredible wildlife that calls this area home.

Avellanas Day Trips: Exploring Nearby Beaches

Embark on day trips to explore nearby beaches like Playa Negra and Playa Junquillal, each providing more surfing opportunities and adventure activities. While the roads to these beaches may not be paved, the journey is well worth it as you discover new hidden gems along the stunning Guanacaste coastline.

From surfing and swimming to stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking in the Junquillal Estuary, there’s no shortage of excitement to be found at these nearby beaches. So, why not take the opportunity to beach hop and uncover the endless activities that Costa Rica’s Golden Coast has to offer?


In summary, Avellanas Beach is an idyllic escape, offering a perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. From world-class surfing and eco-adventures to mouthwatering cuisine and unique wildlife encounters, this Costa Rican gem has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and set your sights on Avellanas Beach, where surf, sunsets, and serenity await.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim at Playa Avellanas?

Unfortunately, swimming is not recommended due to the turbulent waters and strong currents of Playa Avellanas. However, you can enjoy other activities such as a Palo Verde Boat Tour or Sportfishing trip from Playas del Coco.

What is the best tide for the Avellanas?

For the best surfing experience at Avellanas, head to mid tide with a south/southwest swell and east wind. Avellanas has a sand and rock bottom, and exposed rocks at low tide.

Where is Playa Avellana?

Playa Avellanas is located just south of Tamarindo in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula. It’s a popular destination for surfing and eco-tourism and is about 86 kilometers from the international airport of Liberia. You can get there by car or shuttle.

What is the best time of year to visit Avellanas Beach?

The best time to visit Avellanas Beach is during the dry season, from January to May, when you can expect a serene beach experience.

Are there surf lessons available for beginners at Avellanas Beach?

Yes, Avellanas Beach has surf lessons available for beginners through Avellanas Surf School.

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