Best Hostel in Berlin: A Guide for Thrifty Explorers

Hostels in Berlin

Berlin is known for many landmarks, historical museums, a vibrant cultural scene, and a relaxed life. It has modern buildings alongside older monuments, making it an architectural spot for travelers from all over the world. However, staying in the city is not cheap, and without doing your research, you might end up spending a lot of money.

If you’re looking to stay in Berlin, hostels are the perfect accommodation for thrifty and solo travelers. It can help you save money, and if you find the right hostel, you can connect with other like-minded people. In this comprehensive guide, I will go over some of the best hostels in Berlin, Germany, for thrifty explorers.

Keep reading until the end if you’re a digital nomad, as I will talk about why I believe Pfefferbett Hostel is the best hostel for you to stay at. Let’s get started!

Overall Top Hostels in Berlin: Affordable, Clean, and Chic

Do you want to save money on accommodation during your travels? Are you looking for the best hostel in Berlin? A solo traveler has a lot of options to consider, but I highly recommend checking out the following two top-rated hostels in the city:

Grand Hostel Berlin Classic

Grand Hostel Berlin Classic

Within walking distance from Checkpoint Charlie, the Grand Hostel Berlin Classic is the best youth hostel in Berlin. Located in the vibrant district of Kreuzberg, thrifty explorers can enjoy the local art scene and pub crawls during their stay.

When I booked a bed in this gorgeously decorated hostel, I was afraid of sharing a space with many different people. However, as I arrived at the property, the atmosphere was welcoming, and I quickly made new friends.

The level of service and cleanliness at the Grand Hostel Berlin is far above what you would find at cheap hostels in one of the cultural capitals of Europe.

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EastSeven Berlin Hostel

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

If you’re looking for a chill and social place to stay, the EastSeven Berlin Hostel is a fantastic option to consider. It’s clean and safe, and the staff is extremely friendly.

With clean showers, super comfortable beds, and a vibe worth experiencing, the EastSeven Berlin Hostel is worth considering if you’re a solo traveler looking for safe accommodation. You get access to the private garden and a happy hour discount on beers.

I couldn’t find any drawbacks to staying at the EastSeven Berlin Hostel. It’s surrounded by unique cafes, restaurants that serve scrumptious food, and cute boutiques.

An interesting fact: The EastSeven Berlin Hostel was rated the best hostel in Berlin, Germany, in 2008!

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Ideal Hostel for Solo Travelers: Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin

Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin

The best hostels in Berlin for solo travelers are those that are near bus and train stations. This way, wanderers can easily access public transportation and cover every corner of the city during their adventures.

If you’re a solo traveler in Berlin, you may want to consider the Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin. It’s located near many tourist destinations, including Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral, and the Bundestag, and the hostel has spacious and clean rooms.

The Heart of Gold is one of the most unique hostels in Berlin, as it closely resembles a spaceship. Guests have access to free Wi-Fi, sheets, maps, and complimentary tea and coffee.

Whether you’re looking to share dorms or pay a bit extra for a private room, the Heart of Gold is a boutique hostel that offers cheap bears and an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. It is one of the best hostels in Berlin if you’re looking to stay close to the city’s nightlife, where most of the action is.

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Three Ultimate Party Hostels in Berlin, Germany

Ultimate Party Hostels in Berlin

The best hostel in Berlin for partygoers must be near all of the tourist attractions and the city’s nightlife. The neighborhood should have pubs and clubs while offering a good range of affordable food that you can munch on late at night.

Below are the top three hostels in Berlin, Germany, for all those who are looking to party all night long:

St Christopher’s Berlin Mitte Hostel

St Christopher's Berlin Mitte Hostel

The St Christopher’s Berlin Mitte Hostel is one of the best hostels to stay at, as it has recently been renovated and has a cool vibe. Although it doesn’t have a kitchen, the sports bar provides delicious food and never-ending drinks to get you in a party mood.

If you’re a student or a backpacker, the St Christopher’s Berlin Mitte Hostel is an excellent option. It offers many amenities and has a hotel feel that attracts a lot of guests all year round. 

The hostel is a couple of minutes walk from Museum Island, and you can catch a quick three-minute train ride to the Brandenburg Gate.

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St Christopher’s Berlin Alexanderplatz Hostel

St Christopher’s Berlin Alexanderplatz Hostel

Located right in the heart of Berlin, the St Christopher’s Berlin Alexanderplatz Hostel is a fantastic place to stay if you want to party. There are sports bars, pubs, clubs, and many other things to do for solo travelers to keep them busy during their trip.

This party hostel offers a gateway into the city’s nightlife. On the ground floor, you’ll find a crowded Belushi sports bar that provides a 25% discount on food and two-for-one drink specials. You can also interact with other travelers in the main social area.

Although this is a party hostel, the private rooms and shared dorms are quiet, as the management enforces strict policies to ensure that the guests don’t get disturbed during their stay.

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Sunflower Hostel Berlin

Sunflower Hostel Berlin

The Sunflower Hostel is one of the top-rated party hostels in Berlin for its location. There are a lot of lively nightclubs, cafes, and bars in the neighborhood, leaving guests spoilt for choice. Plus, travelers might find a wide range of cheap eats to indulge in after a late night of partying.

Friedrichshain is a fantastic neighborhood in Berlin. It has a punky, alternative vibe that is perfect for those looking to party. 

I thoroughly enjoyed staying at the Sunflower Hostel, as it’s not only a great place to hang out and meet other travelers, but the concierge helps arrange free walking tours across the city.

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Must-visit Youth Hostels in Berlin

The younger generation might be looking for hip places with a great vibe to stay at. If you’re one of those travelers, here are the two best hostels in Berlin:

Wallyard Concept Hostel

Wallyard Concept Hostel

Although the Wallyard Concept Hostel is a bit on the pricey side, it is definitely worth spending the extra cash on. It’s one of the best hostels in Berlin for the young generation to stay at for many reasons, including the following:

  • Centrally located
  • Near public transport
  • Ultra-modern design
  • No stag party rule

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Circus Hostel Berlin

Circus Hostel Berlin

If you’re looking for the best hostels in Berlin that are close to the city center, you don’t want to miss out on the Circus Hostel. Located one minute away from the hustle and bustle, this place is the perfect starting point for solo travelers.

With Metro and Tram stopping right at the hostel’s doorstep, the Circus Hostel is at the center of everything. You can even head to the Berlin Central Station to reach the other parts of the city or the country.

Those who want to explore the city on foot can also rent bikes and navigate through the cobbled streets of Berlin. The hostel even has a list of incredible tours that you won’t find anywhere.

Before visiting the Circus Hostel, I had heard good things from other travelers. When I reached the place, it exceeded my expectations. The place was spotless, and the reception was available 24 hours, which made the entire check-in/check-out experience smooth.

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Exceptional Hostels for Berlin Explorers on a Budget

Some of the options that I’ve discussed in this article are pricey for the average backpacker. Those who are looking for a decent place to stay without the huge price tag can consider the following options:

  • Eastener Hostel Berlin
  • Three Little Pigs Hostel
  • Space Night Capsule Hostel
  • U Inn Berlin Hostel

The Best Hostel Berlin Has to Offer for Digital Nomads: Pfefferbett Hostel

Pfefferbett Hostel

There are a few things that I consider when rating or writing reviews for hostels that I’ve stayed at. The place should be clean, have a nice vibe, and, most importantly, be in a prime location with access to key amenities. After thinking long and hard, I believe that the Pfefferbett Hostel is the best hostel Berlin has to offer for digital nomads.

My stay at the Pfefferbett Hostel was pleasurable. Since it’s constructed inside a brewery, the experience of walking through the different areas of the hostel was one of a kind. 

I like to work while I travel, and while staying at this cozy little place, I didn’t run into any issues. It offers access to super-fast Wi-Fi, and there are a lot of workspaces where you can sit and get your tasks done.

As you walk through this gorgeous little hostel tucked away in an alley, you’ll find yourself marveling at the mid-nineteenth-century architecture. With an open fireplace and lush green gardens, this hostel has a lot to offer. During the summer, you can use the outdoor terrace and BBQ to grill some tasty meals with the other travelers.

The beds are super comfortable, and the Pfefferbett Hostel has fantastic ratings (an average of nine out of 10 stars across 5,000 plus reviews). Plus, you can even rent bicycles to roam around the city, making it the best hostel in Berlin, Germany, for digital nomads.

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Finding the Perfect Hostel in Berlin

Finding the Perfect Hostel in Berlin

Whether you’re looking for private rooms or want to stay at a shared dormitory, here are a few tips to help you find the best hostels in Berlin:

  • Check out some of the honest hostel reviews.
  • Berlin has a lot of options to consider. As a traveler, you must determine your needs so that you can find a hostel that is perfect for you.
  • See whether the hostel is close to all of the tourist attractions or public transportation.

Hostelworld: Providing Honest Hostel Reviews in Berlin


When going through some of the reviews of hostels in Berlin, Germany, you’ll find a couple of comments left by solo travelers expressing their disdain over the accommodation. This is because some hotels and hostels purchase reviews to attract more guests.

I like to use Hostelworld to book a shared dormitory when traveling. It has an intuitive interface that allows travelers to filter through a wide range of accommodation options. It has a strict vetting process before adding some of the best hostels in Berlin on its website, and the reviews you’ll find are legit!

Final Thoughts

Solo traveling can be fun, and there are many ways you can save money during your travels and have a great time. Hostelworld helps connect travelers and provides them with affordable, clean, and safe accommodations. 

I’ve used the platform many times and have had a great experience. If you’re looking for the best hostels in Berlin, Germany, the website has many options and detailed descriptions to help you decide on your next stay!

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