HI NYC Hostel Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you searching for the best value hostel to stay affordably in New York City? Welcome to this comprehensive review of Hi NYC Hostel, which is right in the heart of Manhattan and offers an economical accommodation. I stayed here in 2023 and today I’ll uncover all aspects from room options to nearby attractions so that you can have a better understanding of what awaits during your visit at this vibrant NY city-based hostel.

Key Takeaways

  • HI NYC Hostel is a 19th-century mansion located in Manhattan with various room options and amenities.
  • Express check-in, age requirements, and transportation from JFK airport are available.
  • HI NYC Hostel offers an enjoyable experience overall at competitive prices for travelers on a budget.

Introduction to HI NYC Hostel

hi nyc common area

HI NYC Hostel, located on the Upper West Side at 891 Amsterdam Avenue and situated in a 19th-century mansion only 10 minutes away from Central Park, appeals to many travelers due to its prime location and nightly price which ranges between $28 – $36. Its affiliation with Hostelling International assures top quality accommodation as well as superb service for guests. This New York City hostel features several room types such as shared dormitories or private rooms ideal for different kinds of visitors including solo adventurers, couples or groups.

The friendly staff is always ready to assist attendees when it comes down to things like storing their luggage safely while also providing them with information about local spots around town. Plus, this international NYC facility can be reached conveniently since it’s only 4.4 miles away from New York Skyports SPB airport making it easily accessible even by those who come from abroad countries. Finally nearby there’s 103rd Street & Broadway where one can find the nearest subway station necessary if they wish to travel around NY.

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Checking In at the Hostel

At HI NYC Hostel, check-in is fast and efficient for international travelers. The system starts at 4:00 PM with a departure time of 11:00 AM. There have been reports that checking in has involved multiple emails and calls from guests to complete their bookings. Guests must be 18 years or older along with valid photo identification plus credit card for entry into the HI NYC hostel facilities which are only available to registered visitors assuring safety throughout. For those arriving via JFK airport, they can take an Air Train toward Howard Beach Station then proceed on Manhattan’s A express train until 59th Street – Columbus Circle station before switching trains onto Uptown 1 running towards 103rd street where the hostel lies just one block away but any particular requests cannot be guaranteed upon entrance might incur additional charges added up.

Hostel Layout and Amenities

hi nyc patio

HI NYC Hostel provides a comfortable stay for its guests with an array of room choices and features, such as clean showers in the dormitories, shower slippers available to premium rooms, towels provided for all accommodations plus some featuring individual lavatories. Situated on the Upper West Side of Manhattan’s vibrant cityscape is HI NYC Hostel. Tourists have access nearby Central Park or Riverside Park while students can reach Columbia University and Morningside Park just by walking distance along with the Cathedral of St John Divine being accessible too. Plus it only takes 10 minutes to get to their nearest subway station from there – opening up convenient exploration opportunities into ‘The Big Apple’!

Room Options and Features

room at hi hostel nyc

HI NYC Hostel offers a range of accommodation options to fit different budgets and preferences. Room choices include 10-12 bed Economy rooms, 8-bed Standard dormitories and 4 or 6 bed Premium rooms with private bathrooms as an extra bit of privacy for those who choose it. Towels are provided throughout all accommodations available at HI NYC Hostel. Air conditioning units, personal lights and lockers can be found in every room while comfortable mattresses guarantee guests’ relaxation during their stay here. There is one rule that has to be strictly followed: individuals under 16 years old cannot book beds in shared dormitories. Guests traveling together will find mixed dormitory rooms more suitable when staying here at our hostel.

hi nyc rooms

When you decide to come visit, free WiFi service along with Facilities for disabled guests (if applicable)Live sports events broadcasted,Tours/classes about local culture depending on season availability, Baggage storage Entertainment & family services Fax/photocopying Meeting /banquet facilities Wheelchair accessibility should not present any difficulties either, just keep maximum length which stands firm 21 nights per calendar year! Though bear in mind quiet hours 11pm till 8 am have observe each evening to ensure peaceful environment for other guests too.

hi nyc hostel family rooms
The family rooms offer a more “hotel like” experience.

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Exploring the Surroundings

HI NYC Hostel is the perfect choice for guests looking to explore all that New York City has to offer. Located near Central Park, Riverside Park and the Schinasi Mansion, as well as only a 10-minute walk from the nearest subway station, giving easy access to iconic attractions like Times Square, Rockefeller Center and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, making this hostel ideal no matter what your interests may be.

The HI NYC offers plenty in terms of features including: a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, TV lounge, library with pool table, plus its large privately owned patio, which makes an inviting space for socializing or just taking it slow while admiring Hi’s cityscape vibes. Not forgetting their helpful services such tours around town, family days out events broadcasted (such as us sports) or classes teaching about local culture so you can really feel part of NY life during your stay at HiNYC!

With convenience and quality found together here at HI New York hostel it’s little wonder why this destination proves popular time after time amongst travelers both young and old alike wanting more than accommodation when they step into the Big Apple!

Assessing the Hostel Experience

HI NYC Hostel has something for everyone to enjoy, offering self-guided walking tours, pub crawls and other nighttime activities that have been highly rated by guests. Some customers have voiced their disappointment in the customer service they received. Notably citing staff members as unfriendly or unhelpful at times. Despite this complaint, this complaint was ignored. Many agree it is still a great place to stay with its overall quality of facilities providing good value for money, an experience which most people will surely remember fondly!

Activities and Entertainment

HI NYC Hostel gives its guests the opportunity to experience an exciting social atmosphere with a range of activities and entertainment. From self-guided walking tours around New York City, board games in common areas or mingling amongst travelers in lounges, there is something for everyone at HI NYC Hostel! Free comedy nights along with cheap pub crawls and “clubbing” outings are offered by the hostel’s staff as unique methods of exploring what this great city has to offer. Though some activities come without cost (e.g., poetry & comedy evenings), additional expenses may be incurred through other excursions like pub crawls, although these experiences promise unforgettable memories that will make your stay worthwhile!

Value for Money

HI NYC Hostel is an excellent choice for travelers who are looking to explore the city in a budget-friendly way, located on the Upper West Side of New York City. It provides many services and facilities that cater to different kinds of visitors while ensuring comfortable accommodation at competitive prices starting from $25 per night. With discounts available through sites such as Trip.com, Priceline or Momondo plus special rates for J1 visa program participants, HI NYX hostels proves great value for money compared with other similar accommodations throughout Manhattan’s area.

Guests can enjoy amenities like free WiFi access and internet connection included in the cost of their stay along with linens, towels, wheelchair accessibility options, security lockers and daily housekeeping service. There’s 24/7 front desk support where one may find maps or get assistance combined with air conditioning system inside common areas including terraces & gardens as well snack bar /deli, all of this offered by york city hostel makes it truly attractive option among others when planning visit within nyc surroundings!

The Last Word on HI NYC Hostel

For those traveling on a budget, HI NYC Hostel offers an unbeatable location in Manhattan and plenty of room choices coupled with comprehensive amenities. This hostel also stands out for its 24/7 check-in, free WiFi connection, bunk bed privacy curtains plus organized activities that keep guests entertained during their stay. The kitchen and family area have both been newly renovated along with bathroom showers providing comfort to visitors from all corners of the globe.

Linens are complimentary while towels can be hired as well as airport transfers available if needed, luggage storage is always provided too!

Weighing up everything makes it clear why choosing HI NYC Hostel is such a wise decision when visiting New York City. Countless options provide travelers with boundless opportunities making full use of what The Big Apple has to offer at an affordable price!

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HI NYC Hostel is an ideal option for cost-conscious travelers who are looking for a comfortable yet accessible stay in the city of New York. Located right at the heart of Manhattan, it provides guests with varied room options and plenty of amenities and activities to enjoy, all these benefits adding up to make HI NYC one great value proposition!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hi nyc provide towels?

HI New York City provides complimentary linens and towels to ensure their visitors have a pleasant stay. They offer this as part of the services provided in HI New York, located within the city.

What do hostels look like inside?

When it comes to hostels, they typically include a big room with bunk beds and shared bathroom facilities. There is often a communal kitchen accessible for guests’ use. To these services, some hostels provide private rooms as an option too.

How old do you have to be to stay in a hostel in NYC?

To stay in a hostel within New York City, guests must be eighteen years or older and present a valid credit card that is registered under their name.

What is the average nightly price at HI NYC Hostel?

Staying at HI NYC Hostel can be done for an average nightly price ranging from $28 to $36. This budget-friendly option is great if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option.

What room options are available at HI NYC Hostel?

HI NYC Hostel has a number of room selections, featuring Economy units with between 10-12 beds, Standard dormitories accommodating up to 8 guests and Premium rooms for 4 or 6 individuals.

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