25 Best Stingray City Tours and Operators in Grand Cayman

Red Sail Sports offers the best city tour in Grand Cayman. Red Sail Sports is my best pick if you are looking for unending activities in Grand Cayman or want to go on underwater tours that will leave you overwhelmed with excitement and pleasure. They have the best guides, remarkable activity packages, and offers.

Grand Cayman isn’t your typical paradise; it’s a world of pristine waters and captivating marine creatures that are poised to capture your heart and ignite your sense of wonder. And guess what? I’ve covered you with all the essential details about the top Stingray City tours and operators that will turn your Cayman escapade into a legendary adventure!

If you can’t wait to read through them, here are my top ten picks:


 Stingray City Tours and Operators in Grand CaymanLocationWhy I Recommend
1.Red Sail Sports38 Earth Close, West Bay, Seven Mile BeachMy best operator and my top pick for tours around Grand Cayman
2.Stingray City, Cayman IslandsYacht Dr., Cayman IslandsThe best snorkeling tour operator you will ever need
3.Captain Marvin’s WatersportsCayman Falls Shopping Plaza, 1114 West Bay Road, Grand CaymanThey offer first-class cruises and catamarans with the best gear and boats.
4.Cayman Sea ElementsCayman Islands Yacht Club

Dock C4

Yacht Dr. (off West Bay Rd.), Cayman Islands

Enjoy adventures in Grand Cayman’s mangrove forest and blue waters.
5. Moby Dick ToursDock C at Yatch Club, Grand Cayman, West BayThe largest whale-watching boat to watch diverse marine species
6. Six Senses Cayman AdventuresCI Yacht ClubDaily boat tours to watch Stingray’s distinct coral reefs
7.Fat Fish AdventuresNewlands Barcadere, Leeward Dr., North Sound Estates KY1-1010, Cayman IslandsImmerse yourself in a paradise of crystal-clear waters and breathtaking coral reefs with this operator.
8.Crazy Crab10 Market Street, Camana Bay Harbour, Grand Cayman KY1, 1401, Cayman IslandsAn island tour operator that provides private boat charters like no other.
9.Cobalt Custom ChartersCamana Bay, Out front of Karoo, Grand Cayman, KY1-9006, Cayman IslandsOffers Snorkeling, Bioluminescence, Stingray City, Starfish Point tours, and many more.
10.George’s Watersports9J4C+VX3, Yacht Dr., Cayman Islands Yacht Club, Dock B, West Bay, KY1-1204, Cayman IslandsA premier tour operator that offers Stingray City tours, bioluminescence tours, private charters, paddle board rentals, and much more!

1. Red Sail Sports

In Grand Cayman’s aquatic realm, Red Sail Sports shines as a beacon of excellence, promising a remarkable journey at Stingray City. With a stellar reputation, they epitomize aquatic adventures. Their Stingray City tours are a symphony of excellence, captivating your senses. Imagine clear waters and graceful Southern Stingrays. Red Sail Sports makes this encounter magical. Your rendezvous with these creatures is unforgettable. But there’s more. Red Sail Sports caters to unique adventurers, offering a spectrum of choices like a vibrant painter’s palette.

Adventure with a Purpose

Red Sail Sports adds purposeful exploration to every adventure. Their guides are storytellers, unraveling marine mysteries and nurturing nature’s delicate balance. Beyond navigation, they share insights, enriching your underwater understanding. Red Sail Sports weaves excellence into Stingray City, inviting you to embrace the sea’s magic and dance with its inhabitants.

Address: 38 Earth Close, West Bay, Seven Mile Beach

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1-877-506-6368

Price: $95 per Adult, $47.50 per child (3–11 years).

2. Stingray City, Cayman Islands

In the vibrant realm of Stingray City adventures, there’s a resonant name and an enchanting melody synonymous with memorable encounters and enlightening insights. Allow me to introduce an operator integral to the Stingray City story.

Their name weaves into its fabric, a testament to their enduring commitment. As a bridge between adventurers and the marine realm, they offer guided tours led by skilled navigators and passionate educators. These tours blend education with excitement, immersing you in a tapestry of knowledge with every ripple.

Educational Insights 

The heart of these tours lies in the wealth of educational insights unveiled with each wave. Certified marine guides reveal Stingray City’s secrets and the marine ecosystem’s delicate balance. They breathe life into the underwater world, letting you delve beyond the surface into its intricate web of life. Safety is paramount, with guides standing as guardians, ensuring your well-being and connection to marine wonders.

Their watchful eyes and expertise assure you that you’re in capable hands. In a world of exploration, their commitment to deeper understanding stands out. Guides’ knowledge and passion offer a profound engagement with the marine environment. With each encounter, you’ll uncover the intricate layers of the delicate marine ecosystem.

Address: Yacht Dr., Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1-345-938-3303

Price: $110 per adult; $85 per child (4–11 years); 3 years and younger: $50.

3. Captain Marvin’s Watersports

Dive into aquatic wonder with Captain Marvin’s Watersports, a name with decades of experience and a legacy of exceptional Stingray City tours. Explore safely, learn, and honor the delicate marine ecosystem.

Captain Marvin’s Watersports is a testament to exploration and dedication, born as sailors venturing to Stingray City and now synonymous with marine excellence.

Captain Marvin’s Watersports ensures safe Stingray City tours, letting you focus on the unfolding magic. Safety is a seamless part of their journey. They educate, revealing marine mysteries with each wave. Guides aren’t just experts but passionate educators, making each encounter a lesson in ecology and preservation.

In Azure Waters, sustainability’s symphony resounds, guided by Captain Marvin’s Watersports. Responsible tourism is their guiding star, leading to conservation-focused adventures. Every step echoes the ethos of safeguarding the marine realm for generations.

Price: $90.00 per adult.

Address: Cayman Falls Shopping Plaza, 1114 West Bay Road, Grand Cayman

Contact: Website

Telephone: 345-945-6965

4. Cayman Sea Elements

Cayman Sea Elements embodies adventure as a way of life. Meticulously crafted details create an exceptional experience. Their small-group tours are like a close family of explorers, ready to uncover underwater wonders. Harmony with sustainable tourism principles defines Cayman Sea Elements. Each step makes you a marine environment steward, leaving respectful footprints. Their commitment to minimizing the impact on the delicate ecosystem guides every step.

Price: $47.99 per Adult, $38.39 per child (ages 2–10)

Address: Cayman Islands Yacht Club, Dock C4, Yacht Dr. (off West Bay Rd. ), Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: (345) 936-8687, (345) 945-7525

5. Moby Dick Tours

Moby Dick Tours promises responsible wildlife interactions, a delicate dance that leaves no trace. At Stingray City, you dance with gentle rays in a respectful, understanding dance.

Moby Dick Tours turns your Stingray City visit into an enlightening experience. Every ripple, touch, and moment becomes a memory brushstroke on the canvas of curiosity, understanding, and marine magic.

Price: $45 per Adult (over 12 years), $35 per child (4–11 years), and Infants (up to 3 years) go free.

Address: Dock C at Yatch Club, Grand Cayman, West Bay.

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 (345) 925-5542

6. Six Senses Cayman Adventures

In the opulent realm of Six Senses, Stingray City transforms into an exclusive experience curated for discerning adventurers. It’s not just a tour; it’s an elegant immersion where every moment offers life’s finest. Picture a world where the sea is your canvas and a private yacht your vessel. Six Senses redefines personalized encounters with private charters, where your desires shape the voyage and the azure horizon beckons.

Creating Lasting Memories

As you explore the azure waters with Six Senses, you’ll find that the memories you create are more than just fleeting moments; they’re chapters in a story of indulgence. Each encounter with the rays, each dive into the depths, becomes a memory that lingers, a treasure you’ll carry with you long after you’ve left the shores of Stingray City.

Price: $110 per Adult, $85 per child (4–11 years), $50 Under 4 years

Address: CI Yacht Club

Contact: Website

Telephone: +13459383303

7. Fat Fish Adventures

At Fat Fish Adventures, adventure is not just a concept but a way of life. Imagine a world where each pulse of excitement becomes a heartbeat and every splash ignites a burst of energy that fuels your spirit. From the moment you step aboard, you will be enveloped in an atmosphere of electrifying anticipation.

Dynamic Stingray City Tours

Experience an unpredictable playground at Stingray City with Fat Fish Adventures. Each tour is a dynamic dance of discovery, keeping you on the edge with exhilarating interactions. Beyond the rays, snorkeling excursions reveal the vibrant marine world, letting you glide alongside nature’s wonders.

Price: $200 per Adult.

Address: Newlands Barcadere, Leeward Dr., North Sound Estates KY1-1010, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: Cayman: 1-345-327-4973; USA: 1-301-327-6119

8. Crazy Crab

Get ready to be captivated by Crazy Crab, an operator that embodies storytelling, nature stewardship, and unforgettable moments. Their journey stands out through their dedication to educational and conservation-rooted experiences. Guides are not just leaders; they’re passionate companions and educators. With soulful storytelling, they weave marine tales into every encounter, creating magical memories. Crazy Crab’s commitment to crafting cherished Stingray City moments leaves an indelible mark on your heart’s canvas, a story to treasure forever.

Crazy Crab’s tours offer more than surface encounters; they provide insights into the marine ecosystem’s delicate balance. Interactions become lessons in conservation, fostering a deep understanding of underwater life’s interconnectedness. Conservation is their commitment, reflected in their actions and practices. Beyond tours, Crazy Crab crafts journeys of guest satisfaction, ensuring smiles, answers, and needs are met in a symphony of contentment, making your joy their success.

Price: $800 for up to six guests.

Address: 10 Market Street, Camana Bay Harbour, Grand Cayman KY1, 1401, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 (345) 927-2722

9. Cobalt Custom Charters

Cobalt Custom Charters offers a personalized Stingray City adventure, turning your journey into a harmonious symphony of tailored experiences. They empower you to conduct your adventure, aligning every detail with your preferences. Your desires become the compass, guiding your voyage through a canvas of exploration. Novice or experienced, their approach caters to all, crafting a unique path for each interaction and making every moment a discovery opportunity.

Everyone’s Adventure

The beauty of Cobalt Custom Charters lies in their ability to cater to all shades of adventure. If you are a novice, they will guide you with gentle expertise, helping you confidently navigate the waters. And if you are an experienced snorkeler, they will lead you to hidden corners and secret treasures that only the ocean’s faithful explorers know.

Price: Custom charter

Address: Camana Bay, Out front of Karoo, Grand Cayman, KY1-9006, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: United States: 972-497-2130; Cayman Islands: 345-927-6009

10. George’s Watersports

At George’s Watersports, adventure is a family legacy, welcoming you into a realm of tradition and enduring memories. With a personal touch in every detail, their genuine warmth ensures a unique and heartfelt marine journey. Amidst the crystal-clear waters, the Stingray City encounter is a graceful symphony where you become part of the marine dance and forge an unspoken connection.

Creating Memories, Crafting Bonds

As you journey with George’s Watersports, you will find that the memories you create are more than just snapshots; they are bonds woven between you, your fellow adventurers, and the marine realm. Each touch of a ray, each shared laugh, becomes a thread in a tapestry of connection, leaving you with a sense of belonging that extends far beyond the shores of Stingray City.

Price: $135 per Adult, $110 USD per Child

Address: 9J4C+VX3, Yacht Dr., Cayman Islands Yacht Club, Dock B, West Bay, KY1-1204, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: (345) 923-7078

11. Cayman Eco Adventures

Prepare for a voyage that ignites adventure and ecological awareness at Cayman Eco Adventures. Experience more than exploration; it’s an educational journey aligned with sustainability. Amidst Stingray City’s beauty, discover nature’s delicate balance, fostering a profound connection to our planet’s preservation.

A Passionate Team of Educators

Meet the heart and soul of Cayman Eco Adventures and their passionate team of educators. These guides are not just navigators; they are ambassadors of nature, translators of the language of the sea, and advocates for a more sustainable world. Their enthusiasm is contagious, igniting a fire of curiosity within you that blazes long after you’ve left the shores of Stingray City.

Price: $110 per Adult, $85 per child (4–11 years), $50 for 3 years and younger

Address: Cayman Islands Yacht Club, B.W.I. West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: 345-926 1744

12. Crystal Charters

Join Crystal Charters for a private Stingray City adventure that’s more than a tour. It’s a personalized voyage. Sail alongside a dedicated crew who are your fellow explorers, not just guides. As you captain your journey, tailor each moment to your interests, savoring the magic of Stingray City at your own pace.

Immersive Exploration

Whether you are drawn to the grace of the rays, the secrets of the underwater realm, or the nuances of marine ecology, Crystal Charters invites you to embrace an immersive exploration that caters to your passions. Picture yourself snorkeling with rays, observing marine life, or simply basking in the serenity of the surroundings. Each activity becomes a chapter in your story, a glimpse into the depths of Stingray City’s allure.

Price: $200 for 1–7 People

Address: 10 Market Street, Camana Bay, KY1-9006, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-525-9000

13. Native Way Watersports

Step into a world where adventure is not just a destination; it is a journey into the heart and soul of Stingray City. Welcome to Native Way Watersports, a gateway to experiencing Stingray City like a local, where every wave carries echoes of cultural heritage and every encounter becomes a chance to connect with the heartbeats of this enchanting realm. Brace yourself for an immersive voyage where personalized tours and cultural insights combine to create an experience that’s as authentic as it is unforgettable.


At Native Way Watersports, Stingray City is not just a site; it’s a living tapestry of history and culture. Imagine walking in the footsteps of locals who have long embraced the rays as companions and protectors. As you step into the waters, you are not just an observer but a participant in the ancient dance between humans and nature, a dance woven into the fabric of Stingray City’s existence.

Personalized Tours

Experience a personalized journey with Native Way Watersports, where guided tours are tailored to your interests. As you engage with the rays, you’re observing and forming connections guided by those who know Stingray City intimately. Beyond that, their unique focus on cultural insights offers a chance to uncover the historical significance of this enchanting place, connecting you to its rich past and traditions.

At Native Way Watersports, Stingray City exploration unveils a deep connection with the rays, bridging generations and fostering harmony between humans and nature. Each touch and exchange becomes a meaningful dialogue, an opportunity to leave your mark on this timeless legacy. But beyond the cultural insights and connections, there’s a promise of memories that linger long after you leave Stingray City’s shores.

With Native Way Watersports, you are not just a tourist; you are an honorary local and a participant in the life of this enchanting realm. Each encounter becomes a brushstroke on your adventure’s canvas, a memory infused with the essence of a place where nature and culture intertwine.

Price: $95.00 per Adult, $75.00 per Child (under 10).

Address: CI Yacht Club, West Bay, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-916-5027

14. Grand Cayman Eco Divers

Experience Grand Cayman Eco Divers, a blend of snorkeling and Stingray City encounters that celebrate sustainable tourism. Dive into vibrant coral reefs and seamlessly transition into Stingray City’s embrace. Their commitment to balance and insights into ecosystem intricacies make them stand out. Witness the harmony of humans and nature in this aquatic paradise.

Guided by Expert Divers

As you plunge into the azure waters under the guidance of Grand Cayman Eco Divers’ expert divers, you will find yourself in the company of mentors who know the secrets of the underwater world like the back of their hands. Imagine exploring a mysterious and enchanting realm with guides who unveil its mysteries with passion and expertise. Every dive becomes a lesson, every observation a revelation, as you navigate the depths under the watchful eye of those who understand its nuances.

With Grand Cayman Eco Divers, your journey forms timeless connections to the ancient underwater world. Explore vibrant wonders, dance with rays, and weave moments into an unforgettable tapestry of fulfillment.

Average price per person: $33.00

Address: Suite C, 245 N. Church St., George Town, KY1-1107, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-938-4904.

15. ShoreTrips Grand Cayman

ShoreTrips opens the enchantment of Stingray City to all adventurers, regardless of experience. Their diverse backgrounds cater to novices and snorkeling enthusiasts alike, inviting everyone to embrace the magic of Stingray City. What sets ShoreTrips apart is its inclusive approach, uniting travelers of all backgrounds in the allure of the rays.

Expert Guidance for Novices

ShoreTrips offers novice snorkelers expert guidance, fostering confidence in every step. Their knowledgeable guides provide reassurance, patient encouragement, and exhilarating first-time encounters with rays, creating an empowering and memorable Stingray City experience.

A Playground for Experienced Snorkelers

And for seasoned snorkelers, ShoreTrips opens doors to new dimensions of Stingray City magic. Imagine diving deeper, observing with a practiced eye, and unearthing hidden gems beneath the surface. With each plunge, you will uncover nuances that only the ocean’s most devoted explorers know, guided by ShoreTrips’ dedication to enhancing your familiarity with Stingray City’s mysteries.

Address: 45 Harbour Dr., George Town, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: N/A

16. Sail Cayman

Experience the serenity and adventure of Sail Cayman, a captivating sailing journey that unveils the enchanting secrets of Stingray City. This is more than a tour; it’s a poetic dance with the wind, celebrating pristine waters and immersing you in the tranquil beauty of this natural wonder.

Sail Cayman offers a distinctive exploration as sails unfurl and boats glide gracefully across the water. You become part of a harmonious symphony, blending with the elements on this sailing adventure. Sail Cayman’s unique perspective reveals the enchanting realm, showcasing the harmony between land and sea with each gentle wave.

Tranquil Setting

As you set sail with Sail Cayman, you will find yourself enveloped in a tranquil setting that is as soothing as a lullaby. Picture the sun casting its golden glow upon the water, the gentle lapping of waves creating a soft rhythm, and the distant horizon inviting you to venture forth. It’s a setting that is not just a backdrop; it is an essential part of the experience, a canvas upon which the beauty of Stingray City is painted in the most exquisite hues.

As the sails catch the wind, a timeless dance with nature unfolds. Glide across the water, guided by the wind’s whispers, drawing nearer to Stingray City. Sail Cayman embodies the journey’s significance, where sailing mirrors life’s ebb and flow.

Price: Up to 5 passengers, US$400 per Hour. 6–14 passengers: US$450 per hour.

Address: Yacht Club, Dock D-8, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-916-7978

17. Crazy Crab Private Boat Charters

At Crazy Crab Private Boat Charters, the emphasis is on intimacy. Picture yourself on a vessel that is not just a mode of transportation but a sanctuary of connection. Imagine embarking on an escapade with a select group of kindred spirits who share your sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world. It is a gathering where relationships are nurtured, shared experiences deepen bonds, and the intimacy of the journey becomes a catalyst for creating lasting memories.

Privacy Amidst Beauty

Sail with Crazy Crab Private Boat Charters for a private and serene experience. Imagine peaceful waves, sunlit rays, and intimate moments with stingrays. Connect with them in an unhurried, crowd-free setting.

Price: 2 Hours with Bio Bay’s Lil Blue. Power Catamaran, World Cat 25, $800 Up to six guests.

Address: 10 Market Street, Camana Bay Harbour, Grand Cayman KY1.

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-927-2722

18. Dolphin Encounter with Stingray Sandbar

Witness the captivating dance between dolphins and stingrays in their natural habitat through the Dolphin Encounter with Stingray Sandbar. This unique experience explores the harmony between these majestic creatures, delving into their significance and impact on nature enthusiasts and marine conservation.

Dolphins and stingrays share a fascinating symbiotic relationship in the Stingray Sandbar ecosystem. Dolphins often visit the sandbar to feed on the abundant fish population, and in doing so, they inadvertently create a stir that exposes hidden prey for the stingrays. It’s a prime example of how nature’s balance is maintained through cooperation.

Price: $149.00 per Adult, $119.00 per

Address: West Bay, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +27 21 200 6586

19. Sweet Spot Watersports

At Sweet Spot Watersports, the focus is not just on service but personalization. Imagine embarking on a journey where your preferences are heard and celebrated. Whether you are a nature enthusiast eager to learn about marine life, a photography lover seeking the perfect shot, or a free spirit yearning to bask in the beauty of Stingray City, Sweet Spot Watersports is your gateway to many choices.

Catering to Your Interests

But what truly sets Sweet Spot Watersports apart is their ability to turn your interests into reality. Imagine a team of experts who take the time to understand your passions, listen to your desires, and then weave those elements seamlessly into your Stingray City experience. From the moment you step foot on the boat to your interactions with the rays, every aspect of your journey is meticulously crafted to ensure that your interests are at the forefront.

With Sweet Spot Watersports, the adventure becomes a manifestation of your imagination.

Price: $79.00 per adult, $59.00 per Child (3–11)

Address: 585 Water Cay Rd., Rum Point, KY1-1701, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-925-8129

20. Dexter’s Fantasea Tours

Close your eyes and envision a voyage where enthusiasm becomes the wind that propels your adventure, where every moment is infused with an extra touch of excitement. Welcome to Dexter’s Fantasea Tours, where Stingray City becomes more than just a destination; it becomes a realm of vibrant energy and boundless passion.

At Dexter’s Fantasea Tours, the crew is not just a team of guides but a group of enthusiasts, each fueled by a profound love for the ocean and its inhabitants. Imagine stepping onto the boat and being greeted by smiles that radiate genuine excitement. Their enthusiasm becomes contagious, igniting a spark within you as you embark on this journey of discovery.

Elevating the Adventure

Dexter’s Fantasea Tours stands out by infusing excitement into your Stingray City adventure. The crew’s infectious enthusiasm turns marine interactions into treasure hunts, revealing hidden wonders. Sailing with them reveals a genuine passion for marine life through engaging conversations and insights about rays, fostering a deep appreciation for the underwater world.

With Dexter’s Fantasea Tours, you are not just a traveler but a fellow explorer sharing in their mission to unveil marine magic.

Price: Custom

Address: Yacht Dr., Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-916-0754

21. Allura Catamaran

Imagine a luxurious vessel that goes beyond transportation, offering comfort and relaxation. With the allure of Stingray City, prepare for an indulgent journey where you can unwind, embrace the Caribbean beauty, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in style.

Comfortable Amenities

The Allura Catamaran stands out for its unwavering dedication to comfort. Imagine reclining on plush seating, lulled by the soothing waves. Every detail, from decor to amenities, caters to your needs. Sip a refreshing drink from the onboard bar or lounge on cushioned sunbeds—it’s a floating haven of luxury. Set sail with the Allura Catamaran and let the beauty of the Caribbean Sea orchestrate a symphony of relaxation. Amidst sparkling waters and dancing sun rays, embrace nature’s tranquility and let go of everyday stresses.

Price: $129.00 per Adult, $99.00 per Child

Address: Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Contact: Website

Telephone: 345-945-1355

22. White Sand Water Sports

At White Sand Water Sports, every excursion is a journey of discovery. From the moment you set foot on board, you will find that every moment is an opportunity to learn, engage, and immerse yourself in the wonders of Stingray City. It is an experience where each interaction with the rays is accompanied by insights that transform the encounter into an educational treasure trove.

Entertainment and Insights

White Sand Water Sports stands out for seamlessly blending entertainment with insight. The experienced crew eagerly shares knowledge, adding fascinating facts to engaging interactions with rays. Laughter and awe mix as every splash becomes a discovery. Sailing with them reveals a journey beyond entertainment, fostering a deeper appreciation for the marine world. Enthusiastic guides share their passion, connecting you with Stingrays’ majesty, their role in the ecosystem, and nurturing respect for nature’s delicate balance.

Price: Custom Booking

Address: 585 Water Cay Rd., Rum Point, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-916-7263

23. Tiki Beach Watersports

At Tiki Beach Watersports, the stage is set for a symphony of experiences. Imagine starting your day with the soft caress of the sand beneath your feet and the gentle melody of the waves creating a soothing rhythm. And then, picture the excitement building as you embark on a Stingray City tour, diving into a world of wonder that is teeming with life and mystery. It’s a blend that’s as harmonious as it is exhilarating.

Unveiling Treasures Above and Below

Tiki Beach Watersports stands out for revealing both underwater and beach treasures. Picture vibrant snorkeling scenes, rays gliding beneath you, and the joy of colorful marine life. These experiences become cherished memories, creating a unique blend of relaxation and exploration. Tiki Beach Watersports turns you into an artist of relaxation, exploration, and storytelling, weaving tales of both land and sea.

Address: Tiki Beach, West Bay Road, Grand Cayman

Contact: Website

Telephone: N/A

24. Stingray Sailing

At Stingray Sailing, every moment aboard the vessel is an ode to serenity. Imagine the sensation of the wind caressing your face and the sails billowing above you like the wings of a seabird. From the moment you step on board, you will find that the journey itself is an enchanting symphony of tranquility.

Stingray Sailing offers a unique opportunity to dance with the ocean’s gentle giant stingrays in their natural habitat. Imagine the thrill of encountering these majestic creatures gliding beneath the surface. This connection transcends boundaries, leaving a lasting appreciation for the underwater world’s beauty.

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Stingray Sailing, where anticipation and excitement guide your voyage. Picture the open sea expanding before you, wind in your hair, and salt on your skin. This nautical journey invigorates your senses, connecting you to the raw power and beauty of the open ocean.

Price: $69 per Adult

Address: Dock B, Slip 48, Cayman Islands Yacht Club Grand Cayman KY1, 1103, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-916-0503

25. Eco Rides

At Eco Rides, every aspect of your adventure is designed to harmonize with the natural world. Imagine stepping onto a vessel that is not just a means of transport but a ship of environmental stewardship. From the materials used in construction to the practices employed during the tour, every detail reflects a commitment to leaving the smallest possible footprint on the environment.

Emphasizing Sustainability

Eco Rides stands out for its strong commitment to sustainability and wildlife conservation. Their passionate guides share insights into marine ecosystems, making you an engaged participant in protecting these creatures and their habitats. Interactions with rays become meaningful memories as you join a conservation journey with Eco Rides, becoming a partner in positive change.

Price: $75 per Adult

Address: 2708 Seaview Drive, Grand Cayman, KY1-1801, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-922-0754


A visit to Stingray City in Grand Cayman is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories. The operators listed above offer a range of experiences, from educational and eco-conscious tours to luxurious private charters.

When setting out on your Stingray City adventure, prioritize environmental respect and embrace the enchantment of this remarkable destination. With a variety of options available, discover the ideal tour to match your preferences and create lasting memories of this awe-inspiring natural wonder.

N.B.: Prices and availability are subject to change.

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