What is the Best Restaurant in Broward County?

Deciding on the best restaurant Broward County just became easier. This guide offers a no-nonsense roundup of the top local favorites, from scenic waterfront spots to downtown dining and hidden neighborhood joints. No hyperbole, just a focus on quality and diversity that your palate deserves.  This comes from a 20+ year resident offering up hot spots on places our family routinely visits.  If you ever need recommendations, leave us a comment!

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Top Restaurants in Broward County Overview

  • Fort Lauderdale Beach offers a varied dining scene featuring oceanfront elegance at establishments like Boatyard, casual beachside bites at Lulu’s Bait Shack, and lively happy hour hotspots such as Moxies Fort Lauderdale Restaurant.
  • Downtown Fort Lauderdale is a hub for trendy dining spots like Hatch and The Katherine, beloved classics such as The Historic Downtowner, and a taste of international diversity with restaurants including Chima Steakhouse and Bombay Darbar.
  • From hidden gems like 3 Sons Brewing Co in Dania Beach to family-friendly dining options with casual comfort food and interactive experiences, Broward County’s culinary landscape caters to a wide range of preferences and occasions.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Favorites

Fort Lauderdale Beach Favorites

Imagine dining with the soothing sound of waves and the soft, warm sand beneath your feet. That’s what Fort Lauderdale Beach has in store! Known for its vibrant culinary scene, this beachfront offers a delightful mix of casual dining spots, upscale eateries, and fantastic happy hour deals.

Here are some top choices to consider!

Oceanfront Elegance

In the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s prestigious yachting community, you’ll find:

  • Boatyard, an elite dining spot featuring a high-end seafood-focused menu and stunning dockside views
  • Mastro’s Ocean Club, an exquisite dining environment nestled alongside the majestic Atlantic
  • Oceans 234, which provides breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, perfectly complementing its upscale dining experience.

Embodying the spirit of oceanfront elegance in Broward County, these three gems offer an unrivaled dining experience.

Casual Beach Bites

Casual Beach Bites

If you’re seeking a more relaxed beachside vibe, head to Lulu’s Bait Shack or The Drunken Taco. Lulu’s is known for its New Orleans-influenced menu, offering favorites like po’boys and gator bites in a laid-back setting. The Drunken Taco, on the other hand, serves a wide selection of tacos and tequilas, perfect for a casual meal by the beach.

Tsukuro is a must-visit for Asian-inspired cuisine, contributing to the casual dining scene on Fort Lauderdale’s picturesque beachfront with its sushi and small plates. We must also mention Coconuts, a local favorite renowned for waterfront dining, fresh seafood, and the famous Scooby Snacks appetizer.

Happy Hour Hotspots

Happy Hour Hotspots

As the sun sets and the beachgoers start to retreat, the happy hour crowd comes alive. Fort Lauderdale Beach offers a great happy hour home to several hotspots such as:

  • Tacocraft Taqueria & Tequila Bar
  • Batch New Southern Kitchen and Tap
  • Shooters Waterfront
  • Moxies Fort Lauderdale Restaurant

These establishments offer an array of deals on drinks and appetizers, including discounted handcrafted specialty cocktails, bar snacks, and half-priced drinks and bites on weekdays and select evenings, all while enjoying live music.

With Lona Cocina Tequileria’s ‘Tacos & Tequila Tuesday’ and Whiskey Neat’s half off the whiskey wall on Wednesdays, one can find a special for each day of the week. And for the oyster lovers, venues like Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille and Southport Raw Bar provide a happy hour delight with specials on Gulf oysters and clams.

Downtown Delights

Moving away from the beach and into the heart of the city, downtown Fort Lauderdale offers a diverse mix of trendy eateries and classic establishments. Whether you’re inclined towards the latest culinary innovations or time-honored staples, options are available to satisfy every palate.

Trendy Dining Destinations

Hatch, a buzzing brunch spot praised for its creative dishes such as orange mimosa pancakes and banana foster French toast, is one of the city’s trendy dining destinations. The Katherine, a recent addition by a celebrated chef, serves a seasonal menu complemented by a curated selection of natural and organic wines. For a unique casual dining experience, Rhythm & Vine offers a refreshing outdoor garden setting with a rotation of food trucks and crafted cocktails.

With its contemporary ambiance, featuring a wine wall and vertical garden, and trendy dishes like steak bites and a tuna sushi stack, Moxies Fort Lauderdale Restaurant stands out. On the waterfront, YOT Bar & Kitchen showcases inventive seafood dishes like miso-infused salmon and seared scallops with vanilla-lemon brown butter. Pizza Craft in the Himmarshee district, known for its artisan wood-fired pizzas and unique cocktail offerings at the attached speakeasy, Apothecary, is a must-try for pizza lovers.

Time-Honored Classics

While new eateries introduce unique flavors, the irreplaceable charm of time-honored classics remains. The Historic Downtowner, set in a 1920s building, remains a beloved staple in downtown Fort Lauderdale, offering classic American cuisine.

The House on the River, set in the second oldest house in Fort Lauderdale, creatively adapts classic dishes to modern tastes. The Floridian, a cherished diner that has been a part of Fort Lauderdale’s fabric for many years, is famed for its generous offerings and no-frills ambiance.

International Flavors

Downtown Fort Lauderdale, located in the heart of Greater Fort Lauderdale, is a melting pot of international flavors. Casa Sensei brings an exotic combination of Pan-Asian and Latin American cuisine to the table, while Chima Steakhouse enhances the dining scene with its traditional Brazilian rodizio service.

For the Indian food lovers, Bombay Darbar serves a rich array of flavors along the prominent Las Olas Boulevard. Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar provides a lively Mexican experience with bold margaritas and flavorful dishes, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Broward County Hidden Gems

Having explored the delights of Fort Lauderdale Beach and the downtown area, let’s now uncover the hidden culinary gems of Broward County. Occasionally, the most unexpected places serve the best meals!

Dania Beach Discoveries

3 Sons Brewing Co, a local brewery in Dania Beach, offers:

  • Craft beers
  • Neapolitan-style pizzas baked in a brick oven
  • Classic Margherita pizza
  • Adventurous toppings
  • Gluten-free crust option
  • Vegan cheese option

Their pizzas cater to all tastes, even offering options for those with dietary restrictions.

Pompano Beach Plates

Pompano Beach, another region in Broward County, is worth exploring for its culinary delights. Whether it’s a hole-in-the-wall café or a waterfront restaurant, Pompano Beach offers a variety of delicious dishes and unique dining experiences that will thrill any food enthusiast.

Hollywood Highlights

Hollywood, another vibrant city in Broward County, presents a tapestry of flavors and settings that cater to a variety of dining preferences. Offering a diverse range of culinary styles, Hollywood caters to all palates, including:

  • Pan-Asian at Casa Sensei
  • Contemporary Japanese at Monkitail
  • Greek at Taverna Opa
  • Argentine flavors at KAO Bar & Grill

But that’s not all! Hollywood also offers establishments like C.L.A.S.S. Soiree Steakhouse, recognized for its beautiful setting and blend of organic and international dishes, and Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen, dedicated to clean eating with menu options that highlight local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients.

Seafood Sensations

Seafood Sensations

Broward County’s culinary scene wouldn’t be complete without a mention of its seafood sensations. Given its proximity to the ocean, the area boasts a trove of fresh seafood, served in a variety of enticing ways.

Raw Bar Revelations

For the seafood lovers, raw bars are a must-visit. No Man’s Land and Spoto’s Oyster Bar are just a couple of the places where you can enjoy fresh oysters at happy hour prices every weekday. City Oyster offers a selection of West and East-Coast oysters, while The Parched Pig allows customers to enjoy oysters for as low as $1 each on Mondays. Fans of TV shows like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives will be thrilled to know that The Whale’s Rib Raw Bar has been featured on the show.

Grilled and Smoked Specialties

For those who prefer their seafood cooked, South Florida, particularly Broward County, offers a plethora of grilled and smoked specialties. Coconuts in Fort Lauderdale Beach, for example, is known for its perfectly grilled mahi sandwich and renowned smoked fish dip.

Sustainable Seafood Spots

A growing trend towards sustainable and locally caught seafood has been observed in recent years. Ocean Grill & Bar in Pompano Beach leads the way in this movement. From their house shrimp cocktail to the salmon glazed with orange and rosemary, every dish is infused with Mediterranean and Latin flavors and made from sustainable seafood sources.

Pizza and Italian Indulgences

Pizza and Italian Indulgences

Having explored the seafood offerings, let’s now turn our attention to another universally loved cuisine: Italian. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Margherita pizza or a hearty pasta dish, Broward County has you covered.

Perfect Pizzerias

Broward County offers a plethora of choices for pizza lovers. Some popular options include:

  • Big Louie’s Pizzeria: Known for their classic New York-style pies
  • Johnny Pies NY Pizzeria: Another great spot for New York-style pizza
  • Louie Bossi’s: Offers Italian-infused pizzas and is located on Las Olas Boulevard
  • Heritage: Located in Flagler Village, known for their daily specials and classic pizzas like sausage and broccoli rabe

There’s a slice for everyone in Broward County!

And if you’re looking for a pizza and wine combo, look no further than Sixty Vines in Boca Raton, where the sophistication of a wine country meets the comfort of wood-fired pizzas.

Authentic Italian Eateries

Trattoria Italiana, Trattoria Novello, and Cafe Vico offer a more traditional Italian dining experience and are must-visit spots. These eateries offer a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a hearty Italian meal.

Other spots like Cafe Martorano and Kitchenetta, both popular restaurants, showcase the versatility of Italian cuisine at various restaurants, from classic Italian-American dishes to modern interpretations using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Modern Italian Fusion

Da Campo Osteria by celebrity chef Todd English adds a modern twist to traditional Italian cuisine by combining classic flavors with innovative cooking techniques in its elegant dining room, making it a worthy competitor to Louie Bossi’s Ristorante.

Signature dishes like fresh mozzarella pulled tableside and lobster tagliatelle are testament to their modern Italian fusion trend in the realm of fine dining.

Family-Friendly Dining

Having explored the diverse culinary scene of Broward County, let’s now focus on dining options that specifically cater to families. These eateries offer a stress-free dining environment with casual comfort food, accommodating portion sizes, and kid-friendly amenities.

Casual Comfort Food

Especially when dining out with the family, finding a place that suits everyone’s taste buds can be challenging. Luckily, Broward County is home to numerous eateries that serve casual comfort food. Whether it’s the comforting chicken dishes at Mabel’s Chicken or the homemade comfort foods at The Mason Jar, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Luxe-Bistro in Hollywood and Il Paesano in Fort Lauderdale are among the best restaurants worth a visit, offering a relaxed atmosphere suitable for family meals.

Interactive Dining Experiences

Broward County has plenty to offer if you’re looking to inject some fun into your family dining experience. Anthony’s Runway 84 in Fort Lauderdale, for instance, provides a unique dining atmosphere designed to resemble an airport runway, perfect for keeping little ones entertained.

Toku Modern Asian in Hollywood offers a more hands-on experience by encouraging guest participation with their interactive Asian menu. Certain establishments also offer indoor play areas and games to keep children of all ages entertained during their meal.

Sweet Treats and Desserts

A sweet treat to finish is an essential part of any family meal! Broward County’s family-friendly eateries offer an array of desserts that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether it’s a classic chocolate chip cookie or a gourmet slice of cheesecake, there’s a dessert to suit every palate.


From the upscale oceanfront eateries of Fort Lauderdale Beach to the family-friendly comfort food spots tucked away in quiet corners, Broward County truly is a culinary paradise. With its diverse array of dining options, there’s a dish to satisfy every palate and an experience to suit every occasion. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a casual diner, Broward County invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey that you’ll never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular beachside dining options in Fort Lauderdale?

You can try Lulu’s Bait Shack, The Drunken Taco, and Tsukuro for a variety of menu options and a relaxed beachside atmosphere. Enjoy your meal by the beach!

Where can I find the best pizza in Broward County?

You can find the best pizza in Broward County at Big Louie’s Pizzeria, Johnny Pies NY Pizzeria, Louie Bossi’s, Heritage, and Sixty Vines. Enjoy your pizza adventure!

Are there any family-friendly restaurants in Broward County?

Yes, there are several family-friendly restaurants in Broward County, including Mabel’s Chicken, The Mason Jar, Luxe-Bistro, and Il Paesano, all known for their casual comfort food and kid-friendly amenities.

Where can I find sustainable seafood in Broward County?

You can find sustainable seafood at Ocean Grill & Bar in Pompano Beach. They are committed to serving sustainably and locally caught seafood.

Are there any Italian fusion restaurants in Broward County?

Yes, Da Campo Osteria by celebrity chef Todd English offers innovative Italian fusion cuisine in Broward County.

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