Don Jose Mexican Restaurant (Sebring, Florida)

If you are heading up route 27 heading into Central Florida, you’ll find a variety of Mexican restaurants ranging from people cooking on the side of the road, to food trucks, to hole in the wall restaurants, all the way to the sprawling Don Jose Mexican restaurant located on the water in Sebring, Florida.  Today I’m going to share my Don Jose review after several visits to this establishment and share with you why it’s always a stop on my long journey to Auburndale, Florida, from my hometown just outside of Fort Lauderdale.

How I Encountered Don Jose in Sebring, FL

My son plays competitive soccer, which means every year we have the State Cup which is located in Auburndale, about 3 and a half hours north on route 27.  We like to break up the drive and grab some food, and as mentioned, there is no lack of Mexican cuisine on this route!  Making it to Sebring allows us to make good headway on our drive and grab some great food, and then chunk off the final hour of the journey, allowing my son to be full of energy and ready to play.

I’ve stopped at many of the restaurants in Sebring, and along the way in Clewiston, Moore Haven, and Lake Placid.  To me, none have the quality of food that Don Jose Mexican offers, so we have made it our go-to place for a quick meal while enjoying the view of the water it sits on.

Don Jose Mexican Food Reviews

I’ve never had a bad meal here. I usually start out with a Mexican take on a bloody mary beer, a “Michelada.”

This mix is a beer of your choice mixed with a couple ounces of clamato, and the rim is finished with Tajin.  It’s a great way to get a refreshing beer with a kick!  It’s my go-to at any authentic Mexican restaurant, and it never disappoints!

You’ll also get the traditional chips and salsa when you visit, and I must say, their salsa is chunky and full of flavor!  Sometimes we add the guacamole as well, which is also an excellent choice.


Don Jose offers an expansive list of starters featuring takes on Mexican classics.  Here is a sampling of what they offer:

The queso con chorizo is my absolute fave!

don jose appetizers








They also offer a variety of soups, including:

  • Black Bean Soup
  • Chicken Soup
  • Homemade chili

I haven’t had any of these yet, mainly because almost every dish comes with beans and I make the world’s best chili.  (I won the Jason Taylor Foundation chili cook off!)

They also have four different salads, which I can’t speak about, because with the lack of good Mexican food in Fort Lauderdale, I go right into the authentic dishes!

Don Jose Menu

You’ll find an expansive menu, almost as big as the Cheesecake Factory if you can imagine that!  You’ll find combination plates in addition to classics like tacos, enchiladas, flautas, quesadillas, fajitas, mole, chimichangas, and of course, burritos.

My son always orders the burrito and it’s absolutely massive!  I usually opt for the enchiladas, and this is a photo of my last visit:

don jose enchiladas
Absolutely incredible!
























They also offer over 15 different steak and chicken dishes with various preparations and sides.  15 of each steak, and chicken, that is!  I told you this place had something for everyone, and I wasn’t kidding!

They also have 5 different fish dishes containing either tilapia or salmon, so if you are into fish, you will have those two options.

Don Jose also prepares shrimp 7 different ways, from the classic “Shrimp Don Jose,” which is prepared with mushrooms, garlic, cilantro, and white wine, to the “Shrimp a la Diabla” which is their spicy take on a Mexican shrimp dish.

For those of you who like to put together fajitas your own way, you won’t be let down!  I had them in the past and there are a total of 7 different varieties of fajita dishes.  They are incredible!

Finally, they offer a kids menu and even a flan dessert.

You can’t go wrong making this a pit stop if you want to have a look at Lake Sebring, enjoy some authentic food, and even get into their expansive tequila list.

I make this a stop every time I head north on route 27, and encourage you to do the same.  You won’t be let down.

I consider myself a HUGE fan of Mexican restaurants. If you are looking for more reviews of places I’ve sampled all over the world, visit these pages:

Don Jose Mexican Restaurant

4731 Lakeview Dr.,

Sebring, Florida 33870

(863) 385-9326

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