Best Wings in Fort Lauderdale – (Local’s Advice)

For those on a quest to discover the best wings in Fort Lauderdale, we’ve done the legwork. Our guide zeroes in on the must-visit spots that serve up the most delectable wings, without the fluff or the need for endless scrolling. Embark on a flavorful journey as we reveal Fort Lauderdale’s top wings that cater to all tastes.

As a Midwest transplant, you can rest assured I’ve had my fair share of wings.  This is my local guide, and it’s based on a lot of field research, if you know what I mean.

chicken wings

Overview of the Chicken Wings in the 954

  • Fort Lauderdale isn’t really up there with the best cities in the US for chicken wings, but, there are a variety of spots like Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill.
  • Wing enthusiasts can find both traditional and boneless options, with various venues like Wings Plus and Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza catering to different preferences and health-conscious choices.  (I never eat boneless wings, but that’s just me.)
  • The city’s chicken wing culture extends beyond just food, with establishments pairing wings with craft beers, and family-owned spots like The Foxy Brown adding a personal touch to the dining experience.

Fort Lauderdale’s Wing Haven: A Local’s Guide to the Best Wings

Fort Lauderdale's Wing Haven

Fort Lauderdale, a coastal city in South Florida, is renowned for its rich variety of chicken wings that locals can’t get enough of. Among the best places to satisfy your wing cravings in Fort Lauderdale FL is Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill. Known for its quality chicken wings, it’s a favorite among South Florida’s patrons for its takeout options.

Other top-rated wing destinations include The Foxy Brown, Wings Plus, and The Rabbit Hole, each offering its unique twist on this beloved dish. Snappers Fish and Chicken is particularly acclaimed for their best chicken wings, especially the BBQ chicken wings, a must-try for anyone visiting the city.

The Ultimate Chicken Wing Tour on Federal Hwy

Federal Hwy serves as a culinary haven for wing enthusiasts. It’s packed with numerous venues offering a diverse array of chicken wing flavors and styles. Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill stands out as one of the premier wing spots on Federal Hwy, offering a sought-after wing experience that’s been praised by many.

The Foxy Brown is another top pick on Federal Hwy, known for its high-quality chicken wings that add to the vibrant wing culture of the area. Wings Plus, a crowd-favorite on Federal Hwy, boasts a variety of chicken wing options that are bound to delight your palate.

Commercial Blvd’s Crispy Delights: Wings Worth the Drive

When you find yourself on Commercial Blvd, Wings Plus is definitely worth a visit. This place is celebrated for serving consistently good traditional chicken wings paired with curly cue fries, creating a staple for local wing lovers. So, whether you’re dining in or grabbing takeout, Wings Plus offers an exceptional experience that caters to various customer needs.

Wings Plus also caters to health-conscious food lovers with its popular grilled chicken wings, broadening its appeal. Be it for a quick snack or a fulfilling meal, Wings Plus on Commercial Blvd merits the trip.

Wilton Manors’ Wing Wonderland: Wilton Wings & Beyond

Venturing into the heart of Wilton Manors, you’ll discover Wilton Wings, a local establishment known for its ‘Famously Good Food’ since 2007. Their menu boasts a wide variety of flavors, with specialties like their Famous Passakos Style Wings available in Hot, Lemon Pepper, Powder Garlic, and Grilled & Extra Wet options. Their assortment of specialty sauces and dry rubs also deserve a taste.

But Wilton Wings is not just about wings. They also offer enticing menu items like burgers, salads, and craft beer. With amazing lunch specials until 4 PM, happy hour from 4 PM to 7 PM, and a noteworthy selection of 20 craft beers, seasonal wines, and sake cocktails, Wilton Wings is more than just a wing spot.

Craft Beer and Wings: A Match Made in Fort Lauderdale

craft beer and wings

For enthusiasts of wings and beer pairings, Fort Lauderdale is an ideal destination. Established hangouts like:

  • Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen
  • Riverside Market
  • Laser Wolf
  • American Social
  • The Brass Tap
  • Big City Tavern

These renowned spots offer a mouthwatering selection of buffalo wings, including honey mustard flavored ones, allowing craft beer enthusiasts to relish a plethora of great wings that perfectly complement their beers and delight their taste buds.

Tap 42 offers an exceptional craft beer selection and a wings and beer special for $20, offering both variety and value. Similarly, local dive bars offer a simpler, yet equally satisfying pairing with a wide-ranging beer menu. Not to mention, Fort Lauderdale’s independent restaurants champion the local economy by featuring locally brewed beers, offering a distinct regional flavor that accentuates their craft beer and wing combinations.

Note:  None of these places had wings that knocked my socks off.  They are more commercial venues focused on alcohol sales and while their wings aren’t bad, I’m just saying, there are better.

Boneless vs. Traditional: Fort Lauderdale’s Finest

No matter your preference – boneless wings for their ease of eating or traditional bone-in wings for their authenticity – Fort Lauderdale has something for every wing aficionado. For those partial to boneless wings, a trip to Wilton Wings is in order. They offer a meal that includes blue cheese and fries, perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Wings Plus is another spot that offers a variety of boneless wings, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re a traditional wing enthusiast, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Wings Plus and The Rabbit Hole provide multiple styles, and numerous American and international restaurants offer traditional wings, ensuring you can indulge in your personal wing preferences.

Grilled to Perfection: Fort Lauderdale’s Healthier Wing Options

Fort Lauderdale presents a delightful array of grilled chicken wing flavors for those mindful of their health. Yelp reviews highlight a number of spots in the city where food lovers can enjoy these healthier options. Customers highly recommend these wings for their superb taste, indicating they might even surpass the traditional fried options.

There’s a wide selection of restaurants to choose from that offer grilled chicken wings, including different American and Grill restaurants known for healthier preparations. Mediterranean and Greek dining spots in Fort Lauderdale also offer a healthy twist on grilled chicken wings, adding to the variety of choices for health-minded wing enthusiasts.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza – More Than Just Pizza

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is a must-visit for wing lovers. They offer signature coal-fired roasted chicken wings, with the following flavors:

  • Original with caramelized onions
  • Buffalo
  • Dry Rub No. 2
  • Garlic Romano

These options ensure there’s a flavor for every palate.

Apart from the wings, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza also offers a special craft beer promotion on Mondays and Tuesdays with all craft beers on tap or in a bottle at half-price during lunch and dinner. So, if you’re looking for a place that offers more than just pizza, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is the place to be!

Wings N Things: Fort Lauderdale’s Flavor Fiesta

Wings N Things is a long-standing community favorite known for its diverse range of hot sauce options and traditional wings. Their varied menu promises a flavor fiesta for all wing lovers, with their sauces served on the side to maintain the wings’ perfect crispiness, especially appreciated for delivery orders.

From the moment you step in, you’ll be welcomed by a family-friendly environment with playful amenities like an electric train that travels around the restaurant ceiling, showcasing their family-oriented charm. It’s no wonder Wings N Things was recognized as one of the top places for wings in 2018!

Snappers Fish and Chicken: Seafood and Wings Combo

snappers fish and chicken

For a unique dining experience, head over to Snappers Fish and Chicken. They offer a seafood and wing combo that’s lauded for its tasteful snapper and shrimp, which are characterized as flaky and crispy. The wings and seafood feature a unique garlic seasoning that provides excellent flavor while maintaining a balance that is neither too salty nor greasy.

In terms of value, the red snapper filet and seven shrimp combo is acclaimed for its sizable serving at an economical price point. The friendly staff and attentive service at Snappers Fish and Chicken also contribute positively to the overall dining experience even during busy periods.

The Sports Bar Scene: Wings, Beers, and Cheers

In Fort Lauderdale, traditional wings have found their home at sports bars, where they’re enjoyed alongside a range of refreshing drinks. Some popular sports bars for wings in Fort Lauderdale include:

  • Bokamper’s Sports Bar & Grill: offers a prime wing-eating setting with numerous TVs and no bad seats, ensuring fans can simultaneously enjoy wings and various sports.
  • Twin Peaks: committed to showing every UFC match.
  • American Social: cater to wing enthusiasts with comfortable seating and ocean views.
  • Blondies Sports Bar: cater to wing enthusiasts with comfortable seating and ocean views.

McSorley’s Beach Pub offers an eclectic three-level experience with a rooftop overlooking the ocean, while Legends Tavern and Grille and Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub provide distinct atmospheres that complement their coverage of sports and wings.

Sweet and Spicy: Fort Lauderdale’s Unique Wing Flavors

Wing lovers in search of unique flavors need not look further. Fort Lauderdale’s wing offerings are enriched by its multicultural culinary landscape, encompassing Caribbean and Mediterranean twists on traditional wing flavors. Local eateries’ customer reviews celebrate the sweet and spicy wing flavors, especially when paired with distinctive ‘Mad’ dipping sauces.

Fort Lauderdale’s unique wing flavors truly offer a feast for the senses. So, whether you prefer a sweet honey glaze or a spicy kick, there’s a wing spot waiting for you in Fort Lauderdale.

Late-Night Wing Stops: Fort Lauderdale’s After-Hours Eats

Craving wings late at night? Fort Lauderdale is at your service. The city offers both pickup and delivery options for late-night chicken wing lovers. The Rabbit Hole, known for its popular takeout wings, stays open late and is a go-to spot for after-hours dining.

Through delivery services like Uber Eats and DoorDash, customers can easily order late-night wings from a variety of Wilton Manors restaurants such as:

  • Wilton Wings
  • Twice Removed
  • Wings Plus
  • Perry Wings FTL
  • Charleys Cheesesteaks and Wings

So, no matter what time of the night it is, you can always satisfy your wing cravings in Fort Lauderdale.

Family-Owned Gems: Fort Lauderdale’s Independently Operated Restaurants

The local community in Fort Lauderdale is proud to support independently owned restaurants, recognized for their warm ambiance and unwavering quality. One such family-owned gem is The Foxy Brown. This independently operated restaurant presents its own unique twist on chicken wings, enhancing the dining experience.

Similarly, Smitty’s Wings stands out as an independently owned operation in Fort Lauderdale, offering the warmth of a family-run business with the consistent quality of their wings. These family-owned gems are a testament to the vibrant and diverse culinary scene in Fort Lauderdale, offering a personal touch in every dish they serve.  Speaking of family owned, read on to hear about my recommendation for the best wings in town.

Who Has the Best Chicken Wings in Fort Lauderdale?

That award goes to Billy’s Tavern, a family-owned local bar and grill located just miles west of the Fort Lauderdale airport off of interstate 595 and State Road 84.  You won’t find a better option for wings than Billy’s, who also serves up some incredible pizza.


To sum up, Fort Lauderdale is a wing-lover’s paradise, offering a variety of flavors, styles, and experiences. Whether you’re a fan of traditional or boneless wings, prefer them grilled or fried, or love to pair them with craft beers, Fort Lauderdale has something to offer for every wing enthusiast. From family-owned gems to late-night wing stops, the city’s vibrant wing culture caters to all tastes and preferences. So, the next time you’re in town, make sure to embark on a wing-tasting adventure and discover the flavors that make Fort Lauderdale the ultimate destination for wing lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top-rated spots for wings in Fort Lauderdale?

You should check out Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill, The Foxy Brown, Wings Plus, The Rabbit Hole, and Snappers Fish and Chicken for some of the best wings in Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy!

Are there any wing spots in Fort Lauderdale that offer craft beers?

Absolutely! Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen, Riverside Market, Laser Wolf, American Social, The Brass Tap, and Big City Tavern are great spots in Fort Lauderdale where you can enjoy both craft beers and delicious wings.

Where can I find boneless wings in Fort Lauderdale?

You can find boneless wings in Fort Lauderdale at Wilton Wings and Wings Plus. Enjoy!

What are some of the unique wing flavors available in Fort Lauderdale?

In Fort Lauderdale, you can find unique wing flavors with Caribbean and Mediterranean twists, adding a multicultural touch to the traditional options.

Are there any family-owned restaurants in Fort Lauderdale that serve wings?

Yes, there are family-owned restaurants in Fort Lauderdale that serve wings, such as Wings N Things, Billy’s Tavern, The Foxy Brown, and Smitty’s Wings, known for their welcoming atmosphere and consistent quality.

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