When is The Best Time to Visit St. Barts?

If you’re about to enjoy a st. barts honeymoon, a vacation of a lifetime, or you simply want to go somewhere tropical you’re in for a great time. St. Barts is a stunning part of the world and its incredible beaches and glorious weather are just some of the reasons why more and more tourists visit this destination every year.

When is The Best Time to Visit St. Barts?

But when is the best time to visit St. Barts? Is it in the height of the summer or later on in the year? Let’s take a look at this now so you know exactly when to book your vacation:

December to March

If you know anything about St. Barts, chances are you’ll know that the best time to visit the area is between the months of December and March. While hotel and villa stays may cost a little more at this time of year, you will be welcomed with a lot of sunshine and very little rain. The high season typically runs in the last 2 weeks of December when many people enjoy a sun-filled Christmas. However, if you fancy celebrating the festive season in the sun, you should book your vacation as soon as you can as rooms and villas tend to fill quite quickly. Prices can be quite high during December and early January, particularly when schools are out for the Christmas holidays. If you enjoy going on vacation when there aren’t many people around you should opt to visit St. Barts another time of the year.

January typically sees temperatures of just 29°C (84°F), and these temperatures can last until March, however, if you’ve arrived in St. Barts from a cooler part of the world you should find the weather quite pleasant.

During the month of January St. Barts has its annual Music Festival which is always worth a visit. The area will also be home to the local ‘Fun Cup’, a Caribbean water event in which many locals and visitors to the area are happy to compete in. The month of February brings with it the Carnival, and in late March visitors can expect to enjoy seeing the impressive Bucket Regatta take place.

April to June

The beautiful island usually sees some sunny weather that’s intermittently interrupted by a few showers and storm clouds. The good news is that between these months you’ll still have more sunny days than rainy ones. Villa and hotel prices tend to be a little cheaper, but you may want to book your vacation as soon as you can.

The St Barts Film Festival takes place every April and is worth seeing.  In late April to early May visitors to the area will see the West Indies Regatta take place and in May the island celebrates its Victory Day so it’s worth staying around for that if you have the chance.

July to August

Many hotels and a few villas in the area tend to close in July and August as the hurricane season hits the island. However, you’re likely to see a lot less rain than you will in the spring or Autumn. If you choose to risk it and visit St. Barts in July and August you should expect to stay in the area for a lot less. If you’re a little anxious about booking a vacation during the hurricane season, do not worry, satellite surveillance will give you plenty of warning. This may well mean that you’ll need to batten down the hatches for a day or two, but the hurricane will pass and usually without the need to evacuate anyone.

Despite the hurricane season hitting the island there are still a few events that take place. The SB JAM Music Festival is nothing short of delightful and takes place in July as does Bastille Day which is always worth sticking around for.

September to November

During the months of September to November, the island sees more hurricanes than at any other time of the year. However, if a hurricane does not hit there will be a lot of rain. In November, the rain tends to disappear and more tourists visit the island, as the weather starts to improve and hotels and villas open once more. During the month of September, you should start to see temperatures reaching approximately 32°C (90°F), helping you to shake off those cold autumn temperatures you had back home.

You should be aware that some resorts close during September so they can complete those all-important renovations. This means you may not be able to book a stay in the first hotel or villa of your choice but there will be something available.

While the beautiful island of St. Barts is a wonderful place to enjoy your vacation at any time of the year if you love the sun you may want to head here in December through until March. If you don’t mind the occasional bit of rain then vacationing in this part of the world between April and June is well worth it. July and August tend to be relatively quiet months with the odd rain shower, but it can still be quite pleasant here. Finally, the months of September through until November usually see more hurricanes but the weather starts to improve.

If you are in St Barts, you can take an easy trip to Anguilla.  Here’s a list of things to do in Anguilla, because we are fresh off our first visit there.

So now you know when the best of the weather and the worst of the weather hits the island. This means you can book your wonderful vacation in this stunning part of the world and pack your suitcase accordingly. I look forward to seeing you on the beautiful island of St. Barts!

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