Kolbi Sim Cards in Costa Rica – Your Full Guide

I went to Costa Rica and have been recommending it to everyone ever since. The beaches there are beautiful and most people are kind to tourists. However, there are things I wish I had known before traveling there.

The first one is that I should have bought a prepaid SIM card the moment I got out of the plane. People often avoid doing this because they don’t want to spend more money on something they will use for a week. I understand them but still think buying SIM cards is worth it at the end of the day.

Regardless of that, it’s also important to understand which company in Costa Rica is the best for buying a new SIM card. Although they all offer internet service, they all have different costs and offer unique services with your purchases.

Kolbi Costa Rica SIM cards

Me and my family used Kolbi Costa Rica SIM cards. In my opinion, they are the best option for you there, and I’m here to tell you why. Read on to learn more about what this company offers.

Why Should I Get Sim Cards When I Travel?

It’s worth noting this doesn’t solely apply to Costa Rica but rather any country you travel to, but buying a SIM card is always a good option for travelers. Now that people are always posting things on social media or texting each other, it’s a shame to miss out on the chance to share your special moments with your friends and family.

You can do that when you get to a place with internet access, but that would mean staying uncommunicated for a long time. Even if you set social media aside and want to unplug while you are in Costa Rica, it could complicate things when you travel with other people.

Communication is key when you travel. It’s easy to get lost in a country like Costa Rica, especially if you’ve never been there. Although you are meant to do everything together with your friends and family, they may have an interest in different things than you.

If you don’t have a SIM card and are outside, no one will be able to reach out to you in case of an emergency, and you won’t be able to do it, either. Hence, buying a SIM card is more of a safety measure for the trip.

Best SIM Card Options in Costa Rica

There are many SIM card options in Costa Rica. I noticed KolbiMovistar, and Claro are the big three there. I think Claro is the most popular among the three, but it’s definitely not the best. Both locals and tourists complain about the poor connection its service offers.

I tried Kolbi Costa Rica because money-wise, it was the one that offered the best quality-price balance. It was easy to get; I didn’t need to open an account on any app to use it, which made everything easier. However, you need to be ready to pay with local money in Costa Rica. Some places let you use your credit card, but I wouldn’t take the risk.

Kolbi Costa Rica Overview

One of the main appeals of buying the Kolbi Costa Rica SIM card is that it has the widest connection coverage in the country compared to others. This company comes from the government, so it offers benefits more difficult to achieve by a private business.

You can purchase it at any of their branches in the country and recharge them there too. Kolbi Costa Rica does have a website, so you can recharge your cellular data through it. The main problem with it is that the website is all in Spanish. Also, it doesn’t have a mobile app.

This company allows you to connect to websites of all categories, make and take calls, and post things online.

Requirements to Use a SIM Card on an Unlocked Phone in Costa Rica

Requirements to Use a SIM Card

You only need your passport and money to buy and activate a Kolbi Costa Rica SIM card. Naturally, your phone needs to be unlocked. The person at the store should tell you all the details about how to recharge your SIM card credit, pay for it, or purchase a different plan.

Conclusion – I Recommend Kolbi Costa Rica

Kolbi Costa Rica is an example of what telecommunications companies should do: make communication easier. I didn’t know this company was going to contribute that much to my trip, so I 100% recommend it to anyone traveling to the country.

If you want to learn more about my trip to Costa Rica and other tips, check out my website now!

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