Where to Meet Women in Las Vegas

Vegas is a great place to meet women. There are thousand of single women in and around sin city every day—and we don’t just mean dancers and other working girls. Real single girls and women can be found pretty much anywhere in the city. But not all of them will want to talk to you. And not every resort, pool or bar is a good place to meet women in Las Vegas, even if there are girls there. So where is the best place to meet women in Las Vegas? And how do you go about doing so? For any single guy heading to Vegas this year, this guide holds all the answers.

Where You Can Meet Women in Las Vegas

Before we discuss the best places to meet women in Vegas, we first need to go over some ground rules. After all, it’s no good going to the places we recommend if you aren’t ready to meet women. To give yourself the best chance of success, make sure you follow all of our golden rules if you’re going out to meet women in Vegas.

Rule 1: Try to go out in a small group
It can be hard and intimidating to meet girls on your own. It can also come across as creepy and like you are trying to hit on them. Things are different when you go out in a small group, however. It’s much easier to meet and hang out with other groups of girls and it’s far less intimidating for both parties. The conversation will flow more easily and you’ll have more chance of building a connection. A small group of guys are also far more approachable than one guy on his own, particularly if the girls are in groups too.

Rule 2: Don’t get too drunk too early
You don’t want to be wasted when you’re trying to meet girls, obviously. If you are drinking during the day, give yourself some down time before the evening to recover. Similarly, don’t go so hard in the early evening that you need to be put to bed by 10pm.

Rule 3: Make the most of the day
Vegas is a great place to meet women at any time of the day or night. It’s like at home where you would only go out in the meeting to pull. There are so many daytime activities such as pool parties and gambling that offer great chances to meet girls. Make the most of them.

Rule 4: Say yes and explore
Meeting women in Vegas may mean going outside of your comfort zone. It is important that you are able to say yes when opportunities present themselves. This can be something as small as going to a different part of town or something as big as going to a stranger’s after party. The more open you are to new and different experiences, the more women you’ll meet.

Rule 5: Don’t rely on cash
Money talks in Vegas, especially in high limit rooms, but often getting table service or a VIP suite isn’t enough when it comes to meeting women in Vegas. You’re still going to have to rely on your game to get you over the final hurdle.  Although, having a table will definitely help things!

Where to meet women in Las Vegas
Now we have covered the ground rules, let’s look at some of the best places to meet women in Las Vegas.

Go to lower-end clubs
Las Vegas is full of bars and clubs that offer a single guys a great place to meet women. But they aren’t all created equal. While going to a high-end club with a headline DJ may make for an unforgettable night, you’re unlikely to be able to talk to women over the noise or even find women who want to talk to you. At the VIP clubs, a lot of the women will only be interested in guys paying for the VIP suites. If that’s not you, you’re out of luck.

Of course, if you want to pay women, just hit up a Strip Club.

The lower-end clubs offer a much better opportunity for hooking up, however. Not only are they significantly cheaper than the VIP clubs, you’ll probably find a better girl-to-guy ratio and meet girls who are more open to having a fun night. Avoid trying to pull on the dance floor and stick to the outerperiphary of the club to meet girls. Don’t leave it too late, though. While clubs close at 6am, you’ll have a hard time meeting women after 2.

Find the right pool
Pools and pool parties are a great place to meet women. But be careful with your choice of pool. Although there are a few exceptions, you can usually only stay in the pool of the hotel in which you are staying. That means you have to pick your hotel carefully if you want to meet women. The MGM, Caesars Flamingo, Hard Rock and Mirage all have a great pool scene and offer guys a great opportunity to meet and mingle with women during the day.

Stay close to the action
A lot of the major activities and best places to meet girls are centered in a couple of locations, namely around the Bellagio, Flamingo and Caesars, and CityCenter. With so much going on these are great places to meet women. This means you’re going to want to stay as close to them as you can. Vegas is a big, sprawling city and while you might save money staying on the outskirts, the cab rides into the center are going to eat away at your savings. No girl likes a 30 minute journey back to your hotel, either.

Another place you can meet women in groups is at a fancy Las Vegas Brunch.  Click the link to see our latest round-up of the best spots for brunch in Las Vegas.

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