Pro Tips For Getting Your Visa Application Approved

Visa Application

So you need to go abroad for a while? Whether you are a first time traveler or a seasoned globe trotter, there are some staples that you will always need. These of course include your relevant travel documents, so your passport, valid ID, and appropriate visa for your country of destination.

Visa applications can be pretty tricky. You can always google something like “Approved Visa India” to learn about the requirements, but those will be just the basic. There are a lot of factors to consider, and the relevant consulate judges each person’s individual situation independently from all other applicants.

So how can you be sure that your request will be approved? While there is no fool-proof method, there are some handy tips that will boost your chances. Read on!

Be thorough with all your documents

And by “thorough” we mean right down to the gnat’s eyebrow. In fact, make that the gnat’s eyelash, because some embassies really do go that far.

So, first off, make sure you meet every single document requirement. Visa appointments are difficult to get, so do not let yourself get sent back because you skipped a paper. Submit everything all at once. Another thing to keep in mind is your passport’s validity: check to confirm whether it will be expiring more or less soon.

Here is a little bonus tip for you: when you go to turn in your documents, include a checklist of everything there. Some embassies make this a mandatory requirement anyway, but if they do not, and you still do it, they will love you for it, trust us. Click here to read an essential walk through on how to apply for travel visas.

Do all the tiny, tedious details

Most of the time, to get a visa request approved, you need to pass an interview. However, there are some embassies that do not require this step of the procedure. Instead, they get all nitty-gritty about the details in the papers you submit.

For example, they may refuse to even consider your documents if you write anything in ink any color other than blue. They may demand that you use only one specific kind of envelope for your submittal. Another common detail is that they might ask you to staple your photo to your application form, instead of pasting it in.

One more tiny thing that you may want to do is to show some proof of your travelling history. This may not be one of the required points, but it is definitely a useful bonus. It will demonstrate to them that you are a seasoned and reliable traveler: that you come back when you say you will, and that you never stayed abroad more than your allotted time.


Be mindful of what you do in your interview

Like we mentioned above, the vast majority of visa requests will also necessitate passing an interview with a relevant officer. On that note, for a fully detailed walkthrough on everything about visas, check out this link:

This conversation is what will make or break your chance, so even if you are 100% sure that your papers are impeccable, you should still stay sharp. First off, remember that appearances matter. Take some time to select the right clothes. There is no need to be exceedingly formal, but be presentable at least. Be clean, ironed, and groomed. A business-casual outfit would probably work best.

Arrive for your appointment early. Obviously, nobody wants to wait for hours, but show up at least fifteen minutes before your interview. Act confident (not arrogant), even if you feel insecure. If you are too nervous and fidgety, you might appear untrustworthy.

Finally, be clear, concise, and honest in answering all of the questions. These are usually basic things like your reason for visiting the country and the intended duration of your stay. The officer might ask for more details depending on how you answer – but leave the details to them. You need to give only the data they ask for, not tell a story. The truth is, they do not care about your story, even if it is a sad or bad one.

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