Yolo Fort Lauderdale (Las Olas Hot Spot)

What sets YOLO Fort Lauderdale apart in the heart of the city’s dining scene? Discover its spirited environment, American culinary delights, and the ease of joining the buzz on E Las Olas Blvd. Our guide unveils what to expect at this downtown favorite.

YOLO on Las Olas Overview

  • YOLO is a hotspot in downtown Fort Lauderdale for modern American cuisine, featuring a vibrant atmosphere and a variety of dining settings.
  • Their menu boasts contemporary American dishes with standout appetizers, entrees, and desserts, plus a popular happy hour with drink specials.
  • While customers love the food quality, some have encountered service issues; despite this, making reservations, especially for Sunday nights, is recommended.

Discovering YOLO Fort Lauderdale

Yolo on a Thursday night happy hour. Always packed!

Nestled in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, YOLO is your go-to place for a modern American dining experience. The swanky Fort Lauderdale restaurant, located at the bustling intersection of Las Olas Blvd. & SE 4th Ave., is a beacon of the South Florida culinary scene.

Location and Ambiance

Situated on E Las Olas Blvd in downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL, YOLO creates a vibrant buzz that attracts locals and tourists alike. Its prime location makes it a top choice for visitors wanting to experience the city’s charm.

Dining Options

YOLO enchants its guests by offering diverse dining experiences, including the bustling bar scene, the intimate bar and dining room, and the relaxed outdoor patio seating area.

A Taste of YOLO’s Menu

YOLO's Menu

Renowned for its contemporary American cuisine, YOLO stands out among amazing restaurants with a selection of steak and seafood options.

Appetizers and Entrees

With offerings ranging from Monkey Bread with za’atar and tomato to Oak Grilled Artichoke Halves with romesco, and even the longer serving corn bread, the appetizers at YOLO are sure to tease your taste buds without having too much cheese.

Desserts and Drinks

YOLO’s irresistible amazing donut dessert, bananas foster flaming desert, and chocolate cake are must-tries for those who love sweets.

Happy Hour and Special Events

Happy Hour Happenings

YOLO Fort Lauderdale welcomes guests to its happy hour from Monday to Friday, from 4pm to 7pm, providing an enhanced dining experience with attractive deals.

Happy Hour Offerings

At YOLO’s happy hour, guests are invited to enjoy a wide array of drink specials tailored to suit all tastes.

Date Night and Other Events

YOLO Fort Lauderdale serves as a perfect backdrop for private events, be it lunch meetings, dinners, cocktail receptions, or showers.

YOLO Brunch

If you are looking for brunch in Fort Lauderdale, consider YOLO.  They have a bottomless menu offering champagne, Mimosa, Bellini, and of course, bloody mary’s.  The menu features traditional brunch menu items all the way to the over the top Tomahawk Steak & Eggs for $200.

>> View Full Brunch Menu

What Diners Are Saying

Guests at YOLO have repeatedly expressed their satisfaction with the service, applauding the staff’s competent use of technology for precise order handling and prompt delivery of food and drinks.

Positive Experiences

The lunch and dinner menus at YOLO receive regular accolades for consistently providing high quality food, ensuring good food, and meeting diners’ expectations with much better food quality.

Constructive Criticism

Some diners have faced service issues such as confrontations with security staff, feeling pressured to leave, slower service in outdoor seating, and generally mediocre service, resulting in only an average rating.

Practical Information

Reservations for YOLO Fort Lauderdale can be easily made via OpenTable.

Reservations and Seating

Given the restaurant’s popularity and high demand, making a Sunday night reservation at YOLO is strongly advised.

Parking and Accessibility

YOLO Parking

YOLO Fort Lauderdale offers Valet Parking at the front entrance, and there’s also a parking garage conveniently located behind the restaurant.


YOLO Fort Lauderdale is not just a restaurant, but an experience that lives up to its name – ‘You Only Live Once’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Yolo Fort Lauderdale?

Tim Petrillo owns YOLO Fort Lauderdale.

When did Yolo open in Fort Lauderdale?

Yolo opened in Fort Lauderdale in 2008, becoming a popular staple for both food and nightlife.

Who is Yolo owned by?

Yolo is owned by Jeff Archer, who started the YOLO Board story in 2007 when he stepped on a paddleboard for the first time and was consumed by the joy of being on the water.

What is the most famous street in Fort Lauderdale?

The most famous street in Fort Lauderdale is definitely Las Olas Boulevard, known for its wide array of bistros, clubs, and restaurants, offering both indoor and outdoor dining options. It’s a paradise for food lovers. Enjoy your visit!

How do I make a reservation at YOLO Fort Lauderdale?

You can make a reservation at YOLO Fort Lauderdale by using OpenTable or calling (954) 523-1000. Enjoy your meal!

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