Cafe Bastille Fort Lauderdale (A New Favorite!)

Looking for a taste of Paris in Fort Lauderdale? Café Bastille delivers just that with its authentic French brunch and lively atmosphere. Situated on the waterfront, this cafe is renowned for its croissants, eggs Benedict, and weekend DJ events. Expect fresh, locally sourced ingredients in every dish and a cozy Parisian vibe that makes it perfect for a relaxing meal or a lively brunch with friends. Read on to discover more about their menu, special offerings, and what makes Café Bastille a local favorite and our new top ranked brunch in Fort Lauderdale!  Yep, it’s that good.

NOTE:  They do NOT take reservations.  My advice is to visit on a weekday or you could be waiting a while.  Then again, they will page you when your table is ready and you can walk around Las Olas Blvd while you wait.

Key Takeaways

  • Cafe Bastille in Fort Lauderdale offers an all-day French brunch menu featuring classics like croissants, Eggs Benedict, and French Toast, with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • The cafe provides a lively atmosphere with a DJ on weekends and a charming Parisian-inspired ambiance by the waterfront, making it an ideal spot for brunch with friends.
  • Enjoy a variety of offerings from freshly baked pastries to hearty egg-based dishes and specialty drinks.

Cafe Bastille Fort Lauderdale: The Spot for Authentic French Brunch

outdoor dining cafe bastille

Cafe Bastille in Fort Lauderdale was founded by Benjamin and Estelle, partners hailing from Paris. Their passion for authentic French cuisine is evident in every dish, with fresh, locally sourced ingredients cooked daily by their dedicated team. The cafe’s all-day brunch menu features French classics such as croissants, eggs Benedict, and French toast, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Adding to the vibrant atmosphere is a DJ every weekend, making Cafe Bastille the perfect spot for a lively brunch with friends. Located along the picturesque waterfront, this restaurant combines the charm of Parisian dining with the relaxed vibe of Fort Lauderdale, creating an unforgettable brunch experience.  Our last visit was on Michelle’s birthday, which fell on a Monday, so we haven’t experienced that yet but we can imagine it’s great!

Introduction to Cafe Bastille

cafe bastille fort lauderdale

At Cafe Bastille, the all-day brunch menu brings joy to your palate with signature items such as Eggs Benedict, French Toast, and Red Velvet Pancakes. Whether you’re in Fort Lauderdale, Downtown Miami or South Beach, this charming cafe ensures that a scrumptious breakfast, brunch or lunch is always within reach every day of the week. Embracing a philosophy centered around fresh and locally sourced ingredients guarantees not just delightful but also wholesome meals.

Embodying the sophistication and allure of Parisian cafes, Cafe Bastille offers an atmosphere where guests can feel instantly at ease. It’s an ideal spot for savoring a relaxed brunch or simply catching up over coffee amidst authentic Paris-like surroundings complemented by cordial service—making each visit to Cafe Bastile genuinely unforgettable.

Cafe Bastille Menu Options

There’s a lot to like about this menu!

cafe bastille menu
This is just the “beverage” list.


At Cafe Bastille, we take pride in offering an array of exquisitely prepared pastries that are freshly baked each day. Our selection includes:

  • Flaky butter croissants
  • Rich pain au chocolat
  • Decadent almond croissants
  • Fruit-topped danishes
  • Warm cinnamon rolls

Employing fresh ingredients sourced from the local area, our skilled artisans craft these delicious treats daily. This dedication to traditional French baking techniques ensures that every morsel reflects genuine authenticity and superior quality.

For those with a hankering for something traditionally French like a classic croissant or desiring to try an imaginative pastry creation, you’ll find what your palate desires at Cafe Bastiste. Elevate your experience by complementing any pastry choice with one of our mouth-watering coffees or signature beverages to create the ultimate indulgence for your morning routine.

Sweet Starts

Cafe Bastille presents an irresistible array of sweet start options for those who revel in a sugary beginning to their day. Their standout dish, the Crispy French Toast, marries crunchy bites of french toast with juicy berries and velvety butter whipped cream all for $17.00—a fusion that has brunch aficionados returning time and again.

Priced at $15.00, the Crepe Express is another crowd-pleaser enveloping strawberries, bananas, and decadent Nutella within its folds—an opulent way to start your morning with a hint of French finesse. Whether your preference leans toward crispy french toast or sumptuous crepes, Cafe Bastille’s menu promises to transport you straight to Paris through its freshly prepared confections fit for any discerning lover of breakfast or brunch classics.


At Cafe Bastille, the menu is brimming with a delightful assortment of pancake choices that are ideal for an indulgent brunch experience. The options range from timeless buttermilk pancakes to the luxurious Red Velvet Pancakes, each prepared attentively and accompanied by a variety of fresh garnishes and rich syrups.

For those who savor their pancakes unadorned or those who relish them bursting with tastes, Cafe Bastille caters to all taste preferences ensuring every diner finds something to enjoy.

French Toast & Waffles

Indulge in the delectable French toast and waffle dishes at Cafe Bastille, beautifully adorned with fresh fruits and an assortment of delightful toppings. A highlight on their menu is the Berry-adorned French Toast, which melds the indulgent taste of classic French toast with a burst of freshness from succulent berries.

Cafe Bastolle doesn’t just stop at French toast – they also offer a wide selection of waffles. These come topped to your liking with various options including:

  • Traditional maple syrup
  • House-made fruit compotes
  • Velvety whipped cream
  • Decadent Nutella spread
  • Rich caramel drizzle

Kickstart your day brunch experience at Cafe Bastole by diving into these sumptuous offerings perfect for any morning treat.

Eggs Benedict

At Cafe Bastille in Fort Lauderdale, a variety of Eggs Benedict selections are available, each accompanied by breakfast potatoes to complete the meal. The classic version here is given a distinct twist with ham and hollandaise sauce atop a baguette, offering an exceptional mix of taste and texture that has made it particularly popular among patrons.

The Smoked Salmon Benedict stands out for those looking for something uniquely tantalizing. It consists of:

  • perfectly poached eggs
  • creamy hollandaise sauce
  • delicately layered on a baguette
  • complemented by richly flavored smoked salmon

Cafe Bastille prides itself on providing both traditional and innovative takes on Eggs Benedict to delight anyone’s palate.


Indulge in the scrumptious selection of omelettes at Cafe Bastille, complemented by multigrain toast, homemade jam, and breakfast potatoes. The Parisian Omelette is a delightful fusion of ham, mushrooms, and Monterey cheese priced at $17.

Priced at $18 is Ben’s Favorite Omelette which includes:

  • savory turkey
  • smooth avocado
  • tangy pickled onions
  • melting Monterey cheese

Opt for these omelettes as an ideal option for a hearty breakfast or brunch experience that highlights Cafe Bastille’s dedication to incorporating fresh ingredients sourced locally into their dishes.

Eggs & Co.

Discover the distinct flavors of egg-centric meals such as Turkish Eggs or Frank’s Famous Hash at Cafe Bastille, which satisfies a range of culinary preferences. The Turkish Eggs are crafted with gently poached eggs atop yogurt and drizzled with a spiced butter sauce that’s rich in fragrance, all served alongside freshly baked sourdough bread from the house kitchen. For $14, you can savor this exquisite combination of taste and texture.

Another standout dish is the French Shakshuka, featuring ratatouille and feta on a Jerusalem bagel, catering to diverse tastes.

For a more filling choice, consider Frank’s Famous Hash that encompasses:

  • savory corned beef hash
  • golden-brown roasted potatoes
  • crisp bell peppers
  • sautéed onions
  • earthy mushrooms

This is crowned with two perfectly cooked over-easy eggs for completeness. At an inviting price point of $16, it stands out as an ideal option for guests seeking a substantial and flavorful breakfast experience.

On Bread

Croissant Sandwich
The breakfast sandwich on a croissant did not disappoint.

Savor an array of mouth-watering dishes on bread at Cafe Bastille. The avocado toast is a crowd favorite, featuring creamy avocado spread atop toasted multigrain bread, complemented by feta cheese and cherry tomatoes for $18.00 – a superb choice for those seeking a delicious yet light brunch or lunch.

Indulge in the decadent Truffle Croque Madame if you’re looking for something richer.

  • Thinly sliced Prosciutto
  • A savory truffle-infused béchamel sauce
  • Melted Gruyere cheese
  • Crowned with a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg

Priced at $26.00, this dish offers an opulent culinary experience that reflects the cafe’s gastronomic flair.

Don’t miss out on Estelle’s salmon burger either. It features succulent blackened Atlantic salmon served on soft brioche bun and comes garnished with fresh tomato, peppery arugula, luscious truffle aioli alongside cajun fries – all priced reasonably at $27.00.

Healthy Lunch

Choose a wholesome midday meal at Cafe Bastille, with savory selections such as the Salmon Nicoise and Chicken Caesar Salad. The delectable Salmon Nicoise brings together succulent salmon filet, crisp green beans, ripe tomatoes, immaculate organic eggs, piquant onions, delicate fingerling potatoes, and rich Kalamata olives for a nutrient-packed dining experience. Meanwhile, the traditional Chicken Caesar Salad is comprised of crunchy romaine lettuce topped with tender grilled chicken breast pieces complemented by soft brioche croutons sprinkled over the salad along with shavings of parmesan cheese. All lightly coated in creamy Caesar dressing to fulfill your lunchtime cravings.

For those looking for an alternative healthy dish, you can indulge in our Southern Steak Bowl which includes:

  • Tender beef filet
  • Fluffy rice
  • Fresh spinach
  • Creamy avocado
  • Crunchy cucumber

Punctuated by sweet caramelized onions.

Vibrant roasted red peppers enriching its taste. With feta cheese adding tanginess while providing excellent nutritional value.

Topping it off is a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg drizzled generously smoked chili oil infusing it warmth without overpowering subtleties prepared alongside cilantro aioli served separately allowing you decide how much flavor kick you prefer your bowl to have!

Specialty Drinks

French Toast Cappucino
The French Toast Cappuccino is out of this world!

Delight in the unique selection of specialty beverages at Cafe Bastille, particularly our signature French Toast Cappuccino. This exquisite concoction consists of a robust double espresso blended with flavors of vanilla, butterscotch, and cinnamon syrups. It is crowned with luscious whipped cream and adorned with a bite-sized piece of french toast. A rim dusted with brown sugar enhances the sweetness while a final sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon tops off this indulgent treat.

Explore our other exceptional drinks which include:

  • Lychee Collins
  • Blueberry Basil Mule
  • French Toast Tini
  • Mochatini

As part of its brunch offerings, Cafe Bastille presents an option for unlimited mimosas to guests, as well as providing pitchers filled to the brim with Sangria for just $49 – perfect accompaniments to your leisurely mid-morning dining experience.


Indulge in the invigorating taste of smoothies at Cafe Bastille, with a selection that boasts exotic and fresh flavors such as passion fruit and acai. The beloved Acai Smoothie is particularly renowned among patrons for its fusion of the superfood acai berry with an assortment of ripe fruits.

For those seeking to awaken their senses with something vibrant, the Passion Fruit Smoothide delivers an exhilarating tropical experience. Additional offerings cater to diverse cravings and needs: cleanse your system with our Green Smoothie, recharge after exercising with our Protein Smoothie or treat yourself to decadent pleasure in our Chocolate Peanut Smoothie.

Cold Press

Elevate your brunch experience at Cafe Bastille with our range of cold press juices, crafted from fresh and nutrient-dense produce. These healthful beverages are designed to energize you, aid in digestion, and deliver vital vitamins and minerals that benefit your well-being.

Our dedicated bakery and juicery at the cafe take pride in producing each batch of cold press juice to ensure a premium quality refreshment that complements your meal perfectly.

The Ambiance

cafe bastille patio
Outdoor seating with a vibe.

Delve into the cozy and inviting atmosphere of Cafe Bastille, which echoes the charm of Paris. This cafe delivers a quintessential French dining experience from morning till evening, perfect for a leisurely brunch or delectable lunch. On weekends, the ambiance is elevated with the presence of a DJ who adds an extra touch to your delightful brunch moments.

A key feature that stands out at Cafe Bastile is its expansive outdoor patio, much-loved by patrons for their seating preference. Its enchanting vibe coupled with scenic views by the waterfront form an exquisite backdrop to savor scrumptious meals amidst wonderful companionship.

Customer Reviews

As we dive into the patron feedback regarding their time at Cafe Bastille, there’s significant appreciation for the high-standard fare, service quality, and overall atmosphere. Patrons regularly commend the amiable and prompt staff. Some have noted that infrequent understaffing can lead to a dip in speed of service. Nevertheless, most agree that the food’s excellence is reminiscent of an original French boulangerie and consistently receives enthusiastic accolades.

Opinions on particular menu items vary: selections such as the acai bowl and Bloody Mary are frequently celebrated for their quality while some patrons find certain other dishes lacking moisture or distinction. Despite these occasional mixed critiques on individual offerings from the kitchen, Cafe Bastile’s allure often results in long lines, especially during weekend rushes—yet regulars insist that this experience is well worth any potential delay.

I can say whole heartedly that we had the best experience EVER here.  We will be back and I’ll be adding more photos.  As you can see here, my face shows my happiness here!

cafe bastille

How to Get There

Nestled at 704 SE 1st St in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, Cafe Bastille welcomes patrons with the allure of tasty cuisine and beverages in a prime location. The absence of dedicated parking is compensated by metered spaces within a short two-minute stroll from the cafe. Potential visitors should note that street parking may pose challenges as indicated by several reviews. Alternatively, nearby garages and lots provide additional options.

Arriving either on foot or via automobile to Cafe Bastile offers an experience enhanced by its scenic waterfront position and inviting atmosphere—an endeavor deemed rewarding for those who venture there.

If you are a looking for a comparable restaurant that offers French cuisine and brunch, check out Pasti’s in Miami’s Wynwood district. It has a very similar vibe.


To encapsulate, Cafe Bastille in Fort Lauderdale provides a genuine French-inspired brunch that pleases every palate. The selection ranges from savory omelettes to delightful pastries and includes both innovative specialty drinks as well as invigorating smoothies, ensuring an array of options for all guests.

This blog entry is intended to spark your curiosity about the charming taste offerings and inviting atmosphere at Cafe Bastille. We encourage you to indulge in this culinary delight and wish you “Bon appétit” on your visit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cafe Bastille located?

Situated at 704 SE 1st Street, Cafe Bastille can be found in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, FL, bearing the zip code 33301.

What are the standout dishes at Cafe Bastille?

Indulge in a sumptuous meal at Cafe Bastille by sampling their delectable Crispy French Toast, classic Traditional Eggs Benedict, and exquisite Parisian Omelette.

Bon appétit!

Does Cafe Bastille offer any healthy lunch options?

Indeed, at Cafe Bastille you can savor a wholesome lunch that includes dishes like the Salmon Nicoise and Chicken Caesar Salad.

Are there any specialty drinks available at Cafe Bastille?

Certainly, during your visit to Cafe Bastille, you have the opportunity to indulge in distinctive specialty beverages including our celebrated French Toast Cappuccino as well as unlimited mimosas.

What is the ambiance like at Cafe Bastille?

At Cafe Bastille, a cozy and friendly atmosphere awaits you, enhanced by an expansive outdoor terrace and a charming position by the water.

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