Hotels in Playa Del Coco Costa Rica

Searching for hotels Playa del Coco Costa Rica? I’ve visited this thriving beach town on numerous occasions and have a bit of intel.  This article talks about the best options from lavish beachfront resorts to budget-friendly stays. Discover accommodations that align with your vacation style—whether it’s steps away from the surf or nestled in the vibrant town center where all the bars, discos, and even casino stay open late night.

Where to Stay in Playas del Coco

  • Playa del Coco offers a wide variety of hotels to suit every budget and preference, ranging from mid-range comfort to luxurious beachfront resorts.
  • Location is key, with many hotels providing easy access to local attractions, dining, and nightlife, including family-friendly options with children’s amenities and planned activities.
  • Experience more than just a room, with hotels featuring exclusive amenities like in-house restaurants with local cuisine, wellness retreats with spas and yoga, and eco-friendly practices for the environmentally conscious traveler.

Exploring the Best of Playa del Coco Hotels

Luxury beachfront hotel with amazing views

Playa del Coco offers an array of accommodations to cater to every traveler’s taste and budget, including a variety of playas del coco hotels. Some popular hotels in the area include:

Whether you’re looking for affordable comfort or palatial luxury, every stay in Playa del Coco becomes a memorable experience.

For those who crave direct access to the beach, Playa del Coco doesn’t disappoint. Coco Beach Condos and Villa del Sol are right on the beachfront. Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves and having the beach as your backyard. These accommodations provide just that, making your stay a truly immersive beach experience.

Unwind at Beachfront Havens

Beachfront hotel Café de Playa with direct access to the sand and surf

For those who envision their vacation immersed in the rhythm of the tide, beachfront hotels like Café de Playa and Villa Buena Onda are your perfect havens. At Café de Playa, you can enjoy direct access to Coco Beach, with the sand and surf just steps away from your room.

Villa Buena Onda offers a tranquil beachfront experience with exceptional service and serene ocean views, making it perfect for those seeking a relaxing stay. Another favorite is the Bahia Pez Vela Resort, known for its well-appointed villas and beautiful ocean scenery, making it a favorite among couples and families.

Indulge in Mid-Range Comforts

Mid-range hotel Villa Del Sol with great amenities

For those seeking a balance between comfort and affordability, mid-range hotels like Hotel Villa Del Sol and Hotel La Puerta del Sol hit the sweet spot. Hotel Villa Del Sol is known for its pool area, night guard service, air conditioning, and freshly made breakfast, offering an impressive review score of 8.7.

Hotel La Puerta del Sol offers the following amenities:

  • Conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Coco Beach
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Complimentary private parking
  • Beautiful garden
  • Well-known for its delicious breakfast options

These mid-range hotels provide a desirable blend of comfort and affordability, making them a great choice for travelers looking for cheap hotels.

Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury

Luxurious Riu Palace Costa Rica with tropical gardens

For those who crave for the pinnacle of luxury, Playas del Coco offers resorts like the Riu Palace Costa Rica and Andaz Costa Rica Resort that redefine luxury in the region. Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica and El Mangroove are other luxury resorts in the area, known for their world-class spas, fitness centers, gourmet dining, and secluded beachfront locations.

Other resorts like Occidental Papagayo further elevate the luxury experience with friendly and accommodating staff, delicious food, and stunning architecture. El Mangroove (which is miles away at Playa Panama) offers guests the opportunity to indulge in a quiet, relaxing experience and unwind by the pool or explore the local area while enveloped in luxury.

Conveniently Located Coco Accommodations

Location is key when it comes to choosing accommodations. Conveniently located hotels in downtown Playas del Coco offer a great location with easy access to main street attractions, dining, and nightlife.

Budget-friendly options like Coco Beach Hotel offer clean and spacious rooms right in the heart of the action. If a tranquil atmosphere is what you’re after, Hotel Villa del Sol is your perfect match. This hotel provides a unique balance with its nature-focused setting and pool, air-conditioned rooms, and is within walking distance to local attractions. For those seeking an upscale experience, luxury coco villas are also available in the area.

Stay Near the Action

Staying near the heart of Playas del Coco provides guests with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local scene with ease, from markets to live music venues.

The Coco Beach Hotel is a prime location for travelers seeking convenience, located directly on Playas del Coco’s main street and within a short 5-minute stroll to the beach.

Another centrally located hotel is Toro Blanco, situated just 350 feet from the center of Playas del Coco and 500 feet from Coco Beach, making local attractions readily accessible for guests.

Family-Friendly Stays in Playas del Coco

Traveling with family? Fret not, Playas del Coco has plenty of family-friendly hotels. Riu Guanacaste is an all-inclusive resort featuring a dedicated children’s club, a variety of dining options, and multiple pools suitable for families.

The resort boasts a mini-water park for kids with ten water slides and a palm tree fountain, alongside RiuLand Kids Club that organizes daily entertainment for children. Accommodations designed for families, such as family suites, are available in Playas del Coco to ensure a comfortable stay for larger groups.

Embrace Tropical Getaways with Kids

Playa del Coco ensures that your family vacation is packed with fun and excitement. Hotels like Coco Beach Hotel have created a welcoming family-friendly atmosphere with amenities designed to appeal to both adults and children.

Families staying at Coco Beach Hotel can indulge in a variety of beachside activities including:

  • swimming
  • boogie boarding
  • paddle boarding
  • kayaking

These activities are designed to keep the young ones entertained and give parents the much-needed relaxation time.

Exclusive Amenities for a Memorable Trip

To enhance your vacation, many Playa del Coco hotels offer exclusive amenities that add an extra layer of delight to your stay. La Puerta del Sol creates a memorable experience with its buzzing Garden Bar featuring live music and themed events.

Riu Guanacaste takes it up a notch by partnering with ScubaCaribe to offer guests a variety of exciting excursions such as:

  • Sunset cruises
  • Sportfishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Jet skiing
  • Private boat tours

These unique experiences are sure to make your stay in Playa del Coco unforgettable.

Leisure and Recreation Highlights

Leisure and recreation play a crucial role in making your vacation fulfilling. Toro Blanco, for instance, offers BBQ facilities and bicycle rentals for guests, adding an element of fun and adventure to your stay.

Positioned near the town center and the picturesque Coco Beach, guests at Toro Blanco enjoy both convenience and scenic beauty during their stay. Along with these leisure amenities, Toro Blanco offers free WiFi access, ensuring guests are connected and comfortable.

The Charm of Small-Scale Coco Hotels

In Playa del Coco, small-scale hotels like La Gaviota Tropical can provide a unique charm with personalized service and unique amenities. Known for its friendly service and family-like treatment of guests, La Gaviota Tropical offers a more intimate and cozy accommodation experience.

Boasting a garden oasis within the hotel grounds, this small-scale hotel provides a tranquil place for guests to relax. The roof-top pool at La Gaviota Tropical is another distinctive amenity that adds to the hotel’s charm.

Planning Your Stay: Practical Tips and Insights

To make the most of your stay in Playa del Coco, timing is everything. The dry season from December to April is the best time to visit, with lower rainfall and higher tourist activity. However, the green season from May to November offers lush landscapes and less crowded experiences, despite sporadic afternoon showers.

Getting around Playa del Coco is a breeze with numerous transportation modes such as:

  • Rental cars
  • Taxis
  • Local buses
  • Private shuttle services

Renting a car is a great option as it enables tourists to spontaneously explore nearby beaches and attractions like Ocotal Beach at their own convenience.

Savoring Local Flavors: Hotels with Noteworthy Restaurants

A vacation in Playa del Coco is incomplete without savoring local flavors. Many hotels house noteworthy restaurants that offer an unforgettable culinary experience. Some of the top restaurants in Playa del Coco include:

  • Cafe de Playa: a beachfront hotel acclaimed for its on-site restaurant that provides guests with live music and memorable meals

Make sure to try these restaurants during your stay for a taste of the local cuisine.

The in-house restaurant at M&M Beach House, despite its budget-friendly orientation, is celebrated as the best spot for breakfast in Coco. Pato Loco is renowned for its breakfast menu, particularly for its eggs benedict on Sundays. For seafood lovers, Mar Azul sets the standard, offering the freshest selections accompanied by craft cocktails.

Relaxation and Wellness Retreats in Coco

Vacations are all about relaxation and wellness, and Playa del Coco hotels provide serene settings specifically designed to prioritize guest’s wellness and relaxation needs. Riu Guanacaste offers a comprehensive wellness experience with its Renova Spa, which includes a variety of beauty salons, massages, and spa treatments.

Yoga sessions and tranquil settings complement the spa services and are available at hotel retreats for a holistic wellness approach. Do note that while Riu Guanacaste offers several wellness amenities, beauty salon services, massages, and treatments may incur an additional charge.

The All-Inclusive Experience at Playas del Coco

All-inclusive resorts like Riu Guanacaste offer a hassle-free vacation experience, with a range of amenities included in the stay. The all-inclusive package at Riu Guanacaste includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Regular restocking of the minibar and liquor dispenser
  • 24-hour room service
  • Access to fitness and wellness facilities for adults
  • Introduction to scuba diving

This ensures a complete holiday experience without additional costs.

Culinary delights are abundant with a 24-hour snack selection, full American breakfast buffets, live cooking stations, à la carte dining options including Italian and Asian cuisine, and themed buffet nights for varied dining experiences. On top of that, guests at Riu Guanacaste can enjoy daily entertainment like foam parties and volleyball, live music, complimentary sun loungers on the beach and at pools, entry to the Pacha discotheque, and a formal but fun dress code at dinner.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Hotels in Coco

As eco-consciousness becomes more prevalent, Playa del Coco is home to several sustainable and eco-friendly hotels that are committed to environmental conservation and community welfare. Some hotels harness renewable energy by integrating small hydroelectric, wind, and solar power systems.

Eco-friendly hotels promote:

  • Energy conservation with energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances
  • Water conservation through gray water recycling and rainwater harvesting
  • Protect local ecosystems with land conservation strategies
  • Support local community initiatives and contribute to reforestation programs

These hotels reflect their commitment to environmental and community welfare.

Check out hotels in nearby beach towns:


In summary, Playa del Coco, with its array of accommodations ranging from budget-friendly to luxury resorts, promises a vacation experience like no other. Whether you’re seeking a beachfront haven, a mid-range comfort, a luxury stay, a family-friendly hotel, or an eco-friendly retreat, Playa del Coco has it all. With unique amenities, convenient locations, and a commitment to sustainability, these accommodations ensure a truly memorable stay in this tropical paradise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim in Coco beach Costa Rica?

Yes, you can swim in Coco Beach, Costa Rica. Enjoy various activities like surfing and swimming while visiting the Playas del Coco area.

Is Playas del Coco expensive?

Yes, Playas del Coco can be expensive, especially compared to inland areas. Property prices are higher, and you may need to spend on air conditioning, unless you find a more expensive property with a natural breeze.

What’s the best time to visit Playas del Coco?

The best time to visit Playas del Coco is during the dry season from December to April for lower rainfall and higher tourist activity, but the green season from May to November also offers lush landscapes and less crowded experiences despite sporadic afternoon showers. Enjoy your trip!

What transportation modes are available in Playas del Coco?

You can choose from rental cars, taxis, local buses, and private shuttle services in Playas del Coco. Renting a car is a convenient option for spontaneous exploration of nearby beaches and attractions.

Are there family-friendly hotels in Playa del Coco?

Yes, there are family-friendly hotels in Playa del Coco, such as Riu Guanacaste and Bahia Pez Vela Resort. Enjoy your family vacation!

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