The Springs Costa Rica View of the Volcano

The Springs Costa Rica

If you are looking for a luxury travel experience that lets you see the serene side of Costa Rica you have always heard about, make sure you pay close attention to the Springs Costa Rica reviews.  You’ll probably see many of them online, especially after the Kardashian crew, love them or hate them, helped bring awareness to this very special resort and spa situated in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.

Today I’ll share my trip report from not one, not two, but three trips to the Springs Costa Rica.  I’ve stayed in 2019, 2022, and most recently in 2023.  This review will have notes citing all three of those trips.

Is The Springs Worth the Money?

ABC’s “The Bachelor” was shot there. 

CNN called it “one of the best resorts with the most spectacular views in the world.” 

Trip Advisor put it in their Hall of Fame.  

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Thankfully, I took many pictures during our trip.  I can say that I whole-heartedly agree with the comment made by CNN!

The Springs Costa Rica View of the Volcano
This is what you will see from the swim up bar.

Prices vary from season to season, and I paid around $500 nightly for the room, although for full disclosure I used American Express points so I didn’t come out of pocket for this trip.  Hey, you gotta use them some time, and this felt like a good time to use them!

lobby at the springs
This view is from the hotel lobby.

No matter what price you pay, if luxury travel and bucket list experiences that will wow even the most well traveled of your Instagram “friends” is in the cards, you can’t go wrong staying at The Springs.   Featuring hot springs, picture perfect views of the rain forest and near by Volcan Arenal, Four restaurants, and a very scenic swim up bar, you won’t be without any memories after a stay at this posh hotel.  There are 28 mineral laden Hot Springs that you can soak into and relax in while you take in the breathtaking views.  There is also a full fitness center and gorgeous spa.  We got foot massages and were very pleased.

The destination pitches it as a place for honeymoons.  I can say that nobody would be let down if they chose here to do that!  It’s also good for weddings or conventions, but I found it just perfect for a two day relaxation retreat with my son.

Things to Do at The Springs Costa Rica

Let’s start with relax!  This is exactly why I came here, to unwind and relax.  The swim up bar had sufficient stock of tequila and good enough bar food to keep me there for hours.  It was a bonus that there were televisions playing sports, so I was in my element.  If I was ever bored, I’d stare at the Volcano and watch the clouds trickle in and around it.  It’s crazy how relaxed you can get at a place like this.

When I was up for excitement, I took my son to what they call “Club Rio.”  This is their on campus center that features many activities you can partake in, such as:

  • River tubing
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback tours
  • Rock climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Hiking
  • Nature Tours
  • Wildlife preserve (this was our favorite part

Club Rio at the Springs

They even have a “rancho” set up by the river where you can eat, order drinks, and take in the serenity.  You can arrive to Club Rio by shuttle, there is a schedule that is highly organized that will be available in your room, but you can always ask or call the front desk for any questions.  I found them very helpful and eager to point us in the right direction in terms of making sure we had all our questions answered.

In addition, you can book many local tours and see other parts of La Fortuna.  I had a car rented so I took my own adventure across town to look around and even go out for steaks one night.  We made the drive from the Hilton Garden Inn Liberia Airport and it was under three hours.  It’s a straight shot down Route 1, then take a left by the bull ring in Canas.  From there, follow all of the signs to Tilaran, and from there, to Nuevo Arenal.  It may feel that you are close since you are in “Nuevo Arenal” and you’ll see the Lake, but you still have about 45 more minutes down a windy, but well paved road.  It’s very scenic and easy, it just takes a lot of patience going around the winding hills and sometimes the turns slow down the speed you can travel.  Be careful during the dark, as animals and bikers will be hard to see.

The Springs Costa Rica Bar
Side view of the swim up bar.

I haven’t driven there from San Jose, but heard it’s about four hours.

The Springs Resort and Spa Day Pass

You can get a day pass to hang out at the Hot Springs.  I was staying there so I didn’t need one, but if you want to come and experience it all, you can do just that.  According to their website, it costs $68 for a two day pass per person if you want to enter the resort.  I believe there are extra fees for Club Rio activities.

The Food at The Springs

This is the only negative thing I’ll say about this place, but I don’t really consider it a negative overall when you put a comparable that every resort in the country lacks amazing cuisine for the most part.  Sure, they have their special dishes that people will rave about, like a good steak, or a solid pasta, or whatever, but you’ll pay an arm and a leg for it.  When I look for a good, well-rounded menu, I look for variety and things that I don’t experience every day.  What you’ll find at The Springs in their restaurants is the same thing you’ll find at every other Costa Rica Hotel, and that’s a mix of a handful of Costa Rican typical dishes, a lot of very basic Americana, and a few high end dishes that will be triple the price of the rest of the menu.  I have nothing against a local casado or gallo pinto.  I’ve had my share of quesadillas and burgers and fries, and trust me, I’ve had a lot of great lobster ravioli’s and wagyu filets, but if you get what I’m saying, it’s just that there is nothing that wowed me here and it’s on par with every other place in Costa Rica.

Swim up pool bar

On the bright side of the food spectrum, the breakfast, which was a buffet, had so much there that everyone should be happy with it.  I was.  It had everything you could possibly consume for breakfast, from American dishes and local stuff.  I found this to be the best part of the food experience.  Of course, having fresh Costa Rican coffee every morning was amazing as well.

Overall, I had an amazing time relaxing at the Springs.  I found the staff very pleasant, the accommodations perfect, and the scenery, well, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

You won’t see any other The Springs Costa Rica Resort and Spa reviews like this one, as I’ve stayed here three times in 5 years, and given they shut down for well over a year due to the pandemic, that should tell you something about how I feel about this resort and spa.  A full video overview is coming very soon, and I look forward to sharing that with you.