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Firs off, welcome to All World Travel, a site made by South Florida couple Tim & Michelle Schmidt featuring highlights of our world travels!  We encourage you to read this page to learn how to best use this website so you can “live like a local” wherever you go!

First, let’s get into our most important pages.  You should bookmark this page and refer to it  whenever you are booking travel experiences across the globe as we continue to update it with new experiences.

  • Safety Wing Travel Insurance – this is our top recommendation for travel insurance, no matter where you are going!
  • Discover Cars – this is the only place we rent cars from. It’s a global search engine that allows you to not only save money and time on your rentals (from local agencies to global brands), but it also allows you to get a clear-cut understanding of any vehicle insurance and it’s coverages, which can be downright frustrating at times, especially when you travel abroad.
  • Viator – this is a one-stop shop for private shuttles and more importantly, tours.  When you book through them you will save money getting middled by hotels so it’s always a good idea to book your experiences there. It will save you money in 99% of your experiences and these are direct bookings with local tour operators.
New York
The Big Apple.

Now that you are armed with that information, let’s get into more “About Us,” which you can read more details on this page, but since you are here, we’ll share our backstory for full transparency of who is behind the information you read on this website.

Based in Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secret, Weston, Florida, we are from Minnesota and California, respectively.  One of the things that brought us together was our love for travel, and since we’ve been together we’ve always had an ambition to continue our travels and turn out passions into a project that we could share with the world.

We often make it back to our home states to visit family and friends, and you’ll find plenty of expert guides published referencing our old neighborhoods.

In addition to that, Tim has lived in Central America and you’ll find his time living in and traveling to Costa Rica (over 400 times) as his main area of expertise.  Since relocating to South Florida in 2001, he’s traveled all over the Caribbean and Latin America and often reflects on those experiences as well.  He is your “Go To” person when it comes to Costa Rica travel, so if you ever have questions, please don’t be shy to send an email. (Tim @

Michelle is of Polish decent and has traveled most of Europe, among other places.  Together we have spent considerable time in the Florida Keys, the Cayman Islands, Mexico, Turks & Caicos, Anguilla, the Bahamas, and of course, Tim’s second home in Costa Rica.

In between, we continue to cover the Fort Lauderdale and Miami food and tourism scene like nobody else because, hey, it’s our home base and we know it very well.  

Oh, and with our son attending school next year in Orlando, we’ll definitely be adding a lot of content about the Orlando area as well!

New York City
Tim, Michelle, and Tim Jr.

As we always want to push our goal to “cover the globe,” we are always looking to hire new voices with credible reviews and takes on the world, so if our little venture is something you would like to collaborate on, please contact us here.

Both of us have careers that allow us to work remote, so you’ll find us publishing new experiences on almost a daily basis!

How to Best Use This Site

First off, take every review and experience with a bit of a grain of salt.  We all have our personal preferences and budgets, and yours may vary.  We do our best to offer advice on places to stay that range between hostels to five star hotels, so we truly to to offer something for everyone.

Next, we don’t pull any punches. If we have a bad experience, we definitely share it.  Not every experience is fun, and travel can be FULL of surprises as you all know.

travel blog experiences
Use the search function!

Lastly, use the search function located at the top of each page to your advantage.  For example, if you want to see all our content about “Costa Rica,” simply enter that as a keyword and you’ll get content that we’ve written about Costa Rica.

You can even enter in a particular venue or hotel, but we suggest being broad in your search.  If you have questions, please email, we enjoy helping people get the most out of their travel!

We’re also updating our social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, albeit not as much as this site itself, but give us a follow to find even more content!

We welcome feedback from our readers and more so, LOVE when you send us photos that we can use to update any content here (especially gorgeous beach sunsets and the likes)!

You can email those to Tim @

Lastly, if you are a business owner or marketing manager of any destination or hospitality establishment looking for more exposure, consider emailing us to do a full feature of your business or for even more exposure, submitting your website to our directory.

Thanks for your readership and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or  constructive (or in some cases – deserved!) criticism.

Tim & Michelle




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