La Fortuna Hotels: Where to Stay Near Arenal Volcano

Choosing between La Fortuna hotels for your Costa Rican adventure? From eco-friendly retreats to luxury spas overlooking Arenal Volcano, this guide delivers essential insights to select your ideal sanctuary in one of our favorite places to visit!

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Hotels in La Fortuna – What to Know and Where to Stay

  • La Fortuna, Costa Rica, is celebrated for its natural beauty, featuring Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna Waterfall, and a vibrant local community with ample dining and shopping options.
  • Luxury resorts like Hotel Arenal Springs and Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa provide guests with sumptuous rooms, natural hot springs, and spa services surrounded by lush rainforests and volcano views.
  • The region caters to a variety of preferences and experiences, from family-friendly adventures at Lost Iguana Resort to eco-friendly practices that emphasize sustainability and community involvement.

Discovering La Fortuna

Arenal Costa Rica

Located at the core of Costa Rica, La Fortuna is celebrated for its close proximity to both Arenal Volcano National Park and the iconic La Fortuna Waterfall. This natural marvel plunges from heights between 70-75 meters into a stunning emerald pool enveloped by verdant rainforest, providing an idyllic setting for capturing memories with a backdrop of cloud-adorned mountain vistas.

Beyond these breath-taking displays of nature, La Fortuna pulses with life in its myriad storefronts and eateries that stand before the impressive silhouette of Arenal Volcano. Amidst exploring dense rainforests or taking in the spectacular views afforded by an active volcano’s presence, indulging in local flavors enhances each day’s experience within this dynamic locale as it beckons adventure seekers alike.

Hotel Arenal Springs Resort

Arenal Springs Resort
The Arenal Springs Resort

The Arenal Springs Resort, nestled within the verdant rainforest expanse, extends a warm invitation for you to unwind amidst natural splendor. This springs resort is renowned for its array of hot spring pools that mirror the thermal streams found in tropical forests with water temperatures soothingly set between 34 and 39 degrees Celsius. Indulging in these tranquil hot spring pools after an eventful day serves as nature’s comforting hug.

Arenal Springs Hot Springs
Hot springs right on premises!

A steadfast commitment to cleanliness and comfort underscores every aspect of your stay at Arenal Springs Resort. To ensure optimal relaxation during your visit, the resort offers:

  • Nightly draining and cleansing of hot spring pools to maintain pristine conditions and ideal pH levels around 6.7
  • Complimentary towels service alongside secure locker facilities
  • Fully equipped accessible washrooms
  • An entertaining wet bar complemented by a vast TV screen

Such thoughtful amenities are designed with your ultimate restfulness in mind.

Turning attention to accommodations – each room within this luxury hotel guarantees:

  • Seclusion coupled with supreme comfort
  • Placement amongst delicately manicured gardens fostering serenity
  • A minibar generously filled on a complimentary basis

Special touches like evening chocolates or decorative towel creations enhance celebratory moments.

Here indulgence weaves seamlessly into the tapestry of nature’s beauty.

Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa

Tabacon is one of the most popular resorts in La Fortuna.

Delving into the realm of opulence, the Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa emerges amidst lush tropical scenery. This luxury hotel boasts a spectrum of sumptuous lodgings designed for peak comfort and serenity. Guests can select from accommodations such as Rainforest Rooms equipped with terraces that offer views of verdant landscapes to the luxurious Two Bedroom Arenal Suite featuring its own jacuzzi.

The indulgences extend beyond just accommodation at Tabacon, a resort spa known for:

  • Providing a natural thermal experience through access to rejuvenating hot spring baths
  • Offering an array of luxury spa treatments
  • The exclusive Shangri-La Gardens available only to adults, offering a peaceful haven for relaxation and pampering.
Tabacon Hot Springs
Yet another resort with hot springs on site.

This resort presents guests with an exceptional chance to explore nearby attractions since it is situated merely 15 minutes away by car from Arenal Volcano National Park — one of Costa Rica’s most famous natural wonders.

Royal Corin Resort (Adults Only)

The Royal Corin Resort
The Royal Corin is adults only.

The Royal Corin Resort stands as an embodiment of luxury, catering specifically to those seeking a high-end adults-only retreat. This resort provides sumptuous rooms adorned with sophisticated decor and offers awe-inspiring vistas of Arenal National Park and the majestic Arenal Volcano through its airy, climate-controlled interiors or from private balconies. Each view is like capturing Costa Rica’s natural splendor in a single frame.

The Royal Corin
Immaculately detailed at every turn.

Loto Spa Features

The Loto Spa at Royal Corin Resort, which neighbors Hotel Los Lagos Spa, is one for all you spa enthusiasts.  Embracing serenity with a suite of spa treatments infused with locally sourced natural ingredients and bolstered by the therapeutic qualities of hot springs, this sanctuary invites visitors to relax deeply while taking in calming sounds and scenic river vistas.

To fully immerse oneself in indulgence, it is recommended that guests arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled time to indulge in both a thermo mineral spring water jacuzzi session and an al fresco hydromassage pool experience. This isn’t merely a trip to any resort’s spa. It encapsulates Costa Rica’s famed embodiment of ‘Pura Vida’—the essence of living life purely and simply.

At the heart of relaxation, the Royal Corin presents Loto Spa — your sanctuary for renewal. The tranquil ambiance complements top-tier spa services which include invigorating showers, sauna sessions, and Jacuzzis fed by thermal waters amidst lush tropical gardens designed for supreme relaxation. Guests can soak in pools filled with therapeutic mineral water that is crystal clear and odorless. All while enveloped by beautiful garden surroundings.

Royal Corin Rooms
Luxury Rooms!

To complete this exclusive adults-only stay, stay in the resort’s Shangri-La Gardens. Bar where you may indulge in light fare and refreshing cocktails amid peaceful surroundings—perfectly caps off your luxurious stay at The Royal Corin Resort.

Lost Iguana Resort – Best for Families

Nestled in the private tropical rainforest, Lost Iguana Resort & Spa offers an ideal destination for families seeking a bonding and relaxing experience. Awaken to the melodies of nature’s own orchestra and spend your time exploring the majestic jungle surroundings.

Lost Iguana Resort & Spa

Embrace the luxury at Lost Iguana Resort, which boasts several amenities.

  • Exclusive access to two trails that allow guests to delve into an authentic exploration of local wildlife and plant life
  • A rejuvenating outdoor pool where guests can relax
  • Various dining options catering to every family member’s taste preferences

The Lost Iguana

Combining thrill with tranquility, this resort ensures each moment is transformed into a treasured memory.

Nayara Springs

This is another one that is adults only and it’s on the higher end price-wise, but wow, is this place immaculate! Perhaps what sets this one apart from other La Fortuna luxury hotels is the dining options:

Nayara Springs Breakfast
The breakfast area is adorable!

As we proceed, we find ourselves at Nayara Springs, where peace and scenic beauty seamlessly blend. At this serene getaway, Nayara Springs features:

  • Private villas shrouded in jungle foliage, with generous dimensions that include soaring ceilings and a flood of sunlight to create a calming retreat
  • Every villa presents an exclusive terrace offering captivating panoramas
  • An intimate plunge pool fed by natural mineral-laden hot springs within each villa’s confines
  • Lush gardens accented by twin al fresco rain showers
Nayara Springs dining
Great on premises dining experiences make this hotel unique.

Each of the villas showcases:

  • Natural design aesthetics utilizing local woods and stones
  • Contemporary comforts for convenience
  • A lavishly sized bathroom
  • Comfort-centric seating areas both inside and outside
nayara springs pool
One of the many hot spring pools.

Nayara Springs guarantees seclusion with services like a dedicated personal host amid peaceful environments such as the hushed pool area alongside winding verdant pathways. Your stay is ensured to be one marked by bespoke care and opulent indulgence.

nayara springs private pools
Options include your own private heated pool.

Overall, you can’t go wrong staying at Nayara Springs if you are looking for an adults only experience.

Deciding on Your Room in La Fortuna

Choosing the perfect accommodation in La Fortuna presents a delightful dilemma with its plethora of options that offer magnificent views and modern comforts. Many of the hotels in La Fortuna offer direct views of the Volcano, so it’s hard to choose where to stay!

From enjoying the impressive sight of Arenal Volcano from the comfort of a Junior Suite to admiring nature from private balconies, each room offers an exclusive ambiance. The resort boasts 42 rooms featuring extraordinary vistas of Arenal Volcano with proximity to the rainforest for an authentic experience amidst nature.

The variety spans across mountain view rooms, landmark view accommodations, non-smoking quarters, suites, and family-friendly spaces designed to satisfy different preferences of those staying at the resort. Every guestroom is equipped with:

  • Either one king-size bed or two queen beds
  • Climate control via air conditioning
  • Overhead fans
  • Television with cable channels
  • Stocked minibar
  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • Coffee-making facilities
  • Ensuite bath surrounded by a tropical garden setting
  • An individual terrace

To enhance your stay. These conveniences are also provided within every room.

  • Device for drying hair
  • Direct-dial telephone
  • Enclosed storage safe
  • Laundry service sack
  • Bathroom essentials
  • Reliable hot water supply
  • Large flat-screen television
  • In-room refrigerator
  • Provided complimentary bathroom products
  • Security safe
  • Supplied bottled drinking water
  • Garment hanging solution
  • Appliance for pressing garments
  • Private en-suite restrooms
  • Service for morning awakening calls

Catering to guests who may have special requirements, our resort includes accessible accommodations crafted specifically for handicap accessibility as well as interconnecting rooms which are ideal when accommodating families—guaranteeing both approachability and ease during their time spent here.

Most Hotels in La Fortuna Offer Many On Site Activities

In La Fortuna, you can savor a perfect mix of thrilling escapades and serene downtime. Available pursuits include:

  • Superb treks that lead through lush rainforests to remnants of the 1968 lava flows from Arenal Volcano
  • Excitement-filled activities like swinging on ropes into natural waters
  • Soothing thermal springs such as Ecotermales Fortuna, where pools of varying temperatures provide relaxing dips with options for volcano vistas or additional fun on water slides.

For guests seeking peace and tranquility, numerous establishments in La Fortuna present yoga sessions along with wellness offerings. Amenities often include swim-up bars to enhance your moments of leisure further. Local hotels are dedicated to immersing their visitors in the region’s stunning landscapes by arranging guided excursions within Arenal Volcano National Park, deepening their connection with the environment.

What Makes a Hotel Stay in La Fortuna So Worthwhile?

The charm of La Fortuna is magnified by its incredible nature and surroundings that hold a deep commitment to eco-friendly operations. Hotels here are avid practitioners of ecological stewardship, focusing on the prudent use of energy and water as well as meticulous waste handling procedures. They take proactive steps like establishing Recycling Collection Centers and adopting biodegradable substances for cleaning purposes, ensuring they play their part in protecting La Fortuna’s pristine allure.

These hotels cultivate strong ties with local communities by prioritizing employment opportunities for residents nearby, promoting education about sustainable tourism practices within the community, and making conscious decisions to procure goods from national and regional suppliers whenever possible. These environmentally-conscious actions have garnered them esteemed recognitions including the Ecological Blue Flag and CST certifications—testaments to their dedication not only towards maintaining an opulent resort experience but also championing environmental preservation efforts.

Other Options for Staying in Arenal include the Backpackers hostel, which is a great option if you are on a budget or prefer hostels in general.


The breathtaking sights of La Fortuna, combined with the indulgent amenities and environmentally conscious initiatives of its resorts, underscore that a journey here transcends mere holiday-making—it promises an extraordinary encounter. Those in quest of thrills, serenity or a bit of both will find that the establishments in proximity to Arenal Volcano afford an unparalleled retreat amid tropical splendor.

Thus, prepare for exploration, rejuvenate your adventurous soul, and gear up to plunge into the verdant terrains paired with opulent lodgings La Fortuna presents. The adventure you’ve been longing for is calling from Costa Rica’s dynamic town—with nature’s masterpiece at your doorstep: invigorating hot springs as your personal spa and the grandeur presence of Arenal Volcano ever-present. Are you set to delve into this enchanting realm?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main attractions in La Fortuna?

La Fortuna boasts the renowned Arenal Volcano National Park and the celebrated La Fortuna Waterfall as its premier attractions, making them essential visits for enthusiasts of nature.

What amenities can I expect in the rooms at Arenal Springs Resort?

At Arenal Springs Resort, each room comes equipped with conveniences like a minibar, air conditioning, cable television, complimentary Wi-Fi access and an en-suite bathroom complete with its own tropical garden for you to enjoy.

What activities can I enjoy in La Fortuna?

In La Fortuna, there’s a wealth of activities for you to indulge in such as soaking in hot springs, embarking on hiking adventures, gliding through the air on zip-lines, and partaking in tranquil yoga sessions.

What eco-friendly practices do hotels in La Fortuna employ?

In La Fortuna, hotels have adopted eco-friendly measures that include energy and water savings, effective waste handling, and backing for community initiatives.

These environmental stewardship efforts guarantee a more sustainable stay for their guests.

What dining options are available at La Fortuna’s resorts?

During your stay at the resorts in La Fortuna, indulge in an array of dining experiences that include both local Costa Rican fare and international flavors such as Italian dishes and sushi. Explore the multitude of culinary options available!

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