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Royal Park Hotel, Resort

The heavenly island of Boracay is the #1 tourist destination in all of the Philippines, with Filipinos, foreign tourists, and travelers flocking to the island in the Visayan Region of the country. While Boracay is certainly not the idyllic scene it used to be with spotless, pillowy white sand beaches […]


Manjuyod Sandbar

Have you ever seen those epically amazing photos of bamboo huts standing on stilts over perfect turquoise water in the tropics? Chances are, they were photos of the Maldives, the famous small island nation south of India that is known as an exotic paradise for travelers, honeymooners, and vacationers. However, […]

Red Planet Hotels
Hotel Reviews

Red Planet hotels

Traveling should be a whole lot cheaper than it is. I truly believe that as even the cost of flights in-country is extremely reasonable, at least in places in Southeast Asia like the Philippines. (In fact Cebu Pacific takes you most places for about $30-$80 on average!). And you can […]

The Rollin Pin

Rollin’ Pin

If you live in Dumaguete or just stay there for more than a week (OK, more than three days!) you’re going to quickly start running out of food options. I mean, there are plenty of little local Filipino eateries, but the food can’t really be considered high quality nor western […]

Pasta King review

Pasta King

As I sit here writing this, I just ordered another meal from Pasta King, my go-to restaurant here in Dumaguete. Before I hear a knock-knock on my door, I wanted to give them a quick review and offer that I highly recommend you give them a try. The Dumaguete Pasta […]