Miami Airport Restaurants: My Guide to Dining at MIA

Need to satisfy hunger pangs at Miami International Airport? You’re covered. We fly out of MIA quite frequently as we are based in South Florida.  With an estimated 500+ flights out of this airport, I’ve had a ton of time to sample all the food in times of hunger, or during those awful flight delays!  From early-morning coffee to late-night snacks, our guide to Miami airport restaurants can hopefully prepare you for your time spent in the airport while you wait for your flight.

Miami International Airport Dining Guide Overview

  • Miami International Airport (MIA) offers a wide variety of dining options across its terminals, catering to diverse preferences with chain-style eateries such as Corona Beach House, Pizza Hut, Cafe Versailles, Sushi Maki, and Chili’s.
  • Healthier food options and globally-inspired cuisines are readily available at MIA, including Icebox Cafe, Sushi Maki, and La Pausa, ensuring travelers with different dietary needs are accommodated.
  • Additional airport conveniences include the MIA2GO contactless mobile ordering platform, providing ease and efficiency to passengers’ dining experiences, and various establishments offering 24-hour service for travelers at any time of the day.

Terminal D Dining Options

At MIA, Terminal D is a haven for anyone with an appetite, featuring well-known dining establishments such as the Corona Beach House, Pizza Hut, and Cafe Versailles. This terminal offers an assortment of other food venues including 305 Pizza, Bacardi Mojito Bar, and Fig & Fennel to suit a multitude of culinary desires. Whether you’re in the mood for something light or a hearty meal before your flight, Terminal D has options ranging from quick bites to sit-down experiences.

For those who are mindful about maintaining their dietary regimen while on the go, they can take solace at Icebox Cafe where healthier grab-and-go options are readily available. Insights into what’s on offer at Terminal D’s diverse array of bars and restaurants will be discussed next.

Corona Beach House

Imagine enjoying a chilled beer in the laid-back ambiance of a beach house just moments before you catch your flight. Corona Beach. House brings this experience to life at MIA, where it stands as the first flagship Corona eatery and sports bar within an airport in America. Here, passengers can indulge in diverse dining choices that cater even to breakfast seekers.

Alongside its culinary offerings, travelers have access to an expansive range of drinks including beers, wines, and bespoke cocktails. It’s designed to be a tranquil haven for those wishing to relax prior to their journey’s commencement. Don’t forget – they serve up an enticing South Beach brunch worth sampling!

Pizza Hut

Before you board your flight, if you’re hankering for a slice of pizza, Pizza Hut Express in Terminal D is an ideal spot for passengers looking for a fast meal. They offer an array of choices including pizza, pasta, and wings. There’s a range of beer and spirits available at the bar for those seeking a pre-flight beverage.

Pizza Hut Express welcomes guests from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm daily to accommodate most travelers’ schedules. Regardless if you prefer to travel early or later in the day, they’re ready to serve up your favorites.

Cafe Versailles

Before boarding your plane, if you desire an authentic Cuban culinary experience, make your way to Cafe Versailles located within Miami Airport. Renowned for its authentic Cuban coffee and delightful sandwiches, this eatery serves up the quintessential flavors of Cuba right in the heart of MIA.

Indulge in their acclaimed Cuban coffee or savor a variety of pastries and freshly pressed hot Cuban sandwiches that promise to be a gastronomic treat. Ensure you seize the opportunity for this delectable taste adventure next time you find yourself at Terminal D.

Central Terminal Eateries (Gates E, F, & G)

Amidst some temporary closures, both the Central Terminal and North Terminal maintain a select yet inviting array of dining options. For aficionados of sushi maki or those with an inclination for bakery staple sweets, the food selection at the Central Terminal promises to delight.

On the 7th floor within Terminal E, Viena delivers fast dining solutions including pasta dishes, flatbreads, and various salads that cater to passengers seeking a swift meal prior to departure. Next up for discussion are Sushi Maki’s offerings as well as what’s included in a Bakery Staple Set.

Sushi Maki

Attention, sushi aficionados: if you find yourself at MIA, make your way to Sushi Maki in Terminal E for an authentic Japanese dining experience. As you prepare for takeoff, indulge in a selection of freshly crafted sushi and innovative interpretations of classic dishes guaranteed to delight your palate.

Not just a haven for sushi rolls, the eatery boasts an array of distinctive offerings such as Kobe beef sliders and inventive sushi tacos that promise to elevate the culinary adventures of globe-trotters. Seize the opportunity to savor some sumptuous Japanese flavors while awaiting your flight’s departure.

Bakery Staple Set

Pastry enthusiasts rejoice! The beloved South Beach brunch favorite, Bakery Staple Set, boasts a branch right within Miami International Airport that serves up an array of delectable confections to delight travelers.

Should you find yourself at the airport with cravings for sugary indulgence, don’t miss out on this bakery’s exquisite pastries and cakes. Ensure that during your upcoming journey through Terminal E at Miami International Airport, you seize the opportunity to treat yourself at Bakery Staple Set.

South Terminal (H&J) Restaurants

Travelers departing from the South Terminal, which comprises Concourses H and J, can enjoy a wide selection of food options. Esteemed dining establishments such as La Pausa and Chili’s provide an assortment of culinary delights to suit any preference, whether you’re seeking upscale dishes or comforting classics.

When time is short and you need something on-the-go, drop by Halfmoon Empanadas for an enticing range of empanada flavors. Moving forward, we will delve into the diverse array of food choices that the South Terminal offers.

La Pausa

For those in need of a tranquil spot before taking to the skies, La Pausa at the South Terminal is an oasis for wayfarers. It boasts an array of culinary delights that include:

  • Starters such as Shishito Peppers and Roasted Heirloom Carrots
  • Nutritious options like soups and salads
  • Main courses featuring Primavera Pesto Pasta, Crab Cake, and Prime Coulotte steak adorned with a signature house-made sauce

Your taste buds are sure to be satisfied at La Pausa.

To round out your dining experience, guests can visit La Pausa’s full bar, which offers an assortment of expertly crafted cocktails, an extensive wine list, and numerous beer choices. Indulge in some restful moments with delightful fare at La Pausa prior to your departure.


In search of some hearty fare? At MIA, Chili’s offers passengers a variety of homey dishes at their South Terminal outpost. Their enticing menu includes:

  • Southwest Eggrolls
  • Texas Cheese Fries
  • A range of salads
  • An array of burgers, including the ‘Just Bacon Burger’

Chili’s is ready to satisfy those with an appetite for indulgent comfort food.

If you have a penchant for quesadillas and fajitas, Chili’s presents several choices featuring:

  • chicken
  • steak
  • shrimp
  • combo

Make sure not to pass up on enjoying some comforting eats at Chili’s during your next trip through MIA.


If you’re looking for a tasty and quick snack, the South Terminal at Miami International Airport has numerous vendors that serve empanadas bursting with flavor. These delicious pastries come in an assortment of flavors to quickly quench your cravings.

No matter if your taste buds lean toward fiery spices or prefer gentler tastes, there’s an empanada to suit every preference. Don’t miss out on grabbing one of these scrumptious treats for a convenient and fulfilling nibble when you’re passing through the South Terminal in Miami.

Pre and Post-Security Dining

Within MIA, the gastronomic adventure continues unabated beyond the security checkpoint. The excitement surrounding food options increases for travelers who’ve cleared this stage. Prior to security clearance, a vast array of culinary delights awaits patrons—from savory pizza slices and tropical Caribbean beverages to hand-crafted empanadas.

Beyond the confines of airport security, an even greater assortment of dining experiences unfolds before passengers. Among them are:

  • Authentic Cuban dishes at Estefan Kitchen Express
  • Classic New York-style slices from Famous Famiglia
  • Nutritious offerings at Ice Box Café
  • Well-known American classics served up by TGI Friday’s

For those finding themselves hungry during unconventional hours—be it late in the night or early dawn— establishments like Subway and Dunkin’ stand ready to serve round-the-clock within MIA’s terminals.

Breakfast Spots at MIA

For guests facing early flights or those in need of a quick bite, Dunkin’ is open around the clock at MIA to provide freshly brewed coffee, donuts, and bagels. Regardless if you’re up with dawn or enjoy a more leisurely start to your day, these dining options for breakfast are designed to satisfy everyone’s schedule and palate.  Theres also an Einstein’s bagels, and Cafe Versailles, although the original location in Little Havana is MUCH better than the airport locations.  And don’t sleep on my favorite – Half Moon Empanadas.  Although they are a bit pricey, they never disappoint.

Wine and Beer Options at MIA

At MIA, there is something for everyone, whether it’s enjoying a relaxing glass of wine or sipping on an ice-cold beer before departure. The airport offers numerous bars and lounges that provide travelers with an extensive choice of both wine and beer.

For foodies looking for more than just snacks alongside their drinks, establishments such as Shula’s Bar & Grill, Spring Chicken, and Chili’s offer more than just snacks. Too present menus including steaks to fried chicken to burgers complete with bar services offering various alcoholic drinks. If you’re after a quick beverage stopover in Terminal D, Pizza Hut Express has introduced a bar serving up an assortment of beers along with spirits.

Long Haul Flight Dining Tips

Enduring long flights can strain your body, particularly in relation to nourishment. Thoughtful preparation can significantly improve the experience for disgruntled air passengers. It’s wise to examine the airline’s food offerings ahead of time to decide whether it might be preferable to pack your own snacks.

For a heightened level of flight comfort, bear in mind these suggestions:

  • Opting for dishes that are indigenous to the airline’s origin may provide higher quality meal options than other available choices.
  • Pack an assortment of sweet and savory treats as high altitudes may affect how flavors are perceived.
  • Bring along a reusable water bottle and eating utensils, reducing reliance on disposable plastics.

Mobile Device Ordering

Technology has made the process of acquiring food at airports significantly simpler and more convenient. At Miami International Airport, the introduction of MIA2GO, a contactless mobile platform, streamlines ordering, payment, and pick-up for passengers looking to grab a bite — all while minimizing wait times and enhancing their overall airport dining experience.

Passengers can access MIA2GO by scanning QR codes positioned throughout various locations in the terminal or by navigating directly to on their mobile device. After placing an order through this service, customers receive real-time updates about its status right on their phones. This innovative tool provides travelers with the capability to tailor their search for gastronomic offerings based on both cuisine type and terminal location within the Miami airport premises for added convenience.

Best Food at Miami Airport

Not merely a center for flights, Miami International Airport doubles as an exceptional gastronomic locale. It boasts an impressive array of eateries, ranging from the quick and casual Spring Chicken to a more healthy fare at Icebox Cafe, positioning MIA among the top-tier airports for dining experiences.

The diverse flavors include authentic Cuban dishes at La Carreta MIA and savory steaks courtesy of Shula’s Bar & Grill. For those in search of a brief bite, Half Moon Empanadas provides delightful snacks on the go. Make sure to indulge in Miami International Airport’s enticing culinary offerings during your forthcoming visit to this airport.

If you are flying into Dade or Broward County, know that Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport is also a great place to fly into.  Just 25 minutes north, you’ll find more Delta and Jet Blue flights to and from there.  Accordingly, here’s my Ft Lauderdale airport dining overview in case you choose to fly there.


MIA boasts a variety of dining experiences to satisfy all tastes, including the flagship Corona Beach House and Pizza Hut Express in Terminal D for eclectic food choices. Those traversing the Central Terminal can indulge in sushi and baked goods, while La Pausa in the South Terminal serves up gourmet cuisine. Whether craving pizza on-the-go or a fine dining encounter before takeoff, MIA has an array of options available. Make sure to discover these gastronomic offerings during your next visit to the airport!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some dining options in Terminal D at MIA?

Terminal D at MIA offers a variety of dining options including popular spots like Corona Beach House, Pizza Hut, and Cafe Versailles.

What can I eat at the Central Terminal at MIA?

Despite certain temporary shutdowns, Sushi Maki continues to offer sushi favorites and a variety of classic bakery items across multiple outlets for your enjoyment.

Does MIA have any breakfast spots?

Certainly, at MIA you have the option to enjoy breakfast offerings like Einstein’s, Cafe Versailles, and Dunkin’, which is open around the clock for coffee and baked goods.  There’s also a great empanada stand called Half Moon Empanadas.

Can I order food using my mobile device at MIA?

Yes, you can order food using MIA2GO, a contactless mobile platform at Miami International Airport.

What are some food options for long haul flights?

On long haul flights, it’s advisable to sample the in-flight offerings of local dishes unique to the airline’s country of origin. Packing an assortment of snacks both sweet and savory can help cater to varying taste buds throughout your travel.


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