Izgara Mediterranean Food in Plantation

Izgara, Turkey’s grilling tradition, infuses each meal with smoke and sizzle. In this exploration, we get to the heart of ‘izgara,’ detailing the essential techniques that create its unique taste and profiling the dishes that are crowd favorites. Whether you’re aiming to replicate these flavors or seeking the best ‘izgara’ dining options, you’re in the right place.  This Izgara reviews many dining experiences here, so I invite you to read on to see why it’s one of our favorite places for lunch around Ft. Lauderdale.

Izgara Middle Eastern Restaurant Overview

  • Izgara offers a rich selection of Middle Eastern dishes, highlighting the traditional ‘Izgara’ grilling method which imbues meats with a unique smoky flavor, while also catering to vegetarians with a variety of Mediterranean appetizers.
  • The menu at Izgara is diverse, encompassing favorites like kebabs and pides, along with bold appetizers and perfectly grilled entrees, ensuring a balance of flavors and an elevated dining experience for both meat lovers and vegetarians.
  • Izgara streamlines the dining experience with online ordering for convenient pickups or deliveries, full-service event catering for special occasions, and an active social media presence to engage with the community and keep customers informed about promotions and events.

Signature Kebabs on Pine Island Rd


As you find yourself on Pine Island Rd, the inviting scent of perfectly grilled meats will immediately draw your attention. These meats are skillfully skewered and imbued with a variety of aromatic spices. At this distinguished restaurant, the beef kabob stands out as an iconic entrée. It’s meticulously seasoned with Turkish spice mixes that remain closely guarded secrets and allowed to marinate overnight—a process which embeds every morsel with the profound essence of Izgara traditions.

Yet it’s not only about beef kabobs at this establishment. Their chicken shawarma commands its own fanfare. This dish is praised for its succulent meat, gently marinated and then enveloped in pita bread made right there at the restaurant—fresh from the oven—and complemented by zesty garlic sauce and tangy pickles to create a truly captivating culinary package.

At its core, each meal celebrates age-old preparation techniques—the open flame cooking integral to classic Turkish ‘Izgara’ grilling methods stand central here. Such careful cooking seals in moisture while endowing each piece of meat with an indelible smoky flavor that underscores what genuine Turkish barbecue is all about.

Vegetarian Delights: Grape Leaves & More

The array of vegetarian selections is tantalizing and should not be missed. These scrumptious options encompass:

  • Stuffed grape leaves, exquisitely prepared with rice and aromatic herbs that encapsulate the essence of Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Falafel with a satisfying crunch on the exterior yet tender within.
  • Luxuriously smooth hummus which acts as an ideal complement to any dish.

Such dishes offer a flavorful expedition through Middle Eastern culinary traditions, without reliance on meat.

These starters are designed to accommodate diverse dietary needs, making certain everyone at your gathering can enjoy the rich tastes native to this area. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying the ambiance of Pine Island’s sunny plantation or savoring these Mediterranean staples from your dining room, they showcase the establishment’s dedication to offering a broad selection for all patrons. Among them are:

  • Plant-based spring rolls
  • Bruschetta made without gluten
  • Mushrooms stuffed in true Mediterranean fashion
  • Hearty vegetable samosas

A Taste Tour of Our Menu Favorites

chicken schawarma platter
My favorite dish – the chicken shwarma platter.

Embark on a gastronomic adventure with our selection of signature dishes, each echoing the deep-rooted traditions found within Turkish cuisine. Dive into the savory world of Pide, Turkey’s beloved version of pizza. The unique boat-shaped dough is adorned with an exquisite array of toppings and spices that come together to form a delectable tribute to Turkey’s culinary heritage. It beckons you to venture beyond what you know in flavor exploration. Move onto Adana Kebap – this skewered delight offers a symphony for your taste buds, intricately seasoned with fresh herbs and infused with the warmth of Aleppo pepper flakes for an authentically spicy Turkish touch eagerly praised by grilled food connoisseurs.

Delve into Middle Eastern gourmet fare as our menu presents classics including:

  • Shawarma
  • Kebabs
  • Hummus
  • Falafel
  • Tabouleh
  • Baba ganoush
  • Baklava

Each plate captures the essence of Middle Eastern zest using fresh ingredients that translate into spectacularly delicious dining experiences sure to leave lasting impressions on all who indulge in these regional tastes.

From Hummus to Harissa: Bold Appetizers

Embark on a gastronomic exploration with our vibrant starters, setting the stage for an enticing main course. Imagine a selection of appetizers that weave together an array of hues, consistencies, and tastes. A dish of creamy hummus is presented, invitingly garnished with your preferred topping—be it tender chicken shawarma, succulent grilled steak or crispy falafel—all perfect for enveloping in warm pita bread. Your taste voyage extends as you indulge in velvety baba ghanoush, savor garlicky labneh bites or sample the distinctive zestiness of muhammara accompanied by crisp salads such as fattoush that’s bursting with freshness.

Yet there’s more to relish beyond these beginnings. Luxuriate in both sweet and savory morsels like decadent almond-stuffed date rolls and hearty sides including honeyed roasted carrots and layered eggplant creations. These delectable offerings elevate beyond mere opening acts. They’re exquisite culinary works showcasing the richness and audacity inherent in Middle Eastern fare.

Izgara Menu

Get ready to indulge in our mouthwatering main dishes as the scent of barbecued meat fills the air. Our beef kabob and marinated chicken shawarma are dinner highlights, each one skewered and cooked until it’s just right. These plates aren’t served by themselves. They’re accompanied by a choice between rice, regular fries, or sweet potato fries along with a crisp salad for a complete and delightful meal that’s hard to pass up.

Opting for something lighter but still packed with flavor? The Grilled Salmon Salad is your go-to dish.

  • Basil-infused salmon
  • Golden fried onions
  • Mixed lettuce greens
  • Crisp cucumbers
  • Juicy tomatoes
  • Sharp red onions
  • Creamy feta cheese
  • Crunchy potato straws

All brought together with a topping of tangy balsamic dressing.

This ensemble promises an explosion of tastes perfect for both lunchtime hunger pangs and evening feasts.

Izgara Express: Your Go-To for Quick & Delicious Meals

Navigating the hectic pace of daily life while trying to carve out a moment for a gratifying feast can be quite difficult. Izgara Express is your refuge, providing an oasis where swift and savory meals are served without compromising on atmosphere. Izgara Express caters to both those in search of an informal snack or anyone seeking a finer meal experience.

Embrace the comfort of a hot wrap or immerse yourself in the freshness of a crisp salad. Either choice is perfectly paired with crunchy pita bread that’s been grilled or fried to perfection—a flawless fix for the bustling diner.

Fresh and Fast: Lunchtime Favorites

Izgara Express offers a delightful array of swiftly served lunch options to quell midday hunger pangs. If you’re looking for a vegetarian choice, the falafel wrap is exceptional, featuring ground chickpeas with a zest of jalapeno, parsley, and onion that has quickly captured local admiration. For another tantalizing option, try the falafel sandwich. It packs warm pita bread with creamy hummus, fresh Israeli salad and drizzles tahini sauce—a symphony of tastes and textures guaranteed to fulfill your lunch desires.

Catering needs for both intimate groups or large parties are effortlessly met by Izgara Express through its extensive selection designed for expedient dining. You can enjoy an individual wrap or indulge in shared platters—each mouthful is as enticingly delicious as they come convenient for any occasion.

Side Dishes & Accompaniments

Izgara takes pride in assembling the ideal meal, understanding that a dish is never truly complete without its fitting sidekicks. These sides do more than just accompany—they elevate the main feature. A selection of traditional accompaniments such as:

  • red rice
  • French fries
  • sweet potato fries
  • Cajun fries

are thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with our grilled specialties’ unique flavors. The Izgara köfte, often served snugly within flatbreads accompanied by salad, hummus, and chips, exemplifies how these additions provide a balanced culinary experience — offering an array of tastes and textures guaranteed to satisfy.

In search of something cool and crisp? The Israeli Salad promises just that with its tomato-centric concoction which includes:

  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • red onions
  • cilantro

Each component is enlivened by a sharp lemon dressing—a delightful counterpoint to the warmth of grilled dishes.

And should you desire vegetarian options or simply something lighter on the palate, don’t overlook the delectable grilled Haloumi cheese. It’s savory zestiness basking in olive oil interspersed with succulent sweet onions presents an irresistible option sure to charm your taste buds.

Fried Onions & Potato Straws

Incorporating crunchy elements such as fried onions and potato straws into your dish does more than add crunch—it enhances the overall dining enjoyment. These crisp, golden-brown morsels provide a delightful textural disparity that marries well with the succulent, charred taste of Izgara’s barbecued specialties. We can’t overlook the Mediterranean-style roasted potato wedges. Their satisfying crunch makes them an excellent complement to any skewered meat or flame-grilled vegetable selection.

Venturing beyond conventional accompaniments, try our unconventional pesto potato salad—oven-baked until gloriously crispy. This side dish is not only innovatively prepared but also presents a distinctive flavor combination bound to spark conversation around your dinner table. Ranging from roasted wedges to this unique pesto creation, these crunchy components are far more than mere sides—they constitute an essential element of what makes dining at Izgara truly memorable.

Izgara Event Catering and Party Menus

Izgara takes pride in elevating your festive occasions by enhancing them with their exquisite catering and party menu selections. No matter the type of gathering, from laid-back socials to upscale soirées in Plantation, FL, Izgara tailors its offerings to meet each event’s distinctive requirements. Their comprehensive catering options range from delectable sandwich assortments to personalized cakes or signature entrées meant to satisfy a variety of tastes.

At Izgara, the experience transcends merely serving food—they deliver an encompassing full-service approach for your gatherings. They are prepared not only to supply incredible edibles but also assist you meticulously plan and flawlessly carry out your event right down to the smallest details. This ensures that your function is both wonderfully enjoyable and effortlessly managed as they handle all aspects allowing you indulge fully in the festivities at hand.

Order Online for Convenience

In today’s world, where the quest for convenience is paramount, Izgara Middle Eastern Cuisine makes ordering meals online a model of efficiency.

Izgara in Plantation can get you food delivered anywhere in Broward County through the following apps:

  • Uber Eats
  • Doordash
  • Grubhub
  • Delivery Dudes

This collaboration gives customers multiple pathways for having their meal brought directly to them. Regardless of your location or current activity, an appetizing dish from Izgara is only moments away thanks to these platforms.


Concluding our explorative trek, it’s unmistakable that Izgara represents not simply a grilling technique, but embodies a festivity of heritage, taste, and communal bonds. Featuring distinguished kebabs on Pine Island Road alongside crunchy potato straws and golden-brown fried onions, every serving at Izgara speaks to the genuine effort dedicated to crafting each plate. Whether you’re orchestrating festivities, yearning for an expedient lunch or in pursuit of your impending culinary preference, Izgara extends an epicurean journey bound to captivate. Immerse yourself in the opulent traditions of Turkish barbeque and join the expanding circle known as the Izgara family—your palate will be eternally grateful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Izgara’s beef kabob a signature dish?

The beef kabob at Izgara stands out as their hallmark offering, thanks to an exceptional mix of spices from around the world and a marinating period that spans overnight. This technique ensures the meat not only absorbs intense flavors but also comes from superior quality cuts.

Are there vegetarian options available at Izgara?

Certainly, Izgara provides an assortment of vegetarian selections such as falafel, hummus, and stuffed grape leaves to accommodate various dietary needs. They offer options suitable for vegans, those requiring gluten-free diets, and individuals following a paleo regimen.

Can I order online from Izgara Middle Eastern Cuisine?

Certainly, Izgara Middle Eastern Cuisine offers the flexibility to place orders online for both pickup and delivery options via various internet-based delivery services.

Take pleasure in the ease it provides!

Does Izgara offer catering services for events?

Indeed, Izgara provides comprehensive catering services that are suitable for both informal and formal occasions, featuring a variety of customizable menu choices as well as expert event planning assistance.

How can I stay updated on Izgara’s latest events and specials?

Follow Izgara on social media to stay informed about their most recent events and specials, ensuring you receive all the exclusive updates and promotional deals they provide to their followers.

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