Escazu Costa Rica Hotels for Every Budget

Looking for a hotel in Escazu, Costa Rica that fits your style and budget? From the pricey high-end hotels to the functional simplicity of budget accommodations, this comprehensive guide covers the top Escazu Costa Rica hotels. As an ex-resident of this area, I’m here to give you a snapshot of the amenities, service, and proximity to key attractions that await in Escazu, which is referred to as the “Beverly Hills of Costa Rica.”

Hotels in Escazú and What to Know About Staying Here

  • Escazú, Costa Rica, offers a wide range of hotel options, from luxury accommodations like Sheraton San Jose Hotel to budget-friendly choices, ensuring a stay for every type of traveler and budget.
  • Convenience is a hallmark of Escazú hotels, with many located near attractions like Multiplaza Mall and cultural sites in San José, along with a host of dining options from fine dining to local cuisine.
  • Escazú is also pet-friendly, offering several hotels that welcome pets without additional fees, ensuring that travelers can enjoy their stay with their furry companions.

Best Hotels in Escazú

Escaz Costa Rica, a district synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, is home to some of the best hotels that the country has to offer. Discerning travelers find solace in the opulent embrace of establishments like the Sheraton San Jose Hotel and Hotel Linda Vista, where every whim is catered to with impeccable service and attention to detail. These luxury hotels in Escazu are more than just a place to rest your head; they’re a gateway to an experience that encapsulates the essence of Costa Rican hospitality.

The Sheraton San Jose Hotel works for families with its array of helpful amenities, ensuring a stay that’s both indulgent and comfortable for guests of all ages. Meanwhile, Hotel Linda Vista is a jewel perched amidst breathtaking scenery, offering guests the luxury of a pool and the tranquility of panoramic views that stretch out to the horizon. It also has a lively casino.  With their celebrated offerings, including luxurious pools and a suite of comforts, these hotels are the preferred choice for those looking to indulge in the extraordinary when visiting Escazu.

Intercontinental Hotel Escazu Multiplaza

Arguably the top hotel in all of the Central Valley, you can’t go wrong at the Intercontinental hotel.  This offers multiple dining experiences, lavish gardens, a resort style pool, a spa, and white glove service in the heart of Escazu.  Cross the street and you are in the Multiplaza Mall.  When I lived here we frequently dined at the restaurants here and drank at their bar.  I was an inaugural member of their gym and spa package and neither disappoint.

They also have a fabulous Sunday brunch which offers all you eat from just about every food group.  This is my favorite hotel in Escazu and the entire Central Valley.

Marriott San Jose Airport

Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San Jose

The Marriott San Jose Airport, in nearby Belen, offers a seamless and comfortable experience for all its guests, fusing ease of stay with top-notch facilities. It’s no secret I’m a fan of the Marriott hotel brands, and I usually gravitate towards these.  While this one is more near the airport and offers a lot more amenities, including tennis, I prefer the lively Sheraton property in Escazu.  However, this hotel has a lot of demand so it’s worth mentioning as many people like to have all the amenities.

Upon entry, visitors are treated to luxurious bedding and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi in each room, providing the perfect setting for restful sleep as well as uninterrupted online connectivity. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the hotel’s fully equipped gym, which boasts cardio machines and free weights that cater to those committed to maintaining their fitness regime.

Boasting an array of impressive amenities designed for convenience and enjoyment, the Marriott San Jose Airport provides complimentary on-site parking along with delightful perks such as free coffee or tea. The addition of modern touches like mobile key access and digital check-in options Enhances guest satisfaction.

Hampton by Hilton San Jose Airport

Hampton by Hilton San jose
This hotel is right near the airport.

The Hilton San Jose Airport is another one outside of Escazu, but in close proximity.  You’ll enjoy the following perks:

  • An exclusive executive lounge designed for the ultimate premium experience
  • Advanced amenities like a cutting-edge fitness center to invigorate guests
  • A rooftop pool providing an oasis with panoramic vistas of the cityscape

Indulge in luxurious spa treatments at the Hilton San Jose Airport, which feature:

  • Various massage options for deep relaxation
  • Treatments for both face and body rejuvenation
  • Nail services including manicures and pedicures
  • Access to sauna and steam rooms for complete unwinding

This haven is not just about rest. It’s about revitalization, ideally suited for decompressing after busy excursions or conferences. The hotel offers suites furnished exquisitely with sweeping views across the metropolis, creating more than just accommodation but a destination unto itself. Its strategic location near the airport makes it a premier selection for travelers who prioritize both convenience and luxury.

Mid-Level Hotels in Escazú

In Escazu, guests who prioritize both quality and affordability will find a range of hotels that deliver on comfort without sacrificing value. This upscale area caters to visitors with budgetary considerations yet still provides access to modern comforts and conveniences. Establishments such as the Holiday Inn San Jose Escazu and AC Hotels by Marriott offer accommodations that are delightfully comfortable while remaining sensibly priced.

The Holiday Inn San Jose Escaz offers various amenities for an enjoyable stay.

  • A swimming pool designed for serene relaxation
  • A lounge bar perfect for evening leisure
  • Rooms furnished with contemporary essentials including flat-screen TVs featuring satellite channels, climate control via air conditioning, and provisions for coffee/tea making

Such facilities ensure that every guest experiences a satisfying blend of ease and luxury during their time at the hotel.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Escazu
Escazu Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn San José Escazu is equipped with a variety of facilities to enhance guest comfort and convenience, including:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and parking
  • Accessible accommodations for guests with disabilities
  • Foreign currency exchange services
  • An on-site ATM/cash machine
  • A state-of-the-art fitness center

These features ensure that the stay of each guest at our hotel is both relaxing and hassle-free.

An airport shuttle service offered by the Holiday Inn provides seamless transportation for travelers going to or coming from Juan Santamaria International Airport. Located just a brief drive away from downtown San José, the hotel serves as an ideal base for visitors eager to discover local points of interest while experiencing the reliable quality associated with a well-known hospitality brand.

AC Hotels

AC Hotel Escazu
The AC Hotel in Escazu

AC Hotels by Marriott has refined the art of hospitality to provide a streamlined and comfortable experience, emphasizing the importance of using space effectively while eliminating any unnecessary clutter. If you are a solo traveler here on business, or even with a couple and you want a better workspace, AC hotels are always a great option, and AC Hotel in Escazu is no exception.

Each hotel room is meticulously designed with modern travelers in mind, featuring high-speed Wi-Fi at no additional cost and outlets placed for utmost convenience. For those wishing to maintain their workout regimen during their visit, the fitness center offers an array of equipment including free weights and cardiovascular machines.

The hotels are committed to inclusivity with features such as accessible parking spaces, user-friendly elevators, and rooms that offer easy access from public areas for all guests regardless of physical ability. In pursuit of enhancing guest satisfaction, AC Hotels incorporates amenities like seamless contactless mobile transactions, prompt laundry services, and reliable wake-up calls. This makes it an ideal selection for travelers seeking both functionality and straightforwardness throughout their stay.

Budget-Friendly Hotels in Escazú

In Escazu, Costa Rica, cheap hotels provide an opportunity for travelers to manage their hotel costs effectively. Even with a tight budget in mind, you can secure accommodations starting from the affordable rate of $40 per night. This area caters to various types of visitors, be it solo explorers or those accompanied by family members. Everyone can locate a suitable and economical place to stay that doesn’t compromise on necessary comforts.

When searching for the best value stays in Escazu’s hotel market, timing plays a crucial role. Especially during low season months like August and July when lower prices abound making it ideal for cost-conscious guests. For even greater savings potential on your nightly rates, aim to book your room on Tuesdays—the price often dips more than any other day—compared to Wednesdays, which are usually marked as the most expensive day. Affordable lodging options labelled ‘Cheap Hotels’ ensure that thrifty lodgings are always at hand so guests have access to convenient shelter while experiencing all there is in Costa Rica without breaking the bank.

Cheap Hotel Options

Travelers seeking a cost-effective accommodation in Escazu have ample choices at their disposal. A room at a 3-star hotel was recently booked for the modest sum of $82, demonstrating that it’s possible to find inexpensive lodging without sacrificing comfort or necessary amenities. Such cheap hotels provide travelers with an enjoyable experience, confirming that one can still indulge in a pleasant stay amidst the scenic backdrop of this Costa Rican retreat, even when adhering to a tight budget.  These are all lesser known and not advertised often, and I haven’t found any hostels, so I can’t speak to cheap hotels in Escazu unfortunately.

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Escazú

Recognizing that pets are an integral part of many families, numerous hotels in Escazu have adopted pet-friendly policies. Establishments such as Posada El Quijote and Costa Verde Inn stand out among the accommodations allowing you to stay with your four-legged loved ones without facing extra charges. These hotels make a concerted effort to provide comfort for both you and your pets throughout your visit, ensuring everyone involved has a pleasant experience.

IHG Hotel

If you’re on the hunt for top-notch pet friendly hotels, look no further than IHG Hotels & Resorts. Among this celebrated group is Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, which stands out by inviting all kinds of pets without any restrictions on size, weight, or breed and does so without charging an additional fee. These establishments form a part of the IHG family that prides itself in providing amenities carefully crafted to ensure comfort for both you and your furry family members during your stay.

Amarillo Bed & Breakfast

At Amarillo Bed & Breakfast, nestled in the central locale of Escazu, you and your pets will find a warm and cozy retreat. It’s an oasis of calm designed to provide respite from the daily grind while ensuring that every family member finds comfort.

The inviting ambiance at Amarillo Bed & Breakfast is crafted to guarantee a stay that remains etched in your memory. Every guest is treated to an experience filled with hospitality and charm during their time here.  If “B & B” is your preferred accommodation, check out my full list of options in Costa Rica.

Proximity to Attractions and Shopping

Hotels in Escazu offer their guests prime positioning for both shopping excursions and cultural experiences. Establishments such as the Holiday Inn San Jose Escazu, conveniently located by Plaza Tempo, and the AC Hotel San Jose Escazu situated right in the heart of downtown, ensure that attractions like Centro Comercial Golden Plaza and Pedregal Events Center are easily accessible.

Acting as an ideal launching point, these hotels place visitors within a brief commute to various museums and historical landmarks, allowing them to delve deep into Costa Rica’s vibrant cultural scene.

Multiplaza Mall

Multiplaza. Mall serves as a haven for those who love to shop and those who simply enjoy browsing. Nestled close to several of Escazu’s opulent hotels, including the InterContinental Costa Rica at Multiplaza Mall, this shopping center presents an eclectic mix of retail stores and eateries that cater to all desires and tastes.

With its neat arrangement, various floors, and distinctive architectural style, Multiplaza offers a delightful shopping experience unlike any other. The addition of an elevated walkway allows for easy and secure access to the mall’s facilities.

San Jose La Sabana and City Center

Delve deeper into the core of San José to discover La Sabana Park, an expansive center for culture and recreation that captures the essence of life in Costa Rica. This park is a perfect destination with facilities such as soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts along with cultural institutions like the Costa Rican Art Museum. It’s a place where both families and solo travelers can enjoy a relaxing day experiencing what San Jose has to offer.

Starting off from Central Avenue at the city’s heart lays out a path through historical sites worth exploring. Iconic locations such as the National Theater blend seamlessly with vibrant local marketplaces including Central Market and Municipal Craft Market—these venues are treasure troves for those seeking insight into San José’s rich culture and artisanal traditions.

Dining Options Near Escazú Hotels

Culinary offerings are a crucial component of the travel experience, and in Escazu, there’s no shortage of varied gastronomic delights. Guests staying at hotels in proximity can indulge their taste buds with Spanish fare at the AC Kitchen or explore a multitude of dining options available at the Multiplaza Mall’s food court.

Escaz welcomes all diners, whether they’re in search of an expedient snack or desire to savor a meal at a more relaxed pace. The local eateries are designed to satisfy every preference and palate.

Breakfast and Brunch

Kickstart your morning in Escazu, San Jose with a delicious breakfast spread. From modern cafes to classic dining spots, you’ll find an assortment of choices including wholesome Italian and Latin-flavored meals alongside freshly brewed coffee and indulgent pastries. Those staying at the Holiday Inn San Jose Escazu have the added convenience of savoring these delights at the on-site restaurant or enjoying nearby Tacos & Bowls for equally appetizing options.

Lunch and Dinner

In Escazu, as the morning gives way to afternoon and evening, diners are greeted by an array of lunch and dinner options that tantalize the taste buds with their diversity and flavor. Among these choices you’ll find:

  • Upscale Italian eateries and steakhouses enticing those who favor exquisite tastes
  • Seafood spots presenting fresh dishes for a more delicate meal option
  • Restaurante Tiquicia, which provides not just a meal rich in local flavors but also captivates guests with live cultural performances coupled with a breathtaking city vista.

Connoisseurs seeking Mediterranean or French culinary artistry will discover upscale restaurants offering both refined ambiance and menus crafted to perfection. Devotees of succulent meats can rejoice over Argentinian barbecue specialties, while lovers of Asian food have access to an assortment of Japanese and Thai venues ready to fulfill their palates’ desires. Regardless of what one might be in the mood for, Escaz promises that each lunch or dinner outing is memorable.

I’m a staunch supporter of Marriott, and if you are traveling around Costa Rica, make sure to read about the various hotels they offer throughout the country.


As we conclude our exploration of Escazu’s varied accommodations, it is evident that this enchanting corner of Costa Rica welcomes all visitors with open arms. Whether one desires the sumptuous extravagance of luxury hotels nestled against lush mountain vistas or prefers the economical allure and homey feel of budget hostels and family-friendly stays, there’s a place for every traveler in Escazu. The destination even caters to pet owners by offering an array of establishments where furry companions are warmly received.

Convenience merges with culture as close proximity to shopping hubs like Multiplaza Mall combines seamlessly with the rich cultural experiences available at San Jose La Sabana and within the City Center. Guests will be delighted by Escazu’s gastronomic offerings which provide ample choices for breakfast feasts, leisurely lunches, or exquisite dinners beneath celestial skies. Your escapades in Escazu go beyond mere comfort. They weave together engaging activities and culinary delights ensuring an unforgettable journey in what truly amounts to a slice of paradise tailored just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Escazu costa rica safe?

Compared to other regions in San José and Costa Rica, Escazu is recognized as a secure place for residence due to its relatively lower incidence of crime.

How much does it cost to live in Escazu Costa Rica?

Residing in a 1-2 bedroom apartment in Escazu, Costa Rica may incur expenses ranging from $800 to $2,000 monthly. If one opts to eat at a restaurant with moderate prices, the cost per individual can be expected to fall between $10 and $20. It’s important to note that these figures are all denominated in US Dollars.

Is Escazu nice?

Escazu is recognized for its upscale restaurants, retail outlets, and high-end lodgings, rendering it an appealing destination to visit.

Golf courses in close proximity provide convenient access for those seeking a round of 18 holes.

What is the average cost of a luxury hotel in Escazú?

Travelers seeking world-class amenities and exceptional experiences can anticipate a range of costs for luxury hotels in Escazu, though prices may vary.

Are there mid-level hotels in Escazú that offer gym facilities?

Certainly, guests wishing to maintain their fitness routine while on their journey will find a well-equipped gym at the Holiday Inn San Jose Escazu.


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