Everything You Should Know About YOTELAIR Amsterdam

YOTELAIR Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) offers an amazing experience to travelers wanting modern cabins to stay at. You’ll get most of the things you find in luxury hotels in affordable rooms.

I had my doubts about this place, but after discovering its modern approach to hospitality, I fell in love. There are many things to do in YOTELAIR Amsterdam, so keep reading, and discover one of the most unique places to stay as a traveler!

What Can You Find in YOTELAIR Amsterdam?


YOTELAIR is meant to help travelers catch up on sleep before they have to get to the departure gates. You already know how excruciating it is to wait hours between flights, so this is the best transit hotel to consider.

Where is this place? You’ll find it in Lounge 2 inside Schiphol Airport’s secure transit area. Another reference point is behind “Security and Passport Control” inside the airport. I should note that this place is only accessible for people in transit or those who are checked in on an outbound flight.

Also, you can’t bring large items to YOTELAIR’s rooms. Some airlines may allow you to check in your large luggage, so that could be a solution to that issue.

Here are some of the features you’ll get with the rooms:

– Free WiFi

– Wireless charging stations

– Smart TVs

– Walk-in shower cabins

Additionally, there are plenty of food options to cover your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You have the option to order from the “à la carte” menu or arrange a continental breakfast for your check-out.

Which Cabins Can You Get in YOTELAIR Amsterdam?

Yotel Air Amsterdam
This was all we needed. We got a four hour stay for $110 Euros.

There are three room types you can choose from. I suggest you check for availability before your arrival:

Standard Room

Don’t let its name fool you; the Standard Room offers one of the best experiences you can get for the price. It features luxurious beds, a high-quality TV, free WiFi, and other amenities you’ll find useful.

Even though this room is more compact compared to the rest, it’s still a great option for those who only want to relax for a bit.

Premium Queen Room

The Premium Queen Room takes the experience one step further. It’s perfect for two guests.

Of course, you’ll find all the perks from the previous room, including a fully adjustable “SmartBed™.”

According to YOTEL, this room can fit two adults and one child (as long as they’re under five years of age). Moreover, you can store one “regular” suitcase and two “cabin” ones.

Family Room

Do you want the ultimate experience? Check out the Family Room. It fits two adults and children under 12. Not only does it include beds, charging ports, and all the other amenities, but you’ll also find a comfortable work desk where you can get some tasks done.

Feel free to review your check-in/check-out times on YOTEL’s official website.

What Is Mission Control?

The Yotel Air

“Mission Control” is YOTELAIR’s 24-hour front desk. You’ll find a wide selection of drinks and snacks for guests. The team can also help you with airport directions, toiletries, emergency supplies, and anything else you might need for your hotel stay.

Also, you can order food to be delivered to your cabin with the help of Mission Control.

YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol Photos

That’s all you need to know about this amazing hotel in Schiphol, Netherlands. Below is a list of photos from my recent stay at this unforgettable place:

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