Top Golf Fort Lauderdale: A 2024 Review

Searching for top golf spots in Fort Lauderdale can lead you to many places, but Topgolf, located just outside Ft Lauderdale in Pompano Beach – distinguishes itself with a unique blend of technology, comfort, and lively entertainment. This quick guide lays out what makes Topgolf a favorite for locals and visitors, from year-round play to its diverse offerings, without giving away every secret you’ll discover upon your visit to the top golf Fort Lauderdale destination.

A Closer Look at TopGolf

  • Topgolf Pompano Beach offers a multifaceted entertainment experience with state-of-the-art facilities for golfers of all skill levels and includes competitive games with advanced, self-scoring micro-chipped golf balls.
  • The venue features a wide range of amenities including climate-controlled hitting bays, private event spaces, and an outdoor patio and rooftop terrace, catering to both individual guests and large groups for various events.
  • Topgolf Pompano Beach provides comprehensive food and drink options for all dietary preferences, offers notable employee benefits, and delivers value through group packages and special deals for an unforgettable leisure experience.

A Golfer’s Paradise: Topgolf Pompano Beach

Vibrant atmosphere at Topgolf Pompano Beach with players enjoying the game

Imagine a place where the love for golf and the thrill of competition meet a vibrant, fun-filled environment. That’s Topgolf Pompano Beach for you. More than just a high-tech golfing venue, it serves as an entertainment hub, catering to a diverse audience with a variety of games and events.

Competitive Golf Games

At Topgolf Pompano Beach, top golf transcends the conventional greens. The venue hosts a variety of competitive golf games, from tournaments to fundraisers, designed to cater to all skill levels. These games provide an exciting social alternative to traditional golf tournaments, welcoming even non-golfers to participate and enjoy.

One of the unique aspects of these tournaments is their inclusivity. Whether you prefer day or evening play, the experience remains unaffected by weather delays, thanks to the climate-controlled hitting bays. And the cutting-edge technology doesn’t stop there. The venue uses micro-chipped golf balls that automatically score themselves, allowing players to focus on the fun rather than keeping track of scores.

Fun Environment

Topgolf Pompano Beach takes the entertainment quotient up a notch with over 200 HDTVs broadcasting family-friendly programs and music all year round. This, combined with a host of backyard games in the outdoor area, creates a lively and enjoyable environment for groups looking to celebrate or just have a good time.

Safety and cleanliness are given prime importance, ensuring a fun and healthy visit for all. And if you’re looking for that extra bit of fun, look no further than ‘Half Price Tuesday’, a special promotion offering discounted gameplay to guests.

Venue Features and Amenities

Climate-controlled hitting bays at Topgolf Pompano Beach

Topgolf Pompano Beach distinguishes itself with its remarkable features and amenities. Let’s examine them:

  • Climate-controlled hitting bays
  • Private event spaces
  • Outdoor patio
  • Rooftop terrace

Each element contributes to a modern golf experience.

Climate-Controlled Hitting Bays

The outdoor climate-controlled hitting bays at Topgolf Pompano Beach provide an innovative fusion of technology and comfort. Equipped with Toptracer technology, these bays redefine the modern golf experience, allowing guests to:

  • Enjoy their game in any weather condition
  • Track their shots with precision
  • Compete in fun and interactive games
  • Order food and drinks right from their bay
  • Relax in a comfortable and climate-controlled environment

These hitting bays serve not only as a place for golfing but also as personal gaming stations at the driving range. Guests can choose from more than a dozen interactive golf games, assisted by a Bayhost who helps set up the game and player profiles.

To top it off, complimentary golf clubs are provided for men, women, and children, making the golfing experience accessible to all.

Private Event Space

Private event space at Topgolf Pompano Beach for hosting various events

Topgolf Pompano Beach’s events stand out in their caliber. The venue hosts a wide array of events, from birthdays and corporate gatherings to special festivities, offering all-inclusive packages that encompass game play, food, and drinks. With dedicated staff on hand, each event proceeds seamlessly, creating memorable experiences for guests.

The private event spaces are not only highly customizable but also designed to cater to groups of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large corporate events with up to 1,000 attendees. Add to that the scenic backdrop of the golf courses and extensive indoor and outdoor spaces, and you have the perfect setting for any event.

Outdoor Patio and Rooftop Terrace

The outdoor areas at Topgolf Pompano Beach are a testament to thoughtful design and guest comfort. The rooftop terrace and outdoor patio provide a relaxing ambiance, separate from the golfing activities, yet filled with opportunities for socialization.

These spaces, offering venue features fun, are enhanced by over 200 HDTVs and a variety of backyard games, making them ideal for celebrations and social gatherings. And when the sun sets, the inviting atmosphere of the rooftop terrace, complete with fire features and mood lighting, creates the perfect setting for an evening of fun and relaxation.

Food and Drinks to Savor

Diverse menu at Topgolf Pompano Beach catering to various dietary preferences

The diverse menu is an integral part of the Topgolf Pompano Beach experience. From vegetarian and gluten-friendly options to delectable bites perfect for sharing, the culinary delights at this venue cater to various dietary preferences.

Delectable Bites

The menu at Topgolf Pompano Beach offers a variety of delicious options for food lovers. Vegetarian guests can enjoy:

  • Cheesy macaroni bites
  • Warm pretzel bites
  • Guac & chips
  • Margherita flatbread

And many more tasty choices.

For those with gluten sensitivities, the menu offers gluten-friendly options such as queso blanco & chips, wings with various seasonings, and burgers with gluten-friendly buns. And to cater to a wider audience, items like burgers can be modified with a substitutable black bean patty, making the menu truly accommodating.

Refreshing Beverages

A wide selection of drinks is available at Topgolf Pompano Beach, pairs perfectly with the food. Handcrafted cocktails, local beers on tap, and an array of wines are available to suit various tastes. Explore our drink menu to find the perfect beverage for your visit.

Adding a unique touch to the Topgolf experience are specialty drinks like the Tipsy Palmer, Pineapple Punch, and the Mulligan Margarita, specially crafted to enhance your visit. And for those seeking a more personalized experience, The Lounge by Topgolf offers tableside drink preparations.

Location and Accessibility

Convenient location of Topgolf Pompano Beach near downtown Fort Lauderdale and Miami Gardens

Located conveniently off Interstate 95, Topgolf Pompano Beach is easily reachable for both locals and tourists. Let’s delve into the specifics of its location and the attractions that surround this venue.

Address and Directions

You can find Topgolf Pompano Beach at 17321 NW 7th Ave, right at the junction of Powerline Boulevard and Race Track Road. Whether you’re coming from downtown Fort Lauderdale, Miami Gardens, or other parts of South Florida, the venue is just a short drive away, making it a convenient choice for golf enthusiasts and leisure seekers.

To help you navigate, simply use GPS or mapping services to find the most convenient route. With Topgolf Pompano Beach as your destination, you’re set for an exciting day or evening of entertainment and golfing fun.

Nearby Attractions

Topgolf Pompano Beach is more than just a golfing venue. It’s part of a larger, 223-acre mixed-use development by The Cordish Companies and Caesars Entertainment, featuring:

  • entertainment
  • retail
  • dining
  • hotels
  • residential spaces
  • offices
  • lifestyle amenities

This development is set to be a significant economic catalyst, drawing new visitors to the area.

In addition to Topgolf, the area boasts a variety of attractions including the Pompano Beach Amphitheater and Pompano Beach Cultural Center, making it a hub for arts, shopping, and nightlife. Historic sites like the Sample-McDougald House and Hillsboro Lighthouse add to the area’s cultural appeal, providing a rich blend of experiences for visitors.

Employment Opportunities at Topgolf Pompano Beach

Topgolf Pompano Beach presents a range of job opportunities for those interested in the hospitality and entertainment sector. From servers and bartenders to bar backs, there’s a role for every skill set and experience level.

Job Openings

With the opening of the new location, Topgolf Pompano Beach is set to create nearly 450 full and part-time job positions, contributing significantly to the community’s economic growth and employment rates.

Interested job seekers can apply for part time jobs and other positions by sending a text with a specified code to a provided number or through an online application via the company’s careers page. To be considered for employment, applicants must meet key qualifications such as being at least 18 or 21 years old, depending on the position, and possess energy, strong communication skills, and the capability to thrive in a dynamic environment.

Employee Benefits

Working at Topgolf Pompano Beach comes with a comprehensive benefits package, including:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance for eligible employees
  • Surgery coverage
  • Virtual medicine options
  • Pharmacy access

And more.

Topgolf believes in maintaining a work-life balance through the following benefits:

  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Paid Time Off accruing up to 15 days per year for full-time employees
  • Education benefits through Workforce Edge in partnership with Strayer University and Capella University

With a culture promoting diversity and inclusion, Topgolf Pompano Beach in Florida is not just a workplace, but a community.

Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

With an understanding of what Topgolf Pompano Beach offers, let’s take a look at some insider tips to ensure a memorable visit. From bay reservations and dress code to off-peak visits and beginner’s classes, these tips are sure to enhance your Topgolf experience.

Best Times to Visit

Choosing the right time for your visit is key to maximizing your Topgolf Pompano Beach experience. On Saturdays and Sundays, the venue offers a special brunch until 1 p.m., complete with unique morning cocktails and beverages, perfect for a leisurely start to your day.

When planning your visit, do keep in mind that Topgolf Pompano Beach is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. But fear not, for the rest of the year, the venue is open and ready to provide an unmatched golfing and entertainment experience.

Group Packages and Deals

Topgolf Pompano Beach offers a range of group packages and deals, making it an ideal choice for family outings, friend gatherings, or corporate events. Small groups of 7-12 players can avail of event spaces that include unlimited game play and a selection of food for the entire group.

Large groups of 13 or more players can enjoy all-inclusive packages that include:

  • Game play
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Dedicated staff to enhance the experience

And for the younger guests, youth parties have special packages designed to minimize planning stress for organizers, providing a curated experience.


Topgolf Pompano Beach is more than a golf venue; it’s a destination that offers a unique blend of sports, entertainment, dining, and social engagement. From high-tech golf games to a vibrant environment, diverse food and drink options, and an array of amenities, Topgolf Pompano Beach caters to all. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a foodie, a job seeker, or someone looking for a fun-filled outing, this venue has something for everyone. So why wait? Swing into action and experience the best of golfing and entertainment at Topgolf Pompano Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Topgolf coming to Pompano Beach?

Yes, Topgolf is set to open a new location in Pompano Beach near Harrah’s Pompano Beach Casino next month, featuring 102 outdoor climate-controlled hitting bays. The grand opening is scheduled for Dec. 15.

How much is it to play at Topgolf?

Topgolf offers varying prices depending on the day and hour, starting at $30 per hour per bay from open to noon on certain days and increasing to $40 or $52 at different times. Additionally, there is an option for unlimited game play for $15 per person from open to noon on weekdays.

Is Topgolf hard to get into?

No, Topgolf is not hard to get into. It’s a game that anyone can play and enjoy, and they even offer lessons and classes for those looking to improve their skills.

What are the competitive golf games available at Topgolf Pompano Beach?

Topgolf Pompano Beach offers a range of competitive golf games, such as tournaments and fundraisers, using micro-chipped golf balls for automatic scoring, allowing players to concentrate on the game.

Can I host a private event at Topgolf Pompano Beach?

Yes, you can host a private event at Topgolf Pompano Beach, which offers all-inclusive packages for a variety of events like birthdays, corporate gatherings, and special festivities.

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