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In the heart of Red Hook, St. Thomas, you’ll find the best bar in the area. It’s called Duffy’s Love Shack.  I spent a night there drinking tropical cocktails in a very upbeat, fun environment, and today I’ll share with you my review.

Duffy’s Love Shack Review

First off, don’t let the fact that this is a pop up bar that could double as a double wide trailer with a patio scare you.  It’s the best bar I found in the area, and the only one where anyone seemed to be a bit lively and show sign’s of a pulse.  I was staying at the near by St. Thomas Ritz Carlton, which was a very slow experience, and needed to get out and find some activity.  Red Hook was the suggestion by just about everyone in the hotel, so off we went.

A quick look at their reputation on Yelp, Google Plus, and Trip Advisor will show you that Duffy’s Love Shack is among the top places to be in Red Hook.  When your competition is under ten competing bars, that’s not a great feat, but since I tried many of them hoping for a comparable experience, I have to tip my cap to the team at Duffy’s.

They had a fog machine that emitted smoke whenever the music got progressive.  In fact, the fog was shot out of the mouth of a shark, which made the experience that much more unique.  There was 80’s and 90’s hip hop music, classic cocktails, and white women trying to dance, which pretty much made this place somewhere I could share some laughs and make memories.

The menu was typical bar food and nothing special.  We didn’t eat, so I can’t rate the food.  However, when in St. Thomas and any Caribbean island for that matter, I tend to look for seafood that’s fresh and not deep fried if possible. I don’t recall anything like that on the menu, but then again I was drinking rum out of a coconut, so there is a large margin for error.

The one thing Duffy’s does to impress everyone is serve eclectic cocktails out of very memorable cups.  You can take home these cups for a fee.  Here’s a sampling of what we got into below.

Drinks at Duffy’s Bar in Red Hook

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All in all, this was one of the lone bright spots in Red Hook and St. Thomas in general.  I highly recommend checking out Duffy’s in Red Hook, St. Thomas, if you ever make it down there.

Here’s where to find out more information:


  • 6500 Red Hook Plaza
    St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802
  • Phone number (340) 775-4122
  • Online:  duffysloveshack.com


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