Marriott Hotels Grand Cayman: The Complete List

Deciding on a Marriott hotel in Grand Cayman? I’ve been there over a dozen times and am a staunch advocate of Marriott Hotel Brands wherever I travel.  I think that the perks of being in the Marriott Bonvoy program outweigh that of any other hotel loyalty program, plus they offer a huge range of price points and amenities under their umbrella of brands.   This article zeroes in on what each Marriott Hotels Grand Cayman location offers, so no matter if you are looking for a budget property in Grand Cayman, or looking for the glitz and the glam that the Ritz Carlton offers, I’ve got something for everyone here.

Key Takeaways

  • Marriage properties in Grand Cayman offer a range of luxurious accommodations, natural wonders, and easy access to local attractions such as the Kittiwake Shipwreck and Turtle Reef, ensuring an unforgettable island experience.
  • The resorts provide a varied culinary experience with multiple dining options, and a host of activities and amenities such as spa services, fitness centers, and outdoor pools to cater to guests’ leisure and wellness needs.
  • Marriott Grand Cayman also serves as a versatile venue for events and gatherings, offering diverse space configurations, state-of-the-art audiovisual support, and professional event planning services to ensure successful and memorable events.

Marriott Properties in the Cayman Islands

Situated in the idyllic surroundings of Grand Cayman, Marriott’s accommodations provide a sumptuous backdrop for an indelible island getaway. The gentle shores of Seven Mile Beach and the lively avenues of George Town serve as portals to both the serene allure and spirited character of the locale. Guests can arise each morning to views that offer a blend of peace and excitement from their own rooms.

The guest rooms are designed with accessibility in mind, featuring transfer showers, lowered electrical outlets, and non-slip grab rails in the bathroom.

Just steps away at 389 West Bay Road, attractions such as Kittiwake Shipwreck and Turtle Reef beckon with extraordinary opportunities close to your lodging. Marriott caters to those looking for peaceful repose or seeking out rich cultural experiences and natural splendors, ensuring every visit is imbued with lasting impressions. It crafts a vacation atmosphere perfect for unwinding or embracing thrills, according to your whim.

Cheapest Option – Grand Cayman Marriott Resort

The Grand Cayman Marriott Resort is a stunning establishment situated on the renowned Seven Mile Beach, embodying an impeccable mix of extravagance and cost-effectiveness. Imagine relaxing alongside the beachfront pool as dusk settles over the waves or venturing onto soft sandy stretches for an impromptu dip in transparent seas. Venture just 2.2 miles away to discover George Town’s epicenter where duty-free shopping, cultural sites, and authentic culinary delights are at your fingertips.

Check-in time at the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort is 4:00 pm, with check-out at 11:00 am.

More than merely accommodation, this resort offers a full-fledged escapade. With immediate entry to Seven Mile Beach, visitors have ample opportunity to engage in various aquatic activities right outside their rooms. From snorkeling amidst colorful marine life to paddleboarding upon glistening waters and enjoying gorgeous evening skies, these moments contribute to what makes staying at the Grand Cayvon Marriott Resort truly memorable.

At the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort, affluence doesn’t mean compromising value. It represents attainability entwined with splendorous experiences that cater both indulgent cravings and practical needs harmoniously within reach of Camana Bay’s marketplace and eateries – effortlessly integrating into your tropical retreat.

The Ritz Carlton 7 Mile Beach

Ritz Carlton 7 Mile Beach

Experience the height of sophistication at The Ritz Carlton on Grand Cayman’s 7 Mile Beach, where luxurious suites blend seamlessly with the stunning beauty of nature. Every guest room serves as a tranquil retreat, boasting views that range from partial to full vistas of the ocean, integrating its majesty into your personal space. From arrival to departure, every detail is finely tuned to make your visit an extraordinary encounter.

Savor exquisite dining options within the property or rejuvenate at our spa offering serene treatments designed for ultimate relaxation. Golf aficionados can enjoy pristine courses and tailored coaching at our premier golf club while families are invited to explore local ecology and customs through engaging experiences crafted by Jean-Michel Cousteau in our Ambassadors of the Environment program.

The Ritz Carlton offers more than just accommodations. It’s an immersive sensory adventure set in a prime beachfront location rated 5 out of 5 stars. With amenities ranging from plush king beds to a state-of-the-art fitness center available on-site, this destination transforms simple stays into cherished lifelong memories—and with extended stay savings available, luxury has never been more enticing than here at The Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman.

The Westin Grand Cayman

At the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa, your quintessential Caribbean escape becomes a reality. Perfectly positioned in the heart of the soft white sands of Seven Mile Beach, this beach resort is an oasis of tranquility, providing everything from breathtaking views across the ocean to attentive staff ready to fulfill your desires. This isn’t just a spot on a map. It’s a destination that captures the spirit of life on an island.

Nestled within the broader region, nestled within the city. The Westin, each guest room and suite offers guests serene refuge with all expected modern comforts found at an establishment synonymous with luxury. Immerse yourself in our pool right beside the shore, unwind at our spa facilities or take delight in uninterrupted seascapes straight from your window. Catering to those wishing for relaxation and business-oriented travelers alike through exceptional service at a prime location along with ample amenities—the variety of rooms available promises those looking for peace as well as vibrant experiences a genuinely exquisite stay on Grand Cayman Island.

Culinary Delights at Marriott: Dining Options to Savor

The culinary experience is a cornerstone of any holiday, and the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort excels in this area. With four unique restaurants on-site, guests have an array of choices to satisfy their cravings, regardless of the occasion or desired dining atmosphere. Each restaurant offers its distinct blend of setting and menu options to make every meal at the resort an unforgettable segment of your vacation.

For those looking for lighter food selections paired with refreshing drinks amidst picturesque surroundings, Vista Bar provides an assortment smoothly blending snack-time treats with relaxing beverages perfect for savoring alongside stunning vistas. On another note, Anchor Bar is where one can immerse oneself in island flavors—this venue’s menu pays homage to local culinary traditions that capture the essence of Grand Cayman’s diverse taste profile.

At the endearing Marriot on Grand Cayman Island, breakfasts are plentiful and dinners are richly satisfying. Yet what truly sets apart these gastronomic experiences isn’t just exceptional cuisine, but also moments crafted around meals that amplify your time spent at this idyllic location. They ensure complete convenience by including coffee makers in rooms accommodating both early risers and night owls – manifesting their commitment to providing thoughtful service throughout your stay.

Leisure and Pleasure: Amenities for the Ultimate Stay

Indulge in the ultimate experience of tranquility and fun at Marriott hotels on Grand Cayman, where top-tier amenities are tailored to maximize your enjoyment and create lasting memories. These properties provide a seamless blend of comfort and excitement from the moment you arrive, setting the perfect tone for days filled with as much relaxation or activity as you desire.

For those keen on keeping up with their fitness regimes while traveling, each Marriott property boasts fully equipped gyms making it easy to stay active. An assortment of swimming pool choices await guests looking for either peaceful laps or engaging water activities suitable for family members of all ages. As evening approaches, invite yourself to unwind through our spa offerings that promise therapeutic treatments aimed at renewing both spirit and physique.

Refresh and Rejuvenate: Spa and Wellness Facilities

Discover tranquility and rejuvenation at the Grand Cayman Marriott’s Botanika Union, a spa sanctuary designed to soothe your soul with its nature-inspired treatments. Guests are invited to embark on an indulgent escape that balances body, mind, and spirit in a peaceful setting aimed at helping you relax and rediscover yourself. Offered services include:

  • Massages
  • Facials
  • Body Treatments
  • Yoga and meditation classes

Enhance your tranquil journey by experiencing our oceanfront outdoor pool which boasts breathtaking views of the ocean. After your swim amidst natural splendor, retreat to the comfort of your room complete with a cozy sofa bed.

Botanika Union takes pride in tailoring wellness experiences specific to individual needs for holistic care. Whether it’s through tailored facials attuned to personal skin health or organic massages targeting muscle relief, each service is crafted as an act of self-indulgence. Engaging in ‘Art of Living’ routines represents more than just spa activities—it establishes wellness habits extendable beyond their stay.

A wide array awaits at Botanika Union catering to any urge for restorative care including:

  • Specialized manicures and pedicures
  • Rejuvenating massages and body work
  • Nourishing facial treatments
  • Professional hair styling including coloring options
  • Waxing solutions alongside other hair removal processes

These offerings complemented by convenient room service help elevate relaxation levels during guests’ visits—ensuring they leave feeling revived after their immersive vacation experience—all while keeping aware of check out times for optimal planning.

Fun under the Sun: Outdoor Activities and Pools

Coral Garden Grand Cayman Review

At the Marriott Grand Cayman, embrace the allure of island life complemented by an array of outdoor activities and relaxation beside our oceanfront pool. Experience Caribbean charm as you engage in various recreational pursuits.

  • Unwind by the inviting outdoor pool with stunning views
  • Revel in a day at the beach filled with sand and sun
  • Explore underwater marvels while snorkeling amid vibrant tropical fish
  • Propel yourself over gentle waves on a paddleboard

The exterior amenities at Marriott are curated to captivate visitors both young and old, creating an environment where joyous moments flourish under the warm sun. When perusing reviews from past guests who have indulged in these offerings, tales surface depicting delight, exploration, and tranquil leisure that leave indelible impressions. With facilities that consistently receive high praise—a commendable 4 out of 5—these experiences play a pivotal role in your grand Cayman escapade.

Whether visiting for just several days or settling in for longer sojourns, there’s no shortage of exhilarating open-air adventures to occupy your time here. From sunrise swims to nocturnal plunges into the pool’s welcoming waters. Each instant outside is embraced as partaking in Grand Cayman’s exuberant essence. As daylight wanes and evening sets it’s course towards nightfall, there is serenity within personal summer abodes which stands ready offering peaceful sanctuary before tomorrow beckons anew with prospects for Explorations.

Connect and Celebrate: Events and Gatherings

The Grand Cayman Marriott Resort serves as both a haven for relaxation and a prime spot for hosting memorable events and functions. Whether you’re organizing an exclusive celebration or an extensive conference, the resort provides various setups and spaces to accommodate every type of event. The available configurations range from banquet styles suitable for sophisticated dining experiences to theater-style layouts ideal for powerful presentations, ensuring each occasion is customized with finesse.

For interactive dialogues and smaller workshops, the Marriott offers perfect environments with conference room settings that promote active participation and teamwork among attendees. With cutting-edge audiovisual technology at your fingertips along with comprehensive writing surfaces, your business meetings or conferences are poised to be exceptional in terms of productivity and inspiration.

When it comes down to orchestrating events, count on the seasoned staff at Marriott who stand ready to help fine-tune every aspect from inception through execution. Complete dedication towards delivering outstanding service ensures that any affair held at the Grand Cayman Marriot Resort will not only meet but exceed expectations. To start planning your remarkable gathering, reach out via fax 1 345 949 or KY1 1202 where expert guidance awaits you in creating an event nothing short of spectacular.

For more ways to earn loyalty points towards future Marriott stays, check out their credit card perks.  I use this constantly to unlock promotional deals, free stays, status level upgrades, and more.


As our journey through the Marriott Hotels in Grand Cayman comes to a close, we reflect on the luxurious accommodations, breathtaking views, exquisite dining, and leisure amenities that make each property unique. From the affordable elegance of the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort to the opulent Ritz Carlton and the idyllic Westin Grand Cayman, each offers an escape that caters to every desire. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a perfect backdrop for your event, Marriott’s properties on this island paradise are the epitome of Caribbean luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest Marriott property in Grand Cayman?

Located on the famed Seven Mile Beach, the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort stands as the most economical option among Marriott properties in Grand Cayman, delivering both luxury and value at this beachfront resort.

Are there any Marriott properties with a golf club?

Indeed. The Ritz Carlton on 7 Mile Beach boasts a resort golf club complete with a professional shop, conditioning for tournaments, and tailored golf instruction.

Can I plan an event or conference at a Marriott hotel in Grand Cayman?

Certainly, the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort provides services for event coordination and can tailor seating arrangements to suit diverse requirements, allowing you to organize a conference or event there.

Are there spa services available at Marriott properties in Grand Cayman?

Spa services designed to refresh and revitalize are on offer at the Botanika Union spa, located within the Grand Cayman Marriott.

Can I engage in water-based activities at the Marriott properties?

Certainly, at the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort, you have the opportunity to partake in aquatic activities including snorkeling and paddleboarding.


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