The Yellow Green Farmers Market Experience

Visit the Yellow Green Farmers Market for a weekend adventure in Hollywood, Florida, and you’ll find a harvest of fresh, local flavors and artisanal craftsmanship. Open every Saturday and Sunday, you’ll find over 300 booths offering everything from organic produce to unique handicrafts, food, drinks, and much more!

We visit this must-see farmers market just about every month, and often bring family and friends, so lets dive into what makes it such a destination in Broward County.

Also if you scroll down this page I added a video walk through to show you what it’s all about.

Why We Love This Farmers Market

  • The Yellow Green Farmers Market is a haven of sustainable living and community spirit in Hollywood, FL, offering a treasure trove of fresh, locally-sourced produce and artisanal goods every weekend.
  • It’s more than just a market; it’s a community hub where you can meet local farmers, learn from them, and enjoy a variety of cultural activities including live music, yoga, and special family-friendly events.
  • Planning your visit is key, with convenient parking options and a rideshare drop-off location. Plus, staying connected with the market’s community is easy through their Facebook page for updates and connections.

You Have to See How Massive This Farmers Market is!

Yellow Green Market
One of the many bars at the Yellow Green Farmers Market.

At the heart of the Yellow Green Farmers Market lies a deep commitment to fostering community bonds and endorsing sustainable practices. The sense of unity and environmental responsibility permeates through each stallholder, product offering, and interaction within its confines. This focus is evident in their extensive selection of locally-sourced fresh produce alongside handmade crafts, all while bolstering local enterprises and enhancing communal ties.

Strolling around the market offers an immersive experience into a world brimming with vivid hues, enticing scents, and rich tastes. Spanning over 300 booths at this farmers market ensures that every trip feels like an exciting exploration revealing everything from succulent fruits to exquisite jewelry pieces crafted by hand. It’s more than just shopping—it’s about connecting with artisans, discovering the stories behind their creations, and carrying home a fragment of their dedication to craftmanship.

The Heartbeat of Hollywood: Location & Hours

Located in Hollywood, Florida at 3080 Sheridan Street, the market serves as a bustling hub for those seeking fresh produce. Its proximity to Fort Lauderdale offers both residents and visitors an easy opportunity to enrich their urban experience with natural freshness.

The marketplace welcomes patrons every weekend, operating between 10:00 am and 6:30 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. It presents itself as a perfect spot for those looking to either pick up their weekly supply of fresh goods or spend ample time perusing the assorted booths during a leisurely visit.

Fresh Produce at Affordable Prices

The market serves as a sanctuary for those who prize fresh produce. Wandering among the booths, one is greeted with an abundant selection of fruits, vegetables, and herbs freshly gathered from local fields. The passion and dedication that each vendor puts into cultivating the most succulent strawberries to the crunchiest carrots are palpable in every display. This space stands as a tribute to both the rich soil of the region and the tireless efforts of its farmers.

This marketplace caters to all tastes and dietary needs – omnivores, vegetarians or vegans alike will find their hearts’ desires within reach. It’s also an ideal venue for culinary adventurers eager to encounter novel produce varieties and bring new flavors into their kitchen repertoire. Eager vendors impart useful advice along with recipes so visitors gain more than just groceries—they gain insights during their explorations at the market.

Artisanal Treasures and Handcrafted Goods

The Yellow Green Farmers Market serves as a vibrant platform for local artisans to showcase their talents. It’s a place where creativity is celebrated, offering visitors the chance to explore a diverse collection of handcrafted items including natural skincare products and distinct beauty accessories.

If your quest involves finding bespoke soaps, rare plants or an abundant variety of crystals, this market will meet your needs. Every vendor’s booth presents its own set of extraordinary discoveries that epitomize the dedication and artistry of the creators behind them. This special character infuses the market with an enchanting appeal, ensuring every visit offers fresh experiences.

A True Community Spirit

Yellow Green Farmers Market

The Yellow Green Farmers Market is more than a place for transactions. It fosters a sense of community. It serves as an essential platform for local vendors, significantly impacting their business evolution by facilitating the expansion of their businesses to include digital sales avenues.

This steadfast commitment to aiding regional vendors does not only bolster the local economy, but also preserves the ethos of community enrichment inherent in the market’s philosophy. The initiatives undertaken by Yellow Green Farmers Market demonstrate its dedication to fostering both economic progress and communal solidarity within its environment.

Meet Your Local Farmers

The core of farmers markets transcends mere transactions—it’s about forging relationships. Strolling through the lanes of the Yellow Green Farmers Market, you have the opportunity to engage with those responsible for your nourishment—the committed farmers delivering an array of fresh fruits and vegetables directly from their farms.

These exchanges with growers at the market offer a newfound respect for what we consume. Learning about their life experiences, grappling with their struggles, and seeing firsthand their zeal enriches your visit immensely—turning what could be just another errand into an enlightening adventure.

From Farm to Fork: The Food Journey

Engaging with the Yellow Green Farmers Market is to become part of a story that spans from soil to dinner, entwining local agriculture and your family’s nutrition. This narrative begins with diligent farmers who cultivate each fruit or vegetable and culminates on your dining table where it sustains you and yours—a testament to the significance of nearby farms in supplying fresh elements for home-cooked dishes.

This path from farmsteads to forks emphasizes the vitality of community-based farming within our everyday consumption habits. It encompasses:

  • gaining insight into the origins of what we eat
  • recognizing the hard work involved in bringing each piece of produce into being
  • valuing unparalleled freshness and caliber intrinsic to locally sourced foods
  • endorsing regional growers
  • fostering an eco-friendly food economy.

Savor the Flavor: Gourmet Foods and Unique Finds

The Yellow Green Farmers Market is not merely a venue to purchase fresh produce. It has evolved into an epicurean haven. This market presents an assortment of gourmet foods that promise to delight the senses and embark you on a flavor-filled journey. A sampling of these exquisite items includes:

  • Crafted cheeses
  • Unique spices
  • Oven-fresh breads
  • Honey harvested locally
  • Bespoke chocolates

Every taste can find its satisfaction at the Green Farmers Market.

Yet, there’s more to discover. The market also acts as a nexus for global gastronomy, showcasing diverse culinary traditions from around the world. Whether your appetite calls for:

  • Authentic Thai cuisine.
  • Traditional Argentinian alfajores
  • Hearty Cajun Gumbo
  • Flavorful Ethiopian fare

You’ll be able to indulge in such dishes here, each visit presenting the chance to unearth new tastes and widen your dining experiences.

hot dog at yellow green
I’m a sucker for a kicked up, loaded hot dog!

Sweet Treats and Savory Bites

The market serves as a paradise for those with an appetite for culinary exploration. On-site, you’ll be able to savor an array of ready-to-eat delicacies that span from oven-fresh baked goods to savory sandwiches. International cuisine aficionados will rejoice at the broad spectrum of global dishes available, allowing guests to embark on a gastronomic journey around the world without ever stepping outside Hollywood, Florida.

Among its most notable features is the market’s signature Llanera Wood-Fired Meat—a homage to the rustic cookery practiced by cowboys in Colombia and Venezuela. This South American-style barbecue offers an unforgettable experience for carnivores. Sweet indulgences abound with The Wicked Bread Co.’s highly sought-after cinnamon rolls, which have garnered immense popularity not only due to their irresistible flavor but also because they’ve laid foundations for a flourishing online mail-order business while contributing significantly to creating an inviting scent throughout the marketplace.

This is the perfect place for a casual lunch in Fort Lauderdale on the weekends!

Indulge in Local Honey and More

Lovers of natural sweeteners will be delighted by the offerings at the Yellow Green Farmers Market, where a diverse selection of local honey is available. Not only does this honey serve as an exquisite natural sweetener, but it also brings with it multiple health advantages. Whether you’re looking to enhance your tea, lavish it on pancakes or incorporate it into your baked goods, the local honey sourced from this farmers market is both delicious and beneficial for well-being.

Beyond just honey, this green farmers market doesn’t fall short in providing a variety of other natural sweetening options ideal for those who aim to minimize their consumption of processed sugars. Shoppers have access to everything from maple syrup to agave nectar—allowing them to select the perfect alternative that fits both their palate preferences and nutritional requirements.

Yellow Green Farmers Market Video Walk Through

Here’s a short video walkthrough of the market.  This gives you an idea of what to expect, but honestly, it doesn’t do any justice as this is just a small preview of what’s inside.

Weekend Festivities

The Yellow Green Farmers Market serves as a vibrant community gathering place that offers more than just goods. It provides an array of cultural events and live music to enrich the visit for patrons with diverse interests such as yoga, arts, and crafts.

A multitude of activities take place at the market including yoga sessions, artistic workshops, dance lessons, and performances by live musicians. These experiences not only complement your time spent shopping, but also promote communal connections among visitors. Upgrades like new tiki huts and an established stage have improved the setting for these live entertainments, turning every trip to the market into a memorable cultural encounter.

The Soundtrack of the Market: Live Music Lineup

At the Yellow Green Farmers Market, live music significantly enhances the ambiance, providing a dynamic backdrop to your shopping experience. The tunes you’ll hear aren’t just amateur acts. They’re delivered by professionals with impressive resumes that span Broadway stages and chart-topping albums, infusing an element of sophistication and thrill to your visit at this market.

Regardless of whether you have a penchant for jazz, blues or contemporary hits, there’s musical entertainment tailored to every taste. Not only does it serve as an enjoyable distraction, but it also contributes to an energetic and celebratory vibe within the marketplace. So while perusing fresh produce or indulging in some fine dining at Yellow Green Farmers Market, allow yourself to be carried away by the exhilarating sounds on offer.

Family-Friendly Activities and Events

Welcoming guests across all age groups, the Yellow Green Farmers Market isn’t just an adult destination. Year-round, this market is a hub for numerous festivities that span from craft exhibits to seasonal celebrations and even lively hoedowns—offering family-friendly fun for everyone.

The younger crowd can partake in interactive learning experiences at the market such as scavenger hunts. These activities serve as both amusement and education about the value of local produce, providing insight into agriculture while promoting healthy eating habits essential for their daily life.

To these educational ventures, special events like car exhibitions and spirited dance gatherings elevate the experience making the Yellow Green Farmers Market an ideal spot for memorable family excursions.

We typically bring our dog to the market, as she loves being outside and immersing with people and other dogs. It’s very pet friendly at Yellow Green!

Plan Your Visit: Tips and Recommendations

When planning a trip to the Yellow Green Farmers Market, don’t overlook the opportunity for an exceptional outing. To optimize your experience, it’s advisable to organize your visit beforehand. The market provides several parking opportunities: you can park in the North Lot with a single payment of $10 that covers parking for the entire day. If you prefer shorter stays, there’s also the South Lot which costs $10 for each 3-hour period. And should you wish premium convenience, opt for VIP Lot access at an all-day rate of $30.

As a visitor to this distinctive farmers market, please be aware:

  • There is a specific area arranged for rideshare services drop-off and pick-up.
  • Your pets are welcome here as it is a pet-friendly environment.
  • No matter if you’re from around or visiting from afar, Yellow Green Farmers Market offers a smooth and delightful time sure to enhance your shopping experience.

Making the Most of Your Market Day

If you’re driving to the market, there are three parking options: The North Lot provides all-day parking at a rate of $10, while the South Lot has a fee structure of $10 per 3-hour interval. For an upscale option, the VIP Lot offers all-day parking for $30.

Rideshare users can take advantage of a specific drop-off and pickup point located at 1940 N 30th Road, Hollywood, FL 33021. Regardless of whether you arrive by car or use ridesharing services, your visit to the market is made easy with these convenient transportation arrangements.

Connect with the Market Community

The Yellow Green Farmers Market is not just a place to shop. It’s a vibrant community hub. If you want to keep in the loop with this bustling community, consider joining their specialized Facebook group. It’s your source for current news on the market, from welcoming new vendors and highlighting unique seasonal products to updates regarding the market’s procedures.

This Facebook page acts as a virtual gathering space for patrons of the market to interact with one another—exchanging stories, advice, and insights about their experiences at the farmers market. Getting involved with this online content and connecting with fellow users can deepen your sense of belonging within the Yellow Green Farmers Market community and enrich your visits there.

What I Like Most About Yellow Green Farmers Market

For me, it’s a family affair.  What I mean by this is that there is so much to see, do, and consume there, that there is something for everyone.  My wife will get an arepa while I dive into tacos and oysters, while our son will get a burger, hot dog, or really, whatever he wants!  Anything from a simple coffee, to a very gourmet coffee, to beers, wine, and more, is available.  We buy everything from product, to infused olive oil, to fresh meats, to seafood, at this market.  Oh, and of course, produce!

What I Dislike About Yellow Green Farmers Market

Let’s start with the parking. It’s one way in, one way out.  If you arrive or leave at a busy time, it’s very chaotic.  However there is a lot of efficiency despite the chaos.  It’s very organized for what it is.  It’s something you have to experience to understand.  Second, parking is $10 for three hours in the main lot and $10 for the day in the lot that’s further away.  A major pro about the longer distance parking lot is that it’s much easier to get out.  The walk isn’t more than a quarter mile, but if it’s a hot day, this can cause you to break a sweat pretty easily in the hot Florida sun.  It’s also worth pointing out that parking can not be paid in cash.


The Yellow Green Farmers Market is not just a place to buy fresh produce or unique handcrafted goods. It’s a living, breathing embodiment of community spirit and sustainable living. From meeting local farmers and learning about their commitment to sustainable farming practices to participating in cultural activities and enjoying live music, every visit to the market is a unique experience.

Yet, the true charm of the Yellow Green Farmers Market lies in its sense of community. It’s a place where you can connect with people, learn about their journey, and take home a piece of their passion. So, whether you’re a local or a tourist, the Yellow Green Farmers Market is a place worth visiting. After all, shopping at a farmers market is more than just a transaction; it’s a celebration of community, sustainability, and the love for good food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the operating hours of the Yellow Green Farmers Market?

Every weekend, the market at Yellow Green Farmers opens its doors to patrons from 10:00 am until 6:30 pm.

What kind of products can I find at the market?

Discover an array of fresh produce, artisan-crafted items, and fine gourmet foods at the market.

Take pleasure in your journey of exploration!

What kind of activities does the market offer?

At the market, an array of activities is available such as yoga sessions, art workshops, dance lessons, and performances featuring live music.

There’s a diverse selection to ensure that there is something appealing for each person to take pleasure in.

Is there parking available at the market?

Indeed, the market offers extensive parking facilities, featuring a North Lot and an exclusive VIP Lot, both providing varied pricing choices for those seeking all-day vehicle accommodation.

Can I bring my pet to the market?

Certainly, your pet is welcome at the Yellow Green Farmers Market.

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