30 Best Things To Do In Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde is situated amidst the Cordillera de Tilarán mountains within the Puntarenas provinces. Among the top activities to enjoy in the region are ziplining, discovering the diverse cloud forest reserves, embarking on nighttime tours of the forest, horseback riding, hiking, participating in cooking classes, and exploring various restaurants.

Monteverde is one of Costa Rica’s premier tourist destinations, renowned for its lush green landscapes, captivating scenery, and rich biodiversity. It’s the ultimate destination if you are seeking to connect with nature. During our family trip last year, I had the opportunity to partake in numerous popular activities the region offers. While I cherished most experiences, there were a few I could have skipped. Therefore, if you’re planning a visit to Monteverde, Costa Rica, I’ve compiled a list of the top 30 activities to ensure an unforgettable journey.

Key Takeaways 

Best Activities For Families: Visit the cheese factory, take a guided tour of the Monteverde cloud forest, have a picnic at Cerro Pinocho, butterfly garden in Selvatura Park, and visit some top Monteverde restaurants like the Restaurante Celajes at Hotel Belmar and Soda La Amistad Monteverde.

Best Free Activities: Visit the giant ficus tree and enjoy the Monteverde sunsets where anywhere in the town. 

Best For Adrenaline Rush: Go Ziplining in the cloud forest reserves and bungee jumping in the extremo park reserve.

Best For Nature Lovers and Wildlife Viewing: Go bird watching at Curi-Cancha Wildlife Reserve, and visit the El Tigre and  Hidden Valley Permaculture Farm. Go on a guided tour of the reserves in the area and in te ecological santuart

In the rest of this article, I’ll outline the 30 best things to do in Monteverde Costa Rica, what each of these activities offer, and how much they cost.

Go on a Guided Tour Through The Monteverde Cloud Forest

The Monteverde Cloud Forest.
The Monteverde Cloud Forest.

So, if you’re heading to Monteverde, don’t miss out on touring the Monteverde Cloud Forest! It’s hands down one of the most popular things to do there. Officially known as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve, it’s like the king of cloud forests in the area.

If you are looking to spot some wildlife, especially the elusive Resplendent Quetzal that the forest is known for, this is the place to be.

You can walk through this lush forest with its mystical, cloud-covered canopy overhead. You might bump into some cool critters along the way, like sloths, monkeys, coatis, and many beautiful birds native to Costa Rica.

I recommend going on a guided tour to get the best experience. I highly recommend Roy’s monteverde forest tour; he’s a local nature guru. He’s knowledgeable about the forest and always has fascinating stories. Plus, he’s great with kids! My whole family had a blast, and Roy even helped us snap some awesome photos with our phones.

Roy pointed out interesting trees, plants, and wildlife during the tour. We saw everything from agouti to slingshot spiders! He even let us peek at them through his spotting scope.

 So, if you’re up for an unforgettable adventure in the cloud forest, Roy’s tour is the way to go. 

Visit the cloud forest waterfall

Waterfall in Monteverde

When you’re exploring Monteverde, make sure to carve out some time for a visit to the Cloud Forest Waterfall, popularly known as Catarata Los Murciélagos by the locals. 

Despite its modest size, this waterfall provides a delightful and affordable activity for you and your family. With an entry fee of just $6 and a short, leisurely walk to reach it from the cloud forest reserve, it’s a convenient activity to include while visiting the cloud forest.

The tranquility of the surroundings and the soothing sound of cascading water create a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Plus, the opportunity to dip your toes in the cool, refreshing pool at the waterfall’s base adds an extra element of fun and enjoyment to the experience.

Go Ziplining

Ziplining is a must-do activity; visiting Monteverde and not going ziplining is almost like a crime. I’m kidding, but if you’re in Monteverde ziplining must be on your list of things to do.  If you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a family-friendly ziplining experience, there are several companies to choose from. My personal favorite is the 100% Aventura Park.

This park offers a thrilling experience with a 10-cable zipline course, a rope bridge, rappelling, and even an ATV buggy ride, all amidst the stunning rainforest backdrop. The tour’s highlight includes a Tarzan Swing and the Superman zipline, one of Latin America’s longest and highest, where you’ll soar face-forward through the canopy.

Starting with the ziplines, you’ll zip down 10 cables; you should keep an eye out for wildlife like sloths and monkeys below. Then, experience the exhilaration of the Superman-style cable, stretching over 1.2 miles.

Your adventure continues with an ATV buggy ride, a hanging rope bridge, and a tree rappel, offering a variety of thrills in the cloud forest. And don’t miss the Mega Tarzan Swing, which takes you 148 feet into the air. I loved the long swings and the Superman zipline.

Walk On The Hanging Bridges And Bask In The Beautiful Views

Another exciting activity gaining popularity in Monteverde that is worth exploring is the suspension bridges across the dense cloud forest. While there are several places to experience this, my top recommendation is Selvatura Adventure Park hanging bridges.

At Selvatura, you’ll find an extensive network of hanging bridges covering 1.9 miles of walking trails, with 8 bridges varying lengths. This attraction suits all family members and offers a unique perspective of Monteverde’s lush landscape. As you traverse the bridges, you’ll have the opportunity to spot some of the wildlife that calls the park home, adding to the excitement of the experience.

It’s worth noting that although the website describes it as a tour, it’s a self-guided walk. So, you’ll be free to explore at your own pace and immerse yourself fully in the beauty of the cloud forest surroundings. Overall, it’s a fantastic activity that’s sure to be a highlight of your Monteverde adventure.

Go Bird Watching

Monteverde’s lush landscape is a haven for some of the most enchanting bird species, including the iconic Resplendent Quetzal, hummingbirds, toucans, and parakeets. Many of these species are unique to the cloud forest environment, making Monteverde a must-visit bird-watching destination.

One of the prime spots for birdwatching is the Curi-Cancha Wildlife Reserve, located in the Cordillera de Tilarán near Juntas. This reserve is renowned for its abundance of hummingbirds, toucans, and quetzals, offering a dream-like experience for bird watchers.

Additionally, the Monteverde Cloud Forest is another fantastic location for spotting the region’s diverse birdlife. To maximize your birdwatching experience, I highly recommend exploring these reserves with a knowledgeable naturalist guide on a guided tour. You can explore some of the best guided bird-watching tours here. They’ll lead you to the best spots for bird sightings and provide fascinating insights into the behavior and habitat of these magnificent creatures. So, whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or starting, Monteverde promises an unforgettable bird-watching adventure.

Go On A Coffee And Tour

While there are numerous enjoyable activities to experience in Monteverde, a coffee tour is definitely a must-do. Costa Rica is globally renowned for its coffee production, and Monteverde is home to some exceptional coffee farms.

A coffee tour allows you to delve into the rich Costa Rican culture through the lens of coffee. During the tour, knowledgeable guides will lead you through the entire process of coffee production, from bean to final treat. Along the way, you’ll gain insights into the intricacies of coffee cultivation, harvesting, and processing.

But the best part? You’ll have the chance to savor an array of delicious coffee samples, allowing your taste buds to experience the finest flavors Costa Rica offers. Additionally, many coffee tours in Monteverde include tastings of other local products, such as chocolate and sugar cane, providing a comprehensive culinary experience.

Go Horse Back Riding

If you’re into horse riding, Monteverde is an ideal destination for this activity. Guided horseback riding tours offer the perfect combination of experienced guides and well-trained horses for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Many cloud forest tours in Monteverde include horseback riding as an additional activity, adding excitement to your adventure. Finca Lindora, a farm specializing in horse riding tours, is a great destination for horseback riding.

At Finca Lindora, you’ll embark on a trekking tour that combines real hiking, stunning waterfalls, and horseback riding. You’ll start by trekking from the mountain’s peak down to a picturesque river adorned with four magnificent waterfalls, crossing rustic bridges along the way. If weather permits, you can even take a refreshing dip in the river. Towards the trail’s end, you’ll enjoy a scenic horseback ride lasting approximately 35 minutes as you ascend back up the hill.

As someone who appreciates horses, I can attest that the horses at Finca Lindora are well-cared for, ensuring a comfortable ride for all participants. After your adventure, indulge in a delicious lunch with a delightful view from the farm’s restaurant.

Visit El Tigre Waterfall

You’ll find the El Tigre Waterfall situated just a short drive north of downtown Monteverde. It is a breathtaking natural wonder that offers several hiking trails and four waterfalls.

You can drive to the waterfall and pay admission to explore on your own or arrange transportation from Monteverde for added convenience. Remember that some trails are quite challenging, so it’s essential to consider your fitness level when planning your visit. This activity can be quite strenuous and not for everyone.

We opted to purchase tickets in advance when we visited this waterfall. This activity included a delicious lunch to enjoy before or after our hike. Riding horses to the top added extra enjoyment to our experience. The hike was stunning, with well-maintained trails winding through lush forest scenery. We discovered great spots for swimming beyond the last waterfall.

 The self-guided hike takes you through dense forest terrain, passing by four waterfalls, swimming holes, and ten bridges, including some suspension bridges. You can spend as much time on the trails, soaking in the beauty, searching for wildlife, and marveling at the waterfalls.

Our family unanimously voted El Tigre as one of our favorite activities in Monteverde. The hike struck the perfect balance between challenging and enjoyable, and the inclusive lunch was a delightful bonus. Considering the quality of the experience, we found the pricing incredibly reasonable. The staff were friendly and helpful, adding to our overall enjoyment.

Overall, El Tigre offers an amazing adventure amidst Costa Rica’s stunning rainforest, suitable for adventurers of all ages. Whether you hike or ride horses, you’re in for an unforgettable experience surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Take a Cooking Class

If you have a passion for cooking and want to dive deeper into traditional Costa Rican cuisine, a cooking class is an ideal opportunity to fully immerse yourself. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn about Costa Rican culture while getting hands-on experience preparing local delicacies you may have enjoyed in restaurants.

During the class, you’ll learn valuable cooking techniques and gain insights into the cultural significance of various ingredients and dishes. 

I highly recommend this activity if you want something enjoyable and educational to try in Costa Rica. It’s a fantastic way to connect with the local culture through its delicious cuisine.

Go on a Night Tour of Santa Maria Farm

Going on a night tour in Monteverde offers a thrilling opportunity to witness the nocturnal wildlife. Consider joining the guided night tour offered by Santa Maria Farm, a family-run business since 2005.

As you venture into the property’s 5.5 hectares of diverse terrain, including primary forest and plantations, an experienced guide will lead you on a 1-hour and 45-minute journey. Equipped with flashlights provided by the guides, you’ll have the chance to encounter a wide array of creatures, from sloths and raccoons to tree frogs and tarantulas.

However, be prepared for some crowds, as the park tends to be quite crowded, which can detract from the personalized feel of the tour. Despite this, you’ll still have the chance to learn about and observe fascinating wildlife up close.

Explore the Santa Elena Cloud Reserve

If crowded forest reserves are not your scene, the Santa Elena Cloud Reserve is a quieter and less crowded alternative to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Located just a 20-minute drive from Santa Elena town, the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is easily accessible by rental car. Alternatively, a transport company operates shuttles to and from the reserve daily.

Entry to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve costs $18 for adults and $7 for children, payable in either colónes or US dollars. Unlike at Monteverde, parking at the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is free, adding to the convenience of your visit. The reserve is open daily from 07:00 to 16:00, allowing ample time to explore its wonders at your own pace.

Visit the farms Hidden Valley Permaculture Farm

This farm is just 50 meters south of the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens in Santa Elena, Costa Rica. The Hidden Valley Permaculture Farm offers an enlightening experience for those passionate about permaculture or simply eager to learn something new. 

During the tour, which we found truly enlightening, the first 45 minutes covered the ethics and principles of permaculture, providing a solid foundation. The remainder of the time was spent on a guided tour of the property, where we witnessed these principles in action. Starting in the classroom, we learned about the basics of permaculture and sustainability before exploring the grounds and farm. It was fascinating to see sustainability practices on such a scale and observe their various approaches. 

This tour is particularly well-suited for families with young children. You’ll need to drive to El Terruño de los Torres farm in Monteverde to participate. You’ll enjoy a private farm tour there, engaging in activities like milking cows and collecting eggs. The experience culminates with a delicious breakfast made from fresh ingredients from the farm.

Overall, this tour offers a wonderful opportunity to explore a remarkable permaculture farm. It provides valuable insights into human-environment interaction and offers practical solutions for fostering productive relationships with nature. With a knowledgeable guide sharing permaculture design principles and leading you along with the stunning landscapes and abundance of trails, it’s a fun activity you should put on your list.

Go Hiking In The Curi- Cancha Reserve

The Curi-Cancha Reserve, situated just outside Santa Elena town, is a private nature reserve offering a unique experience.

Although Curi-Cancha is not technically a cloud forest, as it sits at a lower altitude and is more open and less dense. However, it offers its charm and biodiversity from other forest reserves.

This reserve is great for hiking, covering approximately 3.25 miles (5.2 km) of trails. You get to enjoy a private and intimate experience on the trails.

Curi-Cancha is particularly popular among birdwatchers; the reserve also offers the chance to encounter various mammals on a Wildlife Tour. Curi-Cancha provides a rich and diverse wildlife viewing experience, from sloths and monkeys to coatis and ocelots.

You can go on a self-guided journey to explore the reserve trails and spot wildlife. 

The reserve is open daily from 7 am to 3 pm, with entrance fees of $20 for adults and $12 for children.

However, I recommend going on a guided tour for a more well-rounded experience and to see more wildlife.

Visits art galleries in the area

Exploring the local art scene in Monteverde is always a highlight of my visits. The galleries in Monteverde showcase various captivating artwork created by talented local artists, providing the perfect opportunity to find unique souvenirs to commemorate my trip.

One of my favorite aspects of these galleries is the diverse artwork available for purchase, from original paintings to clothing, stickers, bags, and even swimsuits adorned with colorful and detailed designs. It’s like stepping into a vibrant world of creativity.

 I always enjoy browsing through the selection and admiring the talent on display. Plus, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the galleries adds to the overall charm of the experience.

One particular gallery stands out for its absolutely gorgeous artwork, including a striking mural that immediately caught my eye. The souvenirs available here are unlike those in every shop, offering a refreshing alternative for unique gifts at affordable prices. The staff are always helpful and eager to assist, ensuring that purchases are carefully packaged for the journey home.

During one visit, I enjoyed meeting Ferlander, the owner. It’s truly a rewarding experience to support local artists while finding one-of-a-kind souvenirs to cherish from my time in Monteverde. 

Go on Sugarcane Tours

Sugarcane tours are often bundled with coffee and chocolate tours as part of a package deal, allowing you to learn about this important crop and sample its products. 

During these tours, you get to gain insights into the cultivation and processing of sugarcane, as well as its role in local industries. 

Additionally, you can taste various sugarcane-based products, experiencing firsthand the flavors and textures of this versatile plant.

Visit the Butterfly Garden in Selvatura Park

The Butterfly Garden at Selvatura Park is a must-visit attraction. With its abundance of colorful flowers and diverse array of butterflies, it offers a fascinating and educational experience showcasing the area’s unique nature.

Inside the garden, you’ll encounter mainly Blue Morpho and Owl butterflies, which are prevalent in the region. Guided tours are available for $10 per person, providing valuable insights into the world of butterflies and allowing you to appreciate their beauty up close. 

If you plan to visit Selvatura Park, consider combining your trip to the Butterfly Garden with a guided tour of the neighboring Serpentarium, where you can encounter various reptiles and amphibians. 

Visit the Ecological Sanctuary 

At the Ecological Sanctuary, you can embark on a scenic hike that offers a beautiful and leisurely exploration of nature, making it one of the closest reserves to the town. Along the way, you’ll encounter two stunning waterfalls, breathtaking panoramic views, and lush coffee and banana plantations that coexist harmoniously with the rich biodiversity of the protected area spanning 48 hectares.

The staff at Ecological Sanctuary are friendly and professional. Their passion for their work shines through, creating a welcoming atmosphere for you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

If you are interested in sustainable farming practices, the sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to experience farm-to-table cooking. You can harvest ingredients from the gardens and prepare your meals from scratch, guided by knowledgeable staff.

Though less manicured, the trails offer a rewarding hike with unique encounters, such as sightings of a Sun Bittern and Coral Snake, which are rare in the Monteverde region. As a bonus, you are treated to complimentary lemonade at the end of your hike.

Take a Night Tour

Most of the wildlife in Monteverde are nocturnal. This means they are more active at night. A night tour allows you to see this wildlife in its natural habitat. Most of the reserves in Monteverde offer night tours. This immersive experience unveils various diurnal and nocturnal animals, allowing you to encounter creatures rarely seen during the daytime.

Equipped with provided flashlights and the guide’s powerful spotting scope, you’ll venture into the forest as dusk sets in, beginning the tour around 5:30 pm to fully appreciate the nocturnal activity. The knowledgeable guide leads the way, expertly locating and pointing out wildlife along the trails, from elusive tree frogs to majestic sloths and vibrant birds.

 Throughout the tour, you’ll learn about the region’s ecology and interesting facts about the animals and plants that call the refuge home. You’ll also have access to nature guides who share knowledge about the local wildlife, ensuring you observe and photograph various species, including the coveted quetzal. 

Have a Picnic at Cerro Pinocho

If you want a fun family activity on a sunny day in Monteverde, go for a picnic at the Cerro Pinocho. Cerro Pinocho is fondly a cherished spot for catching breathtaking sunsets on a cattle farm. 

Accessing this scenic spot requires a small fee for entry due to its location on private property. The entrance fee is approximately 1,000 Colones, equivalent to around $2. 

Walking to Cerro Pinocho from Santa Elena is possible, but the journey takes roughly 1.5 hours on foot, and the road is very bumpy and strenuous. I  recommend opting for a car or taxi instead.

Explore the Culinary Scenes

One of Monteverde’s most enjoyable aspects is its rich culinary diversity, catering to all tastes and preferences, from upscale dining to budget-friendly local eats. You can explore the restaurants in the area and try out their local and international cuisines. 

Whether you’re seeking the refined ambiance of Restaurante Celajes at Hotel Belmar or something budget-friendly Soda La Amistad Monteverde, there are many restaurants to explore. With such diverse offerings, Monteverde offers a memorable dining adventure.

Go bungee jumping

If you’re an adventurer seeking a rush of adrenaline, then this is the activity for you. The extremo bungee jumping experience is not only exhilarating but also holds the title of being the highest in all of Central America, standing at a whopping 469 feet high (143 meters).

What sets this bungee jump apart is that it’s done from a Tram that traverses through a cable system to reach the jumping point. From there, the bravest you leap into the void from a staggering height of 143 meters, making it the highest in Costa Rica and Central America. Keep in mind that cameras and video equipment aren’t allowed on the Bungee Tram, and there’s a maximum weight limit of 110 kilos for the tour.

The sights from above are truly incomparable, and the tour guides and instructors are knowledgeable, incredibly kind, and welcoming.  So, if you can, don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience.

Go Boating Through La Fortuna

Taking a boat trip from Monteverde to La Fortuna is a fun activity for all ages. It’s almost three hours by road. A boat trip offers you a more adventurous mode of transportation.

You can get a shuttle pickup in Monteverde, which will transport you to the shores of Lake Arenal. From there, you’ll embark on a boat ride across the lake.

One of the highlights of this journey is the breathtaking view of the Arenal Volcano in the backdrop, providing a picturesque setting for your voyage. Traveling between these two beautiful destinations is a unique and memorable way.

Get a Treetop Dining Experience

San Lucas Treetop Dining offers an unforgettable dining experience, perfect for a couples’ dinner. This unique restaurant features eight private dining areas housed in glass boxes elevated 50 feet in the air. It’s a dining experience like no other.

You’ll be treated to a nine-course menu showcasing local ingredients, focusing on fusion, Central American, Costa Rican, and contemporary cuisines. The restaurant also caters to your special dietary needs, offering vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options.

To dine here, you must make a reservation. The service at San Lucas is exceptional, with attentive staff ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience. With friendly and knowledgeable waitstaff, cozy blankets for chilly evenings, and an ambiance, San Lucas Treetop Dining promises an unforgettable culinary journey in the heart of Costa Rica. The meals are quite expensive, as this is a fine dining restaurant, but it’s a great experience.

Here’s a full list of where to eat in Monteverde.

Go Souvenir shopping

If you want to shop for Costa Rican souvenirs, just head to the downtown area of Monteverde. You’ll find a wide array of unique souvenirs, from t-shirts to magnets to indigenous masks, and a wide array of options to commemorate your visit.

Souvenir Rosewood in Santa Elena is a must-visit destination for those interested in exquisite woodwork souvenirs. Here, you’ll discover a wonderful selection of wooden bowls crafted from various types of hardwood.

While the prices may initially seem a bit high, they are reasonable compared to what you’ll find elsewhere, especially at the airport. Plus, the quality and craftsmanship of the items make them well worth the investment.

During our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting Jose Luis, his wife, and daughter, who are the heart and soul of this charming shop. They welcomed us warmly and shared their passion for woodworking and gardening. Jose Luis even gave us a tour of his beautiful garden and workshop, where my husband enjoyed engaging in woodworking discussions.

The wooden bowls and other items available here are visually stunning and make meaningful gifts for friends and family. We highly recommend visiting Souvenir Rosewood for the fantastic souvenirs and the opportunity to meet genuinely kind and passionate people. So, if you’re searching for wooden bowls and other wooden treasures, look no further than this shop gem.

Visit the Monteverde Cheese Factory

I have read many reviews that the cheese factory shut down after COVID-19, but that’s not true. While it’s a store, you can purchase some delicious fresh cheese or ice cream from Monteverde cows’ milk.

It’s still a thriving establishment with a viewing room to observe the cheese-making process behind glass windows. The front store offers an incredible assortment of fresh and flavorful ice cream, milkshakes, and their signature cheeses. Additionally, they have a smaller selection of sliced meats and garlic sausage available for purchase, perfect for a holiday picnic.

During our visit, we stopped by after spending nearly four hours hiking the trails at Curi-Cancha Nature Reserve. The thought of indulging in some delicious, refreshing ice cream was too tempting to resist.

They had a fantastic variety to choose from, and everyone in our group opted for something different, so naturally, we ended up sampling each other’s choices.

Climb the Giant Ficus Tree

This is a fun and free activity you can enjoy without a guide. Open Google Maps to locate the spot and venture into the woods until you see the massive ficus tree.

It’s like stepping into a fairy tale as you climb onto the roots and perch yourself on the bridge.

Accessing the tree has become a bit more complex recently. There is still a free way to reach the tree, although it involves some scrambling down a steep natural path and rock hopping across the river.

While it’s on public land and technically accessible for free, one resident in the area has created a safer and easier entrance through their property. This landowner has established a safer path to the tree and charges a small fee of 1,000 Colones or $2.

Enjoy the Monteverde View

The sunset views in Monteverde are one of the most magnificent that I have experienced.  Monteverde offers a unique and equally breathtaking experience with its high elevation.  You’ll be treated to epic sunset views against lush green cloud forest hills.

You can hike up the mountain to enjoy the view. It’s a fun activity; whether traveling alone of with your family or friends, everyone will enjoy the sunset in Monteverde.

Try Some Locally Made Beer

My husband loves craft beer, so whenever we visit Monteverde, this is one activity we don’t miss out on. If you’re looking for craft beer in Monteverde, the  Monteverde Brewing Company is your go-to destination. Monteverde Brewing Company, situated along the road to many of the zip-lining parks, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a beer after a thrilling morning of soaring over treetops. 

Offering a range of locally brewed beers and delicious pub food, it’s a great place to reflect on your amazing time in Monteverde.   I’ve also made a list of the local beers in Costa Rica in case you are curious before your trip.

Hike the La Reserva Bosque Nuboso trails 

La Reserva Bosque Nuboso offers a serene alternative to the bustling Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Though it has fewer trails, it also sees fewer tourists, providing a more tranquil experience.

Covering 310 hectares, this private reserve boasts a majestic Cloud Forest teeming with diverse flora and fauna, including orchids, trees, ferns, and various bird species like the Quetzal and Bellbird. Managed by the Santa Elena Technical High School, it’s a community non-profit project dedicated to conservation and education.

We explored the Encantado trail during our visit, which immersed us in lush greenery despite the rainy conditions. While we didn’t encounter much wildlife, the youth challenge and observation tower offered delightful stops. Despite the rain, we found the hike incredibly rewarding, with the solitude of the trails adding to the experience.

I recommend you come with waterproof gear like raincoats, as the cloud forest often sees precipitation. However, even with the rain, breathing in the clean, moist air amidst the forest’s enchanting beauty.

Take a Dip in The Finca Lindora Hot Springs

The Finca Lindora is one of the natural wonders in Monteverde that is not very popular. This rustic farm offers a delightful escape from the busy towns.

Arriving at Finca Lindora, you’re greeted warmly by the farm’s owners, who oversee the entrance process with genuine hospitality. The entrance fee is 3,000 Colones or $5; you can access a tranquil oasis within the farm’s verdant surroundings.

You’ll be guided by the owners through the scenic trail, winding through lush foliage and enchanting vistas. 

There is a thermal pool where you can take a dip in. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of the forest, you immerse yourself in the restorative waters, savoring moments of peace and tranquility. 

Wrapping Up

 Monteverde, Costa Rica, offers a wealth of unforgettable experiences. From thrilling zip-lining adventures to serene hikes through lush trails, there are many fun activities to connect with nature. Whether exploring the enchanting cloud forest reserves or indulging in delicious local cuisine, you will surely find something that suits your preferences. 

Make sure you do enough research to discover the best activities for you. You may also want to talk about locals so that you can discover some safety precautions you’ll need to ensure. 

You can get a rental car if you don’t have a car. If you’re going on a guided tour, you may not have to worry about this cause some offer transportation from your hotel to the tour destination.

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