Ways to Spend a Weekend in New Jersey

Known for its fine restaurants, historical sites, beaches and stunning national parks,New Jersey offers a heady blend of rich history and culture and caters to visitors of all interest.

Home to some of the first beach resorts established in the country, New Jersey offers an ideal escape, especially for those seeking for some fun and food on a weekend despite being one of the smallest states in the US.

Top rated spots to visit in NJ on a weekend 

Simply pack your bags and head to Bayonne in Hudson County,home to the Cape Liberty cruise port.Take a Bayonne cruise for the weekend and embark on a “voyage to nowhere “ and leave your care behind for a couple of days of fun.You can also extend your cruise experience by visiting some attractions of NYC like Times Square,The Statue of Liberty and Broadway. 

Often referred to as the Las Vegas of the East Coast, Atlantic City is a popular tourist attraction and a well-known coastal resort town full of vibrant nightlife and rich history.

The famous Boardwalk is four miles long and a walk here is an absolute must.Hiring a bike or taking the electric tram is another option of seeing the various sites like Steel Pier with its huge observation wheel.

Located in Delaware Bay, Cape May attracts many tourists with its charming Victorian type homes which found favor with as many as six US presidents who were drawn to its pristine beaches.

The Thomas Edison Historical Park is the site where the famous inventor Thomas Edison churned out one object after another from batteries to movie cameras and sound recording systems.

New Jersey is also called the “Diner Capital of the World” and for good reason too as around every corner you will come across joints selling finger-licking cuisine like bagels and the famous Nathan Hot Dogs, saltwater taffy,pork rolls and the best tomatoes to be found anywhere else on the planet.

ocean city new jersey

For those looking for an out of the ordinary culinary experience in New Jersey, just join a group for a private food tour covering some of the best restaurants and breweries in Jersey City.

For history buffs there are plenty of revolutionary war sites to see in New Jersey like the  Washington Crossing State Park,The Old Barracks Museum,The Princeton Battlefield State Park and the Morristown Historical National Park.

For nature loves the rolling mountain peaks of Delaware Mountain Gap are not to be missed. The wide rivers and the rocky landscape offer surreal views around every bend.

Shoppers can choose from some of the most upscale boutiques in the country or the flea markets and discount malls without worrying about paying any retail tax on shoes and clothing.

Then there is the New Jersey events calendar where you can wine and dine up and down the Garden State during food and drink festivals.

Enjoy toe-tapping concerts, quaint community fairs and get swept off your feet at the arts and crafts shows and other magical events that are celebrated every delicious season.

If there is something special that will make you smile, rest assured you will find it in New Jersey.


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