Top 4 Reasons to Move to Ft. Lauderdale

With all the excitement of Miami bringing a host of opportunities and many tourists, Ft. Lauderdale is one of the greatest places on Earth to live work and play. If you are thinking of relocating to sunny Florida, this article will illustrate the best reason to make Ft. Lauderdale, FL your new home.

Why You Should Consider Moving to Fort Lauderdale

1. Homes and Employments

Despite having suffered a recent recession, Ft. Lauderdale boasts one of the best single-family housing ratings for the previous year according to statistics by Despite the setbacks, Ft. Lauderdale is experiencing population growth reaching 1.3% increases since 2014. The employment rate in Ft. Lauderdale is another attractive aspect of this region. This figure has seen a 4.2% increase since 2015 and represents one of the fastest improvements throughout the US. With over 150 regional and corporate headquarters located here, including many Fortune 500s it’s no surprise to see the progress lost during the recent recession has been more than recouped.

2. Purr-fect Weather all year Round

The best thing about living in a coastal paradise is the year-round balmy weather that stays in the low to mid 70’s all year. With over 250 days of warm sunshine, it’s always a good time to head out to the 25 miles of pristine coastline right by Ft. Lauderdale. And then there’s the occasional tropical storm, which is really nothing to worry about unless it exceeds a category 3 tropical storm and these are not as common. It is also worth mentioning that Ft. Lauderdale has a diverse population of migrating birds that escape the bitter winters in the north and take a vacation in sunny Florida

3. Eateries, Drinks Stations and All Night Fun!

The rash of spring breakers has subsided considerably over the past half a decade, but Ft. Lauderdale’s nightlife and restaurant scene are all the better for it. Tap 42 is one of the most popular spots with the local community. This is the place to go for beer on tap and some of the best eats you can find including peppadews stuffed with goat cheese and any kind of burger you can imagine. This is only one example from the plethora of popular locations with sophisticated services and amicable environments. Ft. Lauderdale has an endless variety of good food, drinks, bars and grills. 4.World-Class Shopping Experience There are a number of top-class shopping centers in Ft. Lauderdale that are currently being improved and including a greater variety of international brands. Bloomingdales and a super target are also located close at hand. Locals can also take advantage of an IMAX movie theater Gameroom arcade and more thrifty spending options to shake a piggy bank at.

4. Everglades National Park

If you should feel boxed in by the city life and grow a longing for the great outdoors, Everglades National Park entices visitors from around the globe to enjoy the vistas and sounds of nature. The park is huge and will take a lifetime to scout out in its entirety. Plus, there’s canoeing, camping and alligators to add some adventure to the trip. Just be sure to pack the biodegradable bug repellent as the local insect life can get pretty cozy with visitors especially at dusk.

Any reputable Fort Lauderdale business can thrive with all the surroundings here.  It’s no wonder that so many CEO’s decide to invest, live, and play in the City called “the Yacht Capital of the World.”

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