15 Best Beach Bars In Grand Cayman

According to my experience, Bar Jack is the best beach bar on Grand Cayman Island. Situated at the Ritz Carlton, a short walk from the Beachcomber, the bar is Cayman’s best sunset vantage point because it is on the most expansive stretch of Seven Mile Beach. You can dine on Caribbean favorites from Chef’s Grill to unique cocktails.

Bar Jack is a popular name for locals and tourists whenever you ask for bar recommendations, especially around Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. However, it’s not the only option.

There are plenty of areas on Seven Mile Beach with restaurants and public restroom access. Some operate as hotels and resorts and allow non-guests to access their beaches.

While Bar Jack stands out, I’ve further ranked fifteen of the top options based on visitors’ reviews. From happy hour hot spots and chic beach bars to bustling sports bars, this list will show you all the best beach bar options for your next visit to Grand Cayman, many of which are saturated around Seven Mile Beach.

In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top recommendations:


 Beach Bars In Grand CaymanLocationWhy I Recommend
1.Bar Jack1209, Seven Mile BeachBest overall. The perfect place to relax and watch the sunset at the Beach
2.Lone Star Bar & Grill688 West Bay Road, KY, 688 West Bay Rd.The most extensive sports bar on Grand Cayman Island with American food
3.Tortuga Beach Grill & BarThe Westin Grand Cayman, 1149A Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, KY1, 1203,Unparalleled alfresco dining experience in a casual setting.
4.Saint JuneSeven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, KY1-1209, Cayman IslandsA luxurious yet relaxed setting for sophisticated cocktails
5. The Wharf3 West Bay RoadFor a party and nightlife experience at Seven Mile Beach
6. Sunset House390 S. Church St., George Town, KY1-110Hotel experience for snorkelers and divers
7.Bacaro9J4F+GC, West Bay, Cayman IslandsCayman’s only authentic Italian tapas restaurant and wine bar
8.The Backroom Cigar Bar672 West Bay Road, Regency Court, George TownWell-stocked cigar humidor and cocktail variety
9.Legendz Bar and Grille8JQ9+MX9, West Bay Rd., West Bay,The specials on Taco Tuesday
10.The Cracked Conch857 N. W. Point Rd., West BayThe dining and wine experience is perfect for all ages.
11.Anchor and Den389 West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, Grand CaymanFor the best sushi experience,
12.Casa 43Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, 43 Canal Point Dr.For a Mexican dining experience
13.Cayman CabanaGrand Cayman KY1, 53 N. Church St., George Town 1207The best breakfast experience at Goerge Town
14.Driftwood Bar & Grill76 Crighton Drive, Grand Cayman; 278 Crighton Dr., KY1-1206, Cayman IslandsCasual and affordable, with a large seating area
15.The BirdUnit 30 Seven Mile Shops, West Bay Rd., Cayman IslandsA contemporary Irish bar


1. Bar Jack

Address: 1209, Seven Mile Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 (345) 943-9000

Bar Jack is a beach bar at the Seven Mile Beach luxury hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. You’ll get it here if you want to share platters, tacos, quesadillas, burgers, and fresh salads.

Bar Jack is famous for its Pina Coladas. But I strongly recommend the margarita, chorizo burger, and blackened fish tacos. This place is my favorite spot to relax and watch the sunset.

You can stop by this place for a refreshing lunch while walking along the famous seven-mile beach! But remember that you’ll enjoy Bar Jack to the fullest if you stay at the Ritz in Grand Cayman.

lone star bar

2. Lone Star Bar & Grill

Address: 688 West Bay Road, KY, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: (345) 945-5175

It is easy to locate Lone Star Bar & Grill because it’s a popular bar and restaurant on Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach corridor.

What stands out about this beach bar is its 30 TV screens, partly making it the island’s most prominent sports bar.

You can get American food at this beach bar, including barbecue and pub lunch, dinner, and late-night service.

Keep in mind that their ribs are enormous. So, if there are just two of you, order half ribs. Also, they show Premier League games after 11 a.m. They also display most NFL games.

3. Tortuga Beach Grill & Bar

Address: The Westin Grand Cayman, 1149A Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, KY1, 1203, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: (345) 945-3800

Tortuga Beach Grill and Bar focuses on Lunch and dinner menus. I love five things about this beach bar: the spectacular sunset views, relaxed al-fresco dining, the seven-mile beachfront dining, and most importantly, the happy hour, 5–7 pm Every Night.

If you want an alfresco dining experience in a casual setting, this is the beach bar for you. You can enjoy fish tacos, a fresh tuna poke bowl, and truffled flatbread pizza.

I love how each sunset forms a backdrop, and they have a variety of cocktails too.

4. Saint June

Address: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, KY1-1209, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-525-0675

Sait June is another perfect beach bar, especially if you desire signature and craft cocktails, outside dining, and a waterfront view. They also have a kid-friendly menu.

It’s a luxurious option, but the setting is relaxed, and their menu features nourishing and seasonal fare.

5. The Wharf

Address: 43 West Bay Rd., Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-949-2231

Warf is, no doubt, a beautiful seaside restaurant and bar. They boast of having Cayman’s only underground wine cellar. You can enjoy nightly tarpon feedings, A La Carte, or group dinner menus.

The Warf is ideal if you’re also looking for a beach bar that can accommodate weddings or receptions.

If you come here on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m., you can enjoy Salsa lessons for free. People also look forward to their Boogie Nights (the ’70s and ’80s Dance parties) on the last Friday of every month.

All drinks at this beach bar come with a paper straw, and offer room rentals for business meetings and conferences at the beachfront.

6. Sunset House

Address: 390 S. Church St., George Town, KY1-1106, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-949-7111

Sunset House is a laid-back, specialty hotel for divers on Sunset Cove in Grand Cayman. So if you’re an experienced scuba diver and snorkeler, this is your option.

It has the most extensive thatch-roofed tiki bar on the island, if not the Caribbean, with cheap drinks and great food for a reasonable price.

I particularly liked the fantastic curry and pepper dishes. It’s a great spot if you want ocean scenery and love to watch the Brac planes come in to land.

7. Bacaro

Address: J4F+GC West Bay, Cayman Islands Grand Cayman KY1, 9006, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-749-4800

If you need a beach bar in Grand Cayman that focuses on authentic Italian Tapas and seasonal menus, the Bacaro Bar is the answer.

I love the terrace overlooking the yacht club. The view is one to soak in with the live music every Friday from 7 to 10 p.m.

You can get express lunch specials for as little as CI$35, but it only happens between Tuesday and Friday. I love the Bacaro because they only offer hand-crafted Cocktails and are heavy on reservations, which hints at a less crowded environment.

The happy hour is between Tuesday and Saturday (5 p.m.–7 p.m.), and you also have options for takeaways.

8. The Backroom Cigar Bar

Address: 672 West Bay Road, Regency Court, George Town, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website

Telephone: +1 345-947-7666

The first thing that surprised me about the Barroom Cigar Bar is that every day is their happy hour.

The beach bar is an intimate setting. They offer world-class cocktails with an inventive spin and various spirits. It has an unusual drinking atmosphere, and probably the best thing about this spot is its cocktails.

9. Legendz Bar and Grille

Address: 8JQ9+MX9, West Bay Rd., West Bay, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-943-3287

Legendz Bar and Grille is similar to Lone Star Bar. At least I got a similar satisfactory impression. Both are sports bars located in Grand Cayman.

At Legendz, you get delicious food, attentive staff, and plenty of TV screens to watch your favorite sport. The locals talk about Taco Tuesday a lot. To me, this is one of the best beach bars for breakfast.

I also love the ambiance; they don’t play loud music. After scouting their menu, I realized they have gluten-free and whole-food plant-based options. You will enjoy your time here.

10. The Cracked Conch

Address: 857 N. W. Point Rd., West Bay, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-945-5217

I will remember the Cracked Conch Beach Bar for one thing: it was the spot where I had the best lobster since I came to Grand Cayman for a summer holiday. The lobster bisque here is simply heaven. You also get to enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

It’s a waterfront restaurant on the Island with unparalleled views of the Caribbean Sea. They have an extensive list of fine dining options, a casual tiki bar, and on-site snorkeling and diving opportunities.

11. Anchor & Den

Address: 389 West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, KY1-1202, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-949-0088

Anchor & Den is a Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort lobby restaurant. There’s nothing special or extra, but it’s classy and casual. You can enjoy Argentine Asado, Spanish tapas, and Japanese sushi. There is sometimes live music, and breakfast is also good.

Anchor and Den seem to be a little pricier than local restaurants, but this is an ideal option if you’re staying around, say, the Marriot Hotel itself. They also make impressive cocktails.

12. Casa 43

Address: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, 43 Canal Point Dr., KY1 9006, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-949-4343

Casa 43 is a Mexican restaurant with a tequila bar serving regional Mexican dishes. It’s an excellent bar to get your margarita and Mexican food fix. The setting has a dim ambiance with lower table seating and a high-top bar area.

The vegetarian options available when I visited were black beans, and you can find Margaritas available in pitchers. You will be offered various tacos, fajitas, and the churro bowl, which was so good. The place gets busy in the evenings, even on weekdays, but you won’t have to wait too long.

The price at Casa 43 is also moderate.

13. Cayman Cabana

Address: Grand Cayman KY1, 53 N. Church St., George Town 1207, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-936-1345

Cayman Cabana is a popular spot for breakfast in George Town. You can find it on the lower deck of a pier. The views of the ocean while you eat are unmatched.

It’s a great place for lunch, especially if you want to enjoy the breeze and the beautiful harbor scenery. This is the perfect spot to watch cruise ships sail on the ocean as you enjoy your meal.

On my recent visit to the Cayman Cabana, I ordered lobster noodles, and the texture of the lobster was excellent and tender. Indeed, they’ve not dropped in quality.

14. Driftwood Bar & Grill

Address: 276 Crighton Drive, Grand Cayman; 278 Crighton Dr., KY1-1206, Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-949-3100

There’s nothing special about the Driftwood Bar & Grill at the Grand Cayman Resort. They focus on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But what makes it their top recommendation is the combination of Caribbean flavors with home-style comfort food.

They also put thought into the children’s menu to ensure every age group has something to enjoy at mealtime. The restaurant is casual and affordable. The large outdoor seating area is a huge plus.

15. The bird

Address: Unit 30, Seven Mile Shops, West Bay Rd., Cayman Islands

Contact: Website, Instagram

Telephone: +1 345-746-2473

I got to know about The Bird restaurant in Grand Cayman via TikTok. It’s a contemporary Irish bar with food based on comfort foods. They receive a lot of accolades for the quality of the food despite being a beachfront bar. My favorite wing sauce was the Cayman sauce. Their chicken sandwich is also worth a try.

Wrapping Up

If you’re spending a day at the beach, there are chances that you’ll crave a cocktail, mocktail, or beer to keep you cool.

Fortunately, if you’re at Seven Mile Beach, you will never run out of options. But something runs similar through all the fifteen bars I recommended above. They all offer tasty drinks, have a welcoming atmosphere, and give you breathtaking sunset views of the beach.

For the rest of your stay in Grand Cayman, you could also think of other things to do or the right places to go. One decision that made my stay in Grand Cayman seamless was following the right travel content creators and stealing their tips.

You may want to look at Grand Cayman food bloggers on social media, such as @goodeatscayman and @cayamnislandsfoodie. You won’t be disappointed. Hannah Fowler on TikTok also works well for club recommendations around Grand Cayman.

I will continue to write about my experiences on this beautiful island and share my two cents on what to do and where to go.

Enjoy your time on the beach.



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